[Disciple] Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: Fried an Egg

Yu Yan frowned, reaching out his hand to pull onto his disciple, he habitually said in a cold voice. “Follow your master closely.”

With her master here, Zhu Yao obediently became his little tail and followed him closely behind. The further they went, the hotter the air became, and the passage grew steeper. Further on, she had to almost use her hands and legs to climb upwards, and in her surroundings, there were growing amount of molten lava flowing down the walls. Zhu Yao faintly sensed that there was something up front, but even after walking for half a day, they had still yet to reach the end.

Suddenly, bubbling sounds could be faintly heard from the front. They sounded like water.

Zhu Yao was startled. “What’s that?”

Yu Yan shook his head. “I do not know as well. There seems to be a special formation in-place, preventing my divine sense from expanding out. Follow me closely and there won’t be any problems.”

“Then why must we walk on this path?” Climbing is very exhausting, you know?

Yu Yan paused his steps, and seemed to have only just realized this problem. A moment later, he said with a stern look. “Yu Yao, trust your master.”

“…” Alright, you’re the master after all! As your disciple, I should believe…

My ass!

With a darkened expression, Zhu Yao looked towards the fiery red stream that was tumbling towards them.

“Master, that ferocious stream flowing towards us is lava, right?”


“What do we do now?”

Yu Yan did not reply, instead, he simply picked up his disciple, turned around and quickly flew off in the direction they came from. Following closely behind was a sea of lava that was tumbling towards them. It was no wonder the passage they took was covered in condensed lava. This place was not a passageway but a canal, a canal especially used to channel lava.

Yet they were climbing straight towards the source earlier.

What happened to the promise that everything would be fine if she followed her master? What happened to the promised trust? Can there at least be the most basic level of trust between master and disciple?

Zhu Yao’s heart was in tears.

So not only was her master face-blind, he had no sense of direction as well.

Yu Yan flew extremely quickly. Even in this narrow space, he merely took a blink of an eye to throw off the lava behind. Not even a moment later, he arrived at the exit, and immediately flew out. What came blowing against them was a searing heat that was even hotter than earlier.

Fiery red magma filled their visions, brightening up the entire space with a glaring red. Like the bottom of a volcano, the magma tumbled about and constantly released bubbles, making popping sounds. However, above their heads was also a thick stone ceiling.

The crater looked like it was intentionally dug out. Its area was the size of ten football fields, yet it was completely filled with magma. Furthermore, it was not known how deep it was either.

“What is that?” Yu Yan suddenly spoke up.

Zhu Yao followed his line of sight, and spotted at the very center of the magma sea was a flat platform, and placed above was something with a roundish shape that was glowing in white. After taking a careful look, she realized it was actually an egg. An incredibly huge egg. At the very least, it had the size of a dozen or so people.

Just as Yu Yan was about to bring them closer to investigate it, his figure suddenly shook, and he stopped ten meters away from it. “A formation is established in the surroundings.”

In other words, they couldn’t go in. Zhu Yao carefully inspected that egg, and the more she looked at it, the more familiar it looked.

“It seems the various anomalies on our way here, is because of this egg.” Yu Yan said with a sunken voice. “I wonder what it is.”

“I might know it.” Zhu Yao weakly raised her hand. Births from an egg. Requires the magma of a volcano to act as an incubator. Furthermore, there’s so many formations placed down here. All these coincidences pointed to a single answer. “This is a dragon egg.” Though it was larger than usual, being a head taller than the usual ones. Could it be that it received especially great nourishments?

Yu Yan was startled as well, but he still accepted her theory. If it was a God, then that sword and that strange formation could be explained.

“It seems like this dragon is about to hatch.” Yu Yan said with a sunken voice. “Hence the various phenomenon occurring in the ruins.”

“Hatching!?” Zhu Yao was stunned, and she suddenly recalled that Devil. Gods and Devils had always been enemies. Lin Qi had lost his Life Origin Fire and could no longer be considered as a God. So, there was a need for another God to balance everything out?

Wait a minute. The Dragon Race have always had difficulties giving birth, and hatching from their eggs was even harder. This dragon egg seemed to have been here for a very long time, and Gods always carried bloodline suppression which demonic beasts were irresistible against. However, this dragon egg had instead appeared in the human practitioners’ territory, and by adding that barrier into the equation, could she take it as that barrier existed to defend against Devils and protect this dragon egg since the very beginning?

Now that the barrier had disappeared, it must be the Devil’s doings as well. Then, the first thing the Devil would do after breaking the barrier would be…

Zhu Yao instantly took in a cold breath.

“Master, this place…” is very dangerous! Before she could even finish, Yu Yan’s expression turned cold as he pulled her towards his back.

“Someone’s coming!”

Just as he said that, a fierce wind blew and the fiery red space twisted. As though it was suddenly sliced open at the center, a black-coloured hole appeared. A huge mass of devilish energy flowed out from within it, and not even a moment later, the figures of two men appeared in the air.

One of them looked familiar, but that sinister and cold aura of his clearly revealed that his was Devil. The other person was actually Lin Qi.

“Oh, I never expected that human practitioners would actually be able to make their way here.” That Devil coldly looked towards them. After clearly distinguishing Zhu Yao at the back, he seemed to have shook for a moment. Then, he began to smile dangerously. “Oh, it’s actually you! The person who stole my God Artifact.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. This person was actually the Devil who controlled the beast wave back then.

“You… Why are you here?” Lin Qi evidently recognized Zhu Yao as well, and he took a step back out of fear.

“I should be asking you that.” Zhu Yao turned to look at the two of them. “As the descendent of a God, why are you colluding with a Devil?”

Lin Qi’s expression paled, and then his face turned red from anger. “That isn’t of your concern. Back then if not for you, would I be in such a miserable state? I will take my revenge no matter what.”

“What’s the rush? I have some debts to settle with this person as well.” That Devil coldly laughed, as he looked towards Zhu Yao and said. “Today, it won’t be as easy as last time…”


A heavenly lightning bolt immediately struck towards him.

“If you want to fight, then do it! So much useless chatter!” Why were all antagonists so talkative?

“You’re courting death!” The Devil’s expression sank. In a flash, his figure was heading in Zhu Yao’s direction, throwing an attack towards her.

Yu Yan sidestepped and quickly took a step forward to shield Zhu Yao. A sword aura carrying a lightning glow immediately scattered the other party’s attack.

The Devil was stunned for a moment, as though he did not expect that someone could block his attack. His face turned darker and sank even more, and the devilish aura from his body expanded in all directions. Turning his head around, he waved towards Lin Qi. “Take it!”

Lin Qi hurriedly headed in the direction of the dragon egg.

“Lin Qi.” Zhu Yao instantly sent a lightning bolt towards him. “That’s a dragon egg, are you sure you want to hand a God over to a Devil!?”

“Dragon!?” Lin Qi was stunned, as he suddenly turned to stare at the Devil. “It’s a dragon egg? You lied to me.”

“Even if you found out, it’s already too late.” He suddenly threw a palm towards Lin Qi, and a large amount of devilish energy instantly enveloped his entire being. The light in Lin Qi’s eyes gradually disappeared, and a moment later, they turned crimson red. “Take the egg.”

After saying that, his body flashed, and he attacked Yu Yan with all his might.

“Be careful.” Yu Yao turned to instruct Zhu Yao before taking the hit head on. In an instant, black and white rays of light intertwined and collided with each other.

Lin Qi on the other hand was like a wooden doll as he flew towards the dragon egg.

Zhu Yao summoned her fan weapon and flew forward to block him. With a wave of her hand, she summoned lightning rays numbered in the high hundreds and attacked him. However, lightning rays simply passed through him, unable to land a direct hit on Lin Qi at all. His entire body turned into black mist and directly flew passed Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Lin Qi did not have a physical body, meaning that he was being controlled by the devilish energy.

That black mist reached the ten-meter mark away from the dragon egg, and was suddenly deflected by a ray of white light. It was the barrier they encountered earlier.

Zhu Yao rushed over, once again summoning lightning bolts and throwing them at him. Though they had scattered the surrounding devilish energy, they gathered and took shape again a few moments later. Furthermore, he began to wildly attack the barrier.

If this kept up, the barrier would be broken through sooner or later.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth and immediately circulated her spiritual energy to activate a sealing art. In an instant, countless ancient runic symbols floated around her body. She seemed to have instantly felt the spiritual rebound from forcefully activating a God’s sealing art with spiritual energy, as her organs and even her divine sense were beginning to experience the pain of being ripped apart.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan sensed the anomaly on her side and wanted to rush over. However, he was being entangled by the Devil and was simply unable to make his way there. “Stop quickly.”

The dragon egg’s barrier was already beginning to collapse, and Lin Qi who had succumbed to the Devil was about to break in. Zhu Yao immediately activated the seal. Golden mystic runes instantly enveloped Lin Qi, and the runes began to spiral at high speeds. Large amount of black devilish energy instantly flowed out from his body, disappearing into the golden seal.

Lin Qi then immediately fell over, and landed on one of the stone platforms.

“To actually wield the ancient sealing arts!” The expression of the Devil sank, and the killing intent in his eyes rose even further. “Then I can’t let you live.” After saying that, his attacks against Yu Yan grew even wilder.

Zhu Yao puked out a mouthful of blood as she mustered her strength to land on the dragon egg’s platform. Raising her head to look towards the air, the figures of her master and the Devil had already turned blurry, and only two streaks of light could be seen. The entire space was booming with loud thunder and dancing devilish energy. The surrounding magma was also affected by the countless arts as fiery sparks filled the space.

Her master’s real body was not present here, just half of his divine sense was currently in this space, while his opponent was a true Devil. If this kept up, they would definitely suffer defeat.

What should she do?

Having an extra support at this time would be good as well!


Zhu Yao turned to face the dragon egg next to her. She suddenly recalled something Shao Bai had mentioned before. To hatch a dragon, it merely had to absorb enough heat energy.

If it’s heat energy…

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled that feather that was in her possession. The flames of a phoenix were definitely of a higher plane of power compared to magma. If she were to use that God Artifact, adding the Life Origin Fire she obtained from Lin Qi, this dragon might be able to hatch early.

Not hesitating any longer, she immediately pulled out the Ruling Plume, circulated her spiritual energy, and instantly turned it into a blazing sword. Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and slowly transferred her sword intent into the sword. A moment later, the fire turned purple in colour.

With a wave of her hand, the egg’s surroundings were filled with long-lasting purple flames.

While Zhu Yao controlled the flames, she paid attention to the egg at the center. Though this theory sounded correct, the flames best not be too fierce and end up frying the little guy within. She had completely no interest in fried egg whatsoever!

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