[Disciple] Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: May I Ask Who’s Soon?

Though the way she fell had some problems, Zhu Yao still weakly raised one of her hands.



Replying her were numerous beastly roars, and her eardrums shook from the shockwave.

“There’s actually someone stupid enough to send herself here to seek death.” A sinister voice sounded. The herd of beasts suddenly split into two sides, spontaneously making a path at the center. A black robed man then confidently walked over. In his hands was an instrument that looked like a combination of a fan and flute, and rainbow flowing lights were faintly emitting out from it. The man first glanced at her with disdain, and then revealed a dark and dangerous smile. Waving his hand, he commanded. “Kill her!”

The demonic beast herd pounced at her at the same time.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao immediately released Sesame who was in her divine sense. In any case, the people within the barrier couldn’t see the situation here, so she didn’t have any worries.

“Ouuu~~ ┗|`o′|┛”

Sesame appeared from thin air and squished about five eighth rank demonic beasts to death. Then, with a sweep of its tail, it toppled a bunch of them, and then pounced towards the man.

The black robed man coldly laughed, and then flew into the skies, dodging Sesame’s attack in a flash.

Now! Zhu Yao grasped onto this opportunity, and pulled out that Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning Talisman, pouring spiritual energy into it to activate it.

Naturally, she wouldn’t send herself out to die, she had long prepared a detailed plan. She would first immediately release Sesame. Though there might be a huge number of demonic beasts, they were all below ninth rank, while Sesame was an ascended demonic immortal, so naturally it wouldn’t be afraid of these little beasties.

The one she had to pay attention to the most was this man. He was a demonic beast as well, and he could already take up a human form, proving that he was a tenth rank demonic beast.

She really had to thank her master for giving her this talisman, as sealed inside it was an Ascension Tribulation Purple Extreme Lightning, and no matter how incredible a demonic beast was, it was impossible for the demonic beast to block against it.

So, when Zhu Yao saw that he was approaching this way, she immediately pulled out the talisman, and circulated her spiritual energy. “Heavenly Lightning…” Fall!

The sound of a flute reverberated, as that man suddenly lowered his head and blew into the instrument in his hands.

Zhu Yao’s talisman was in the midst of activation, when suddenly, the air and blood in her chest began to surge and tumble. A pressure so powerfully irresistible came assaulting her from all directions, and she instantly puked out a mouthful of blood.

Sesame, who was still arrogantly sweeping through the herd of demonic beasts earlier, loudly crashed onto the ground by that pressure as well, and after struggling for a few moments, it couldn’t move any longer.

Zhu Yao was shocked to find out that her own spiritual energy had stopped circulating, as though the circulation had been deliberately stopped. Just what was that sound?

“You sure do have some skills.” That man stopped the music, and inspected Zhu Yao with a pair of narrowed eyes. In an instant, his expression turned cold. “Then, I can’t let you off.”

He slowly descended from the sky, and walked towards her a step at a time.

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. This time, she had miscalculated.

The man stopped two steps away from her, the smile on his lips grew even more sinister and dangerous. He slowly raised the instrument in his hands.

Only then did Zhu Yao clearly see what that object was. It was actually a gigantic feather. The rainbow colours on it looked as though they could move on their own, as they constantly flowed about. On the white stem of the feather, a row of words were clearly written on it. ‘Bug (God Artifact 2)’

As expected, this object was the target of the side-quest.

Zhu Yao clearly knew that he was going to harm her, and understood that she had to move away. However, her body didn’t listen to her commands, she was simply unable to move an inch. She could only watch as that feather tapped on her forehead. In an instant, searing heat filled her entire body, and even her divine sense was faintly hurting.

With emphasis on every word, he said. “Tell me your true name?”

Zhu Yao was startled, an irresistible feeling suddenly rose from the depths of her heart, and subconsciously, she was about to answer.

“Mistress! You can’t say it!” Sesame suddenly roared out. “This is a curse, he wishes to bind your soul! If you answer him, you will have to obey his every whim your entire life!”

The hell!? It was this malicious?

The man’s expression sank. Evidently, he was dissatisfied with Sesame disclosing his intentions. With a twist of his palm, Zhu Yao felt the pressure turning heavier, and even her consciousness was becoming a little blurry.

Who wants to be bound to you? You pervert! You’re hurting this old lady to death! Can I say a fake one?

“Mistress, hold on. You must never answer him.” Sesame grew even more anxious. As it stood against the pressure, it struggled to call out. “As long as you give a reply, no matter if it’s your true name, the soul contract will take effect… puah!”

Before it could even finish its words, the pressure on its body rose, pressing it even deeper into the ground.

“Speak, what’s your name?” The man’s expression instantly turned stern, as he ruthlessly stared into her eyes.

Zhu Yao felt as though her soul was about to be incinerated by the searing heat, and she was already losing control of her mind, carrying a strong impulse to answer his question. Even if she desperately bit onto her own tongue, she was unable to stop the words that were about to leave her mouth.

“Mistress… You must not answer. If you say it, from today onwards, as long as he calls for your name, you will have to obey his orders.”

So one’s name was the key to invoking the contract. But… wasn’t something like this a setting of western fantasies? This is a completely different studio, hey!

“Hmph!” The man coldly snorted, and looked at her in disdain as he confidently said. “You’re just a mere Azoth Core practitioner. You think you’re able to resist me?”

That impulse to say the truth in the depths of her heart was growing stronger, and Zhu Yao felt she was about to explode from bottling it up. Thus… She decided to yield.


The man’s eyes brightened, showing an ‘as expected’ look, as he waited for the completion of the contract.

As expected, Zhu Yao spoke her own name with emphasis on every word. “I’m… Einstein the Fourth’s Sri Lanka’s Artermis’ Lin Zuoyue’s extraordinary talent that came from ten thousand husbands and sons living in Yangtze Mountain who went to the clouds to battle whose name is too incredible and cannot be remembered clearly I dare you to remember this if you can hoho if you’re able to recite this name I will address you as my ancestor or something you unprofessional black sheep China has five thousand years of rich history why the hell did you use a western fantasy setting whereby one’s soul can be bound with the calling of one’s name it’s not like there’s any use to bind the RMB next to you alright if I speak any more than this the readers will think that I’m just making up for the word count so I will just use the periods to replace the words below period period period period period period five thousand words have been omitted stomach is bloated from the drinks and food from supper motorcycle Levskey.”

Didn’t you want a name? I will give you a name! As long as you’re able to remember it.

Man: “…”

Sesame: “…”

Beast herd: “…”

“Do you need me to repeat it?” Zhu Yao suggested especially sincerely.

The man was stunned for two seconds, before he regained his senses from that ridiculously long name. His face instantly turned hideous. “You’re making fun of me!”

“That’s right!” Zhu Yao shamelessly nodded, and the talisman in her hand activated at the same time. Thunder rumbled and a gigantic dragon formed by purple lightning bolts descended from the skies, carrying a mighty pressure that was impossible to face head on. All of the demonic beasts looked towards the sky at the same moment.

Utilizing an escape talisman, Zhu Yao teleported several dozen meters away. The pressure on her disappeared the moment she started reciting her name, so there was enough time for her to activate the lightning talisman.

A lightning dragon came striking down on the man. Purple lightning lights instantly radiated across the entire skyline. Though Zhu Yao was already far away, the lingering might from the Ascension Tribulation Lightning still stirred her heart and soul. Even her Azoth Core was turning a little unstable.

The demonic beasts present were even more so slammed onto the ground by the immense heavenly might.

Ten seconds later, that light finally began to dim down.

What was left of the place the man was standing on earlier, was a huge, charred black crater. At the center of the crater, rainbow flowing lights flashed.

Zhu Yao flew back at this moment, and the thing that was emitting light was exactly the objective of this side-quest. Bending down her waist to pick it up, not only did she realize that there wasn’t even a slight damage to the feather, it’s radiance was as dazzling as ever. Even the Ascension Tribulation Lightning was unable to damage it, as expected of a God Artifact. But why did she feel that this feather was a little familiar?

“Hmph, I never expected that I would lose to an Azoth Core practitioner.” Suddenly, the man’s voice once again sounded, and it faintly felt as though he was gritting his teeth.

Zhu Yao was startled, as she cautiously looked at her surroundings. However, she wasn’t able to see his figure.

Suddenly, a black fog slowly gathered in the air, forming a black illusory image. This energy was…

Ah~ It’s another Devil.

Why didn’t she think it was even the least bit strange at all?

“Don’t be conceited. In any case, I will definitely have my revenge for today.” His sudden laughter was filled with an ominous air, emitting out an aura that was even colder than the black robed man’s earlier. With an indiscernible look, he said. “Little brat. We… will meet again, soon.”

“Who’s soon?” She asked on reflex.


She could faintly hear the sound of him puking blood.

“Arrogant brat, this daddy here shall kill you now!” The Devil immediately unleashed his power, seething with rage, it pounced towards Zhu Yao.

“Uh…” What did she say?

Just as she was about to take him head on, in the instant he jumped on her, that bundle of darkness disappeared without a trace.

At the same time.

In a cave residence at the demonic beasts’ territory.

A man dressed in a profound robe puked out a mouthful of blood, and the devilish aura scattered from his body. As he heavily panted, he pressed his hand onto his chest area, his entire body was trembling without end, as though it had seen some terrifying creature.

Just who was it? To actually be capable of exterminating a strand of his celestial will in an instant? His celestial will couldn’t even be resisted by that person back then, so why was it so easily…?

If he had not instantly cut the link with his god’s will just now, even his main body would have…

He instantly grew fearful. Just when did such a terrifying individual appear in this world?

Zhu Yao placed down her hands which were in an art casting stance, released her divine sense to sense her surroundings for a moment, and only then did she ascertain that the Devil’s aura was indeed not present around her. As expected, antagonists that speak too much were all just paper tigers. If you lost, then admit defeat, you just have to leave behind an image to say some words out of spite. You think you’re Grey Wolf!?¹

However, that man earlier was probably not the Devil’s main body, but a demonic beast possessed by a strand of his god’s will. There might be a time when he would appear again to settle debts with her.

Haah… Yet another troublesome matter.

“Meow~~” A furry thing suddenly came rubbing against her leg.

When she lowered her head to look, a fourth rank young beast was hugging her leg with its two paws, lightly rubbing against it with a satisfied look.

Zhu Yao was startled, and she immediately took a few steps back. She had forgotten that she was still within the herd of demonic beasts.

“Meooow…” Seeing her suddenly retreat, that small young beast carried a disappointed look as it cried out. Tears seemed to be welling up in its eyes, as though it had suffered an immense grievance.

“Uh…” What was this situation?

Zhu Yao looked around, and only then did she realize the area was abnormally quiet. Forget about the howls of demonic beasts, even the barrier thrashing sounds had stopped as well. Evidently, they were controlled by that God Artifact earlier, causing them to lose their minds. Now, they were wide awake.


Why were they all staring at her? Was there a need to look at her with such thirsty eyes? Hey, hey, hey… they’re even drooling now, what’s going on? Where’s your pride? Where’s your shame?

“I like her… I like her so much, like like like like…”

“I really, really want to lick her.”

“I like her too, I really want her to hold my paws.”

“I really want to have her brush my fur.”

“I really want to bear little beasties for her.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Have you guys really returned to normal? Don’t learn from the Risefire Beast, hey!

“Ouu~~ ┗|`o′|┛” Just when she was at a loss, Sesame leapt out, and with sweep of its tail, it blew away that young beast which was about to rub against her again. With a “you bunch of weaklings” expression, it swept a glare at the beasts in the area. “Every single of you scram! I’m Mistress’ true contracted beastie. Ouu~~”

In an instant, the tyrannical aura of a tenth rank demonic beast blasted forth, slamming the beasties onto the ground.

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at it. You cannon-behind-the-horse², when you were crawling on the ground earlier, why didn’t I see you act so mighty?

“Enough, Sesame.” Zhu Yao stepped forward, a swept a glance at the demonic beasts. “Is anyone aware of that black robed man who controlled you guys earlier?”

The beasties looked at each other, and then shook their heads in unison.

“When we came into realization, we already found ourselves here.”

“That’s right, that’s right. When I woke up, mistress was the first person I saw.”

“I like mistress.”

“Me too…”

“Ouu~~ ┗|`o′|┛ She’s my mistress!” Sesame instantly exploded.

Haah, it seemed like I won’t be able to get any clues. Zhu Yao sighed. “Alright, everyone scatter then. If there’s nothing else, don’t blindly stroll around the human practitioners’ territory. If possible, call back those beasties that are outside as well.”

“Alright, mistress.”

“No problem, mistress.”

“We will listen to mistress’ commands.”


Sesame: “…” She’s my mistress, hey! Why the hell are you all addressing her like that?

The beasties which have regained their senses were rather obedient. After promising her, they raised their heads in unison and emitted out summoning howls one after another.

“Come back home, it’s time to eat…”

“Come back home, it’s time to eat…”

“Come back home, it’s time to eat…”

The barrier shook for a moment, and thereafter, demonic beasts came flying back from outside one after another.


She felt as though her three views had suffered a serious blow.

As expected, it’s best not to understand the demonic beasts’ language.

The demonic beasts continued to fly back from outside the barrier. However, unlike how difficult it was for them to break through it, as though there wasn’t even a single obstruction, they easily crossed through the barrier. Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. Could it be that this barrier worked single-way? One had to break through to get out, while returning could be done very easily. That meant she could…

Zhu Yao was overjoyed, as she was still wondering how she would get back just moments ago. This would make things extremely easy.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao kept the God Artifact, and kept Sesame while she was at it. Then, she immediately rode on her sword and flew to the opposite side. As expected, the barrier merely shook when she crossed it, and she passed it without any obstructions.

Before she could even heave a sigh of relief, a fireball suddenly came flying towards her. Zhu Yao turned about, and immediately did a three hundred sixty turn with her transportation artifact, before she was finally able to dodge that fireball.

So close.

“Senior-martial sister Zhu, it’s you!?” The culprit Yi Ling suddenly exclaimed, successfully attracting the attention of all the disciples. With a surprised expression, she looked at her. “Why did you appear from the demonic beasts’ side? Could it be…”

She took a deep breath, and had an expression that looked as though she had caught onto something incredible. After a short while, it then looked as though she wanted to hide something, as she explained to herself. “Im… Impossible, I must have made a mistake. Why would senior-martial sister Zhu…”

The hell, Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to stomp this Mary Sue death. She would die if she didn’t push aggro onto her for even a single day, was that it?

¹Grey Wolf: The main antagonist of ‘Pleasant Goat and Grey Big Wolf’ in a Chinese cartoon with over 500 episodes. He always set up traps in an attempt to catch goats, only to always fail in the end. His favourite phrase is “Darn goat, I will be back!”

²Cannon-behind-the-horse (马后炮) refers to someone who appears to help after an entire ordeal is already over. The phrase originates from Chinese Chess, where the Cannon chess piece right behind a Horse chess piece, while the Horse is in front of the opponent’s general, it’s a definite checkmate, and since the opponent’s loss is undeniable, complaining or calling it out has no meaning at all.

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