[Disciple] Chapter 213

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Chapter 213: I Want to Bear Monkeys for You

When did master become so abnormal like the Risefire Beast?

But, even if he’s abnormal… I like it!


“Master!” Zhu Yao pounced, and hugged onto the person in front of her. As expected, when it came to taking the initiative for a hug, her master still did it the best.

Yu Yan’s body stiffened, as he raised his hands to pick off the leaves on her head. Was his stupid disciple acting on her bad habits again? He sighed, but rather than pushing her away, he embraced her even tighter. Suddenly, he felt that getting along like this was actually rather comfortable, so he did not feel like letting her go.

“Master, were you looking for me?” Zhu Yao rubbed about.

“Mn.” Yu Yan stroked her hair, and lightly said. “Your master has sensed an anomaly with the spiritual energy at the northern edge of this continent. Something seems to be gathering there, and in less than ten days, chaos will ensue.”

Zhu Yao was startled, as she hurriedly raised her head and took a step back. “The extreme north? What’s gathering over there?”

Seeing that his arms were now empty, Yu Yan frowned with dissatisfaction. He glanced at the distance between the two of them, and then, pulled his disciple back. “The spiritual energy in that direction is disoriented, and carries a malicious aura. They are most probably demonic beasts.”

“Demonic beasts… You’re saying…”

“Yu Yao… a beast wave is approaching.”

Beast wave!

This soon? Wasn’t it said that a beast wave would only occur once every hundred years? She clearly recalled in the scenario that the next wave would occur fifty years later. And it was because of that wave, the Beast King was unexpectedly injured and saved by Mary Sue, thereafter, the main route of constant death courting and world destruction would be activated.

Why was it pushed forward by such a large extent all of a sudden?

“With the beast wave assaulting, every clan and sect must face them with their entire force.” He slowly said. “Yu Yao, have you done your preparations?”

“Uh…” Could she say that she simply did not expect this event at all?

Yu Yan sighed, as though he had already guessed it. “Though you have already formed your Azoth Core, you are still not completely safe from the beast wave.” With a wave of his hand, a familiar red fan then appeared on his hand. “In these few days, your master has refined this weapon for you.”

“This is…” Zhu Yao’s eyes shone.

“Back then at Jade Forest Peak, you were most proficient with this weapon. So I have prepared this for you.”

“Master…” As expected, he was the best master who could move the world, for him to have even considered this for her. This fan-type weapon looked exactly the same as the first weapon her master had given her back then. However, back then, it was just an elementary rank artifact, while this one was sixth rank. Looking at the streaks of lightning that were faintly flowing at the base of the fan, this was actually even imbued with the lightning attribute.

So moving. She had arrived in this world for so many days, but even her current flying sword was the uniformed one provided by the sect, and it had long been incredibly damaged as well. Presently, she finally had a weapon of her own.

“Thank you, master.”

“Mn!” Yu Yan nodded. And then, as though he was acting out a magic trick, he took out a storage pouch, and began to take items out one by one.

“This is a flying sword, engraved on it is a defensive mystic art which is capable of suppressing a Demigod practitioner’s full-power attack.”

She indeed required a transportation artifact. Received.

“This is a seventh rank talisman formation. If you are in trouble, you can use this.”

There was actually a talisman formation too. Received.

“This is a Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning Talisman. I sealed an Ascension Tribulation Lightning Bolt within it.”

A talisman? She probably wouldn’t get to use it, right?

“And there’s several mystic robes as well. Didn’t you like your master’s robe back then? I made a similar one.”

“…” No, I just wanted to strip you.

“And there’s several others. You can choose to change into them too.”

“…” Why did she have the feeling that she was going for a vacation?

“And there’s a few snacks. If you ever get tired from killing demonic beasts, you can try them. Don’t eat medicinal pellets, they are not good for your cultivation.”

“…” Master, I’m going to kill demonic beasts, not going for a vacation, hey.

“Yu… Yao!”


“Do you still have… periods?”


“If you still have them, then your master will have to prepare…” cloth menstrual pads.

“I’m returning now, bye!”

Zhu Yao finally understood why her master’s life skills were so top-notch. He was lonely.

She had only been gone for a few days, and he had already prepared a huge bunch of stuffs. In order to prevent him from taking out anything shameless, Zhu Yao wisely fled.

The beast wave happening in advance was definitely a huge matter. Zhu Yao instantly told this piece of information to the various clans and sects, and their faces sank a little after hearing the news.

“The beast wave has always happened once in a hundred years, why is it happening earlier than usual for no reason?” Xuan Xu was the first to bring up his doubts, and his tone even faintly carried a hint of suspicion.

Good question, she wanted to know too.

“It’s the lord inside who personally told me this. I don’t know the actual reason behind it, but if you harbour any suspicions, you can ask him yourself.” Zhu Yao sent his suspicions back at him.

As expected, Xuan Xu’s face immediately darkened. Evidently, he recalled that embarrassing scene of being unable to even get through the formation earlier. He had always disliked Zhu Yao, and asking this question was actually to make things difficult for her. However, he never expected that he would be the one who would get the short end of the stick.

“Since the lord has this prophecy, then it shouldn’t be false.” Sect Master Lin Yu came forward to mediate the situation, and said while looking at Zhu Yao. “Junior-martial sister Zhu, earlier, the lord said he would bestow a mystic artifact, I wonder…”

When he asked this, the rest of the people instantly straightened their ears, and looked at Zhu Yao with sparkling eyes.

Zhu Yao did not hide it either. Loosening the storage pouch, various mystic artifacts numbering in the high hundreds instantly flew out with the wave of her hand. Mystic artifacts, from third to seventh rank, were kept within. Furthermore, the key point was that these were all mystic artifacts of the extreme grade.

The crowd stared blankly at this scene. Refining artifacts below the fifth rank was not difficult, as long as it’s a sect that was above third-rate, then there would be people who would be capable of refining one. However, penultimate grade artifacts could not be refined by any regular person. Even if it was a seventh rank artificer, he might not even be able to refine a penultimate grade artifact after refining several thousand times. However, there were actually more than a hundred of them here!

There were already practitioners beginning to pinch their own faces, to ascertain they weren’t dreaming.

“The lord said that these artifacts have a certain degree of spirituality, and would choose their most suitable wielders on their own. So, only the destined ones will be able to receive them.” Zhu Yao explained.

As expected, in the next instant, several hundred weapons began to dance in the sky on their own. After spiralling a few rounds, each one of them flew to the people’s sides, and all those who obtained one had excited expressions on their faces. The rest could only sigh at their bad luck of not being chosen by the artifacts.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt like she was a tycoon scattering money on the streets.

Wilfulness comes with riches!

Actually, these weapons were not prepared by her master. It had only been a month since she returned to Blue Parasol Sect, even if her master was so incredible, it was impossible for him to refine so many artifacts in a single month. These were all artifacts that originated from the ruins itself. She was just leading away a goat in pa… Ah pui, she was just presenting a borrowed flower to Buddha.

As for this choosing their owners on their own situation, it was just something she came up with. She had merely set down a formation, and allowed the artifacts to fly randomly before falling back down. Otherwise, looking at the personalities of the people in the various sects, they would argue again over the ownership of these artifacts. Wasn’t this a better option? There’s no rush, nor the need to fight over.

Zhu Yao satisfyingly looked around for a moment, only to see a fourth rank red damask was flying towards the right, and the person standing there was… Mary Sue!

Yi Ling carried an excited expression, and her eyes had already begun to shine. Just as she was about to reach her hand up to grab it, Zhu Yao’s fingers moved, and that red damask spun, landing in Lin Xiang’s hands instead.

Yi ling’s face instantly darkened, and that pure and kind face of hers was close to collapsing.

Mn, that’s right, she’s that short tempered!

“Big Sis Yao, what about me?” A voice transmission suddenly sounded in her mind. Yue Ying stood behind her with a gentle smile, as though he had seen through everything.

Zhu Yao turned around and passed a bag of spicy gluten onto his hands. “Good boy.”


“Junior-martial sister Zhu.” Lin Xiang received an extreme grade sixth rank artifact as well, and he kept it with a joyful expression. He asked. “Did you find out the cultivation level of the lord who bestowed us these artifacts?”

“Demigod.” To be exact, he was a High Deity.

“Demigod?” Lin Xiang was stunned for a moment. “What is a Demigod?”

“The large realm after the Nascent Soul Realm is the Demigod Realm.”


A large number of people suddenly held their breaths, as though they had no idea how to react. Though they faintly guessed that the lord’s cultivation level was definitely above the Nascent Soul Realm, no one had expected that his cultivation level was higher by a large realm. In this world where the highest cultivation level was merely the Nascent Soul Realm, the crowd was a little fazed by this incredible information. Could it be that ascending into deities was not a myth, and could actually be done?

The remains distr… ahem, the artifact distribution activity thus harmoniously ended. In the end, Blue Parasol Sect became the largest winner as they had the most people present. Because of that lie she came up with, about the destined ones would receive them, the thoughts of fighting over the artifacts were quelled. After the distribution, not only did the crowd not begin a fight, they even began to merrily discuss about the arrangements for the beast wave.

This was the first time Zhu Yao was facing the so-called beast wave. She was unclear if it was because of the butterfly effect, but the scenario had already intensely diverted away from the former route. Though, the number of harem members Mary Sue collected did not decrease because of it.

But, the beast wave had actually been brought forward by fifty years. Initially, Yi Ling would meet the Beast King after she had built her Foundation, and because the two of them would conduct practitioner-pair activities, she would immediately form her Azoth Core. From then on, she then walked on the path towards the summit of life.

Yi Ling was however presently still an Essence realm disciple. No matter how ferocious the beast wave would be, the various sects would not dispatch an Essence realm disciple to the frontlines. With this thought in mind, she suddenly felt that she had gotten it off easy this time.

However! Five days later, a piece of news came, allowing Zhu Yao to truly experience the incredible power of plot. Yi Ling successfully built her Foundation. An early stage Essence realm disciple suddenly built her Foundation within five days. This piece of news came too quickly, and was simply unbelievable.

The official explanation was: On that day in the ruins, she was enlightened and had comprehended the intricacies after her return. Then, she instantly built her Foundation.

Zhu Yao had a feeling that this trip was not going to be simple.

Eight days later, news came from the north. The demonic beasts had already begun to gather, and were soon about to launch an attack.

Blue Parasol Sect dispatched all their disciples who were at the Foundation realm and above. Among the Azoth Core practitioners, other than the Sect Master who remained, all of them had gone over, and leading the party was Sovereign Xuan Xu.

When Zhu Yao pulled Yue Ying to the gathering location, Xuan Xu was already leading everyone at the square in front of the hall for preparations. She wondered if it was her imagination, but she felt that Xuan Xu’s mood today was especially good. Even that dead creased look he always had, had turned gentler by quite a bit. When he saw Zhu Yao, he merely frowned before diverting away his line of sight, and did not intentionally made things difficult.

As expected, Yi Ling was present as well. However, what was different was there weren’t a bunch of men surrounding her like usual. Instead, she lowered her head, and closely followed behind Xuan Xu.

Xuan Xu loudly declared their departure, and summoned his own weapon. Then, he turned around a cupped Yi Ling’s waist, and the two of them rode on the same sword. The two of them were master and disciple, so this was not a matter to be usually concerned about. However, Yi Ling’s face flushed from shyness. She pressed her two hands on his chest and abnormally struggled a little, but there wasn’t any effect, instead, she seemed to have leaned even closer to Xuan Xu.

Zhu Yao widened her eyes, and her heart skipped a bit. Suddenly, she thought of a possibility.

These two… they couldn’t have done it, right?

She glanced at Xuan Xu who was full of spirits. This development was a little too quick, right? She suddenly recalled a certain someone who was trapped in that mustard seed dimensional space…

Many years had already passed, and he was still completely pure.

-scratches wall-

Master, learn a thing or two from this person!

“Big Sis Yao.” Zhu Yao felt her artifact sink a little. Yue Ying seemed to have stepped on her artifact with one of his feet, and he looked at her with a hopeful look. “Can you bring me along? I don’t have my own artifact yet, and I don’t have sufficient spiritual energy, so I can’t fly that far.”

“Ou.” Just as she was about to agree.

With a flash of white light, her fan suddenly opened. It travelled a short distance and immediately shot Yue Ying away.


On the red fan, a row of words suddenly appeared. “The Devil and dog are not allowed on the fan!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Hoho, master, you’re so childish.

In the end, Zhu Yao could only pull out a flying artifact which she had additionally prepared, and passed it to Yue Ying. This would save him some spiritual energy.

I’m sorry Yue Ying, for not being able to have you look cool by riding on my artifact.

This journey had them fly for eight hours before arriving at their destination. However, it was where the beast wave was located, but a town governed by practitioners. The various sects and clans had already agreed to converge at this place. When they arrived, many practitioners were already there.

The various sects spoke some courteous words, waited for all members to be gathered, before heading off together to where the beast wave would occur.

As they approached their destination, Zhu Yao felt the air was growing heavier. She could feel the pressure coming from in front of her, and her emotions began to stir a little.

“Sesame, can you sense those demonic beasts? Are there many of them?” Zhu Yao internally viewed her divine sense.

“There’s many…” Sesame carried a look of uncertainty.

Zhu Yao frowned, and could not help but ask. “Those demonic beasts can’t possibly act like the Risefire Beast, and like to have people grab their paws, right?” If that was the case, forget about stopping the beast wave, she definitely wouldn’t make a move at all.

“They won’t!”

Phew, that’s good to hear.

“If mistress releases that the aura back then, their only desire would be to bear monkeys for you.”


“Mistress, can you promise me?” Sesame suddenly said with a serious tone.


“Let me give you your first monkey.”

“Scram!” Go find your own ‘otherworldly’ partner.

This lady doesn’t like monkeys! She made a decision. She would definitely seal this World Favourable Impression Achievement forever.

“Mistress! You’re so heartless, so unrighteous, and so nonsensical.”

“… Do you believe I will take you out and throw you over to Yi Ling?”

“No!” Sesame let out a miserable cry. “I don’t like two-legged beings.”


A long while later…


“What is it this time?”

“I forgot to mention this. From my senses, the aura of the beast wave over there is a little chaotic. It’s very unnatural.”


Would it have killed you to this tell me this important piece of information earlier!?

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