[Disciple] Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: Yue Ying, Let Us Have a Chat

On the third day she woke up, Zhu Yao evidently felt that her body was growing weaker, her body carried a sense of heaviness that could not be put into words, and she would sweat out profusely just from making slight movements. Occasionally, she would find it hard to breath as well. Her master had tried using divine energy to repair her damaged meridians, but it was ineffective. The moment the divine energy entered her body, it would automatically disperse, as though she was born immune to divine energy.

Her grandmaster and the Floor Master had inspected her as well, but they too were unable to do anything. Yu Yan’s expression grew even heavier. He was never someone who loved to talk in the first place, but presently, he was even quieter than before.

Zhu Yao was simply unable to figure out just what was the intention behind her return to this body. Could it be merely to have her die once more? She knew that she didn’t have much time left, and this body of hers could only last for at most a few more days. Death wasn’t something she was afraid of, after all, she could just switch to another avatar. The only thing she was worried about was another matter.

“Master, I wish to see Yue Ying.”

This was a dark prison, within the pitch-black surroundings, the only source of light came from the boundless formation seals in the air, where rotating runes filled the entire place. Within the layers of formations, a black figure was currently bound and suspended. His two arms were spread open and stuck in an unmovable posture due to the layers of runes, and his head was lowered, making it impossible to make out his current expression.

When a ray of light suddenly flashed in the darkness, as though space was sliced apart, the shape of a door slowly opened, and a white figure slowly walked out from the other side.

That person, who had his head lowered the entire time, finally looked up. Although his expression was pale to the point where not a single hint of redness could be seen, he did not look downcast and fatigued like an ordinary prisoner. He looked in the visitor’s direction, eyes narrowed. A sharp glint could be seen from within them, filled with disdain and arrogance.

“What happened to her?” His voice was low-spirited, yet carried a hint of coldness.

The visitor did not reply, but simply frowned and inspected the prisoner.

In an instant, he was a little irritated, and his expression sunk even more. His words carried a threatening tone. “Don’t forget. If not to save her, why would I be here? You best hurry up. Otherwise… I don’t have much patience.”

The visitor still kept quiet.

“Why aren’t you answering?” He glanced at the other party, and as though he suddenly thought of something, his eyes fiercely widened. “Something happened to her?”


“Tell me!” The dark aura emitted from his body instantly spread in all directions, carrying a chilling atmosphere. The surrounding runes seemed to have been infected, as they began to destabilize and had signs of collapsing. “You promised that you would save her. If anything happens to her, I will definitely not forgive you.”

The visitor frowned even deeper. Glancing at the person who had fallen into madness, the visitor finally let out a deep sigh. “Hah… Yue Ying.”

The figure, who looked as though was about to lose control, stiffened. The surrounding black aura instantly dispersed completely, as he looked at the person in front of him, stunned. “Big Sis… Yao.” His voice no longer carried the arrogance it had before.

Zhu Yao took down the talisman on her body, and her figure reverted back to Yin Xin’s look in a flash. “I had wanted to use a transformation talisman to test you. I never expected that you’re still like this. You haven’t reflected on your actions in the least.”

“Big Sis Yao.” His face was filled with anxiety, as he tried to explain. “I… I wasn’t…”

“Wasn’t what?” Zhu Yao interrupted his words. “Wasn’t trying to vent your anger out on others, wasn’t trying to kill my master, is that it?”

“…” Yue Ying was at a loss of words, as he slowly lowered his head. A moment later, he muttered. “I only wanted to save Big Sis Yao.”



Zhu Yao’s head ached a little, as she said with a dispirited tone. “Yue Ying, do you actually know what you have done wrong?”

Yue Ying lowered his head even more, like a child who was being lectured by his parents, his fingers dug even deeper into his palms. “Big Sis Yao… doesn’t like Devils?”

“This is unrelated to you being a Devil. What I mind isn’t your identity as a Devil, but your method of doing things, and your thoughts.”

“…” Yue Ying was at a loss.

Zhu Yao sighed. “Why did you kill Xu Nuoyan?”

“Because big sister doesn’t like him, so I don’t like him either.” A hint of hostility flashed past Yue Ying’s brows.

“So you killed him just because you don’t like him? I have tons of people I don’t like, you know? Are you going to kill all of them?”

Yue Ying actually nodded honestly.

Zhu Yao was this close to sending a slap to his face, in order to beat him into correcting his distorted three views. “Then if there comes a day I don’t like you as well?”

Yue Ying suddenly widened his eyes, his expression was filled with fear and loss. “Big Sis Yao… I will be obedient. Please don’t dislike me, I will change.”

“Since you know that a change can be made, then why aren’t you giving others the opportunity to do so?” Zhu Yao ruthlessly continued.


“Yue Ying, be it Devils, deities, or even the practitioners in the Lower Realm, we’re all the same. We’re all just people.”

“No.” Yue Ying refuted. “Big sister is big sister, you’re different from the rest.”

“What’s different?”


“Yue Ying, you can’t just judge a person’s life and death based on your own ideologies. If there comes a day when you don’t like me as well, will you kill me too?”

“No, I will never ever…” He anxiously tried to explain.

“You will!” Zhu Yao interrupted his words, and coldly pointed out the truth. “Twice!”

“…” His face instantly ashened.

Zhu Yao however had no choice but to continue. “Yue Ying, you killed me twice, and personally too!”

As though he had just heard something terrifying, his body began to tremble.

“If it wasn’t because of my good luck, the one standing in front of you today would have most likely been a ghost.” Zhu Yao sighed. “Yue Ying, I have always treated you as my little brother, a part of my family. The bad things you have done are my responsibility as your older sister. It’s my fault for not teaching you well, so I won’t blame you for the past two times. I will just treat it as atonement for all the wrong things you have done, so big sister can forgive you.”

“Big sister…” His two eyes instantly brightened with hope.

“But you must remember.” Her tone instantly changed. “The lives and deaths of people can’t be judged by your own tastes. I don’t care if you’re a deity or a Devil, you best learn how to be a good person!”


“Do you understand?”

“Mn.” He obediently nodded.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Actually, she did not have complete confidence in twisting back this child’s utterly distorted three views, but she had to at least try. So what if he was a Devil? Could it be that she had to kill him? Of course not. Even if Yue Ying wouldn’t resist, she wouldn’t lift a finger on him either.

She was just human, she had blood and flesh like just any ordinary human being. If one’s own child had done something wrong, that child could be beaten, lectured, or even be sent to jail to reform himself. However, never would the parents think of killing him.

“If I’m obedient, will Big Sis Yao not leave me?” Yue Ying raised his head, and looked at her with eyes of expectations.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. Crap, she actually forgotten that he still had mother complex.

This problem…

“Yue Ying, you have grown up.” It’s time for you to be independent.

His expression sank, and in the next moment, a dark light flashed from his body. The matured young man earlier, had instantly turned into a little wimp of five to six years old. “Will this do?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “I don’t mean it that way.”

His face was instantly filled with loss. “Then what should I do so that Big Sis Yao will not abandon Yue Ying?”

“…” In reality, she was immediately about to abandon him once more. The expiry date of her current character was approaching very soon. “I will be back. Before that, you have to obediently stay here.”

“Big sister is going to leave?” Yue Ying was anxious, with merely a slight movement of his body, the surrounding runes shattered apart, as he flew straight towards her. Those concentrated layers of seals were like scraps of paper, completely unable to stop his advance.

Not even a moment later, a little figure that was merely at her waist height hugged onto her. Unlike the frail little figure when he was young, the current him was like a meaty little ball, as he said with tears in his eyes. “Big sister, don’t abandon Yue Ying.”

The hell, how cunning for him to act cute right now.

However, if this matter wasn’t dealt with properly, only heavens would know just what Yue Ying would do.

“Yue Ying, my injuries are not completely healed yet.”

His face paled, and his little head buried even deeper. “Then I will find someone else that can definitely heal big sister.”

“I won’t…” She had initially wanted to tell him that she would be fine. However, a moment later, she changed her mind. Lowering her head, she looked at Yue Ying in front of her, and said with a sunken tone. “One must receive punishment for his wrongdoings! I have already told you big sister shoulders some responsibility for the things you did as well.”

As expected, she could feel the figure in his embrace stiffen for a moment.

“But I promise you, I will definitely come back.” She wanted to imprint a suggestion in his heart. A suggestion where whatever wrongdoings he do would come to bite her as retribution. She knew that doing it this way was a little despicable, as she was using his concern for her. However, she couldn’t think of any other way to prevent him from doing anything that she couldn’t predict during the period she was switching her characters.

In the end, Yue Ying promised her that he would stay in the seal until her return.

In the next few days, her body grew even weaker. The feeling of having exhausted her entire strength merely by walking a few steps, made her feel extremely dispirited. However, she still had yet to find the reason for her return to this character. She constantly recalled the scenario she saw in the precognitive dream. Presently, Xu Nuoyan was dead, and Mo Xianxian no longer had the dimensional space. Theoretically speaking, the bug should have already been dealt with, and Fluorescent Wind Clan would not be destroyed. It was impossible for those phoenixes to come to Divine Realm as well.

Zhu Yao just couldn’t understand it. It looked like her body was nearing its end, but for some reasons, it felt as though there was some energy sustaining her, preventing her falling into that final step. Two days later, she no longer had the energy to even walk.

Her master carried her to the stone stool outside to get some sun. She leaned onto her master and listened to his heartbeats. She felt like doing a little something, but she did not have the energy to move. The two of them were silent the entire time.

A despondent feeling surged from the depths of her heart. In the past, all of her characters had enjoyed quick deaths, so she had never experienced any emotions of fear or whatsoever. This time, watching her master’s expressions which grew even more solemn by the day, she suddenly felt a little afraid. Thoughts of what would she do if she couldn’t reincarnate this time rose in her mind.

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