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Chapter 234: It’s Time to Dine

This Ghost King was exceptionally ferocious, but in the end, it was merely a puppet cultivated by a heretic practitioner. Since it was a puppet, there would definitely be a string that could be severed to stop it. It appeared in the Underworld because of the destruction of the soul-beckoning banner, but as long as it was a soul, then it could be beckoned upon. They just had to directly beckon the Ghost King itself, and then seal it up after that. It was comparable to renewing the string that allowed one to control puppets.

However, this task could only be done by Wang Xuzhi. She did not have a material body, and there wasn’t any life energy present on herself. As a ghost herself, it was impossible for her to beckon another soul.

“In a moment, I will restrict the Ghost King and disperse the miasma around its body.” Zhu Yao informed.

Little wimp nodded. He pulled out a talisman and said with slight worry. “But… I only have a regular spiritual talisman, so I won’t be able to stop it for too long.”

 “Sealing it is good enough, we can come up with the rest after that.” If worst comes to worst, they just had to set down a few formations to trap it.

Zhu Yao immediately performed an art, summoning millions of lightning bolts. In an instant, the entire River of Forgetfulness was covered in snow-white. Countless lightning rays radiated, with shapes of humongous dragons, they charged straight towards the Realmless Ghost King.

Lightning was the nemesis of all evil in the first place, let alone the Ghost King, which was a creature which carried extreme amount of yang energy.

The Ghost King emitted out an even more terrifying roar. Its roar was extremely piercing to the ears, while carrying a sinister aura, causing Zhu Yao to feel uncomfortable all around her body all of a sudden. She calmed herself and maintained her art, as she willed the lightning bolts forward.

However, the miasma was simply too thick. Just as a bunch of it had dispersed, the miasma would once again gather together. There was no end to it.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth as she increased the output of the lightning bolts, instantly establishing a lightning formation. Then she gathered energy and slammed her palm onto the ground. The surface of the ground was instantly enveloped by purple lightning sparks, and following after, the sky and earth were filled with bolts of heavenly lightning.

The endless miasma surrounding the Ghost King was also dispersed at this moment.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao turned her head around and shouted.

Wang Xuzhi had completed his hand seals as well, as he sped over on his flying sword. With a wave of his hand, a spiritual talisman flew out, instantly materializing into a gigantic formation as it flew towards the top of the Ghost King. Countless runic symbols danced as they encircled the formation.

That Ghost King suddenly stopped its roars, and its movements stiffened as well. Then, its entire figure began to twist and turn, along with the scattered miasma. Like a spiral, it began to revolve at high speeds, and then it turned in a blob of darkness before entering the formation.

The formation instantly released a bright red light, and the runic symbols revolved at high speeds. As though there was something making a desperate struggle, there were undulating movements at the center of the formation, and black miasma would occasionally ooze out.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth as she established another layer of suppression formation on top of that soul summoning formation. She desperately guided out the energy within her body and suppressed the Ghost King with brute force.

Finally, the formation runic symbols gathered within, forming a gigantic ‘Ghost’ word. The soul summoning formation began to slowly dim as well. In a short span of a few breaths, that formation grew ever so smaller. It finally returned to the size of the talisman and flew into Wang Xuzhi’s hands.

Zhu Yao felt relieved from the depths of her heart. Her entire ghostly body was exhausted.

Little wimp was not better off either, as he instantly fell from the sky. His breathing was a little unstable, yet he still smiled to her excitedly. “Big sis Zhu Yao, we succeeded.”

 “But of course!” Zhu Yao instantly felt cocky for how incredible she was, as she waved towards him. Just as she was about to call him over.

A bright red radiance suddenly lighted up in her surroundings. A gigantic formation had appeared beneath her feet. This formation even looked a little familiar, not only in shape, but also the runic symbols flying about in the surroundings were completely the same as the one they used to subdue the Ghost King.

The hell, this was a soul summoning formation! Who in the world was summoning her soul?

 “Big sis Zhu Yao!” She simply heard little wimp’s cry, before her entire being was enveloped within the formation light the next moment.

Zhu Yao felt that her body was a little heavy, unlike before where she couldn’t feel the least bit of weight at all.

When she once again opened her eyes, she saw a pig head. A pig head that was completely swollen, with bluish and purplish marks all around it. There wasn’t a single spot where its face was completely intact.

Seeing her open her eyes, the eyes of the pig head that had already swollen into buns, instantly emitted out eye-catching sparkles. “You’re awake!”

Right as his words fell, with a swoosh, he was kicked away like a rubber ball. He smashed onto the door and then let out a miserable cry.

Zhu Yao simply felt a gust of wind sweeping over. Her body lightened as she was embraced within a pile of white. Instantly, a familiar feeling filled her surroundings, along with a slight ice-cold scent. A slightly ragged breathing sounded in her ears.

“Master?” What was going on? She came back to life?

The person hugging her paused for a moment, before hugging her even more tightly. As though she was trying to confirm something, he tightly held onto her without the least bit of opening to spare.

A long while later…

“Yu… Yao.”

It really was her master! Why was he here?

“Little Seventh!” The pig head that was kicked away earlier came crawling back. On that colourful face, tears and snot scattered about, as he wailed out in a complaining tone. “You’re finally awake. If you return any later, I would probably be beaten to death. You don’t even know just what kind of life I had been living this past few days. Your master is simply a pervert. He’s definitely not the Far Ancient Highgod, he definitely isn’t.”

Yu Yan frowned, and the peripheral light in the corners of his eyes swept towards him.

The pig head trembled for a moment, but he gritted his teeth and composed himself. He decided to complain to the very end. “Little Seventh, it’s him. He’s the one who beat me up like this. You must stand up for our God Race!”

“You can leave now.” Yu Yan turned to look towards him, the cold aura on his body suffused into the air. All who dared to snatch his disciple away were enemies.

The pig head instantly felt as though two metal blades had stabbed into his heart, yet he still pushed onwards with his thick skin. “I’m not going. Come, beat me then. Little Seventh… Look at him, look at him!” He’s bullying me.

Zhu Yao carefully inspected that pig head, and asked with a serious look. “You… Who are you?”

“…” The pig head stiffened, tears instantly burst out like a flood and they poured out without end. “You… You… Little Seventh… It’s me.”

Yu Yan once again kicked him out. When he was about to crawl back up again, a heavenly lightning bolt instantly struck on his buttocks. The pig head instantly materialized into a dragon, as he fled far away into the distance. While it fled, he shouted out. “I will return.” Behind his buttocks, a bolt of heavenly lightning was chasing after him.

That dragon… looked really familiar. Where had she seen it before?

Before Zhu Yao could even figure it out, her chest area suddenly felt empty, as she was instantly carried up by someone. A white light flashed in front of her eyes, and in the next moment, she was already lying on a wooden bed.


Yu Yan however, suddenly pressed his body downwards, a familiar cold and charming face instantly enlarged. Her lips instantly cooled, as a kiss carrying slight hints of fluster and anger had already come pressing down. His kisses were still the same as before, without the slightest of technique involved in it. As though he was extremely impatient, the kisses carried both smooches and bites, plastering her entire face. Furthermore, the bites were even moving downwards, looking as though he was going for a development below her chest area.

(⊙o⊙) Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. My master can’t be this proactive?

“Master…” Though she was really happy, it still hurt a lot. She uncomfortably pushed him a little, wanting him to get up. It’s fine if you don’t know how, I can teach you!

“Don’t move!” His body stiffened, as though something had ignited within him, he pressed down even firmer than before, tightly hugging onto her body. He buried his head next to her neck, and even his breathing was a little heavier than before.

Zhu Yao was stunned. She could feel the anxiety he had.  His entire being was about to collapse, as though he could break apart at any moment. She had never seen her master in such an uncontrollable state.

She did not dare to move all of a sudden, and could only allowed him to hug onto her. Until the breathing next to her ear slowly regained its calm.

After a long while…

The sound of his sigh rang next to her ear. “I sensed the sudden disappearance of your personal succeeding imprint.”

Personal succeeding imprint. Was he referring to the divine sense imprint he left on her body?

 “Your master thought…” He did not continue, and simply hugged her slightly tighter than before.

Zhu Yao understood. Her master had thought that she was really dead this time. Was that why he beckoned her soul?

“Master…” Her heart ached, and she could not help but hug him back. She had instantly turned into a ghost this time, so she could be considered as a dead person, and the disappearance of the imprint was very normal as well. She had reincarnated for too many times, so she had never thought that her master would be so worried. “I’m sorry.”

Yu Yan raised his head. Looking at his guilty-looking disciple, his expression sank. He then let out a sigh, as though he had accepted his fate. He lowered his head and lightly pressed against her lips. “Yu Yao… Don’t always give your master worries.”

Zhu Yao felt moved from the depths of her heart as she heavily nodded. Reaching out her arms, she seized his neck and instantly pulled the man back.

As their lips intertwined, it felt as though there was a warm stream flowing between them. Yu Yan was a complete newcomer, and he only knew how to press finely down onto his disciple’s lips, till the point where his cold lips were even beginning to be dyed with blazing warmth. His show of affection lasted for a long while, until that moment when he seemed to have found an opening, as he slid his tongue inwards.

He seemed to have stiffened for a moment. As though he had found a new toy, he began to investigate, and was submerged in infatuation. It was as though electric current was passing through his entire body, causing him to feel numb all over, which made him desire even more. His hands unconsciously began to uncontrollably swim about.

It couldn’t be made clear who ended the kiss first, but after they separated, the breathings of the two people were messy and heavy.

Zhu Yao took in a few deep breaths. Her master sure lived up to his title of number one in the cultivation world, as he could actually become a genius at this sort of long kisses through self-learning. She gasped for air for a few more times before she was able to calm down, only to suddenly hear a query coming from next to her in a low tone.

“Zhu Yao, let’s practitioner-pair?”


Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. In an instant, she felt as though a large number of red flowers had bloomed and filled the land, her heart was overflowing with the season of spring. Fiery emotions were released from the depths of her heart, their blazing heat boiled her wolf’s blood. The latent energy in her body instantly erupted, as she lifted herself up and immediately pressed the man down beneath her body.

“Are you serious?” She didn’t mishear, right? Was this really her master?

Yu Yan did not reply, though that seemingly emotionless face of his began to redden inch by inch, and the redness was spreading at an irregular speed. As for that pair of ice-cold eyes, it was as though a mountain of ice was beginning to thaw, and a strange warmth was surging from within it.

Zhu Yao simply felt as though an arrow had struck right on her heart, and the string called ‘reason’ located in the depths of her heart was severed. Losing control of herself, she instantly turned into a wolf and clutched onto the collar of his robe. She unhesitatingly used her spiritual energy and as she pulled apart that snow-white upper garment of his, she loudly proclaimed. “This time, even if you scream till your throat breaks, this old lady will not let you go.”


Time to dig in!

She pounced on top of him, and started off with her wolf’s bite!

Yu Yan stiffened for a moment. Looking at his stupid disciple who was messing his chest up like a little puppy, he sighed. Moving his figure, he easily retrieved the initiative. Lightly moving his hands, he began to remove her clothes just like how she did it to him.

Zhu Yao was pressed at the bottom: “…”

Alright, since her master liked to be the one on top, she would then gracefully accept her position.

In an instant, the room was filled with a pleasant atmosphere.

Yu Yan encountered his biggest problem since the start of his cultivation journey.

Regarding practitioner-pair!

When it came to the cultivation arts, practitioner-pair arts were the harmonization of yin and yang. During cultivation, the man and woman just had to be naked while exchanging their yin and yang energy. Yu Yan had never doubted his comprehension ability. So, after he had stripped down both of their clothes, though he felt that his disciple’s appearance was… kuh… a little… kuh, he still planned on sitting in a lotus position to guide out his spiritual energy to exchange his yang for his disciple’s yin.

However, his disciple seemed to be very disapproving of this method, and had even begun to throw a tantrum.

“Haah, this old lady has already stripped naked, yet we’re just chatting on the bed with blankets on top of us.” Zhu Yao furiously scratched the bed. She just knew, she just knew that things would turn out this way again.

“No.” Yu Yan glanced at her, only to be met with a jade-like… kuh… He hurriedly retracted his gaze, and said with a stern tone. “We did not cover ourselves with blankets.”

“…” Zhu Yao kicked him out of extreme fury. “I don’t care! Yu Yan, if you dare bring up whatever cultivation arts again, this old lady shall die in front of you.”

“Yu Yao!” His expression sank, as he hurriedly brought his disciple into his embrace. “Don’t fool around.”

“That practitioner-pair thing, you must use my methods.” You don’t even know how it works, yet you still want to teach your disciple the wrong way? This old lady doesn’t want to play purity with you all my life.

Yu Yan frowned. Looking at his disciple’s decisive look, he could only temporarily put down his dignity as her master, and nodded. “Mn…”

Fortunately, he could still be saved.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She hugged him back, and then pushed her body on top of his. Their skins touched, intimately and inseparably.

Yu Yan simply felt something soft in front of his chest, and his entire body lightly trembled for a moment. A scent that could only belong to a woman filled his sense of smell, and his heart began to beat at an incredible rate. In an instant, a foreign fiery emotion rose. He habitually wanted to cast the Heart Clarity Art, yet his hand was clutched onto by his disciple.

“Yu… Yao.”

“Shh…” Zhu Yao gently muttered next to his ear. “No talking.”

That voice was delicate and gentle, as though a feather had stroked part his heart. Yu Yan felt that he was trembling lightly, and his body instantly stiffened. His hands unconsciously began to hold onto his disciple’s waist. At that moment, he realized that his disciple’s body was unbelievably smooth, and… he couldn’t bear to let go.

Zhu Yao’s hands gradually moved down, and was beginning to develop towards a certain place that cannot be described. At that moment when she had made contact with it, her hands were grabbed onto by someone who was being uncooperative.

“Yu Yao?” His voice carried doubts and anxiety.

“Master, didn’t you say you will go along with my methods?”


“Be obedient.”


Right now, it’s your disciple’s physiology lesson. You, who is devoid of common sense, must learn it seriously!

Hence, Zhu Yao spent an entire night teaching Yu Yan what practitioner-pair was all about in the traditional sense. The basic operations could be interpreted as a radish planting game. First, you have to loosen the soil. Then, you place the radish in the soil. Adjust and find a comfortable position, then water it. When spring comes, you can then pull the radish out. The process is that easy and simple. Once taught, you will guarantee to learn!

After an entire night of hard work, her only student, Yu Yan, successfully graduated.

Regarding this, the educator Zhu Yao simply wanted to say…

Never ever provoke a man who had been a virgin for tens of thousands of years.

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