[Disciple] Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: The Unfortunate Person that Bumped into a Bird

Although Zhu Yao’s master treated her really well, he was an extremely stubborn person at times, and when he had decided on something, he would not easily change his mind. For example, when he forbade her from leaving the mountain five years ago, she was seriously confined in the mountain for a whole five years. No matter how she tried to make a scene, look pitiful, throw tantrums, and talk sense to him, he never changed his mind. And, he seemed to have done something behind her back, as in this five years, the number of disciples visiting Jade Forest Peak decreased as time went by; even if it was an urgent matter, it would still be sent through paper cranes.

And even that little bastard Wang Xuzhi, the only person who came along with him from the same hometown, seemed to have forgotten her. In these five years, other than the little paper cranes occasionally flying in with short messages, he had never headed up the mountain to look for her. This little kid doesn’t have any conscience at all. Next time I see him, I will definitely spank him fiercely in the buttocks.

Depressed, Zhu Yao gazed at the moon and sighed. Only her breathing could be heard in this quiet place. Among the few dumb birds, that were used to call her for meals, flying in the sky, there was one that was especially fat, and it was flying as though it was drunk. It seemed to have crashed into something in the sky.

Eeehhhh!? It’s falling!

Zhu Yao instantly stood up, opened the door, and ran to the place where the celestial crane fell. That thing it crashed into earlier, was a human figure, wasn’t it!? The celestial crane bumped into a person! Zhu Yao, who had not seen a single outsider for a very long time, sprinted the entire distance as she wondered which unfortunate person would crash into a bird while flying on his sword.

After running all the way to the mountainside, Zhu Yao finally spotted the unfortunate person who fell onto the ground. Wearing the sect’s white uniform, he hugged onto his head with his two hands as he rolled left and right. Beside him, a celestial crane which was as tall as a human adult, with its head extended outwards, was pecking on his body.

“Ow, stop, stop, stop. Stop pecking, stop pecking. Peck again, and I will hit you.” The youth seemed to have sprained his foot, and was currently protecting his head like his life depended on it.

“Dumb bird, stop.” The moment Zhu Yao called out, that extremely aggressive celestial crane immediately spread out its wings and flew towards Zhu Yao. It cried out haughtily, and then, it flapped its wings at Zhu Yao. The way it was acting, it was as though it was trying to boast that it had caught an intruder.

Zhu Yao stroked the celestial crane’s neck, and after appeasing it, she looked towards the youth on the floor. A celestial crane was a first rank spirit beast, and it only had a tiny bit of spiritual knowledge. Any Essence stage disciple could deal with it, yet, he simply dodged and did not retaliate, it was evident that he held no evil intentions to Jade Forest Peak.

“Wife!” That person blurted out, and with an excited expression, he walked over to her. With how he addressed her, Zhu Yao instantly recognized him. If he was not Wang Xuzhi, who else could he be?

With a joyful look, Wang Xuzhi tried to pull her hand. However, the celestial crane beside her cried out, and blocked him. Its long beak once again tried to make contact with his body.

“Enough, dumb bird.” Zhu Yao patted on the celestial crane. “I know him. There’s nothing for you to do here. Go and play somewhere else.” The celestial crane looked at her, and then, it once again looked at the youth, before it flapped its wings and flew away.

“Little wimp?” If he had not called her wife earlier, Zhu Yao would not have believed that this handsome youth before her was the spoiled brat back then.

Wang Xuzhi scratched his head embarrassingly, and complained. “I already told you many times, I have a name, and it’s called Wang Xuzhi.”

Zhu Yao laughed, and sized him up. “Alright, alright. Little wimp has grown up, and you have even grown into such a handsome young man.” In just five years, the child who was only at her chest-height back then, was now taller than her by the size of a head. The round bun-like face back then, was now a little sharpened, as though it had been cut by a sword. The little boy back then, had already grown into such a handsome man.

Wang Xuzhi’s face flushed red from her praises. As though he had recalled something, he cleared his throat, and then, abiding to the rules, he gave her a bow. “Greetings to grand-martial aunt.”

“Good boy!” Zhu Yao habitually reached out her hand to stroke his head. However, she realized that this action was a little tiring now that he was this tall, and pulled her hand back. “You little twerp, you haven’t shown up for five years, so why did you suddenly have the thought of visiting me today?”

“I… I wanted to look for you as well.” Wang Xuzhi hurriedly explained. “But, because ancestral-martial uncle set up a formation on Jade Forest Peak five years ago, and without his approval, not a single person was allowed to enter. This… This time, I was simply circling around the area, but, I did not expect that I would really manage to enter.”

So it was a barrier, it’s no wonder that the number of disciples visiting Jade Forest Peak in the last five years was just a handful, and all of them were sent to look for her master under the orders from the Sect Master. Master was evidently trying to isolate her, wasn’t he? Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, and felt like there was a need to talk to that certain master about life.

“Grand-martial aunt… Have, have you been well these last few years?” Wang Xuzhi tried asking. In the past few years, whenever he had nothing to do, he would circle around the vicinity of the Jade Forest Peak with his flying sword, and looked if it was possible to enter and see her, however, he had never succeeded.

“I think it’s best if you call me big sister instead!” Zhu Yao pulled him over to a large rock at the side, and had him seated. Although she was older than him, she felt as though her youthfulness would disappear if people were to call her grand-martial aunt or ancestral-martial aunt all the time. Back then, she was the one who brought him here to cultivate, so, calling her ‘big sister’ would not be too exaggerated.

Wang Xuzhi smiled, and obediently called out. “Big sister Zhu Yao.”

“Good boy!” Zhu Yao could not help but stroke his head again. His hair which was already in a mess due to the celestial crane’s pecking, was messed up even more. “Tell big sister, how’s your cultivation coming along? Have you been well? Is there anyone bullying you? If there’s someone bullying you, tell me, I will deal with him.”

He shook his head, and obediently replied. “Master and my senior-martial brothers treat me really well, and I have small achievements in my cultivation as well. Currently, I’m already an Essence Paragon.”

“Not bad, kid!” In his last letter, he told her he was still at the tenth level of Essence. But, in just a few months’ time, he actually became a Paragon. Then, his next step would be Foundation.

Wang Xuzhi’s face reddened again, and became even more embarrassed. She would never have thought, in just a span of five years, that fearless spoiled brat back then, would actually become so shy. Zhu Yao was momentarily mystified.

“When are you planning to build your Foundation?” Every elevation into a new realm had a big risk involved, as one had to use all his spiritual energy in his entire body to break through. If one was successful, he would soar into prominence. However, if one was unsuccessful, the least that could happen was a fall in cultivation level, while, the most that could happen was spirit vein impairment, and they would no longer be able to cultivate again. And, the higher the cultivation level, the higher the difficulty.

Wang Xuzhi’s expression sank. “I plan to wait for a few years, and only consider it after I stabilize myself in the current realm.”

Zhu Yao nodded, this was the right choice. In comparison, the success rate of breaking through into Foundation from Essence was very high. However, there were no shortage of unfortunate people, and even out of those with good foundations in place, the number who succeed was just half. Then, suddenly, she recalled of something, and turned to ask him. “Are you planning to use a Foundation Pellet?”

“Mn!” Wang Xuzhi nodded. “Master had already prepared a Foundation Pellet for me two years ago, however, I wish to use my own abilities to obtain it. Hence, in the Internal Sect Tournament the day after tomorrow, I will be participating in the Essence group, and I will obtain the Foundation Pellet if I earn a place in the top three.”

After hearing this, Zhu Yao’s brows curled tightly.

“Big sister Zhu Yao, what is it? Am I not allowed to?” Wang Xuzhi thought she was worried about his safety, and explained. “You don’t have to worry, on the surface, the Internal Sect Tournament is only conducted to select participants to represent our sect in the Inter-Sect Great Tournament. And, with my cultivation level, I’m pretty confident in getting to the top ten at least.”

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