[Disciple] Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: The Unexpected Truth

She even suddenly had the thoughts of dying early to get reincarnated early. However, the sky suddenly brightened up, as though the entire sky was set ablaze, emitting out a strange red glow. The entire sky and earth was dyed in red hue. Zhu Yao faintly sensed that something was currently breaking through that skyline, and an important event was about to happen.

Her master behind her however, had already flown towards the sky in a flash, instantly summoning bolts of heavenly lightning and attacking rightwards.

“Move!” A familiar voice reverberated from within the thunderous noise, and a moment later, a small black figure walked out. It was actually Yue Ying. Why did he come out? Didn’t he promise her that he would stay inside?

Although he only had the looks of a small child, the sinister cold aura emitted from his body was frightening. He coldly stared at Yu Yan in front of him. “I’m bringing her away, whoever blocks my path shall die!” Yue Ying must have gone back on his words again, and wanted to bring her away.

Yu Yan immediately summoned his divine sword and fought. His brows were greatly furrowed, and his every word felt as though it could freeze into ice. “She’s my disciple, what does that have to do with you?”

The devilish aura from his body instantly turned dense, his eyes were as crimson red as blood itself. On his bun-like little face, strange devilish scars began to spread. “You can stand by and watch as she dies, but I can’t!”

Zhu Yao was startled. Why did she feel that the scene before her eyes was so familiar? She raised her head to look at the fiery sky, and something seemed to be charging out from his mind.

Suddenly, a green light flashed from his body. When she raised her hand to take a look, on her once empty wrist, a bundle of green light was currently circling around her hand, like a bracelet of light.

This was…

Zhu Yao simply felt the ring of a bell reverberating in her mind. The matters she couldn’t figure out earlier, were instantly cleared up.

This was the bracelet made out of wood from the Parasol Tree which Shao Bai gifted her.

The parasol trees were the home of all phoenixes. To phoenixes, when there’s a parasol tree, then it’s a sign of home.

So this was the truth behind why the phoenixes came to Divine Realm.

It’s no wonder even though she was dragging a body that was already in such a state, she was still alive. No wonder her master was unable to heal her injuries. No wonder divine energy was ineffective on her. She had always thought that she was operating two avatars at once in this reincarnation of hers. In actual fact, from beginning till end, this had been the only single avatar she was operating.

She had always been that Black Tortoise, that green-skinned tortoise.

The sky was already growing even more fiery red, as though a bird enveloped in flames could break through the skies at any moment.

Zhu Yao took down the bracelet from her wrist, and looked towards the two people who were still fighting in the sky. It was time for her to log off.


The white figure in the sky paused for a moment, as he looked towards the ground.

“Remember to come look for me!”

She waved her hand, and smiled towards him.

She then looked towards Yue Ying next to him, and frowned. “Yue Ying, you little bastard. Just you wait, this old lady will return to smack your buttocks till they bloom flowers!”

Zhu Yao forcefully clenched her hand into a fist, and the bracelet which was emitting a green glow shattered resoundingly. In an instant, she fell into complete darkness. At the same time, the redness in the sky disappeared without a trace.

Congratulations, you died once again. Please make your choice:

[Chat] or [Chat] or [Chat]

Zhu Yao faced the familiar conversation window, and erected her middle finger, before casually selecting one of the options.

This time, without her shouting for him, Realmspirit’s QQ chat window automatically popped out.

Realmspirit: Yo, dear friend, long time no see. You have gotten skinnier again!

“You’re actually able to see how fat or skinny a soul is?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. He actually had the mood to make such a blatant lie.

Realmspirit: Uh…

“Enough with the crap. Explain. What’s going on with the avatar this time?” She simply wanted to confirm if her guess was correct.

Realmspirit: Actually, this was an avatar set. High quality, long shelf life, buy two get one free at a discounted price!

“Speak human.”

Realmspirit: Yin Xin was a Black Tortoise, they’re the same person.

As she had thought! The reason why she looked different was because of the Black Tortoise’s innate transformation ability, wasn’t it?

“There’s something I don’t really understand. When I became the Black Tortoise, Yin Xin was just unconscious. If both of them were the same person, Yin Xin should have disappeared instead.”

Realmspirit: That’s because this time, you were first the Black Tortoise, before being Yin Xin.

“What do you mean?”

Realmspirit: When that world was destroyed, you passed through the Heavenly Door and arrived at Divine Realm, turning into Yin Xin.

“That’s impossible, I clearly first turned into Yin Xin…” Zhu Yao blanked for a moment, and suddenly thought of something. “A disruption in time?”

Realmspirit: Congratulations, you got the correct answer.

“So you’re saying that the avatar I should receive at first was supposed to be that Black Tortoise egg, in order to fix the bug in that world. Then, after passing through the Heavenly Door and landing myself in Divine Realm, I will turn into Yin Xin. However, because of the disruption in time, the time in-between overlapped? Then, the Black Tortoise and Yin Xin turned into two separate avatars?”

Realmspirit: Full marks! Avatars can exist at the same time, but the soul itself is one and unique, so…

“So you had me shuffle between two avatars?”

Realmspirit: Hoho, don’t mind the small details!

Small, your sister!

“Wait a minute, I don’t remember entering the Heavenly Door though?” Then why would she turn into Yin Xin?

Realmspirit: Initially, that was so. However, a small variable appeared in the middle of the situation.

In an instant, a video interface popped out, and the scenes being shown were the matters that happened right after she opened the Heavenly Door. Back then, she had already fainted, and the sky and earth were already beginning to collapse. The mountains toppled, and the earth fissured, as though it was a scene from a doomsday movie. Suddenly, from within those wreckage, the figure of a man appeared.

“Black Tortoise!” Zhu Yao exclaimed.

Though, she was unsure of what Black Tortoise did, as the Heavenly Door which had initially disappeared opened up once again. She watched Yue Gu and herself being enveloped by the same bubbles, and were then sent into the Heavenly Door.

Realmspirit: Black Tortoise used the power of his Nascent Spirit to open the Heavenly Door, and sent your avatar’s and Yue Gu’s souls through the Heavenly Door. That was why you turned into Yin Xin.

The scene suddenly changed to that of another world. Within the video were two people, a man and woman, currently challenging the Ascension Lightning Tribulation. The man had already completed the tribulation, standing within the Light of Guidance.

However, the woman had evidently been zapped to the point where she only had a single breath left. The next heavenly lightning had already struck down, and at the same time, from within the heavenly light, a green bundle of light suddenly flew out, entering the heavenly lightning bolt as it chased straight after the woman who was tackling the tribulation. The green light then stopped in the position of the woman’s belly, while the tribulation lightning bolts were all absorbed by that green light as well.

“That’s me!?” Zhu Yao looked on dumbfounded as she pointed at that bundle of green light. She suddenly recalled the foreign male shouts she heard when she woke up back then. Could it be… She looked carefully at the face of the woman who was tackling the tribulation. “Yin Shi!”

Black Tortoise had sent her off to cross through worlds, and because of the disruption in time, she returned to the past. Accompanying one of the heavenly lightning bolts, she landed in Yin Shi’s body, and then arrived in Divine Realm by being birthed as a deity? Yin Xin had been the Black Tortoise the entire time?

Then the reason why Yin Xin had been asleep ever since she was born, was because she had depleted all of her godly energy when she opened the Heavenly Door?

Realmspirit: Your avatar reincarnated into a deity-born individual, and her life was connected with Yin Shi’s, hence the reason why she couldn’t be a hundred kilometers away from her.

So the reason why she couldn’t leave was not because of Fluorescent Wind Clan, but her carefree mother Yin Shi?

Then, the reason why she could head to Lightning Divine Palace after that was because her body had long been broken to the point of no return. She could only sustain herself after being inflicted with the ‘confinement curse’, due to the support of the little bit of godly energy left within the bracelet made of the Parasol Tree’s wood.

“About the four phoenixes in my dream, they only appeared in Divine Realm because of the bracelet Shao Bai gifted me, right?”

Realmspirit: That’s right, dear friend. The worlds they are sent to by the World Crossing Heavenly Door are supposed to be random, however, because you have the wood of the Parasol Tree on hand, the phoenixes would have been drawn to you by instincts. The Divine Realm is incapable of supporting the appearances of so many Gods at once, so the bug that you had to fix in Divine Realm was that bracelet made of wood from the Parasol Tree~! Without the bracelet, the phoenixes would thus be sent to different worlds. Let me give you thirty-two thumbs up!

“Then what happened to Shao Bai and Yue Gu?” Zhu Yao asked.

Realmspirit: Even before entering the Heavenly Door, the Yue Gu that you knew has already… So even if he entered it, the only choice left for him was to be reincarnated. As for Shao Bai…

The video interface flashed once again, revealing a black phoenix attacking desperately at the golden heavenly light enveloping him, wanting to escape from it. However, his attacks were rebounded back by the golden light every single time. The black aura emitting from his body grew even thicker, and even his figure had turned blurry.

Zhu Yao frowned as she watched, her heart ached a little.

Realmspirit: The Heavenly Door is created by the light of the Heavenly Dao, no one in the Three Realms is capable of retaliating against it.

As expected, the golden light flourished, while Shao Bai’s figure was broken apart, divided into two, and submerged within the radiance.

Realmspirit: They were the only two who had reincarnated into other worlds after their Godheads fell.

“Then where have they reincarnated to?”

Realmspirit: Uh… About that.

“I know even without you telling me.” Zhu Yao sighed, the things she weren’t able to understand before were all clear to her now. “Yue Gu is my master, while Shao Bai is Yue Ying, right?”

Realmspirit: (⊙o⊙)

“That way, it’s understandable why Yue Gu looked exactly the same as my master.” In the end, all she had been doing was preparing the prequel. “Shao Bai had already turned into a Devil when I opened the Heavenly Door, right? That’s why Yue Ying is presently a Devil.” This was also the reason why he liked to stick with her ever since the first time he saw her.

Realmspirit: Let me give you a thumbs-up to your wits!

“Wits, your sister! The hell, this bug was too complicated. It even involved going back and forth past and present lives.” She felt tired from the bottom of her heart, alright? “Are you certain that I’m really fixing bugs here?”

Realmspirit: Aiyaya, aren’t you doing very well? And you even saved all the Gods.

“Why do I feel like I’m being schemed by you?”

Realmspirit: Little Yao Yao, how can you think of people this way? w(?Д?)w

“Stop with the crap. Speak, who the hell are you?” He was even capable of controlling the past and present lives of the Gods, he was definitely not a simple individual. She felt that the more she found out, the more worried she was about Realmspirit’s identity. The bugs that she had fixed were in such high-level situations, such as stopping the worlds from meeting their ends, and saving countless lives, however, she could never find the reason why Realmspirit had her do these things. So she could not help but feel worried that there might be an even larger conspiracy hiding behind the scenes.

Realmspirit: That’s something I will tell you in the future…

“Don’t talk about the future or whatever, I want to know now. If you want me to work for you, at the very least, you have to show some sincerity. Otherwise, I’m going to go on a strike. In any case, I don’t feel like returning to my former world anymore, so you can’t threaten me anymore with that.” After all, she was already a dead pig, and dead pigs weren’t afraid of being boiled in hot water.

Realmspirit: …

Realmspirit turned silent, seemingly considering this problem. After a while, a row of words appeared on the screen.

Realmspirit: How about this then. I promise that after you finish fixing the next bug, I will tell you everything, without a single detail being left out. But correspondingly, the difficulty of the next mission will increase. You might encounter trouble which you never had before.

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