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Chapter 200: The Punctually Sent Scenario

Zhu Yao felt that this world was really strange. Although this was also one of the worlds in the Lower Realm, it was clearly not the cultivation world she was in when she first transmigrated into this place. She had asked around, and there wasn’t an Ancient Hill Sect in this world.

Furthermore, spirits which turn into demons were very common occurrences in this world. All living creatures could cultivate into demons, and both demons and humans could cultivate into deities. However, she had yet to see a demonic beast. In the forest she woke up in, the place was rich with spiritual energy, so theoretically speaking it should have been a good resting area for demonic beasts. However, she did not encounter even half a demonic beast during her stay there.

Before Zhu Yao could even figure out this problem, the sound of a ringing bell resounded in front of her, and a conversation window popped out.

Your scenario has been sent! Please check!

[Receive] or [Court Death]

Zhu Yao: …

When did the mode of sending scenarios change? And what’s with the ‘court death’ option at the end?

Zhu Yao sighed, before tapping on the button to receive it. The screen changed, and a row of white words appeared.

With fiber optics, scenarios will never become a worry! Please leave good reviews, dear friend! Scenario currently being transferred…


She thought she would immediately fall asleep after choosing the option, just like how she received the scenarios regarding the past bugs in her dreams. This time however, she was bright awake while sitting on the chair when a large amount of information suddenly appeared in her mind. And, they were all in words, without a single image. This feeling was similar to instantly finishing an entire series of light novels.

From the scenario given, she found out that…

This was indeed the Lower Realm, but it was different from the cultivation world she was familiar with. The practitioners in this world were split into three types – humans, demons, and beastmen. The relationship between the three was very strange as well. Human and demon practitioners lived together, as many demon practitioners would join deity sects formed by human practitioners after they had materialized their human forms. They could be considered to be rather loving to each other.

Though, their relationship with beastman practitioners was especially tense, simply to the point where they would slit each other’s throats. And the so-called beastman practitioners were referring to the demonic beasts of various ranks.

The leading cast this time was the girly called Yi Ling whom she had met. If Zhu Yao were to use another name to describe the bug this time, then it could only be: Mary Sue! She’s too much of a Mary Sue! This Yi Ling was simply the female version of the first bug Xiao Yi, and she’s even of a higher level.

Yi Ling was an orphan as well, but her life wasn’t the least bit harsh. Because she had good aptitude, she was taken by her master Sovereign Xuan Xu as his disciple since young, and was brought up like a treasured pearl. Adding that she was obedient since young and was a sweet talker, the senior-martial brothers in the sect loved and pampered her even more. They could not bear to have her suffer the least bit of hardships.

However, as she grew older, this form of unreserved pampering slowly changed in taste.

First, it was her master, whom she was together with day and night, that had a different thought about her. Then there were her senior-martial brothers of the same sect who grew to love her deeply as well. Even the Sect Masters of the other sects who made occasional visits loved her at first sight.

Her Mary Sue setting was incredibly powerful.

An entire three quarters of the scenario were various types of men loving and being infatuated with her. Simply put, as long as it’s a man, he would be attracted by her, and then deeply fall in love with her, no matter if he was a practitioner with immeasurable prospects, the Sect Master of the number one sect, the demon king, or a wandering practitioner. No matter how outstanding the men was, the moment they got to know her, they would fall under her pomegranate skirt, without a single exception. They would find her various cultivation resources no matter the costs, in order to have the beauty weep for them. It was the perfect Mary Sue drama.

Furthermore, Yi Ling was like any other Mary Sue protagonists, never ever did she reject or accept anyone. While she enjoyed the attention she was getting from the crowd of men, she continued to delay making her stand known. She even righteously expressed that every single one of them was important in her heart, and that she simply found it hard to decide and did not wish to harm anyone.

So… She conducted an n-play.

That’s right. She n-played… n-played… played…

And those men, whom any one of them you pick out would be a dragon among men, looked as though they had suddenly thrown away their worldviews and intelligence, as they actually shamelessly… Accepted! It!

After a lengthy discussion, they decided that they would put ‘Mary Sue’ Yi Ling in the center as they persist in raising her cultivation, and had love as their main point of interest. They were determined to struggle with their lives to create a Mary Sue harmonious society.

If things had just ended like this, other than sighing at the unique thought processes the male leads and female lead had, Zhu Yao really wasn’t interested in intervening. In any case, they were willing to do so, so why bother?

If not for her provoking the Beast King later on.

The Beast King was the king of all beastmen.

That’s right, all the beasties in this world were actually organized and had a clear hierarchy, under a single ruler!

Because of an incident, Yi Ling saved the trapped Beast King. After being well taken care of, this Beast King was actually moved by her. And then, after acknowledging their love for each other, Yi Ling successfully reined in this n+1th male lead, and he became a member of her gigantic harem.

It wasn’t a huge deal in the beginning, however, the key thing here was that, our dear Beast King was the only one with a normal thought process out of all the male leads. When he realized that his own woman still had a large crowd of other men beside him, he was enraged, and thus, freaked out. The initial sweet love troupe instantly twisted into sadistic love. Of course, the love was directed at the female lead, while the ones suffering from his sadistic tendencies were the other men in her harem.

The Beast King captured her back, and then began to madly retaliate against the other men.

The female lead’s men were thus either dead, or injured. Yi Ling was naturally unwilling to see this continue, and hence argued with the Beast King, lecturing him for his ruthlessness and his pig-headedness. The Beast King was enraged by her attitude, and had even more confirmed that she was unwilling to let go of the other men. Thus, he wasn’t as soft as before when dealing with those men.

Only then did Yi Ling begin to feel fearful, and the feelings she had for the Beast King turned dull as well. In order to escape, she pretended to be nice to the Beast King, so as to ease the relationship between the two of them. Then, taking the opportunity when it was unprepared, she joined the remaining men and escaped.

When the Beast King realized this, he was completely enraged. He was a demonic beast in the first place. A demonic beast could only have a single companion in its lifetime, and it would always be extremely possessive of its own companion. Yi Ling’s actions could be said to be an extreme betrayal in its eyes. The immense love he had for her back then, had now turned into immense hatred.

Hence, an inner demon was planted in his heart, and he was never able to walk out of it. And it was because of this hatred, his rage extended to all of the human practitioners, all humans had turned into his target of hatred. Gathering all of the demonic beasts, he brought upon the largest beast wave which one had never seen before, and attacked the territory governed by human practitioners. A massacre occurred as they completely flattened the entire cultivation world.

The Beast King turned mad from being engulfed by his inner demon, even Yi Ling was unable to recognize him in the end, as he turned into a robot that only knew how to kill. After killing the final human practitioner, he then began to kill the demons as well.

Finally, he took his own life by exploding himself.

At that time, no matter was it humans, demons or beasts, not even a single living being was left in the world.

To summarize the entire story into a single sentence, it would be: The immense consequences of a Mary Sue playing with feelings.

Understanding the cause and effects, Zhu Yao felt that this bug wasn’t as difficult as she had imagined it to be. Wasn’t the key to this story simply to stop the Beast King from loving Yi Ling? It wasn’t as difficult as Realmspirit had described in the least.

Zhu Yao felt a little glad for accepting Guan Cheng’s request to join Blue Parasol Sect. In this kind of situation, being close to the cast would allow her to better grasp the plot progression.

Although she did not agree with ‘Mary Sue’ Yi Ling’s actions, she wasn’t interested in caring about her attracting other peach blossoms. What she had to do was to only sever a single string of fate. The one which she would be courting death with.

In the end, Zhu Yao still told her master about this matter, and described to him about her plans. Yu Yan did not reject her proposal, though he added a single condition, and that was to have her quickly raise her own cultivation. His reason behind it was simple. If her plan to sever that string of fate were to go unsuccessful, then she had to suppress with force, and exterminate that Beast King.

It was basically… simple brutal force!

Yue Ying did not express his opinion. He simply tugged onto her sleeves, and gently said. “I will listen to whatever Big Sis Yao says.”

Ever since her reincarnation, he had been incredibly obedient, as though he had returned to the state when she first picked him up. As long as he could follow her, he would be satisfied. Even the questions regarding how she knew about all this, and the matters of how she could reincarnate infinitely, were never brought up. (Of course, she didn’t know how it worked either.)

This obedient and naive look, did indeed make him feel like an actual child. Compared to a certain master who had a cold expression all day like a little old fellow, he was much more professional.

Haah. It seemed like being a mother was not that easy.

The afternoon of the second day passed. With a slow motion with her left and right hands… Ah pui. With one chubby doll on each of her hands, they arrived in the city.

It was really easy to find the place where the Blue Parasol Sect was recruiting disciples. There was only a single area where spiritual energy was flowing in the entire city.

When they arrived, Guan Cheng was already waiting for them on a stage.

There was a large crowd surrounding the scene. Most of them were mortals who were here to watch the commotion, and they were looking at the people on the stage with worshipping gazes.

“Fellow Daoist, you’re finally here.” Guan Cheng saw her in a glance, and bowed in her direction.

Zhu Yao instantly used a Wind Soaring Art to bring the two children up onto the stage.

There were eight people on the stage. Other than the bug two-man team and Bai Yi the fox, there were still two other disciples dressed like Guan Cheng. Behind them were two children who were about ten years old, and their faces were filled with excitement. It seemed like they were the disciples being recruited this time.

“I am ashamed to say this.” Guan Cheng stepped forward to make talk with her. “Yesterday we were in too much of a hurry, and had not managed to ask of fellow Daoist’s name?”

“I’m Zhu Yao.” Zhu Yao tugged the two children by her side. “He’s called Yu Yan, and this one is Yue Ying.”

“So it’s fellow Daoist Zhu. We will now return to the sect.” Guan Cheng courteously smiled and did not speak any further. Raising his hand, he threw out a jade gourd and cast an art, enlarging it by several hundred times, before guiding the three onto it. After walking for such a long time, she finally saw a transportation artifact. It sure wasn’t easy.

Yi Ling and her follower Yi Ling came after them. Yi Ling gave her a courteous smile, while Qi Ping on the other hand still gave her that irritated look.

There were too many mentally retarded people here, and Zhu Yao couldn’t care less about them either. Though Bai Yi the fox was still looking infatuatedly at Yi Ling from the side. She couldn’t help but admit that her Mary Sue cheat was really incredible.

They flew for a total of six hours before arriving at their destination.

Unexpectedly, Blue Parasol Sect was different from the auspicious divine mountain floating in the skies which she was expecting. Other than being shrouded by fog and being a little rich in spiritual energy, it was just a normal mountain situated on the ground. It was the really the first time she had seen a deity sect that was so close to the earth itself.

Guan Cheng used a tablet to open the Great Mountain Barrier Formation, and brought them into the great hall on the mountain peak.

When they entered, there were already dozens of people standing around in the great hall. At the very front sat three people – two men and one woman, and they looked very youthful. There were several others seated below them at both sides as well.

“Master.” The moment she landed, Yi Ling who was beside her, like a gust of wind, pounced towards the man at the center.

The man’s stern expression earlier, was instantly filled with love, as he tapped on her nose. “Crazy little brat, you finally bear to return?”

Yi Ling tenderly stomped her feet, and dragged her voice with pouting lips. “Master… I descended down the mountain this time for official matters.”

“Yes, yes, yes…” The man smiled even more deeply. “My Little Ling’er finally knows how to share the burdens of our sect.”

“Master, I missed you. Did you miss me?” After saying that, acting as though there wasn’t anyone next to them, she leaned towards the man’s embrace.

Zhu Yao could not help but shiver, and the hair on her entire body instantly stood on ends.

It seemed like this man was Sovereign Xuan Xu. Such unscrupulous show of affection, was he really still a man of great might? There were still other living people here, hey.

She silently turned to the right.

A certain miniature sized master was staring at the two people on the top seats with a stern expression, and after a while, he suddenly nodded. He turned to look towards his own disciple, and gave her an expression that he had understood.

Zhu Yao shivered.

Master, just what did you understand, hey? Can you not learn from this Mary Sue!?

“Master, Ling’er this time have brought back six disciples with spirit veins, you know?” Yi Ling pointed in Zhu Yao’s direction, and said as she took the credit.

“Ling’er sure is amazing.” Xuan Xu praised, yet, his eyes did not even turn towards the center of the great hall, and simply continued to stare at Yi Ling.

Zhu Yao frowned. Was she counted into the six as well? She was clearly invited by Guan Cheng. The way she stole his credit was a little too obvious, wasn’t it?

“Oh right, among them is a big sister who has already built her Foundation as a wandering practitioner.” Yi Ling suddenly pointed at her.

Xuan Xu finally turned his line of sight, and looked towards Zhu Yao in the center of the hall, a hint of satisfaction flashed past his eyes.

However, Yi Ling added. “Though big sister Zhu doesn’t really like me, Ling’er is still really happy to have found a person like her for the sect.”

Xuan Xu’s expression instantly turned cold.

The hell, she’s trying to frame her, wasn’t she!? Never had Zhu Yao offended her, right?

“Begin the spirit vein test then.” Xuan Xu’s voice turned rather cold, and with a wave of his hand, a floating crystal ball appeared in the center of the hall. With a warning intent, he looked towards Zhu Yao. “Let’s first begin with you.”

It seemed like this she had no choice but to swallow this injustice. Zhu Yao took a deep breath and contained herself, before pressing her hand onto the ball.

The entire crystal turned completely green.

Wood heavenly spirit vein. Her character this time was a tree demon, so possessing a wood spirit vein was rather normal. She believed that her master and Yue Ying would be the same as well.

“Hmph, she merely possesses a single spirit vein.” Follower Qi Ping coldly snorted, his face was filled with disdain and gloat. Even Guan Cheng’s face was filled with disappointment.

Zhu Yao was startled. Although the wood spirit vein could not be compared to the lightning spirit vein she possessed in the past, she still carried a heavenly spirit vein. This was still considered poor? The requirements for this sect were a little too high, weren’t they? Could it be that the others all possessed mutated spirit veins or something?

“Next.” Xuan Xu no longer gave her another glance, as though she was no longer someone needed to be paid attention to.

The dozens of people who were standing around in the hall earlier then came forward for the test. In the end, a large number of them possessed tri spirit veins or duo spirit veins, and one who carried four spirit veins. After all the tests, her spirit vein was still the best though?

After a short while, all of the people in the hall had completed their tests, and only Yu Yan and Yue Ying was left.

Miniature sized Yu Yan took a step forward, tip-toed, and pressed his hand on the crystal ball. As expected, a similar green light appeared.

Qi Ping once again snorted coldly.

Zhu Yao frowned. She seemed to have faintly grasped hold of something.

At this moment, Yue Ying stepped forward while pulling onto her hand, and then pressed his small hand on it. However, this time, it went against her predictions. The ball no longer carried a single green colour, but five different colours – red, yellow, green, gold and blue.

Eh, why did Yue Ying still possess the five spirit veins he had before?

“All elemental spirit veins.” Xuan Xu suddenly stood up. Even everyone who were seated on their chairs were staring at Yue Ying with excited expressions.

“He actually possesses all five elemental spirit veins!”

“Just how many years has it been since a person with such aptitude last appeared?”

“He will definitely make great achievements! As expected, the heavens are protecting our Blue Parasol Sect!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Flips table! What happened to the promise of it being better if one had fewer spirit veins? When did the rules change? Was this ever declared on paper?

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