[Disciple] Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: I Want to Bite Him!

Back then, Zhu Yao was able to release her dragon might because she was a dragon in the first place. Not to mention, dragons belonged to the God Race, and their bloodline carried a suppressive effect towards demonic beasts. If Yi Ling had it as well, could it be that she was of the God Race as well?

Zhu Yao immediately denied this point. Sesame simply said that it was similar, and did not ascertain that it was the real dragon might. Furthermore, her bloodline suppression effect back then was akin to having demonic beasts carry the impulse to willingly serve her, while the reaction Sesame had when it saw Yi Ling was evidently a look of infatuation. Not to mention Bai Yi was the same as well. Assuming she was really of the God Race, then it should only be effective on demonic beasts. Bai Yi was merely a demon practitioner.

Most probably, Yi Ling simply had a unique physique which caused people to develop obsession towards her, something akin to seduction arts. However, it was clearly of a much higher tier than regular seduction arts. If one had to define this ability, that it could be understood as a powerful “hormones” amplifier.

Wait a minute! Could it be that this was her Mary Sue cheat? The men in her harem are all developing feelings for her uncontrollably because of this? The moment they enter on this moronic path they will be unable to turn back? After pondering for a moment, in the scenario, among the people that loved her, other than her master and senior-martial brothers who brought her up, the rest of them really looked as though they could never forget her face after having a glance at her among the crowd.

A unique physique like this is really “legendary”, isn’t it!? Is she really a regular practitioner? Or could it be that she possesses some sort of item that could bright about such an effect?

“Mistress, after I entered your divine sense, that feeling immediately disappeared.” Sesame weakly added.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Her divine sense carried the effect of isolating hormones?

She immediately let Sesame out. “Are you certain?”

Sesame turned small on his own, to the size of a plush toy, and strongly nodded its small head. “After mistress placed me in your divine sense, that feeling akin to being summoned disappeared.”

“Then, other than wanting to be close to her, do you feel anything else unnatural?” Zhu Yao asked.

Sesame thought in silence for a moment, and shook his head. “The time frame was too short, I didn’t feel anything.”

In other words, it was impossible to determine if Yi Ling was born with the Mary Sue effect, or she had borrowed an external object to cultivate into a Mary Sue. It seemed like she could only make a confirmation by allowing Sesame to meet her once more.

Zhu Yao did not expect that this opportunity would come so quickly. Not even an hour after she returned to her house, the Sect Master had dispatched someone to invite her into the great hall.

The disciple who came to relay the message this time was unlike the ones before that only had eyes on their heads, as he respectfully addressed her as senior-martial aunt and guided her on the entire way to the great hall.

Zhu Yao had Sesame tag along by having it conceal itself and stand on her shoulder as a small demonic beast. On one end, it would be more convenient for Sesame to inspect Yi Ling, while on the other, Zhu Yao would be able to isolate him in her divine sense in time if it experienced any anomalies.

As for the reason why the Sect Master had called her up this time, she had actually already guessed it. Most probably, after seeing that she had formed her Azoth Core, he wanted to rope her in.

“Greetings to the three Sovereigns, Sect Master, and various Elders.” Zhu Yao was halfway through her bow.

Blue Parasol Sect Master immediately stopped her, and courteously said. “Junior-martial sister Zhu, there’s no need for much courtesy.”

Ever since she arrived, the people in the hall were shocked. Hearing Yi Ling’s report, Zhu Yao comprehended the methods of forming her Azoth Core from a stroke of inspiration while she was at the borders of life and death. Initially, this was not a big deal, after all, comprehending after a stroke of inspiration was related to people’s luck. However, after looking at her now, they realized that her cultivation had already reached the Paragon stage of Azoth Core. Just what kind of inspired comprehension could allow someone to instantly rise from early stage Foundation to the Paragon stage of Azoth Core? The people there carried some suspicions in their hearts, but they did not display these feelings on their faces.

“Thank you, Sect Master.” Zhu Yao faced them upright. So what if they suspected her? Even if she chose not to talk about it, she believed that no one could do anything to her either.

The expressions of the crowd differed, and only Yue Ying, who was standing behind Sovereign Xuan Yin, was filled with smiles.

“Mother.” He called out, walked towards her on his own, and habitually tugged onto the corner of her robe.

He still had the same twelve, thirteen-year-old appearance. Zhu Yao stretched out her hand and stroked his head, as a form of greeting him.

Yue Ying smiled even deeper, and intentionally or unintentionally, his eyes swept past her shoulders. He then obediently stood next to her.

Zhu Yao looked at her surroundings for a moment, and naturally, other than all of the higher echelons of Blue Parasol Sect being present, Yi Ling and the rest were here as well. Lin Xiang was also standing behind the Sect Master, sending her winks.

“I wonder what matter Sect Master has summoned me for?” Zhu Yao immediately went straight into the topic, the peripheral light from the corner of her eyes was however glancing towards Yi Ling, who was standing next to Xuan Xu. In an instant, she transmitted her voice. “Sesame, how is it? Do you see anything?”

However, responding her was merely threatening-like hisses.

The scales on Sesame’s body were all straightened, and his body was lowered. Glaring his teeth out, he went into an attacking posture. However, this was not directed at Yi Ling, but towards Yue Ying.

“Mistress, I really hate this person. Can I bite him? Can I bite him?”

“…” She had almost forgotten the matter where Yue Ying injured him. Yue Ying, you sure are a target of hate for many people. Even if you changed your avatar, Sesame still wants to bite you.

Zhu Yao looked at little Yue Ying sympathetically, while the latter responded her with a naive, and innocent smile.

“Enough, Sesame. It’s time for serious work.” He was after all her son, so she had to protect him a little.

“Congratulations junior-martial sister Zhu on forming your Azoth Core.” Blue Parasol Sect Master said with a harmonious smile. “Although junior-martial sister Zhu had encountered a sixth rank demonic beast, it’s a great fortune to receive such blessings after facing a disaster. As for the reason why we invited you here today, we wish to discuss the matter of elevating junior-martial sister into an Elder. Talismans, artifacts, pellets, and formations, I wonder which of these specializations are you more proficient in?”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and honestly replied. “I’m more proficient in refining artifacts.” To be more exact, she had learnt about formations, artifacts and talismans, and was more confident in refining artifacts.

When her words well, a hint of something flashed past the Sect Master’s face.

“Hmph!” However, a cold snort sounded from the high seats above. Sovereign Xuan Xu glanced at her with a belittling look. “Ignorant lass, you dare talk about refining artifacts?”

Zhu Yao was startled, as she did not understand why he had suddenly activated his mocking mode.

Sect Master said with an awkward expression. “Junior-martial sister, why don’t you reconsider? Refining artifacts is…”

“Let her speak!” Xuan Xu interrupted the Sect Master’s words and looked at Zhu Yao with a cold expression. “I really want to know just what artificer rank can a mere Azoth Core practitioner achieve?”

Though he had asked earnestly, Zhu Yao still frowned and pondered for a moment. “Seventh rank then…” She was actually tenth rank, however, because of her Azoth Core cultivation, at the very most, she would only be able to refine a seventh rank artifact.

When these words were uttered, everyone present took a deep breath.

“Impossible!” Yi Ling suddenly exclaimed out, glaring at her with a furious look, as though she had something that could not be forgiven. “My master is only a sixth rank artificer, how can you possibly be seventh rank?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “And you’re blaming me for?”

“You…” Yi Ling was flustered.

“Alright, then let me witness how you’re going to refine a seventh rank artifact!” Xuan Xu’s face was dark as well. His face was slapped by an Azoth Core practitioner among this crowd, even if he had cultivated for many years, he was still unable to swallow it in. “If you’re really able to refine a seventh rank artifact, then I shall hand over this Chamber Lord position.”

Eh? What Chamber Lord position?

“Senior-martial uncle, please calm your anger.” The Sect Master immediately stepped in as a mediator, and faintly gave Zhu Yao a glance. “The techniques of refining artifacts had always been something senior-martial uncle Xuan Xu have been most proficient at, and the Sword Chamber had always been managed by senior-martial uncle in these few hundred years. Junior-martial sister Zhu, with your present cultivation, even if you have the qualification to hold the position of a Chamber Lord, it’s still best for senior-martial uncle to continue managing the Sword Chamber. Why don’t you choose something else?”

The hell! So they were not simply giving her the title of an Elder. The Sect Master was allowing her to hold actual authority. A Chamber Lord could be said to be comparable to Ancient Hill Sect’s Peak Lord. Say so earlier!

“I don’t want it!” Zhu Yao shook her head like a drum-shaped rattle. Just as Xuan Xu was about to explode again, she explained. “I’m saying that I don’t want to take up the position of any Chamber Lord, no matter if it’s the Sword Chamber or Pellet Chamber. I just want to quietly act like a beautiful young woman… ahem, quietly cultivate on my own. Sect Master, thank you for your goodwill.”

“There’s no need to speak any further.” Xuan Xu however did not let it go. He looked at her with belittling eyes, as though he simply did not believe that she could refine a seventh rank artifact. “I keep to my words. If you are able to refine a seventh rank artifact within a hundred years, I will let go of my position as a Chamber Lord at any time.”

Uh… Actually, there’s no need for such a long time, three days is enough.

Since Xuan Xu had said such words, the Sect Master was not in the position to say anything further either, and instead, could only divert away from the topic. “Junior-martial sister Zhu, I heard that in your mission ground, a strange phenomenon occurred. Ancient ruins suddenly appeared and rose halfway into the skies. Not to mention, many strange formations appeared as well?”

Here it was! She knew that he was going to ask about this.

“This matter has already garnered the attention of the various clans and sects. Many have inspected the place, yet they had not find an entrance to enter. It seems mystical treasures must lie within.” Sect Master swept his gaze at the various people present in the mission, and probed. “Among the few disciples that went there, only you have once delved deep into that underground lair. I wonder if you are aware of the situation within?”

“I don’t know either.” She could not reveal that her master was living there, right? “However, when we entered, there wasn’t any so-called strange formations. Only after we left did those formations appear. It seemed someone has set them down. As for mystical treasures, that’s something I’m even more so am unaware of. However, if we infiltrate it carelessly, I’m afraid that the mighty power who set down those formations will…” She purposely did not her finish her sentence.

The faces of everyone present in the hall changed, as they began to deeply ponder about her words. From rumours, the formations surrounding the ruins were never before seen by anyone, and their might was immense. If there really was a mighty power within, then he would at least be a Nascent Soul practitioner. Enraging a Nascent Soul practitioner was really not a wise decision. It seemed like the matters of investigating the place must be temporarily halted for a moment.

The Sect Master temporarily put down these intentions, and understood that he would be unable to get any other information from Zhu Yao here. So, he did not make it difficult for her, and immediately released her.

Zhu Yao, who accidentally garnered hate from Xuan Xu again, quickly returned.

She even pulled Yue Ying away while she was at it. Compared to Xuan Xu, Yue Ying’s master, Sovereign Xuan Yin, was much easier to talk to, as she allowed him to leave without saying a single word.

As for why she wanted to bring Yue Ying with her, she had her own plans. Because she suddenly recalled that Yi Ling’s Mary Sue cheat was all-encompassing, but it seemed to be completely ineffective on Yue Ying. Even if she took the initiative to express her goodwill to him, Yue Ying had never given her a good look.

Was it because his will was too strong, or was it because her cheat was even capable of automatically distinguishing non-adults?

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