[Disciple] Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: Saving the World in Another Way

Lin Qi’s face was already swollen to the point where his nose and eyes could no longer be properly distinguished. Mn. It was definite that his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him now. Only after Zhu Yao’s hands had begun to numb and no longer had any strength left to throw her fists, did she finally stop while panting hard.

“Wuuwuu…” Lin Qi raised his piggy face and when he groaned, he received a glare from her. In an instant, his entire body released a white glow. It seemed like he had expended too much energy and wanted to revert back to his original form. As expected, not even a moment later, a puff sounded. That blue-robed figure disappeared, and in front of her, there was now a…

Chow Chow!¹

Zhu Yao: “…”

What happened to the promised qilin?

“Aren’t you a qilin of the God Race?” What’s with this look of his?

。“Ey em! (I am!)” Chow Chow shrank its body.

“You think I’m blind!?” I didn’t go to school, don’t lie to me. “You think I haven’t seen an actual qilin? How can it possibly look like… a dog like you? Where are your scales? Your horns? Your hooves?” Although she was rather fierce with her punches earlier, it couldn’t possibly mutate him, right!?

“Ey…Ey really am!” The Chow Chow pitifully sniffled. “Ey am the final beast with the Qilin bloodline. Mei haze (My race) had passed the bloodline down through so many generations, so it’s natural to have some changes in our appearances.”

“…” This change is a little too much, right? You have basically mutated into another species, hey! “You’re saying… You only carry the bloodline of a qilin?” The heirs of the God Race were never interested in other species before. Back then, when she opened the World Crossing Heavenly Door, she sent the Gods to different small worlds. Could it be that because it could not find someone of its own race, it got married with someone from a different species and then…

Uh… Why did she feel that it was a little scary?

“So you’re not a true God?”

“Ey em! (I am!)” The Chow Chow desperately nodded.

“Your ass!” As someone who was once a true God, she simply did not want to be a relative to a Chow Chow, alright? “I’m warning you, in the future, if you dare to address yourself as God, I will pull out your skin!”

“…” Chow Chow Lin Qi shook. Suddenly, within his doggy eyes that were swollen like buns, tears swelled. As he sniffled, as though he had found something to vent on, he began to bawl out loud.

“Wuaaah… How can bully a God-beast like this? You’re so inhumane! I don’t want to live on anymore…”

“Shut up!” The hell, what happened to your noble and cold demeanour? Do you have to cry this shamelessly?

“Wuaah… I simply wanted to hook up with a girl, yet you beat me up to this state. How are you expecting me to flirt now? I might as well die?”

Hook up with a girl? Yi Ling?

“Earlier, you wanted to kill me!”

“I just wanted to give a performance in front of the girl, would it kill you to just let me hit you a little!?”

“It would!” Zhu Yao coldly replied. “Earlier, you clearly wanted to kill me, right.”

“Who says so!” Lin Qi was crying even sadder than before. “Earlier, I just wanted to frighten you a little. If I really wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t have controlled your demonic beast in the beginning while I simply stood at the side and watched the show.”

He’s sounding a little logical. “But you injured Yue Ying.”

“That’s because that person suddenly appeared, and I wasn’t able to withdraw…” Lin Qi argued.” I can’t be blamed for that.”

“Then why did you say that you won’t allow me to leave this place alive?”

Lin Qi lowered his head, and was suddenly fidgeting a little. “I… I just wanted to act a little domineering. All girls like that type. There’s a possibility that after she wakes up from her trance and see that scene, she might think of giving her heart to me, you know?” After saying that, he even meaningfully glanced at Yi Ling who was still in a trance state, and sighed. “You don’t understand the sorrows of a single beast at all.”

“…” I don’t want to understand, alright? If you just want to flirt with Yi Ling, why did you drag me along too?

“Now that the truth is clear, can you return me my Life Origin Fire?” His face was filled with a pitiful look. “The Life Origin Fire is the source of a God-beast. Without it, I’m just a regular demonic beast.”

Zhu Yao was startled. If it was truly as he said, then she seemed to have really misunderstood him, but…



“Everyone must take responsibility for his or her own actions.” Zhu Yao coldly said. “I don’t care if what you said is true or false. Sesame and Yue Ying, they are both my closest people, and it’s true that they are injured because of you. You can’t simply say you didn’t intend for it to happen and everything will be resolved. Even if you didn’t have any evil intentions in the beginning, it’s true that you attacked me. I’m not your mother, and I don’t have the obligation to look over your mistakes. A mistake is a mistake. As long as the end result is a mistake, no matter how you good of a standpoint you started out from, you can’t change the fact that it’s a mistake. If you had the guts to do it, then you should have the courage to shoulder the consequences.”

“…” Lin Qi lowered his head, his face was filled with despair.

“Finally, I will give you an advice. Yi Ling is not suited for you, she already has someone she loves.” And it’s not just one.

Lin Qi shook, and he suddenly widened his eyes. His face was filled with disbelief.

“Enough, hurry up and remove your control on Sesame.” Zhu Yao did not have the time to manage his feelings.

Lin Qi carried a heart-broken expression. “I can’t remove it.”

“What?” Zhu Yao instantly picked him up from the fur on his neck.

“Rea… Really…” Lin Qi trembled. “I’m… I’m not a pure-breed God, so I can only control, and do not have the powers to remove it. Furthermore… Furthermore, I have already lost my Life Origin Fire, so I have already lost my right as a God.”

Zhu Yao was startled. As he said, the word ‘bug’ on his face had disappeared. He was no longer the Beast King? Then… The crisis of world destruction has been resolved?

That’s too easy and random, right? She was just venting off steam.

“Then, how can the control on Sesame be removed?”

“Unless… Unless there’s a bloodline suppression by someone who has a higher purity of a God’s bloodline than me, or suppression by someone who is of a similar level.”

Suppression? The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She had one!

But, for safety’s sake…

“You… What are you trying to do?” Lin Qi shrank from her stares.

Zhu Yao recited an incantation, and with a wave of her hand, she sealed the Chow Chow in ice.

After looking around and confirming that there wasn’t anyone else, she heaved a huge sigh of relief. Haah, it seemed like she had no choice but to activate that vile World Favourable Impression Achievement.

Summoning a water mirror, she tapped on the button above her head.

Then, Zhu Yao walked towards Sesame who was sealed in ice, and snapped her fingers.

Seemingly in an instant, that thick block of ice completely turned into water.

“Mis… tress…” In an instant, the person the ice was stunned for a moment, and then, its eyes began to shine. With wide steps, it pounced towards her.

And then, with a flash of white light, her right thigh sank, and a figure came clinging onto her. “Mistress, I feel that you’re so tragically beautiful.”

Before she could even react.

A tender and frail voice stole her opportunity to reply. “I feel the same way!” Her left thigh sank at the same time.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat.

Lowering her head, she saw a tender pink figure was tightly hugging onto her left thigh like Sesame. Using a tone filled with overflowing tenderness, she affectionately said. “I have never seen such a woman with otherworldly beauty like you.”



Zhu Yao felt as though lightning had struck her.

Ho… Hoho… Hohoho…

She must be dreaming! Definitely!

  1. Chow Chow: A dog breed that originates from China. Google it~

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    How’s that! Eat your own medicine, Mary Sue!

    So this Mary Sue is demonic beast? Or nature spirit? Because if I remember correctly, Sis-Yao brand of bug is loved by nature, right?

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