[Disciple] Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Single Dragon Can’t Be Hurt

“Master, how are you feeling? Are you better now?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded. Just as he was about to give his disciple some instructions, a pillar of light sudden descended from the skies, enveloping Yu Yan within it.

Light of Guidance. He had no choice but to leave now.

“Master…” Zhu Yao grabbed onto him. Though she knew that he had to ascend the moment he stepped out, she was still reluctant to see him go, you know?

Yu Yan caressed her cheek, and said with a stern expression. “Yu Wang, you must be extremely cautious from this moment on.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao heavily nodded, and her heart felt a little sour.

“Hurry and return to Lightning Divine Palace. Your master shall wait for you.” Yu Yan carefully stroked the hair by her neck side, and his voice was a little heavy, as though he was still worried about her. Closing in on her, he spoke next to her ear. “Don’t let your master wait for too long.”

Just as she was about to nod, Yu Yan lowered his head and sealed her lips with his own. Zhu Yao was stunned, and all the senses in her body were focused on that interlocked kiss. With an expression carrying hints of surprise and happiness, she widened her eyes, and her mind instantly went blank.

Yu Yan’s body grew fainter, and in the end, he disappeared within the Light of Guidance.

He was brought to the Higher Realm.

Zhu Yao stood on the ground, staying in the posture she had earlier. Even in her dreams, she would have never expected that her master would do something that intimate in broad daylight and in such an open space. He really was bold. But… I like it.

“Ahem…” Ao Jiang who had witnessed the entire scene coughed, reminding someone to regain her senses. Then, he probed. “Umm… Little miss, are you two really master and disciple?”

Zhu Yao turned to glare at that gossiping dragon, and coldly said. “You single dragon, like you can understand anything!”

“…” He received 1000+ damage. So what if you have a partner?

Ao Jiang rubbed his nose and recovered. He sized up the unhappy Zhu Yao, and a strange feeling suddenly rose in the depths of his heart. “Little miss, have we met before in the past?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “So dragons are all so old-fashioned in the way they try to strike up conversations as well? Love between different species will never result in happiness!”

“Uh…” A woman whose love was far away could no longer be hurt by anything. “I didn’t mean it that way. I’m saying… Uh, I want to ask how did your master know sealing arts?” A seal like that originated from the ancient God race, and even he only had meagre knowledge of it. However, the two of them were clearly mortals. “And I feel that… you two look a little familiar.” Putting aside the ascended human who looked exactly the same as the Far Ancient Highgod, this little miss was beginning to look really familiar as well.

Zhu Yao glanced at him. Was she allowed to say that she had learnt them from the actual Far Ancient Highgod?

“Actually…” Just as Zhu Yao was about to make up a fresh, extraordinary and astonishing story that people would wish to continue hearing more of, the ground underneath them began to shake. The seal on the ground surface was beginning to crack, and something seemed to be breaking out from the ground.

Ao Jiang’s face sank as he immediately cast an art to insert godly energy in order to stop the seal from being broken. However, everything he did was futile. That seal began to shine with a white light from the center, and the light slowly split into two. Then, a black pillar of light instantly charged out.

“Hahaha…” The Devil’s arrogant laughter instantly resounded in the surroundings, and within it carried a hint of sinister, chilling intent.

“How is this possible!?” Ao Jiang suddenly widened his eyes, as he looked at Yan Chi who was laughing maniacally. “With the power of a single Devil, how is it possible for the seal to be broken through?”

“Ao Jiang, is this the Heavenly Dao you’re so ascertained of?” Yan Chi looked at him with a scornful glance. “You really think that after so many years, I have not understood the things you’re aware of? Who says that destiny cannot be changed?”

“What are you getting at?” Ao Jiang was startled, and Zhu Yao’s heart could not help but clench as well. She faintly sensed that he was about to say something grave.

Yan Chi laughed even more arrogantly. “The Heavenly Dao has destined the Devils to be exterminated? In the end, it’s just that your God Race has more luck than our Devil Race. As long as I possess luck, then destiny will be in my hands.”

Ao Jiang coldly snorted. “How can luck of the Heavenly Dao possibly lean in your Devil race’s favour?”

“You can’t say that for certain.” The Devil laughed. With a wave of his hands, a black illusory figure then appeared next to him. “I don’t possess it, but I can steal it!”

That black figure slowly turned clearer, and a moment later, the facial appearance of a girl was revealed.

“Yi Ling!” Zhu Yao widened her eyes. That black illusory figure was actually Mary Sue! Her entire body was being surrounded by black mist, and she looked like she was in pain. Why was she here? And she was even captured by the Devil.

“Ao Jiang, after so many years, do you really think that by hiding in that egg shell to recover your strength, I was unable to do anything?” Yan Chi coldly laughed, revealing a complacent look as though he got away with his scheme. “I have been searching for the method to rip apart the Devil Race’s destiny, and I finally found this favoured child of the Heavenly Dao. As long as I merge with her soul, then the Heavenly Dao shall belong to my ancient Devil Race.”

Merge! He wanted to take over Yi Ling’s soul!

“Let go of her!” Lin Qi woke up all of a sudden, and he looked at Yan Chi with a tensed look. “You promised me that as long as I help you break through the barrier, you will no longer try to take over my soul, and also let go of Ling’er.”

“Let her go?” Yan Chi coldly laughed. “I have searched for so many years, and I finally found someone who carries incredible luck. How can I possibly let her go!?”

Lin Qi’s face was grey from defeat.

“The human who knows the sealing arts has already ascended to the Higher Realm, so let me see what you are going to use to beat me?” Yan Chi waved his hand, and Yi Ling’s illusory figure was instantly stored back into his body. Then, he attacked Ao Jiang.

Zhu Yao felt something flashed past her mind, as though she caught a hint of something, however, she was drowned in even more doubts. Incredible luck? Was he talking about Yi Ling’s Mary Sue cheat?

Looking at this situation, Yan Chi must have caught Lin Qi in the beginning, and used him to destroy the barrier separating human practitioners and demonic beasts. Then, he caught Yi Ling, threatened Lin Qi to use his bloodline affinity to sense Ao Jiang’s position and bring him there. Most probably, Lin Qi must not have known that a God was in the egg.

The purpose of capturing Yi Ling was because of the incredible luck she possessed. The use of this luck was comparable to being the Heavenly Dao.

Zhu Yao did not know how long it had been in the Lower Realm since she opened the World Crossing Heavenly Door. However, hearing from their conversation, it must have been a very long time. Within this time frame, they had been constantly fighting with each other, and during their battles, the two of them seemed to have comprehended a hint of the Heavenly Dao. Evidently, the Heavenly Dao was not on the Devil Race’s side.

That was why the Devil was trying to find ways to escape this destiny.

And Yi Ling had the destiny he was searching for, and was what we called incredible luck.

She carefully recalled the scenario, and realized that Yi Ling’s luck was indeed explosively good. In her life, other than Lin Qi who appeared at the end, it had always been smooth sailing. She never encountered any real danger, and even if she did fall into a crisis, not only would she resolve them, she would even receive a bunch of harem members who were completely infatuated with her.

In other words, Yi Ling’s bug was not caused by Lin Qi, but the incredible luck she possessed?

Zhu Yao suddenly widened her eyes, as she finally understood the reason why the ‘bug’ word on her face did not disappear this entire time. Her bug was not related to anyone else as she had thought.


If this luck of hers was truly so incredible…

Why would Lin Qi suddenly get back his senses at the end of the scenario, and not only did he kill off all of Yi Ling’s harem members, he even did not let go of Yi Ling herself? This was simply too illogical. Could it be that Lin Qi’s luck was larger than Yi Ling’s?

No, that’s not right. If that’s the case, Yi Ling would had been completely infatuated with him.


Zhu Yao shook for a moment, as a daring thought suddenly popped out in her mind. She raised her head to look at Lin Qi, then she turned to face that Devil. Unless… Lin Qi at the end of the scenario was not the real Lin Qi.

Earlier, Lin Qi said that Devil actually wanted to take over his soul. In the beginning, she had thought that the Devil’s scheme was to merely have Lin Qi open the barrier. And because Lin Qi was given a bashing by her and had his strength greatly weakened, he was basically unable to retaliate against the Devil. So, before even waiting for the other party to take over his soul, he immediately agreed to his demands.

But if they had progressed in the original scenario, Lin Qi who possessed the bloodline of Gods would definitely retaliate, and the Devil would definitely forcefully take over his soul, becoming Lin Qi.

In other words, in the scenario, the one who came to love Lin Qi was actually that Devil. So, at the end, when he found out about Yi Ling’s betrayal, he became that furious and even took revenge on society, destroying the world and whatnot. These were basically not something done under anger, but rather due to the instincts of an ancient Devil. Yi Ling’s betrayal had merely awakened his instincts.

The more Zhu Yao thought about it, the more she felt that the Lin Qi in the scenario she saw was Yan Chi, especially at the end when Lin Qi brought a horde of demonic beasts to attack. She once personally saw Yan Chi use the Ruling Plume to control demonic beasts, and when Lin Qi was using his bloodline to suppress Sesame, Sesame clearly still had his own will and did not completely comply to his wishes.

This proved that Lin Qi was basically unable to control a crowd of demonic beasts.

But… Why did the present Devil not carry even the least bit of goodwill for Yi Ling? Rather, he wanted to directly take over her soul and steal her incredible luck. Was it because he did not take over Lin Qi’s soul? So he was not affected by Yi Ling’s luck?

That’s not right. If Yi Ling’s luck was ineffective on the Devil’s main body, then why would he spend so much effort to find someone who carried incredible luck?

Unless… the effects of her luck had been weakened.

Zhu Yao took in a cold breath, and suddenly recalled that… ever since Yi Ling was affected by her World Favourable Impression Achievement, her Mary Sue trait seemed to have weakened. Other that the men who had already been infatuated with her in the beginning, there had not been any other incidents where men would direct their love for her at first sight.

Could it be that she had weakened Yi Ling’s luck?

In other words… the luck she possessed, was larger than Yi Ling’s.


Why did she feel that this was a little dangerous?

Zhu Yao seemed to have cleared up all these messy details, but the main point now was… how was she going to deal with it!? Haah!

Her master had already ascended, and she was presently half-crippled. Most probably, that Devil might have acted as though he was sealed right from the beginning, in order to let her master, who knew the sealing arts, leave.

However, he most probably did not know that she knew sealing arts as well. Earlier, she had used it once when she sealed the devilish energy within Lin Qi’s body, but because she was within the dragon egg’s barrier, Yan Chi was unaware of her actions.

This point could be considered as her trump card.

But sealing the devilish energy on Lin Qi’s body alone had used up all of her energy. Even if she charge out now, she would merely hinder Ao Jiang, let alone sealing Yan Chi once again.

Furthermore, the huge bug Yi Ling was in his hands, and he would most probably still be able to escape.

What should she do? Was there any way to end this once and for all?

Once and for all…

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, and then thought of a plan. Calming herself down, she sent a voice transmission to the dragon who was in a frenzy. “Ao Jiang, can you let me take over your body for a moment?”

Ao Jiang paused for a moment, and had almost been struck by the Devil because of it. Barely dodging his attack, he then sent a voice transmission back. “Brat, stop fooling around. Your injuries are not light, go hide further away.”

“I’m not joking.” Zhu Yao said with a sunken voice. “To tell you the truth, I know the sealing arts as well, but I presently do not have the strength to form the seal. This seal can only be activated by godly energy. I merely require access to your divine sense, and temporarily control your body for a short while.”

“Brat, you’re crazy.” Ao Jiang said with a sunken voice. “Putting aside whether your method is workable, first and foremost, I’m a God. If you enter my divine sense, you will definitely die from the backlash. Furthermore, the sealing arts are extremely complicated, and even I don’t have hundred percent confidence in forming one. How are you so certain that you will definitely succeed?”

He made a lot of sense, but…

“What if I say… I’m Little Seventh of the Phoenix Clan?”

The gigantic dragon in the sky evidently stiffened for a moment. Not even a moment later, he suddenly leapt up as though he had taken in stimulants, and his tail wildly swept towards Yun Chi. She could hear the excitement in his voice transmission.

“Little Seventh of the Phoenix Clan! The Little Seventh who opened the World Crossing Heavenly Door, the disciple of the Far Ancient Highgod! ┗|`o′|┛Oooouuu~~ You’re still alive. I’m not dreaming, right?”

“Mn.” Earlier when he mistook her master, Zhu Yao guessed that he might know her as well. She never expected that he was really someone familiar with her.

He roared for a moment before speaking up. “Then why are you now…” Like this.

“No time to explain. So, are you going to help or not?”

“Help! Of course I will help!” Ao Jiang replied excitedly. “But entering my divine sense is too dangerous, why don’t I just lend you my dragon pearl?”

After saying that, he immediately reverted back to his human form. With a twist of his hand, a prison of light suddenly appeared, and four streaks of light flew towards the Devil from different directions, instantly trapping him within.

“Little Seventh!” He shouted out, and Zhu Yao immediately flew out to follow up.

Seeing that Yan Chi was trapped, Lin Qi took the opportunity summon a massive ball of flames and sent it in his direction.

“Idiot, don’t!” Zhu Yao could not stop him in time.

A black ray of light flashed within the ball of flames, and an icicle flew out, instantly piercing Lin Qi’s leg. With a bang, he fell onto the ground, while Yan Chi escaped and was now speeding towards Ao Jiang.

Ao Jiang had already met up with Zhu Yao, but seeing that the Devil was already approaching, he no longer had the time to release his dragon pearl. He had no choice but to grab onto Zhu Yao and lower his head with the intention to directly transfer the dragon pearl. However, because of terrible aim, he ended up kissing her cheek.

Hence, he had to raise his head and try again.

This time, he kissed her eyes.


The kiss landed on her forehead.


Finally had his aim right, he successfully transferred it over.

Zhu Yao who had drools all over her face from the kisses: “…”

Ao Jiang satisfyingly held onto his own lips. Mn. As a single dragon, it should be completely understandable if his techniques were not up to par.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Raising her hand, she sent a slap right to his face and had successfully left a mark. Understandable my ass. If you had the time to kiss here and there, would it have killed you to directly release your dragon pearl!?

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