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Chapter 212: The Entire World is Begging for Hugs

When Zhu Yao rushed over to the forest, the place was already filled with several people from various clans and sects. Earlier, she was still a little worried that with so many people surrounding the place, it would cause some trouble for her master. However, after arriving did she realize that she had overthought this.

Forget about forcing their way in, these people could not even approach the lightning formation. The moment someone even approach it in the slightest, that lightning formation would strike that person charred black without discrimination. Thus, the large crowd of people could only look at the towering palace floating in the sky from afar.

Zhu Yao and Lin Xiang greeted the Sect Master, before silently standing within Blue Parasol Sect’s crowd.

“Sect Master Lin, among the sects, Blue Parasol Sect has the most disciples and the most capable people.” A middle-aged man walked out, and spoke to Blue Parasol Sect Master. “This place was also found by the disciples of Blue Parasol Sect, I wonder if there’s a method to enter?”

Lin Yu was carrying a difficult expression as well. Initially, these ruins appeared within Blue Parasol Sect’s domain, and it was already really uncomfortable to have various clans and sects force their way in to hunt for treasures without notifying him. Now, after realizing they did not have the capabilities to enter the place, they even wanted Blue Parasol Sect to stand out and take the lead? He was really unsatisfied with the behaviour of the various sects.

“Sect Master Wu, my apologies.” He courteously smiled. “If we had known about any methods to enter the place, why would we have waited till now? Though I have heard that Risepoint Sect had already arrived two days ago to investigate this place, I believe you must be more familiar with the place.”

Risepoint Sect Master was struck with a reversal, and also found out that his opponent did not know of any methods to break through the sword formation either. Not to mention, the other party seemed to grow even more cautious of him now. Thus, he no longer spoke up about having Blue Parasol Sect taking the lead, and turned around to discuss about other possible tactics with the rest.

However, with the sheer large number of clans and sects, the number of opinions were large as well. For every suggestion spoken, there were definitely people who rejected it. The various sects continued to discuss about this matter, and even after a long while, there still wasn’t a single conclusion. Instead, their arguments seemed to be grow even more intense as they spoke.

Seeing that they weren’t united, Zhu Yao felt at ease. It seemed like these people wanting to break her master’s Five Way Nine Circulation Heavenly Thunder Formation was simply a joke. She really was worried for nothing. Just when were they going to stop arguing? She was about to fall asleep soon.

“Big Sis Yao.” Yue Ying suddenly appeared behind her.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. “Why did you come?”

“I followed master here.” He replied.

Zhu Yao looked at her surroundings. Ho? She realized Blue Parasol Sect seemed to have expended quite a generous amount of manpower this time, as their three Nascent Soul practitioners were all here. It seemed like this place was something they had to obtain no matter what.

“Big Sis Yao, come over here.” Yue Ying pulled Zhu Yao back a few steps. Leaving the crowd, he suddenly reached out to grab her waist, flew up, and landed on a branch. “It’s clearer to see from up here.”

He pointed below where the crowd of people of various sects were arguing without end. The position they were in was pretty high up, and it was possible to see every single person present with a single glance. It was indeed a good spot. Zhu Yao gave him a thumbs-up. “Good job!”

Yue Ying gave a gentle smile, as he turned around and passed her a bag of snacks. “Do you want to eat something?

Such good service? Zhu Yao’s eyes instantly brightened, as she stroked Yue Ying’s head. Good son!

Opening the bag, she took a look inside, and was dumbfounded a moment later.

What was stored inside was none other a bunch of golden melon seeds of consistent size that filled the bag to the brim. The seeds were all plump and ripe, releasing a familiar sweet scent.

Zhu Yao’s hands trembled. She suddenly raised her head, and unconsciously called out. “Shao Bai…”

“Big Sis, what happened?” Yue Ying was startled, as he said with a confused expression. “Who’s Shao Bai?”

“No… Nothing.” Zhu Yao suppressed the shock in her heart, and casually asked. “Why did you suddenly think of bringing me these?”

“While we were on the way here, we passed by a market run by mortals. I spotted a stall at the roadside selling these, so I bought it.” A hint of disappointment surfaced on Yue Ying’s face. “Why? Big Sis Yao doesn’t like them?”

Zhu Yao hurriedly shook her head. “No, I love it… I love it very much.” So it was just a coincidence? That’s true. Yue Ying was Yue Ying himself, how he could possibly recall the matters of his past life?

“Is Big Sis Yao worried about Yu Yan?” Yue Ying spoke up coldly.

Zhu Yao nodded. She did not hide the fact that her master had regained his cultivation from him.

“Big Sis Yao, you don’t have to worry. Based on these people’s abilities alone…” He swept his gaze below with narrowed eyes, as though he was taking this seriously, but at the same time, taking this lightly as well. Closing in on Zhu Yao’s ear, he whispered. “None of them is capable of breaking that sword formation.”

She naturally knew that her master’s sword formation wasn’t simple, but she couldn’t deny that one in ten thousandth probability of it breaking. After all, there was already that Mary Sue bug present in this world, there might even be something that could break sword formations in a single second.

“Alright, then we will do it this way.” Over on that side, someone suddenly said this out loud. As though they had finally come up with a basic plan of action, everyone went back to their respective camps.

Blue Parasol Sect Master Lin Yu returned as well, but he first headed in the direction of the three Nascent Soul Sovereigns, greeted them with a respectful bow, and began speaking about the results of their discussion. Zhu Yao wasn’t sure of the details they discussed about, but she could hear the Sect Master speak these words. “I humbly request the three Sovereigns to give their fullest aid.”

The expressions of the three sovereigns changed, looking as though they were hesitating. A hint of dissatisfaction could be seen from the creases of their brows. However, in the end, Xuan Xu was the first one who nodded, and the other Sovereign agreed as well. Though, the only female Sovereign Xuan Yin seemed to be hesitating a little.

She wondered if it was her imagination, but Zhu Yao had the feeling that Xuan Yin seemed to have looked in their direction, and from her eyes, it looked as though she was seeking for help.

Zhu Yao felt it was strange. Who was she looking at? Yue Ying?

Zhu Yao could not help but look at Yue Ying, however, he was still peeling off the melon seeds for her with a gentle smile, and he did not even bother raising his head. It must be her imagination. Yue Ying was her disciple, and the disciples had always been the ones listening to their masters, just when was there ever a master who would ask for his or her disciple’s opinions?

In the next moment, the three Sovereigns had already rose into the skies on their swords, and they flew towards the lightning formation. At the same time, there were people from the various sects who simultaneously followed their lead, and after counting, there were eight of them. Furthermore, she was completely unable to see through their cultivation level, which proved that their cultivation level were all above hers.

Eight people, with one person in each direction, stopped at the corners of the ruins, and they took up art casting stances one after another.

Only then did Zhu Yao realize what they were trying to do, and she hurriedly stood up.

The hell, these people were trying to break the formation together!

Yue Ying however pulled her back, and said with a smile. “Big Sis Yao, it’s fine!”

Zhu Yao glanced at the eight people, and then looked back at Yue Ying, before she was able to endure the urge to stop them. The eight of them had already begun to cast their arts.

Eight eye-piercing rays of light struck the boundaries of the formation at the same time. A glaring white light was released from the surroundings of the ruins, and one could hardly open his or her eyes from the blinding light. They could only hear a series of loud explosions constantly trembling in their ears.

Then, the mighty pressure which had been enveloping the surrounding area suddenly disappeared. Even the gigantic lightning sword that had been encircling the ruins suddenly stopped moving as well.

“Success!” Xuan Xu’s face was filled with excitement, and his eyes instantly brightened. The faces of the other seven were filled with joy as well.

Just as they were about to fly in with their swords, that gigantic lightning sword seemed to have been affected by something, as it began to glow much brighter than the white light before. A pressure that could envelop the sky and topple the earth instantly came pressing down on the eight people.

“Not good! Hurry and flee!” Xuan Xu’s expression changed, as he turned and attempted to flee.

However, it was already too late. Eight gigantic swords suddenly flew out from the formation. They instantly turned into eight shining lightning rays, and with an irresistible force, directly flew in the directions of the eight people. Before they could even react, they had already been struck off the sky by the heavenly lightning bolts, and were pinned to the ground.

Their Dantians shook from the lightning strikes, and their divine senses turned unstable. Even their nascent souls were faintly aching from the attack, and some even had their cultivation fall by a small level. The once almighty Nascent Soul practitioners were presently lying on the ground together, unable to move an inch.

The smell of charred meat faintly suffused in the air.

Let alone the various disciples, the various Sect Masters themselves were unable to react to this sudden group collapse situation. None of them expected that the Nascent Soul practitioner team that represented the strongest force of this world would be eliminated this easily.

“This… How is this possible…” Some rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

But this was not the end.

Before the crowd could even react, a terrifying pressure had already enveloped them. The venue which was still loud and bustling earlier, like toppled onions, fell onto the ground one after another. As though they were suddenly pressed by something, every single one of them crawled on the ground, unable to move an inch.

Some low-levelled disciples with poor foundation had even puked out blood and fainted right after.

Other than Zhu Yao and Yue Ying who were still on the tree. That terrifying pressure seemed to have especially detoured around the two of them, not affecting them in the slightest.


Though she understood that her master was a little overprotective, wasn’t this too obvious?

Should she… try to go along with everyone?

“Aiya!” Zhu Yao lightly called out, fell onto the branch below and hugged onto it. She turned to look at Yue Ying who was still sitting upright, and then casually pulled him down as well.

Low-key, do you know what low-key means?

A cold voice transmitted from the skies. The voice wasn’t loud, yet it clearly resounded in everyone’s ears.

“Today’s matter will only be dealt with a small punishment. If such offense is made once again, there will definitely be heavy consequences!”

That voice carried spiritual energy, and with every word he said, the many people present could not help but puke out another mouthful of blood. After a single sentence, a large half of the disciples on the ground had already fainted. This terrifying strength was truly unheard of.

The Blue Parasol Sect Master was drenched in sweat. Suddenly recalling Zhu Yao’s words, he finally felt fearful. She mentioned that the person who could set up such a formation must definitely be a powerful expert, which he did not believe in the beginning. Now, he had no choice but to believe her words. He never expected that there was still a cultivation level higher than the Nascent Soul Realm, and it was at such a terrifying height as well. For a moment, he was so regretful that his intestines were turning green. Among the people that came here today, Blue Parasol Sect had the most people. If they had truly angered that person today, then their sect would have been destroyed.

Fortunately, from the meaning behind his words, this powerful expert did not plan on pursing their offense.

However, that pressure had still yet to be retracted. Was there still something else?

As expected, a fiery red figure suddenly flew out from the ruins. A man dressed in a profound robe appeared before the crowd.

The pressure on the crowd instantly disappeared.

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded for a moment, and then, she suddenly widened her eyes.

This person… Who was he?

Just as the crowd of people were making guesses if this person was actually that powerful expert, he said. “My lord has an order. A tribulation will soon befall upon this world, since you people have found this place, then it can be considered as the work of destiny.” The profoundly dressed man swept a glance at the crowd. “He will bestow a mystic artifact to the world in order to pass this tribulation.”

Mystic artifact!

The crowd’s eyes instantly shone. Who would have expected that a situation like this would happen? They began to crawl up one after another. After all, they were all here to search for treasures. They never expected that after kicking a metal plate, a treasure would unexpectedly fall off from that metal plate.

“Fellow Daoist.” Lin Yu greeted the man, and courteously said. “May we know of your lord’s name? And what is the name of this palace?”

The man raised his head and said without a mind. “My lord is Lord Yu Yan of Jade Forest Peak.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

She finally believed that this person was dispatched by her master.

But if you want to act cool, at the very least, change your name, hey! Is it really alright to use the name Jade Forest Peak like this?

Jade Forest Peak was a mountain, but this was clearly a palace! Only ghosts would believe you, right!

“I see!” Lin Yu said in an understanding manner. “Earlier, we have made countless offenses, and I hope your esteemed lord would forgive us.”

The hell, there’s someone who actually believes his words!

“Fellow Daoist, about the mystic artifact which you said your lord will bestow us…” Finally, he came to the main point. In an instant, everyone’s eyes shuffled over one after another.

“Choose a destined person to follow me into the palace to retrieve it.” The man said.

Lin Yu turned joyous, and just when he was about to volunteer himself. “Then I shall…”

“Pick her then!” That man looked around, and when he saw Zhu Yao on the tree, his expression instantly brightened. He walked over with huge strides, and then waved at her while standing under the tree.

As though his image had suddenly changed, his eyes shone as he looked at her. “It’s you then. Come, follow me into the palace, meow~”


The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she finally recognized this person before her.

This habit of wanting to reach out his paw towards her, wasn’t this that Risefire Beast? When was it capable of taking up a human form?

And what was with that “meow” earlier? What happened to that esteemed and cold image earlier?

Don’t look at me with drool on your face, hey!

“To the palace, to the palace!” The Risefire Beast raised its two hands towards her. In front of her eyes, it was as though she was looking at that four-legged beastie, reaching its two front paws towards her, and pleading her to hold its paws with sparkling eyes.


Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Lin Yu who was at the side was casting glances at her, hoping that she would agree immediately.

Zhu Yao sighed, and understood in a second that her master must have something to instruct her with. Thus, he came up with an excuse, and dispatched the Risefire Beast to find her.

So, she immediately leapt down from the tree. “Then I will have to trouble fellow Daoist to lead the way.”

With slight disappointment, the Risefire Beast looked at its two paws which merely caught empty air. Pouting its small lips, it looked as though it was about to cry, but it still obediently turned into a ray of white light and flew in the direction of the ruins.

Riding on her sword, Zhu Yao followed close behind.

The huge sword that was encircling the ruins automatically split itself, revealing a passageway behind it.

When the Risefire Beast returned to the ruins, it turned back to that huge beastie, and brought her to the teleportation formation. Those pair of bell-like beast eyes finally could not endure it any longer, as a huge stream of disheartened tears came pouring down, as though it had suffered the worst of grievances.

A familiar, tender voice resounded. “She doesn’t like me… She doesn’t want to hold my paws… Doesn’t want to hold my paws… Wuuuuuu….”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Sighing, she stepped forward and hugged its four hoofs, before walking into the teleportation formation.

The scenery changed, and she once again returned to that mustard seed dimensional space.

A figure dressed in a snow-white robe appeared before her eyes. With a light smile, he reached out his two hands towards her.

Another one!?

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