[Disciple] Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: Bugs Everywhere on the Ground

“Lord, she has only just awakened her spiritual consciousness and doesn’t know the rules, thus she was muddleheaded enough to display such disrespect towards you.” Ning Yun accounted as his tears fell and snot coming out from his nose.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. You’re pushing the blame too quickly, don’t you think? “Speaking of which…”

“Lord, this matter doesn’t concern this little ghost in the slightest!”


“It’s all this newcomer’s idea. Lord, please do not vent your anger on us.”

“He’s my…”

“This little ghost swears to you, she isn’t related to us in the slightest.” Ning Yun raised his hand. “If I’m lying to you… then I’m a little dog!”

“…” Was there a need for this? Anger began to swell within Zhu Yao. She had thought that by bringing Wang Xuzhi over, they would receive a warm welcome. But in the end, they had thought that she was brought somewhere else to confess for a crime, and now she was betrayed just like that.

“In that case, I’m not going to pull you down either.” She was fine on her own after all. Zhu Yao then waved her hands at Wang Xuzhi. “Little wimp, let us go.”

Wang Xuzhi nodded in concert. “Alright.”

Ning Yun was stunned, as though he had only just realized there was something wrong with the two people. With a startled look, he said. “You… You two know each other.”

“Let me grandly introduce him to you.” Zhu Yao patted on Wang Xuzhi’s chest. “He’s my son!”

“Ah! Ah?” He was instantly dumbfounded.

“Big sis Zhu Yao…” Wang Xuzhi frowned. He already said that he wasn’t her son.

Ning Yun’s eyes instantly shone. No matter if he was her little brother or her son, the two of them seemed to have a pretty good relationship. With this level of relationship, then joining a famous sect and cultivating into a deity would be within grasp. “Newcomer missy, is what you said true?”

“No matter if it’s true or false, it doesn’t concern you any longer.” Zhu Yao turned around and left.

“Wait!” Ning Yun then pulled her out of realization, and said with a smile. “It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding.”

“Hoho…” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “You already swore that you’re a little dog if you lied, if I stay here any longer, won’t things be difficult for you?”

“Woof woof woof…” Ning Yun instantly threw away his morals.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Wang Xuzhi: “…”

Crowd of ghost officers: “…”

You’re shameless alright!

Zhu Yao made a compromise, and Ning Yun excitedly welcomed them over, anything more would have been welcoming them with everybody lined up in two rows. His eyes shifted, and he began to inquire about Wang Xuzhi. “I wonder which sect are you from, lord? Mind if…”

“Boss Ning, not good!” A ghost officer came running over like the wind, and he had a shocked look. “River… At the river…”

Ning Yun evidently wasn’t happy with his conversation being interrupted, as he gave Wang Xuzhi a smile before asking. “Why are you so flustered? What happened at the river?”

“Ghost… Ghost King.” Trembling, that ghost officer pointed in the direction of the River of Lethe’s teleportation formation. “A Realmless Ghost King appeared again.”

“What?” Ning Yun was startled. He then looked towards Wang Xuzhi. “Lord…”

Wang Xuzhi frowned, as he looked towards Zhu Yao. “Big sis Zhu Yao, I’m going to take a look.”

After saying that, his figure flashed. Turning into a ray of flowing light, he disappeared towards the sky.

Zhu Yao could not help but whispered. “Why did another Realmless Ghost King appear?” Was it Underworld’s native specialty?

“No…” The ghost officer who came to report said with a pale expression. “That Ghost King seems to be the one from back then.”

 “How’s that possible?” That Realmless Ghost King was clearly already exterminated. Everyone saw it with their own eyes.

“It’s true!” That ghost officer same with certainty. “I did not make a mistake. It’s really the one from yesterday.”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. She faintly felt that something was amiss. She then turned around and ran to the teleportation formation. “I’m going to take a look.”

She hurriedly floated into the teleportation formation. The scenery in front of her eyes changed, and she arrived not far away from the riverbank.

A shrilling ghost cry rang out. She saw a mountain-sized ghost standing not far away. With a muscular figure, its entire body was filled with a sinister ghostly aura, and it was accompanied by an extremely horrendous face. Little wimp was riding on his sword, and it was stopped in mid-air. He was presently casting a water type mystic art, and two water pillars instantly shot out of the River of Forgetfulness, heading straight towards the Ghost King.

But a strange thing occurred. That Ghost King was not the least bit affected, as though it was not afraid of water from the River of Lethe at all. It continued to send attacks in Wang Xuzhi’s direction.

Wang Xuzhi summoned countless spiritual swords, and they descended towards the Ghost King like rain.

It seemed to be effective this time. Seemingly almost none of the spiritual swords missed their target, and they pierced directly into the Ghost King’s spiritual body. Multiple slash scars instantly appeared on its body.

Good work! Zhu Yao gave him a thumbs-up.

However, that Ghost King let out a shrilling cry once again. In an instant, the ghostly aura grew denser, and his body which was pierced through earlier, was actually beginning to restore itself. In less than a minute, those large and small wounds disappeared without a trace.

The Ghost King suddenly opened its mouth, as it wide as it could, to the point only a flat circular surface could be seen. It looked as though half of its brain was sliced off, and what remained was only its mouth. That strange shrilling cry once again resounded.

In an instant, large amount of black ghostly aura spat out from its mouth, and they flew towards Wang Xuzhi.

The little wimp hurriedly flew and dodged. His speed was extremely quick, and in a flash, he had arrived behind the Ghost King. However, the ghostly aura seemed to have eyes of their own, as they directly turned around and chased after Wang Xuzhi. As the ghostly aura chased after him, various horrifying ghost cries could be heard.

While Wang Xuzhi was dodging, he once again circulated the waters of the River of Forgetfulness, wanting to purify the ghostly aura.

However, no matter how the river water rained down on them, the ghostly aura was not affected in the least.

He thus could only switch to other types of mystic arts.

Fire type… No use!

Earth type… No effects!

Wood type… Was swallowed.

Metal type… It regrew after being cut down.

The ghostly aura of this Ghost King seemed to be resistant against all types of mystic arts all of a sudden, as nothing could hurt it in the least.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat from this development. How was this possible? Putting aside the other mystic arts, the water of the River of Forgetfulness was actually unable to scatter the ghostly aura.

Unless… That’s not ghostly aura at all?

Zhu Yao calmed herself down and carefully analysed it. The more she looked at it, the stranger she felt it was. Though the Ghost King looked exactly the same as the one yesterday, the aura it’s emitting from his body was completely different. Yesterday, it was still filled with a violent aura, and she would feel her soul shake just by hearing its roar.

However, she had clearly listened to it several times now, and though its voice was even more terrifying than before, nothing happened to her at all. It was as though its roars were completely ineffective against her.

Just what was that black miasma?

Wang Xuzhi dodged the black miasma with all his might. Though his speed was extremely quick and was not being caught by it, he was simply dodging and not launching any attacks. He fell into a passive stance in an instant. He thus had no choice but to summon his weapon, and charged in the direction of the Ghost King, attempting to end the Ghost King as quick as possible.

Large amount of black miasma instantly gathered together, and it struck towards him in an instant. Wang Xuzhi raised a defensive barrier, and just when he was about to forcefully charge in, Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. She suddenly had a bad premonition.


Just as her voice fell, that black miasma directly ignored the barrier and seeped through it as though it was not being obstructed at all. It pierced directly through Wang Xuzhi’s body.

 “Little wimp!” Zhu Yao was startled. She swung her hand out of reflex, and then, there seemed to be some strange energy being released from her body all of a sudden. At that moment, a loud thunder boomed. A heavenly lightning bolt tore through the skies and descended, striking straight at the black miasma, instantly scattering a large portion of it.


Earlier… She was the one who brought it down?

She clearly had yet to possess a spiritual body, so why was she able to use a mystic art?

“Big sis Zhu Yao?” Wang Xuzhi was dumbfounded as well, as he looked at her with a stunned look. “Why are you?”

I don’t know why I’m suddenly able to use mystic arts either. Just what the ghost blazes is going on? No wait, just what kind of ghost am I?


The Ghost King cried out once again. Just like before, its mouth began to open up as wide as possible and his body was surrounded by black miasma. Looking as though it was about to launch a large attack, it was now in a loading process.

“Little wimp, move away. Allow me!” She couldn’t be bothered about why she was able to use mystic arts anymore, but evidently, her lightning type mystic arts could restrain it. Let’s first deal with the situation at hand for now.

Wang Xuzhi nodded and flew next to Zhu Yao. He had indeed suffered some injuries from earlier.

Zhu Yao hurriedly performed hand seals and cast an art. As expected in the next instant, some sort of energy was being guided out of her body, and it dissolved into her mystic art. She really wanted to know what that black miasma really was. She did not attack immediately, and instead drew arcs made of strips of lightning around her and little wimp, enveloping the two of them at the center.

The Ghost King had finished loading, and once again, spat out large amount of black miasma from its widened mouth. As she watched the lump of darkness approach them, she was able to clearly see that it was no longer a lump of pitch-black darkness, but rather, it was actually shaped. And furthermore, it was shaped into a gigantic word – ‘bug’!

Faints~! Why is it a bug!?

Why in the world is that Ghost King spitting out the word ‘bug’?

It was clearly just a ghost, and its face was very clean as well, so why was it able to spit out bugs from its mouth? You think you’re a monitor or a processor!?

Zhu Yao suddenly had the intentions of asking Realmspirit’s ancestor what in the world was going on with this bug? Was there anyone who knew how to fix this strange bug? Could it be that she had to help the Ghost King fix his bad breath?

The word ‘bug’ was about to fly straight towards her, but it crashed into the lightning formation and was instantly dispersed. As though it had been directly shattered, it broke into countless small-sized… bugs. Zhu Yao glanced at her surroundings with a darkened expression.

What she saw were ‘b’s lying down over here, ‘g’s lying down over there, and then behind them were even more ‘g’s.

The target which she had to fix had shattered all over the ground, just like Realmspirit’s morals.

Zhu Yao felt that there was a need to find him to talk about life.

The Ghost King once again roared out, and the black miasma surrounding it began to grow thicker. Probably due to the ground filled with shattered morals, she suddenly had something to compare to, and was finally able to clearly see what the black miasma next to the Ghost King was.

That’s right, it was a bunch of ‘b’s… ‘u’s… and ‘g’s…

Zhu Yao: “…” Please let me think where I should start retorting from.

“Big sis Zhu Yao?” Wang Xuzhi frowned, looking a little worried. “At this rate, I’m afraid it won’t ever end.”

Zhu Yao looked down and saw the black miasma that she dispersed earlier. A large portion of the letters seemed to have received some sort of summons, as they were being dragged straight towards the Ghost King.

Indeed. She was only able to disperse them, and not able to completely eliminate the bug.

Just why was this happening?

Zhu Yao was a little anxious. When she was cultivating in the past, she had also heard of people mentioning the Realmless Ghost King, but she never heard of them being this incredible. This one was clearly mutated, right? If this was a regular one, then a single strike would have completely been enough to deal with it.

Wait a minute, a regular one?

“Little wimp, usually, how do heretic practitioners control Realmless Ghost Kings?”

“Soul-beckoning.” Wang Xuzhi replied. “Ghost Kings are sealed in soul-beckoning banners, and if practitioners want to use them, they would just have to…” He was a startled for a moment, and then he suddenly opened his eyes wide. “Big sis Zhu Yao, you mean…?”

Zhu Yao nodded.

Little wimp’s eyes instantly shone.

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