[Disciple] Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: Beast With Pitifully Low Intelligence

Zhu Yao encountered a beast. Then… she was eaten.

Though she was merely a Foundation trash, she had after all cultivated for so many years, so her basic reflexes were still present. That was why she buffed herself with a defensive barrier at that very instant, and with a wave of her hand, she was planning to cast an ice type mystical art to retaliate.

That demonic beast however suddenly loosened its mouth, and stared at her with widened curious eyes. It even blinked several times. It then approached her, and sniffed.

In an instant, as though it was frightened, it leapt a huge step back. It gave her another glance, and then opened its mouth wide…


Huaaaa~ It puked.


Just how terrible did she taste that it had to puke in such a manner?

“Hey hey hey!” Zhu Yao shouted with a darkened expression.

That demonic beast was given a fright, and all its fur were standing straight on ends like a hedgehog. It looked as though it wanted to retreat, but because of a misstep, its feet slipped and had almost fallen on the ground. In a fluster, it leapt a few meters back.

Yo, it sure was cowardly. It seemed like it was a beast whelp.

The tension in the depths of her heart was instantly swept away completely.

Recalling before, it seemed like she was able to understand the demonic beast language in the past, and she wondered if this skill was still present. She then took a step forward. “Umm, little beastie, can you tell me where’s Ancient Azure Sect?”

That demonic beast did not reply. It simply stared at her nervously. Then, it shifted its paws, and decisively took a step back.

Was she that scary?

“Is Ancient Azure Sect close by?” She took another step forward.

The demonic beast moved two steps back.

“How big is this forest?” She continued to take another step.

It took another three steps back.

“Do you have to be that frightened of me?”

Another four steps back.

“Stop retreating!”

Five steps…

“Behind you, there’s…”


A scream pierced through the skies!

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she finished what she was about to say before. “A hole.”

Where’s your intelligence as a demonic beast?

Sighing, Zhu Yao directly walked over.

That hole was very deep, and there were even formation ripples in the surroundings. It was most likely a trap which practitioners especially set down to capture demonic beasts.

That demonic beast with pitifully low intelligence was currently desperately struggling within. From the fear he had in the beginning, it slowly turned into anger and rage. At one moment, it was desperately digging into the walls, while on other moments, it would crash into the surrounding formations with all its might. However, it was simply unable to leave that hole, and its claws were mainly deflected by the formation, leaving several scars on its body.

If this continued, it would torture itself to death.

“Hey!” Zhu Yao could not help but call out.

The demonic beast was startled. It suddenly raised its head, and when it saw that it was her, it instantly quietened down as though it’s ‘pause’ button was pressed. Its body trembled, and it no longer dared to dig the walls and collide with the formation. It began to weakly shrink in the corner of the walls, as though it wanted to conceal itself. Yet, all its rubbing merely caused dirt and soil to slide down the walls.

Finally, when it realized there was nowhere it could hide in, it curled itself into a ball and began to let out soft, sniffling sounds. Its gigantic body continued to tremble.

“Uh…” Was it crying?

Owuu… owuu…

Its voice grew louder. That pair of large, pitch-black eyes released a huge amount of water, drenching its beautiful looking white fur.

“Stop crying!”


“The hell you’re crying for? I’m the one who was almost eaten by you, right?”


“Furthermore, you fell down on your own, right.”


It began to cry even sadder than before, and in the end, it was actually rolling about in the depths of the hole.

Yo, it’s even gasping for air now. Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Haah, forget it, it’s only a beast.

Zhu Yao glanced at the surroundings. Then, she cast a wind type mystic art, swirling up the fallen log at the side and dragging it into the hole, perfectly pressing onto the formation core in the depths of the hole. With a flash of white light, that formation instantly lost its effects.

“Stop ou-ing, come up!”

That furball blanked for a moment, and then a moment later, tilting its head, it looked at the log which had turned into a bridge. It then glanced at the formation which had lost its effects. Its pair of eyes brightened as it happily leapt up. Its front paws stepped on the log, and it climbed out with just two trots. It then happily bustled about on the ground.

Raising its head, it glanced at her, before it turned about and ran deep into the forest. In an instant, it disappeared from sight.

Great. This ungrateful little beastie bitch.

It seemed like she shouldn’t hope for it to lead the way. She raised her head and looked at the night sky. Zhu Yao had no choice but to carry her miniature master and head into the depths of the forest. From the information she received from the town, Ancient Azure Sect should not be too far away now.

Walking in the forest on foot was different from flying on a sword. The things she had to look out for in the surroundings were many, and it was very easy for her to lose her sense of direction. She really wanted to fly, but unfortunately, she did not have a transportation artifact! But, as long as it’s a deity sect, it should be located above a spiritual pulse. There should be nothing wrong with walking towards the place with rich amount of spiritual energy.

After walking for about two hours, she finally saw what looked like a mountain gate.

On a gigantic stone wall, the two words ‘Ancient Azure’ was written. Next to the stone wall however, was a vast ocean.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief, as she immediately walked towards the ocean. The moment she went past the stone wall, the scenery in front of her twisted. The ocean suddenly disappeared, and what materialized was a range celestial mountains and blessed lands. Gigantic mountains floated in the sky, the place was filled with vibrant lights, and auspicious clouds filled the sky.

“May I ask what matters this Daoist has come to Ancient Azure Sect for?” A male voice rang from the left. A man dressed in a light robe walked out from the teleportation formation, and his face carried a courteous smile.

Zhu Yao guessed that he should be a disciple of the sect who was in charge of guarding the mountain gate, though she was still unable to see through his level of cultivation. It seemed like his cultivation level was above hers as well.

“Fellow Daoist.” Because she was carrying a person on her back, she could only give a courteous nod. “This one is named Zhu Yao, and I’m here in your esteemed sect to look for an old acquaintance.”

That man said with the same courteous tone. “May I ask who fellow Daoist is looking for?”

“He’s surnamed Wang, and his name is Xuzhi. I wonder if he’s presently in the sect?”

The man was startled for a moment, and an estranged look flashed past his face. He sized her up for a moment, and his brows sank into a frown. His expression no longer carried the courtesy it had before, and he said with a hint of anger. “I have seen many women like you, it’s no use. Leave! If you wish to enter our Ancient Azure Sect, you must first have the aptitude to do so?”

“Eh?” What did he mean?

However, as he waved his hands irritatingly, he continued. “Leave, hurry and leave.”

“Fellow Daoist, I don’t wish to enter Ancient Azure…”

“Scram, scram!” He waved his hands with an irritated look. “If you don’t leave now, then don’t blame me for being discourteous.” As he said that, he really reached out his hands and pushed her outside.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to explain, a furious roar suddenly resounded from behind them.

With a swoosh, a white figure cut between them, and in an instant, the gate guardian disciple was pushed onto the ground by a paw. It furiously bared its teeth at him.

It was that cowardly little demonic beast earlier. Why was it here?

“Heavenly Honourable Bai Yuan.” That disciple suddenly exclaimed. He looked at the ferocious beast, and then turned to glance at Zhu Yao. In an instant, he had a look of sudden realization, as he hurriedly crawled up and bowed towards that demonic beast. “This disciple was blind, and did not recognize that this lady was Heavenly Honourable’s esteemed guest. I seek Heavenly Honourable’s forgiveness!”

That demonic beast blew a blast of hot air at him, as though he was extremely furious. It turned around, not batting him another eye. However, the disciple was still throwing out apologies one after another.

What was this situation? Could it be that this stupid beast was raised by Ancient Azure Sect? Furthermore, it seemed like it had a rather high status, to the point where even human practitioner disciples did not dare to offend it?

Zhu Yao curiously sized the beast up, and that beast trembled from her stares. Earlier, it was filled with a tyrannical aura when it was bullying other people, but when given stares by her, it instantly shrank back. It timidly glanced at her, as though it was somehow frightened by her. With a thud, it once again ran off, disappearing from sight.

Zhu Yao: “…” Just how afraid of her was it?

 “This esteemed guest, I was unaware of your identity earlier and had ended up offending you. I hope you will forgive this lowly one.” The disciple instantly changed out of his furious temper earlier, and was now passionately welcoming her. “Esteemed guest, please follow me to Main Peak.”

Zhu Yao nodded, as she followed him into the teleportation formation. The formation light flashed, and she had already arrived at the front of the towering main hall.

“Where’s Wang Xuzhi?” She had thought that he would immediately bring her to where little wimp was, but she never expected that the gate guardian disciple would courteously guide her to a seat in the hall.

That disciple explained. “Unfortunately, our Sect Master is presently in closed-door training, and it’s inconvenient for him to receive you. The sect affairs are presently being temporarily managed by our Grand Elder. Esteemed guest, please wait for a short moment, this lowly one shall inform Elder of your arrival.”

After saying that, he left the hall, most probably heading off to inform that Elder. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. If Wang Xuzhi was really a disciple of Ancient Azure Sect, and she wanted to look for him, greeting the manager was indeed very necessary.

Then she should just wait patiently!

Her master had yet to awaken, and it wasn’t a good idea to carry him on her back the entire time. Thus, she pulled two chairs together and placed him on the chairs, allowing him to lie down comfortably.

Only then did she begin to inspect this great hall. The longer she looked at it, the more familiar it felt.

No matter was it the shapes of the chairs, the looks of the tables, the curtains hanging within the hall and even that person coming in through the door was…

“Junior-martial nephew Zi Mo!” Zhu Yao exclaimed.

When her words fell, the person, who had just stepped into the hall, slipped, and had almost planted his head onto the ground.

“Little… Little martial aunt!” Zi Mo looked at her with widened eyes. “You’re still alive… No, you’re already dead?”

“…” Why did these words sound so strange?

“Why are you here?” He had a face of utter disbelief.

“Not just me, my master is here as well.” She pointed to the person sleeping on the chairs.

“What? Ancestral-martial uncle is dead as well?”

“Uh…” Was there a need to curse people to death straight after seeing each other?

Zhu Yao really did not expect that she would encounter someone familiar again. Furthermore, it was even the former Ancient Hill Sect Master Zi Mo.

Similarly, after he fell, he went to the Underworld, awakened his spiritual consciousness, achieved a spiritual body and made his way to Spiritual Realm. Then, he joined this Ancient Azure Sect and cultivated a step at a time. Finally, he managed to take up his old job as a Sect Master. Until a hundred years ago, when he passed on this responsibility to his disciple and took the back seat.

Furthermore, his disciple was none other than little wimp Wang. Wang Xuzhi was presently the Sect Master of Ancient Azure Sect, and it was thus no wonder everyone would look at her with such eyes when she brought up his name. He was actually a Sect Master. Most probably, they had all treated her as someone wanting to hug his thighs, right?

“Where’s little wimp?” Zhu Yao asked.

Zi Mo’s expression sank, and only a moment later did he speak up. “When he returned from the Underworld back then, he unknowingly carried severe injuries. Presently, he’s in isolation, tending to his injuries.”

“He’s injured?” Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and after recalling for a moment. “That’s not right. Back then, his injuries were not serious. So why did he need to go into isolation?”

“Little martial aunt, you’re aware of why he’s injured?”

Zhu Yao recounted to him the incident in the Underworld, and then brought up the matters about resentment.

“But back then, when he returned, his injuries were indeed of great severity.” Zi Mo said with a heavy expression. “Most of his meridians were damaged, and I had many times wanted to treat his injuries in his stead, but none of my treatments were effective. They were basically irreparable.”

“How is that possible?” Her meridians had shattered into smithereens several times, but she would always still be able to fix them up. Could it be that her meridians could be recycled, while little wimp’s had a one-time characteristic?

Wait a minute, the thing that injured little wimp back then seemed to be that Ghost King.

Could it be…

“Where did little wimp place the talisman that had the Ghost King sealed in it?”

“Talisman?” Zi Mo was startled, his face was filled with confusion. “What talisman?”

The hell! As she had thought, he had yet to deal with it.

She instantly grabbed onto his collar. “Bring me to him, now, immediately!”

Zi Mo understood that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. Without the slightest of hesitation, he turned around, and just as he was about to lead her out of the hall.

The earth suddenly shook. Sharp ghostly cries reverberated one after another. At the front-right of the mountain peak, a pillar of black miasma rose into the sky, piercing straight through the skyline. The black miasma slowly gathered together, and a gigantic savage human figure was formed in an instant.

“Xuzhi!” Zi Mo exclaimed. Summoning his flying sword, he flew in the direction of the miasma.

“The hell, wait for me!” She did not have a transportation artifact, hey!

Just as she was chase after him, something tugged her waistline, and when she turned around, she collided into a chest that carried a chilling aura. “Master! You’re awake!” Even his height had returned to normal.

“Mn.” Yu Yan responded. Hugging onto his disciple, he flew towards Zi Mo’s direction.

In a flash, they had already arrived at the entrance of a cave residence. That place was exactly below that Ghost King. Strands of miasma were floating about within the residence. Compared to those in the sky, the miasma was a little thin here. However, the ‘bug’ words could still be seen very clearly. These were the resentment left behind by that Ghost King.

Zhu Yao walked in, and sitting within the building was little wimp. He seemed to have suffered grave injuries as he was puking out a mouthful of blood. Some black wisps of air were even encircling his body. His face was pale to the extent where not a single strand of red could be seen, and Zi Mo was presently behind him treating his injuries. However, it seemed to be ineffective.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. Why did it turn out like this?

Wang Xuzhi weakly raised his head. Seeing that it was her, his eyes shone, and he pulled the corners of his lips. “Big sis Zhu Yao, it’s great that you’re alright.”

“The one who’s injured is you. Just what happened?”

He did not reply. It seemed like he did not have much strength remaining.

Yu Yan however stepped forward and pulled up his hand to check his pulse. With a cold tone, he said. “Resentment has entered his body.”

“What?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

The horrifying cries outside were growing even louder. Yu Yan frowned, and instructed. “Yu Yao, seal it.”

Zhu Yao’s eyes shone, and at that moment, Yu Yan’s body had already flashed, as he flew straight towards that Resentment Ghost King in the sky.

“Little martial aunt?” Zi Mo’s face was puzzled. “What did ancestral-grand uncle mean?”

“Leave it to me!” Zhu Yao did not reply him directly, and instead sat in a lotus position behind Wang Xuzhi. The injuries on little wimp’s body was never healed the entire time, most probably due to the influence of resentment. There was basically no way to exterminate resentment, and if left as it is, little wimp’s injuries would only worsen, and small injuries would turn into heavy injuries as well.

Since resentment was the embodiment of all negative emotions, then it’s rather similar to devilish energy. That was why her master reminded her that she should try the sealing arts.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and immediately sensed the presence of resentment within little wimp’s body. Circulating her spiritual energy, she gathered the resentment at a single spot, and then activated the sealing arts. In an instant, golden runic symbols flashed, which then seeped into Wang Xuzhi’s body and firmly sealed the bundle of miasma.


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