[Disciple] Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: World Favourable Impression

“Sesame, how was it?” The moment Zhu Yao entered the house, she immediately began to inquire about the experiment results.

Sesame however suddenly leapt up, and pounced behind her with a loud roar. “I can’t endure this anymore, I want to bite him! I really want to bite him!” With its mouth opened wide, it aimed to bite Yue Ying.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto its tail, and pulled it back. “What’s wrong with you?”

Sesame was stunned for a moment, before it bared his teeth at Yue Ying again. After a short while, it said. “I don’t know… I just want to bite him!”

“Stop fooling around, he’s Yue Ying.” Zhu Yao frowned.

Sesame was startled, and after pondering for a moment, it said. “Yue Ying? That little twerp from back then? Why is he here?”

So it wasn’t because it had recognized Yue Ying. “It’s a long story, I will tell you later.” Zhu Yao placed Sesame on the table, separating the two of them. “Hurry and speak, did you find out anything about Yi Ling?”

“I didn’t!” Sesame honestly replied. “There’s nothing on her body, even that intimate feeling I had when I first saw her had disappeared as well.”

How was that possible?

Could it be that her Mary Sue cheat could only take effect on the same person once? But in the great hall earlier, clearly the rest of the men still had the sense of longing in their eyes when they looked at Yi Ling.

“Yue Ying, what about you?” Zhu Yao turned towards him. “Do you feel anything out of sort with Yi Ling’s body?”

Yue Ying tilted his head, unclear of the meaning behind her question.

Zhu Yao could only add. “I’m saying, do you feel your heart racing, or are there feelings of fondness towards her when you see her?”

“Yue Ying only likes Big Sis Yao.” Yue Ying smiled even more innocently. “I’m fine with just Big Sis Yao.”

Alright, it seemed Yue Ying was completely immune to her.

Just what was going on? Or was there something wrong with her hypothesis? There were finally some developments, but the clues suddenly got cut off again.

“Mistress…” Sesame tugged onto her sleeves, and eagerly said. “Please let me bite him? Just one bite.”

“…” That’s enough of you! Was this really the time to play?

“Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying pitifully tugged onto her as well. “It hurts!”

“…” Hurt my ass. It hadn’t bite you yet, okay?

Zhu Yao immediately kicked the two of them out. She required a world without jokers in order to calmly ponder about this matter.

She felt like she had missed something out. If she had to point out a difference between the two times Sesame had met her, then there was one. The first time, it was in its human form, while it was in its beast form in the other. Could it be that the Mary Sue cheat was only effective on humans?

Sesame said her Mary Sue cheat was similar to dragon might. She carefully recalled the time when she was in her dragon avatar, but those beasties’ willingness to submit were not based on their forms either.

Wait a minute, even though she wasn’t a dragon, she was still quite similar to one, right? That Risefire Beast seemed to like following her too. Could it be that there was something different with her avatar this time?

Zhu Yao immediately formed a water mirror of her height, and carefully inspected this current avatar of hers.

A young girl of about eighteen years old immediately appeared in it. Looks very normal though? There’s no special wordings on her face, and her hair was jet-black and beautiful as ever. Above her head, there’s also that…

The hell. What’s with that drop-down arrow that suddenly appeared above her head?

Why did such a thing suddenly appear above her avatar?

Zhu Yao waved her hand, only to have it pass through the drop-down arrow. It seemed like this was similar to the word ‘bug’ she was familiar with, and it was something only she could see.

Gritting her teeth, she could not help but tap on that drop-down arrow. And then, like a sliding screen, a row of words appeared.

World Favourable Impression: [On] or [Off]

Why did something like this appear?

And what’s this world favourable impression about!?

This was an MMO right? It definitely was, right?

She suddenly recalled Realmspirit’s last words right before her resurrection, he seemed to have said… that he was going to gift her an Achievement!

It couldn’t be this thing, right?

She suddenly had a feeling that she got played. After hesitating several times, she decided to tap on that ‘On’ button with her shaky hand.

Zhu Yao held her breath as she waited for three seconds!

Nothing happened.

Eh, could it be that it was really just a simple Achievement, and did not have any use at all? Just like those awards for lifetime achievements, this was the type of achievement where she could just have it on display to feel good?

Just as Zhu Yao was thinking it was strange, suddenly with a loud crash, the door was kicked open by someone.

Sesame who had taken up its human form came charging like a rocket launcher, and hugged her leg. With a low and obsessed tone, it said. “Mistress… I just came into realization of how ‘otherworldly’ you are.”

She stomped her foot right onto its face. “Get away! What’s with your sudden change of attitude?” Don’t use that word to describe me, hey.

Sesame immediately crawled back, and continued to hug onto her thigh. “Mistress, your kick is so ‘otherworldly’ too.”


“Mistress, the way you’re scolding me is so ‘otherworldly’ too.”

“Do you believe that I will smack you?”

“Come, mistress…” Sesame actually laid on the ground in a shameless manner. “You don’t have to pity me, smack me hard!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Had Sesame gone crazy? Although it was very shameless in the past as well, there was a limit to how shameless it was. Wake up, hey. You’re very scary this way, alright?

She still had yet to consider the cause of Sesame’s irregular behaviour, when a few crane cries and the sounds of various animals suddenly resounded outside her home.

The moment she stepped out of the door, what she saw was a darkened sky, filled with the silhouettes of birds of various kinds. The forest in front of her was suddenly filled with clouds of dust and dirt, and various kinds of small animals were running towards her direction. Even the plants in her courtyard were instantly thrown into excitement, as they began to tweet and chatter loudly.

“Oooouu… I suddenly like her very much, what should I do? Although I already like her in the past, I like her even more now.”

“Me too, I really wish she could stroke my leaves.”

“I really want to bloom a flower for her.”

“I really want to bear a fruit for her.”

“I really want to bear a little tree for her…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

In an instant, among the plants and trees in her courtyard, those which could bloom flowers, bloomed flowers, and those which could bear fruits, bore fruits. There were even some which grew fresh saplings, as though they had suddenly been injected with hormones. Zhu Yao was dumbfounded from this scene.

Just as the situation in front of her eyes were about to spiral out of control, with quick hands, she immediately tapped on the ‘Off’ button above her head.

All of the irregular behaviour finally stopped at this moment. The large crowd of birds circled around the sky for a short while before flying off in separate directions, and the small animals scattered as well. Other than the plants that went amok regardless of the four seasons, and Sesame which was still hugging onto her thigh without letting go.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt her head aching, as she finally understood just what this achievement was all about. The so-called ‘World Favourable Impression’, was truly the world’s favourable impression towards her in the most literal sense. Though this cheat was incredible, it would definitely incite chaos if it was activated. Then what’s the use of it then? And this thing did not seem to be effective on humans.

And also, this heavy weight on my leg, are you done hugging? Do you believe I will kick you!?

She immediately cast a water type art, and drenched a certain beast with cold water.

Sesame was shocked. Standing up, it looked at her with a pitiful look. “Mistress, how can treat beastie this way?”

“What happened to you earlier?”

“Earlier?” Sesame was startled, and then it once again thought of coming forward to hug her thigh. “Beastie wants to bear monkeys for mistress.”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened.

“This beastie is speaking the truth real though?” Sesame weakly twiddled with its fingers. “Beastie really, really likes mistress. I like mistress the most.”

“Just like how you first met Yi Ling?” Momma’s egg, Realmspirit couldn’t have gifted her a Mary Sue cheat, right!? (ps: animal and plant based)

Sesame shook its head. “Different, of course it’s different. The feeling mistress gave me just now…” He was in a daze for a moment, and then suddenly, its body shook. It slowly widened its eyes, and said in a slight befuddled tone. “It was very intimate. Naturally, it also carried an indescribable might and was irresistible, as though it was… the Heavenly Dao. “


Yi Ling’s Mary Sue cheat had yet to be dealt with, and Zhu Yao seemed to have landed herself with a strange cheat herself. She really wanted to ask Realmspirit what was his purpose for gifting her this Achievement. The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt. In the past, she was toyed badly by him, and nothing he gifted her was good.

Speaking of this, she suddenly recalled the side-quest. That bugged God Artifact had turned into her master’s Life Artifact. Then her side-quest was considered complete, right?


With a look filled with expectations, she grabbed onto her own chest, only to make contact with a familiar flat surface.

The hell, what happened to the promised long-lasting cup increase after completing the side-quest?

Realmspirit, you best come out now!


Suddenly, a screen of scattering fireworks appeared before her, and a familiar conversation window floated in front of her.

Side-quest 1 – Complete.

Handing out reward…

Data transfer – 10%… 20%… 30%…

Oh yeah~~|o′|

Was he handing out the reward? Zhu Yao was instantly excited. Holding on her chest with her two hands, she stared intensely at the constantly increasing numbers, as she silently chanted:

Big… big… big… big…

The numbers in front of her eyes rose with increasing speed.

80%… 90%…

And finally!


Zhu Yao immediately held her breath, as she focused her entire mind and soul to feel the changes in her chest.

The conversation window flashed and suddenly released a ray of white light which begun to twist and spiral, forming something similar to a white transfer portal.

And then…

With a plop, something fell out.

Zhu Yao reached out her hand to grab it out of reflex. Raising it up to take a look, what she saw was a pair of small pink cloth with a curved design. A small paper tag hanged on the cloth, and written on it were simplified Chinese characters: ‘A City’s Pretty Underwear, Size: 70A’

Zhu Yao: “…”

She felt as though she had received the evil intentions of the world.

Flips table!

This lady here wants a cup! Why the hell did you give me a breast cover!? And it’s even A-cup! Do you really think that just by switching the order of the words it’s considered done!?¹ You’re bullying me because of my poor language skills, aren’t you!?

This lady wants to go on a strike! I’m definitely going on a strike! Realmspirit, just you wait!

Zhu Yao was listless for a number of days. When she suddenly felt that her chest was small or something, her entire world turned grey. What Mary Sue? What bug? Hoho! That doesn’t concern me! I’m no longer going to love anymore!

She was depressed for a good couple of days, until Lin Xiang paid a sudden visit, and informed her that the rumour of the ruins containing treasures was spreading like a wildfire. Presently, the various clans and sects had suddenly gathered at that forest, wanting to force their way through. Furthermore, Blue Parasol Sect was no longer able to sit back, and wanted to head over for a share of the cake.

The moment Zhu Yao heard this, she was instantly furious.

The hell, those bunch of greedy beasts! Release my master, take me instead!

  1. Cup Size: 罩杯, Breast Cover: 杯罩
    Just by switching the order of the two words makes everything different. :>

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