[Disciple] Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: War Between Humans and Beasts

Only after arriving at the edge of the border did Zhu Yao truly understand the difference this world had. A forest was in front of her eyes, yet it was split into two. On this side, it was lush green, while it was withered and old on the other, as though there was something deliberately separating them, forming two completely different worlds.

From afar, she could already hear the loud thrashing noises, accompanied by constant voices that resounded through the clouds. On the other side of the forest, it was densely packed with various types of demonic beasts, occupying half the entire skyline. They were presently thrashing against the barrier at the center in a desperate manner.

The barrier was huge, as though it was enveloping across this entire world, forming a gigantic transparent firmament keeping all of the demonic beasts isolated outside. She never expected such a huge barrier actually existed in this world that could protect the entire deity practitioner’s territory. Even her master couldn’t possibly design a formation as enormous as this one.

“The demonic beasts are about to break through, everyone, safeguard the formation core.” She didn’t know who shouted this, but according to the discussed plan, the various sects scattered in their own respective directions.

Zhu Yao followed the Blue Parasol Sect disciples and immediately descended at the front of the forest, in front of her eyes was that transparent barrier, and further up front was a gigantic demonic beast desperately thrashing against the barrier. That was actually an eighth rank Earth Swallowing Beast, an earth-based demonic beast with tremendous strength.

“Prepare to engage.” Xuan Xu kept his command short and immediately had everyone summon their weapons, as he sternly watched the other side.

Zhu Yao was however a little curious of that formation. This was still the first time she had seen such a huge formation, and strangely, she was standing so close to it, but she couldn’t feel the least bit of spiritual energy flowing about. It must be made clear that the larger a formation was, the amount of spiritual energy required would correspondingly increase. To actually design a formation like this that enveloped the entire continent, while keeping the spiritual energy consumption at an undetectable level, just how talented must that formation expert be to actually make this possible?

Although this formation was exquisite, under the desperate thrashing from that Earth Swallowing Beast, there were faint traces of it being broken through. The barrier that was initially transparent began to grow cracks, and the barrier wall was even concaving by a little, as though it was being drilled into.

The hearts of the disciples on the scene instantly tightened, as they firmly grasped the mystic artifacts in their hands.

Finally, right after several dozen thrashes, that demonic beast broke out a small entrance, and speedily sprung towards the other side of the barrier. With a flash of bright light, a gigantic figure descended upon the human crowd. Its entire body was sparkling with flowing light, as it roared towards the sky. Its voice resounded across the clouds, stirring the people’s hearts and minds.

Xuan Xu was the first to act. A gigantic fire ball instantly enveloped the entire demonic beast, and he sliced down his spiritual sword straight towards it. However, the demonic beast dodged, and immediately appeared ten feet away from him. The flowing light on his body began to dim as well, revealing a gigantic black seventh rank demonic beast.

Zhu Yao widened her eyes, and was in a little disbelief.

“Sesame, do you see this?”

“How did this happen?” Right from the start, Zhu Yao had been broadcasting everything that was happening outside to Sesame. “This… This beast dropped a rank.”

“Do you have an idea of what’s going on?”

“I don’t know either.” Sesame’s face was filled with doubts as well, and a while later, it said. “It’s probably due to that layer of flowing light on its body.”

Flowing light? That layer of light only appeared after the demonic beast broke through the barrier. Was it due to that formation then? But just what formation could forcefully drop a demonic beast’s rank?

Zhu Yao turned back to take a look, only to see the barrier that was broken through by that demonic beast earlier had already been restored, as though it had never been damaged in the first place. This barrier could repair itself on its own?

Before Zhu Yao could even ponder about it, that demonic beast had already begun to pounce towards them.

She was standing quite far behind in the first place, afraid that her beast luring physique would cause a mess. However, because of Xuan Xu’s attack, that demonic beast seemed to have realize that it couldn’t defeat him. Hence, he immediately turned about and charged towards the area with the most people.

This place mostly consisted of Foundation disciples, so how could they possibly retaliate against a seventh rank demonic beast? Everyone had no choice but to scatter away on their swords one after another. Zhu Yao grabbed onto Yue Ying and flew up like everyone else.

However, probably due to her bad luck, that demonic beast was actually still hot on her tail, as it pounced in her direction.

The hell, this vile beast luring body!

Zhu Yao summoned several thousands and hundreds of vines to entangle that demonic beast, preventing it from moving. The rest of the disciples took this opportunity to smash it with their mystic arts. However, the demonic beast, with its coarse skin and thick muscles, was simply unafraid of those mystic arts, and instead was enraged by the crowd.

A wild roar sounded.

The ground began to collapse inch by inch, and it split apart like an earthquake. Wood-based mystic arts relied on the earth in the first place, and now that they had lost their rooting support of the ground, Zhu Yao’s vines couldn’t be maintained any longer and loosened themselves. The demonic beast escaped from the entanglement, and as though it was carrying flames of fury that could surge through the skies, it jumped.

In her direction!

Why was it her again? There are others who played a part in the attacks earlier, you know?

She wanted to dodge, however, a pressure that was comparable to that of an early stage Nascent Soul practitioner came pushing forward. Zhu Yao stumbled, and instantly felt an aura that turned her breathing heavy. With widening eyes, she looked at that fast-approaching demonic beast.

This was… killing intent!

A killing intent so dense it sent chills down her entire body.

This demonic beast was different from the Risefire Beast, it really wanted to kill her!

With heightened senses, Zhu Yao summoned her own weapon, and waved the open fan. In an instant, several hundreds of wind blades that carried along lightning sparks were formed, and they struck directly at that seventh rank demonic beast.

Loud explosions rang constantly, and that demonic beast instantly released an ear-piercing cry. Several charred black wounds appeared on its body, and it immediately fell from the sky.

The pressure on Zhu Yao’s body was removed, and she speedily brought Yue Ying away from that clearing.

That demonic beast struggled, and it madly wanted to give chase and attack her. Suddenly, a gigantic spiritual sword fell straight from the sky, piercing the demonic beast in an instant. The madness in the demonic beast’s eyes then began to gradually disappear, until they finally lose all their light. Riding on his sword, Xuan Xu stopped above the demonic beast. Looking down at the demonic beast, after confirming that it had lost all signs of life, he then retracted his own sword intent.

“Mistress, this demonic beast… is a little strange.” Sesame suddenly spoke.


Zhu Yao naturally realized this as well. She felt that this demonic beast was intentionally targeting her, as though it wouldn’t stop till she was dead. Yesterday, she was still a good girl beloved by beasts, why was it completely reversed today? You beasties are really fickle, aren’t you?

Before she could even understand the situation, there was once again a commotion at the barrier.

This time, outside the barrier, there were about five demonic beasts thrashing against it at the same time. They were all demonic beasts of sixth to eighth rank, and were desperately attacking the barrier as though they were incited by some sort of command. A moment later, several rays of white light flashed once again, and those few demonic beasts appeared before their eyes.

And like before, their ranks had all dropped, and some even fell by two ranks.

The moment they landed on the ground, they came charging wildly at the crowd.

Zhu Yao faintly realized that after all the demonic beasts had landed on the ground, their first reaction was to charge in her direction.

So it was not her imagination, these beasties seemed to be treating her as the target with the highest aggro, and every single one of them wished to give her a good bite.

The hell, what happened to the promised harmony between humans and animals?

Fortunately, there were many people here, and none of them realized this anomaly. However, she couldn’t bring someone along with her any longer.

“Yue Ying, stay further away from me.” Zhu Yao turned her head and instructed. Presently, Yue Ying was merely at the Foundation realm, and Zhu Yao had initially wanted to protect him. However from the current situation, it would be more dangerous to have him by her side.

“Why?” His expression sank, looking as though he was about to cry as he held onto her sleeves. “Big Sis Yao…”

“It’s not safe by my side. Find a place to protect yourself well.” Zhu Yao stroked his head. “Don’t make a move unless you’re confident of yourself, understand?”


After instructing as such, Zhu Yao did not care if he approved of her decision, as she turned about and went in the opposite direction. One fifth rank demonic beast instantly changed its direction, and flew towards her.

Yue Ying silently stood on the ground, and simply stared intensely at that figure who was battling with that demonic beast. With a sunken expression, his eyes slightly narrowed, and it felt as though there was boundless anger scattering forth. That demonic beast which was full of vim and vigour earlier, suddenly tilted its body fell from the sky. The surrounding disciples did not miss this opportunity, and swarmed towards the demonic beast to kill it.

Everyone spent a total of more than an hour, before they finally cleared off the second wave of demonic beasts.

However, even more demonic beasts had appeared to thrash the barrier.

“There’s actually still more of them!” There were already disciples who were heavily injured, and some began to discuss with fatigue expressions. “Why are there so many demonic beasts this time?”

“That’s right, usually, there isn’t a situation where five or six of them appear at the same time.”

“Even seventh rank demonic beasts have appeared, aren’t they usually fifth rank at most?”

“We still have no clue of what demonic beast will appear after this.”

“That’s right, if only we’re able to see the situation over at the demonic beasts’ side.”

“If only we could see them…”

Zhu Yao was startled, as she looked at those gigantic demonic beasts which were simply thrashing against the barrier. It was clearly a transparent barrier, and the ones outside were seventh rank as well.

They… can’t see them?

“Prepare yourselves, the next wave of demonic beasts is coming.” Xuan Xu loudly reminded, as he stared intensely at the barrier which was ringing constantly, while protecting Yi Ling behind his back.

The rest stopped their idle chatter as well, as they prepared to battle with all their might.

The following waves gave Zhu Yao a stronger feeling that this matter was really strange. The demonic beasts kept growing in numbers. In the beginning, there were only a few of them. Later on, the number of demonic beasts breaking through the barrier grew. Initially, with their superiority in numbers, Blue Parasol Sect was still able to barely cope with the situation. However, as time passed, injuries and deaths began to occur.

The demonic beasts began to grow even wilder as well, as they began their massacre the moment they entered. The battle was tragic beyond expectations, and the ground was already completely stained with the blood of the disciples and demonic beasts, to the point where it could soon form a river. However, the number of demonic beasts gathered outside the barrier grew even more, and when Zhu Yao took a look, her heart almost stopped.

It was completely dark and ominous. The entire place was filled with demonic beasts thrashing about.

As the battle prolonged, even Xuan Xu’s face was turning a little pale. Evidently, this situation was out of his initial expectations as well.

Zhu Yao felt that something was wrong, even more so than before. It shouldn’t be like this. Theoretically, though demonic beasts were united, they were undisciplined and free-minded. Ones that wildly attack human practitioners such as these were still rarely seen. Furthermore, they were breaking in without the slightest of hesitation, even if their ranks would drop.

Unless there were some sort of reason behind their actions.

With a loud blast, a fourth rank demonic beast fell onto a place not far from her.

It only had single breath left, yet its bell-like eyes were glaring straight in her direction, its eyes were filled with wild killing intent. Suddenly, a sunken and coarse male voice resounded in her ears.

“Kill! Kill! Kill… Kill…”

As though it had fallen into an infinite loop, this single word constantly repeated without end.

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded, only then did she recall that this avatar of hers seemed to be able to hear the voices of demonic beasts. The battler earlier was too chaotic, and she had neglected it for a moment. Taking in a deep breath to calm herself down, she attentively listened to the surrounding sounds.

However, in her amazement, she realized that not just that demonic beast on the ground, no matter if the demonic beasts were outside or had already entered the barrier, they were all repeating a single word.

“Kill! Kill! Kill… Kill…”

“Kill! Kill! Kill… Kill…”

“Kill! Kill! Kill… Kill…”

This… What’s with this feeling of déjà vu of a viral infection situation?

After a careful look, even the crazed look in those demonic beasts’ eyes were similar, as though… they were being controlled.

When these thoughts came about, a clear sound faintly reverberated in her ears. It sounded similar to a flute, yet more crisp than a flute. That sound was concealed within the angry roars of the beasts, and could be heard at random intervals. If not because she had especially calm herself down to hear the voices of the beasts, she simply wouldn’t have found this out.

Zhu Yao immediately released her divine sense, and headed towards the direction of the whistling sound.

On the other side of the barrier, behind the dark and ominous herd of beasts, a black figure was mixed within. It was actually a human figure! And in his hands, he was holding onto an instrument-like object and was presently blowing it, releasing rhythmic sounds. And with every sound, the demonic beasts thrashing the barrier would put in more effort than before, and the demonic beasts that entered would be crazier than the ones before them. Furthermore, there were even demonic beasts that had begun to self-destruct their own demonic cores.

The hell, this bitch is controlling this herd of demonic beasts!


Zhu Yao who found out the truth, had a conversation window pop out in front of her.

Target of Side-quest 2 has been revealed, please complete it as soon as possible! Brave young maiden, hurry and seize that God Artifact!


The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. What’s this side-quest? When did she accept it? And what’s with that ‘2’? Why was it written on its own separate line, hey?

This is vulgarity, right? You’re cussing at me, right? You’re definitely cussing at me!

The conversation window flashed for a moment, before it disappeared again. It even forwent the part of asking her to accept the quest.

Was he betting that she definitely wouldn’t reject it?

Well… She was indeed unable to reject it.

Momma’s egg. That black-robed man is holding onto a God Artifact in his hands, right? That’s why he’s able to control the beast wave.

Turning her head back, she saw the tragic battlefield on this side. It seemed that only by seizing the God Artifact from that man’s hands could this truly end.

The main problem was…

How was she going to get there!?

That person was on the other side of the barrier, and she was not a demonic beast either. With how high-end this barrier was, even if she dug through the ground, she wouldn’t be able to drill her way to the other side!

Just as Zhu Yao was in a panic, she looked towards a demonic beast that had just passed through the barrier. Maybe…

“Big Sis Yao.” Just as she was dazed for a moment, a demonic beast came pouncing forward. In a flash, Yue Ying carried her away from her original spot and inspected her with slight anxiety. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” No matter what, she had to try. “Yue Ying, shield me for a moment.”

“Alright.” Yue Ying habitually nodded.

Zhu Yao patted a high rank defensive talisman onto his body. She then first placed down a barrier around herself, and then used lightning spiritual energy to envelop her entire body. Focusing her entire mind, she stared at the barrier, until that moment when a demonic beast broke through the barrier and flew in with flowing light enveloping its body.

At the same time, she soared into the skies, and before the barrier could restore itself, she took the opportunity to pass through it!

However, the barrier restored itself very quickly. Before she could fly through it, it had already begun to recover.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. Anxiously, she circulated all of the spiritual energy in her body, and accelerated herself. For a moment, it was as though her entire being had turned into a firecracker.


Boom. She fell within the herd of beasts!

Raising her head, her entire vision was filled with pair after pair of crazed, bloodshot eyes.

Hoho… She wondered if they would believe her if she said she was just delivering soy sauce?

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