[Disciple] Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: Mary Sue’s Gary Stu

“Senior-martial sister Zhu!” Yi Ling had a startled look, and with criticizing eyes, she said. “How can you deal such a heavy blow? He’s already injured.”

Zhu Yao chuckled in her face. “Don’t forget, how did he get injured? I knocked him unconscious to lessen his pain. Also, call me senior-martial aunt, where’s your respect!”

Yi Ling’s expression paled, and she once again began to give the wronged look that Mary Sues specialized in. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone here to buy it.

Zhu Yao cupped the man’s wrist, and realized that he had just fainted. The meridians in his body had twisted greatly, but were restoring themselves on their own. There wasn’t any threats to his life.

“Senior-martial… aunt Zhu.” This time, Yi Ling managed to catch a full glimpse of the man’s looks, and her eyes instantly brightened. She then probed. “Do you know this fellow Daoist?”

She did. Of course she did. She knew him too well. Even the word on this man’s face looked exactly the same as the one on Mary Sue’s face, you know? The word ‘bug’ could blind a dog’s eyes with how bright it was! At the very moment she saw his face, she knew that this was the male lead in the scenario. That Beast King which would destroy the world.

Now here came the problem. As the Beast King, king of all demonic beasts, why did he come all the way to the human practitioners’ territory and help the human practitioners restore the barrier?

He had nothing else better to do after eating his fill? Came out here for a vacation, and then gain some merit points in the tourist attraction he happened to pass by?

Zhu Yao had the impulse to drop him here and let him fend for himself. After all, keeping him alive would just lead to the destruction of the world. However, Mary Sue was currently next to her. If she were to just abandon him here like this, there’s a possibility that Mary Sue would pick up this second-handed good the moment she turned her head away.

Furthermore, this formation was currently more important.

“The barrier’s not going to last any longer, we must immediately restore the formation core.” Zhu Yao looked at the formation diagram on the ground.

“Formation core?” Yi Ling was startled, and suddenly understood the situation. Looking at the ground, she said. “This is the formation core?”

“That’s right. Earlier, he was restoring the formation core.”

Yi Ling’s expression paled, and she explained with a look of grievance. “I… I didn’t know.”

It would have been worse if you knew. Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at her. “Hurry and request the Sovereigns and elders over. Tell them we have already found the formation core.”

“But…” Yi Ling looked at the person on the ground with slight hesitation.

“Hurry and go!” Zhu Yao’s expression sank.

Only then did Yi Ling leave on her sword with a reluctant look.

“Mistress, hurry and save him.” Sesame suddenly transmitted his voice over.

Zhu Yao’s figure jolted, and she felt this was a little strange. When did Sesame become so kind-hearted?

“His meridians have been damaged, I can’t restore them.” This person’s cultivation level was higher than hers. “So I can only…” Wait till he restores them on his own.

“Then use my inner core!” Sesame suggested with an excited look.

Zhu Yao was stunned. “Sesame, have you gone crazy?” The inner core was like a demonic beast’s life, and it actually suggested taking it out so easily?

“It will definitely heal him this way.” He seriously answered, and in an instant, white lotuses bloomed in the background.

The hell, this is definitely illogical.

“Sesame, do you know this person?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Then why the hell are you sacrificing yourself to save him!” And this person simply does not need your help, alright?

“I… I don’t know either.” Sesame’s voice carried hints of agitation and confusion. “I just really want to save him all of a sudden. Mistress, please let me out.”

“…” Like hell I will release you. This is illogical, it is definitely illogical. When did Sesame start walking on the path of a saint? Why wasn’t I aware of it? Could it be that this Beast King is similar to Yi Ling, and carries the Gary Stu cheat? And he is also capable of moving people’s hearts with a single glance?

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and then cast a forced awakening art on him.

She then poked the stiff corpse on the ground. “Hey, wake up… Hey. Wake up, it’s daytime!”

In an instant, the person on the ground frowned. Opening his eyes, he first surveyed the surroundings confused, before looking at Zhu Yao. His expression gradually turned cold. “Who are you?”

“I should be asking you that. Who are you?”

The man’s expression turned even colder. He sized her up with a glance, and his frown deepened as he asked back. “Were you the one who interrupted me while I was performing an art?”

“Nope!” Zhu Yao shook her head.

“You still dare to deny it!” That man was suddenly enraged. “I clearly sensed your presence earlier. Since you dare to sneak up on this king, then you should have prepared for the consequences.”

He stood up, and a white light flashed on his palm. Killing intent filled the air.

The hell. Telling the truth didn’t help. Was there a need to have such an explosive temper? Zhu Yao leapt a step back, and prepared to take him head on.

However, the man suddenly choked and puke out a mouthful of blood. In an instant, he once again fell unconscious with a thud.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Zhu Yao lowered her head and carefully inspected the formation on the ground. The more she looked at it, the more complex it felt. There actually wasn’t a single diagram on the ground that she could understand.

She could only make rough guesses. The diagram contained several different formations, and she could only recognize a type of teleportation formation among them. Furthermore, it was a one-way transfer, and the distance it could cover was not more than fifty kilometers. Zhu Yao instantly made a guess that it was used to teleport to the demonic beasts’ continent, so that it would be convenient for him to return.

And she was pondering how she should deal with this Gary Stu too. Great, she could now directly throw him back.

As for the others, she couldn’t understand a single one. Though the arrangement of this formation looked a little like…

Wait a minute!

Why did it look so much like the Offering Seal Art? It was the sealing art her teacher taught her back then, and it was also the first type of seal laid out in the Devil Sealing Grounds. But what was with this diagram then? Wasn’t the Offering Seal Art supposed to be written in runic symbols? This was…

Chotto matte!

If the lines on this diagram was a little straighter, and the curves were a little smoother…

The hell. Earlier, she had thought that these were pictures, but after a closer look now, they were clearly runic symbols.


I really want to know which handicapped person came up with this seal? The words are so ugly, does your master know about it? If I say these were written with a dog’s paw, I will be degrading dogs, you know?

After she understood what this formation was, Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She tried her best to decode those twisted, crippled handwriting, and the more she looked at them, the more shocked she became. After she had completely looked through the entire formation, she simply could not believe her own eyes.

This Seal Offering Art, was actually in reverse!

Seal Offering was a formation used to seal Devils, so she naturally thought that this was designed to combat the demonic beasts on the other side. However, from the way this seal was arranged, the ones being sealed were actually… human practitioners!

The entire cultivation continent was sealed in this formation.

How was that possible?

There was completely no reason to do this. A seal used against Devils was completely ineffective against human practitioners, and even if there was an effect…

Wait a minute!

Could this be used to protect the mortals here instead? Devils were unable to break the Seal Offering Art, no matter if it was inside or outside.


A crackling noise sounded. The damaged area of the barrier was growing larger.

There was no time left. No matter if this seal was reverse or not, it had to be fixed. With the experience of almost screwing it up back then, Zhu Yao did not dare to enter it directly. She simply cast an art from afar, and activated the seal.

In an instant, the circular formation once again shone with an piercing white light.

Zhu Yao cautiously inserted a strand of spiritual energy, but it was unexpectedly deflected back, and was instead pouring even more spiritual energy into her body.

This was…

She had never seen a seal that wouldn’t consume spiritual energy, and would instead gift its own spiritual energy.

Was it because the seal was reverse, and thus the flow of spiritual energy was reverse as well? Not only would it not consume, but instead it would supplement her spiritual energy?

Zhu Yao closed in to inspect it. As expected, she could sense a rich amount of spiritual energy in the seal. Wasn’t this too convenient? This formation core was clearly the absolute best cultivation grounds. However, with such a dense amount of spiritual energy, normal people was simply unable to absorb them. There might even be a possibility that they would die from their bodies exploding.

“Wu…” A groan sounded from the stiff corpse on the ground. It seemed he was going to wake up soon. Zhu Yao raised her hand, and with a bang, she gave him another punch. The dead corpse once again fell unconscious.

It was time to deal with this guy.

Zhu Yao instantly activated the teleportation formation within, cast a wind-based art to raise this Gary Stu, and sent him into the formation.

Just as the man was about to be slowly enveloped by the formation light.

Suddenly, a scream resounded.

“Ah! Senior-martial sister Zhu, what are you doing?” Yi Ling suddenly returned, looking at her with a shocked face. She did not bring a single person with her.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Hurry and release that Daoist!” She charged forward like a cannonball, and Zhu Yao wondered it was intentional or not, but at the same time Yi Ling reached out her hand to pull the man, she bumped Zhu Yao into the formation as well.

In an instant, white light greatly shone, enveloping the three people within.

The hell, this brat was definitely her nemesis!

At the next moment, spiritual energy so dense that it was hard to breathe in, enveloped the two of them.

Because of the two people’s sudden intrusion, the spiritual energy began to stir violently and greeted their bodies with sharp-like blades. A mere moment later, her body was already filled with slits of blood.

“Ah!” Yi Ling let out a real scream this time.

Zhu Yao was better off, as her cultivation level was higher than Yi Ling’s. Her master had especially inscribed a formation onto her clothes, and other the faint piercing pain she was feeling on her skin, she did not receive any injuries.

“Ah! Master… save me…” Yi Ling began to call for help, but she couldn’t walk out no matter what. Furthermore, the surrounding spiritual energy turbulence grew even stronger. This time, there weren’t just scars on her body, spiritual energy directly charged into her Dantian, causing her to puke blood.

Zhu Yao sat in the lotus position. As she guided spiritual energy into her body to relieve the spiritual energy pressure, she continued to restore the seal.

“Master… Master…” Yi Ling’s tears began to flow, and the amount of blood she puked out grew.

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao threw out a wind blade, which slapped her straight in the face. “If you don’t want to die, sit down and guide the spiritual energy into your body.”

Yi Ling was startled, and she finally stopped that ghostly wail of hers, though there was still fear carried in her eyes. After a moment, she hesitantly sat down, and began to absorb the spiritual energy as told.

The spiritual energy into formation then slowly began to stabilize, pouring into the two’s bodies. Truthfully speaking, they were pouring into Yi Ling’s body. Though there was a huge amount of spiritual energy within, most of them were spiritual energy of the five elements, while lightning spiritual energy was pitifully scarce. Zhu Yao sat for a short while, and had only managed to guide in a tiny bit of spiritual energy. Though, a part of the seal was not restored.

A moment later, Yi Ling encountered a bottleneck, and her head was covered in beads of sweat. Her face was a little pale, as though she was enduring immense pain. The spiritual energy in the surroundings once again began to destabilize, and there were traces of them at the verge of exploding forth.

Zhu Yao was a little anxious. If this continued, before she could completely restore the seal, the two of them would die from the spiritual energy turbulence. However, before the seal is completely restored and the phenomenon stops, it was impossible to pause it from within.

What should she do?

Turning her head, she looked towards the stiff corpse at the side. Right now, the only way out was to wake him up and have him help out. However, was it really alright to have him meet Mary Sue? This was clearly treading on the main plot route. However, if this continued, both of them would die and the seal would be destroyed. The ending would be the same if Devils were to enter the moment the barrier was down.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Momma’s egg, there’s no other choice. Casting a water-based mystic art on the still corpse on the ground, she directly drenched the man with chilling, cold water. Hopefully, the scenario doesn’t betray me. Among the Mary Sue’s harem members, the male lead was the only one whose intelligence did not degrade.

“You are!?” The blue figure on the ground, like a gust of wind, swooped towards Mary Sue. With a pained and anxious expression, he looked at Mary Sue who was drenched in sweat. “Young lady, what happened?”


Haah! She just knew she shouldn’t expect anything like ‘intelligence’ when it came to Mary Sue and her companions.

“What did you do to her?” The man suddenly turned his head to glare at Zhu Yao.

Are you blind?

“Can’t you see she’s guiding spiritual energy into her body?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “There’s too much spiritual energy, and she can’t make a breakthrough either, so she’s in that state.”

“Spiritual energy?” The man was startled. Understanding the situation in an instant, he immediately sat down at the side.

In a mere moment, the turbulence of spiritual energy once again calmed down. All of the spiritual energy was pouring towards the man, and the formation became even more complete.

Zhu Yao retracted her own spiritual energy, and then heaved a sigh of relief. Raising her head, she looked at the sky. As expected, the cracks in the barrier were disappearing bit by bit.

Finally, the formation light dimmed down as well. The seal was complete.

However, a red light shone all of a sudden.

Zhu Yao’s heart sank.

The scenery in front of her eyes changed, and they were instantly sent to a spacious hall.

“Now it’s time to settle our debt!” The man slowly stood up, and glared at Zhu Yao furiously.

When did she owe him anything? “I don’t think I have done anything to you?”

“You interrupted me casting my art, causing me to suffer a backlash from the seal, then you struck me unconscious twice. You call that nothing?”

“Please! The one who interrupted you wasn’t me!”

“You still dare to deny it!” The man coldly snorted. “Today, I shall allow you to witness the consequences for offending me – Lin Qi.”

When his words fell, his expression turned cold. In an instant, a mighty pressure came enveloping towards her. Zhu Yao was simply unable to react in time, and was directly pressed onto the ground. Even cracks were appearing on Azoth Core, and immense pain instantly filled her entire body.

This was the pressure of a Demigod.

With a twist of his hand, a white lightning bolt appeared on his palm. With a forceful aura and sharp killing intent, he came walking towards her a step at a time.

The hell, this guy must be crazy.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao shouted loudly.


A gigantic mythical beast appeared in the air, and that crushing pressure then quickly disappeared as she heavily gasped for air.

“A tenth rank demonic beast!” Lin Qi was startled for a moment, and then, he suddenly laughed in an impudent manner. “Hahaha… Using a demonic beast against me? Such utter stupidity!” He turned around and looked at Sesame. A red glow flashed in his black pupils, and suddenly, he loudly said. “Citizen of mine, you dare to act so presumptuously!?”

When these words fell, it was as though a certain energy was released.

Sesame’s body suddenly trembled, and with a groan, he suddenly turned into his human form and crept on the ground. His entire body constantly trembled.

“Sesame?” What happened?

Lin Qi coldly snorted, as he pointed at Zhu Yao and said. “Kill her!”

Sesame stood up for real, and then started walking towards Zhu Yao.

“Sesame, have you gone crazy!?”

Sesame’s face was filled with uncertainty, however, he still continued to walk over a step at a time, muttering out. “Mis… Mistress, I’m sorry. It’s… It’s the Highlord’s order.”

“Highlord?” Zhu Yao was startled, and then looked towards Lin Qi. “You’re a God!?”

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