[Disciple] Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: Don’t Talk to Me

Zhu Yao really did not have any opinions about Mary Sue. How people lived were their own problems, and she was not interested in interfering either. However, she hated bitches, especially one such as Yi Ling. She didn’t know what Yi Ling told her follower Qi Ping, but on the second day, he had already furiously came knocking on her doorsteps, saying that she wanted to seek justice for her.

For such idiots, the only way was to ignore him, and allow him to throw whatever tantrum he wanted. She had long placed down a formation at the entrance, so no matter how fiercely he roared, he wasn’t able to enter. The noise outside thus quelled in just a few days.

Zhu Yao’s plan was simple. Before Yi Ling’s main death courting event happens, she had to restore as much of her cultivation as possible. When it came to her master and Yue Ying, they were transformed from fruits, and in a certain sense, fruits were similar to seeds. This also explained why they could only grow while buried in the soil.

Regarding this, she planned to make a long-term plan. Using closed-door training as the reason, she was going to bury the two children into the soil.

In order to prevent encountering idiots such as Yi Ling again, she decided to dig the hole at the backyard.

Today, she was going to plant two little children, and when spring comes, she would be rewarded with two handsome men.

Heheh. When thinking about it, she became a little excited.

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan frowned. “We will fall into deep slumber during this phase, you must be careful on your own.”

“Don’t worry, I have already greeted the manager of this place, and told him that we will be in closed-door training for the next few years. No one will come.” So you two can just grow up with a peace of mind.

Yu Yan was still worried. After all, he was very aware of his disciple’s death-seeking abilities.

“Before your master recovers his cultivation, you’re not allowed to act rashly.”


“Yu Yao…”


Yu Yan habitually reached out his hand to stroke her head. Suddenly, he raised his head and smooched on her lips, and said with a solemn voice. “Be obedient.”

“…” Her master actually took the initiative to express his love. She still felt excited about it.

If only he could have kissed her without first place a chair under his feet.

She watched as the little boy ran off to bring a chair, place it heavily in front of her, and then used both his hands and feet to climb up. After a long while, pouting his small lips, he then landed a smooch on her lips.

Other than expressing thanks for his hard work, Zhu Yao really couldn’t bring up any romantic thoughts.

She had to hurry and let her master grow up. She must! And immediately!

Zhu Yao thought that with the growth speed she saw back then, her master’s and Yue Ying’s cultivation would recover their cultivation really quickly. She never expected that after burying them for five years, the two four to five year olds had only grown up to about twelve to thirteen years old, and their height had merely doubled.

Her master’s face already had the look she was familiar with, only Yue Ying’s was different. He was no longer that the tall and skinny man she knew, rather, he was becoming even whiter and moist, looking even more like… Shao Bai.

Although she knew that they were the same person, this change still made her feel a little strange.

In these five years, they had been in a state of deep slumber. Although she had placed down formations in the surroundings, she was still worried, and thus decided to guard them by the side while raising her cultivation. Because of this half-heartedness, her cultivation level naturally did not increase much, and had merely rose from the first level of Foundation to the second level.

Though her master had instantly reached the late stages of Foundation.

“…” This feeling of being surpassed by someone from the back, was simply too irritating. The authority she had as their mom was gone just like that.

“Big Sis Yao…” The young man on the left suddenly opened his eyes.

“Yue Ying, you woke up.” Zhu Yao walked over and hurriedly dug the person out. She never expected that Yue Ying would be the first one to wake up. “How are you? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Yue Ying replied her with a smile, his entire face turned ever so gentle. “Big Sis Yao, don’t worry, I’m already in my complete form.”

He already had a faint image of a young man, and his head had already reached her shoulders. The moment he smiled, it was as though flowery light effects were blooming all around him, an astonishingly beautiful scene.

Zhu Yao’s heart ached. He was becoming more like Shao Bai.

“Big Sis Yao?” Seeing that she was in a daze, Yue Ying tugged her sleeves. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing much.” Only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses. Concealing her thoughts, she pulled up his hand and checked his pulse.

After her reincarnation, she had subconsciously prevented herself from thinking about Shao Bai. Back then, when she forcefully sent him into the light of guidance, it was merely to save his life. However, she never expected her actions were counterproductive, not only did she not save him, she had instead made him fall even deeper into the Devil’s path.

Yue Ying was, at the same time, him, but not him as well. She could not forget Shao Bai, and she was unable to treat Yue Ying as him either. Just like how Mushmush had the exact same look as Wang Xuzhi, she was unable to treat Mushmush as him.

“Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying held her face with his hand, and his expression instantly sunk, a hint of something flashed past his eyes. “Why are you sad?”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. She lightly coughed, and then slapped away his hand. “Don’t be nonsensical. Your body is fine, and your cultivation has already reached Foundation as well. But master…”

She worriedly looked at the person who was still in the hole. Yue Ying was already awake, so why wasn’t there any reaction from her master?

Theoretically speaking, she was at the Foundation level when she transformed, and now even Yue Ying was awake at the Foundation level, yet her master was already at the late stages of Foundation, so why wasn’t he waking up?

Could it be that she had to sprinkle some water?

She’s not growing flowers, hey!

Before she could even figure this out completely, the Sect Master had already dispatched some people over.

“The Sect Master has an order, please bring junior-martial brother Yue Ying to the main hall.” The disciple who came to send the message looked at her with an irritated and disdainful look, as though he scorned her to the extreme.

Zhu Yao did not know how she had offended him, but she could guess the reason why the Sect Master had called her. It was most probably regarding Yue Ying’s tutelage matter. After hesitating for a moment, she then followed the disciple towards the venue. Before that, she once again reinforced the formations around the courtyard.

Just as she was about to enter the hall, a pink figure came forward, and with an enthusiastic look, she sprinted towards… Yue Ying, who was by Zhu Yao’s side.

“Junior-martial brother Yue, you’re finally here.” Yi Ling’s face was filled with joy of having their long-awaited reunion. After sizing Yue Ying up, her eyes instantly brightened up several times, and her face actually revealed a hint of shyness.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. This Mary Sue couldn’t be thinking of hooking up her family’s Yue Ying, right? He’s still a child!

“It’s been five years, junior-martial brother Yue, have you been well?” Yi Ling suddenly turned her head to give Zhu Yao a meaningful glance, and gently said. “Don’t be afraid. If you have any grievances, please feel free to tell your senior-martial sister, I will help you.”

Was Yi Ling trying to say that she would mistreat Yue Ying? Zhu Yao frowned, as she pulled Yue Ying behind her and stood in front of Yi Ling, blocking her line of sight.

“Junior-martial sister Yi, it’s been awhile.” You Mary Sue with no restraints, don’t touch my son. “I wonder if your talisman techniques have improved?” Would it still self-destruct?

Her expression stiffened, as though she had recalled that incident when the talisman she used exploded on its own. She then unwillingly greeted. “Senior-martial sister Zhu.”

“Ling’er, so this is junior-martial brother Yue you have often talked about, the one with the all elemental spirit veins.” A green robed man walked out behind Yi Ling. He looked about twenty years old, with a rather dashing face, he wore a crown on his head while holding onto a jade flute in his hand, giving an elegant gentlemanly look.

He sized up the two people in front of his eyes, and then turned to look at Yi Ling with a gentle look.

“Lan Qi.” Yi recovered her naive and charming expression, and looked towards Yue Ying. “This is Yue Ying, the disciple whom my master is taking in this time.”

The man’s expression sank a little, giving Yue Ying a serious look, before saying with a smile. “At such a young age, he already possesses the cultivation at the Foundation level, his aptitude is indeed outstanding.”

When hearing this, Yi Ling’s face was filled with shock, and the eyes she was looking at Yue Ying with turned even brighter. “Junior-martial brother Yue, you built your Foundation! When did it happen? Why didn’t you inform me?” She suddenly looked towards Zhu Yao with a lecturing gaze. “Senior-martial sister Zhu, now this is a wrong on your part. Building one’s Foundation is a huge matter, how can you not at least inform the sect about this? If something happened, do you know of the consequences?”

Lan Qi nodded as well, and the eyes he was looking at Zhu Yao with carried a hint of dissatisfaction.

The hell! This Mary Sue is sick, right!? She really can’t stop framing me at every moment. What does my son’s Foundation building have to do with you? Why is there a need to inform you?

“There’s no need for junior-martial sister to worry. You should be aware that my family’s Yue Ying has a good aptitude, so building his Foundation could be said to be an easy feat, unlike someone else…” Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes at her. If her eyes were seeing things right, she was still in at the Essence stage. It had already been five years, but she had yet to build her Foundation!

Yi Ling’s expression paled. Evidently, she understood the meaning behind her words.

“Senior-martial sister Zhu… You…” Her eyes reddened, as though she just suffered the heaviest of grievances. “I’m merely worried about Yue Ying, that’s why…”

Seeing that a certain someone was suffering, the knight, Lan Qi, naturally became unhappy as well. He looked towards Zhu Yao with a frown, and faintly released his Azoth might. “This junior-martial sister, why the need to harm someone with your words?”

The hell, just which pair of eyes of yours did you see me harm her? As expected, all men that approached Mary Sue had their intelligence degenerated?

“Forget it, Lan Qi.” Yi Ling sniffled, and put up a strong front. “Master and Sect Master have already been waiting in the main hall for a long time. Junior-martial brother Yue, today is the big day where you will be taken under a master’s tutelage. Let’s hurry along.” After saying that, she reached out his hand to pull Yue Ying.

“Ah!” Before her hand could even make contact with said person, it was deflected by a spiritual pressure.

“Ling’er!” Lan Qi’s figure flashed, as he grabbed onto her deflected body. His expression instantly sank, and with flaming eyes, he glared at Yue Ying. “You…”

Just as he was planning to lecture him, he was interrupted.

Yue Ying who had been keeping quiet the entire time, finally turned his head to look at the two people. “I don’t like people touching me.”

Those eyes were cold to the point where not a single emotion could be seen. It was clearly a face which did not carry a single expression, yet, Lan Qi suddenly felt a cold intent instantly seeping into his bones. Fear unknowingly surged within him, and cold sweat trickled down from his head. And just like that, he swallowed back the words he was about to say.

“Mom, let’s go in.” Yue Ying turned his head back. When he pulled onto Zhu Yao’s hand, a blooming smile appeared on his face.

“Ou.” Zhu Yao did not feel like entertaining this pair of idiots either, as she entered the hall with Yue Ying.

The two people were thus left behind with dumbfounded expressions. Yi Ling never expected that she, who had been surrounded by men who had never treated her badly, would encounter Yue Ying’s rejection.

Lan Qi tightened his fists. He could still feel that his hands were still trembling slightly. He was clearly merely a Foundation disciple, yet why did he have such a terrifying aura?

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