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Chapter 238: Warrior, You’re Pregnant!

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She immediately proceeded to circulate her spiritual energy and mend little wimp’s meridians. They were not severe injuries in the first place, and without the influence of resentment, he was recovering very quickly. The miasma that had been encircling around him had also gathered in the seal above his abdomen as well. It slowly condensed, and finally turned into a three-lettered word – bug.

Zhu Yao’s hands trembled, and she had almost choked.

This was illogical! Why did little wimp turn into a bug? -Faints!-

“What kind of imprint is this?” Standing on the side, Zi Mo stared at the seal that floating in front of Wang Xuzhi as he asked in a perplexed manner.

Zhu Yao was startled. “You can see it?”

Zi Mo nodded. “The mystic arts little martial aunt demonstrated is indeed extraordinary. I have never seen a formation imprint like this. I wonder what kind of runic symbol is this?”

“This isn’t a runic symbol.” Zhu Yao’s heart was in a mess. She had a faint feeling that this bug was different from the rest that she had encountered in the past. She carefully inspected little wimp. She might as well take the opportunity while he was unconscious, and immediately strip off his clothes.

“Little martial aunt, what are you doing?” Zi Mo had a fearful look.

“I’m checking if he has another similar imprint on his body.”

Zi Mo’s expression darkened even further. “Then… Then there’s no need to take off his pants, right?”

Zhu Yao’s hands paused, and then released her hands from his underpants. “…”

The hell! She had gotten used to it!

After carefully inspecting little wimp’s naked body, as expected, there was another three-lettered word ‘bug’ below his abdomen. “Hey, old man. Then are you able to see this?”

“Naturally!” Zi Mo nodded. Earlier, little martial aunt had sealed something, so Xuzhi having runic symbols on his body was very normal as well.

As expected, Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Since Zi Mo was able to see this as well, it proved that this bug was not like the ones before where only she was capable of seeing them. The reason why little wimp had these words on his body, was because of the resentment in his body! The true bug was resentment itself, and not little wimp.

Wang Xuzhi was already beginning to slowly open his eyes, and his face now carried a hint of blood redness. Big sis Zhu Yao?”

“Little wimp, how do you feel?” Zhu Yao went forward to hold him.

He smiled. “I’m much better now, I…” His words paused halfway through. He lowered his head and looked at his body which merely had a single pair of underpants remaining. He instantly stiffened. His entire being was dyed in red like a prawn, and his voice began to tremble. “Zhu… Zhu, zhu, zhu… Big sis Zhu…”

“I’m telling you, I didn’t do anything!” Zhu Yao leapt back, and raised her hand up to swear.

Zi Mo threw a scornful glance at her. He silently looked at her right hand, and in its grasp, was a robe designed for men.

“I can explain this.” Zhu Yao hurriedly threw it back to him. This truly was just a mistake! Listen to my explanation!


Wang Xuzhi, however, suddenly opened his mouth and puked out a mouthful of old blood.

It can’t be. He puked out blood from anger.

Believe me, I’m not a pervert, hey.

“Xuzhi!” Zi Mo frowned. Taking a step forward, he cupped Wang Xuzhi’s wrist and checked his pulse, while not forgetting to turn his head around to glare at her. Wang Xuzhi however still had a flushed red face, not caring that he was still puking out blood. He threw the robe onto himself in a fluster.

Zhu Yao: “…” Why did she feel that she was a trash of a man? There’s something wrong with this scene!

Zi Mo carefully inspected for a short while, and his expression grew even weirder. His face was green in one moment, and purple in the next. Finally, it turned completely pale, as though he had just realized some terrifying matter. His entire body stiffened.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. “Old man, what happened to him?” Theoretically speaking, she was very focused in her treatment, so there shouldn’t be any problems with little wimp.

The corner of Zi Mo’s cheeks twitched, and he replied stiffly. “His… The flow of his pulse is smooth and refined, like a pearl rolling on a plate…”

“What does that mean?” Speak human, can you?

“This is…” His face had already twisted into a blob, and he said with emphasis on every single word. “A sign of pregnancy.”


The robe in Wang Xuzhi’s hands instantly tore into two pieces.

The place was instantly filled with silence.

Zi Mo raised his head and his face was filled with a pleading look. “Little martial aunt, this…”

“I didn’t do it!” Zhu Yao said on reflex.

Zi Mo: “…”

Wang Xuzhi: “…”

“I’m saying, I didn’t get the opportunity to do anything.”



“Ah pui… The child really isn’t mine!”

Zi Mo: -_-#

Wang Xuzhi: -_-|||

“No, that’s not it. I’m not going to take responsibility!”



The hell, her words were becoming messier the more she spoke, hey.

“What responsibility do you need to take?” An ice-cold male voice sounded. A certain someone who had just defeated a mob, suddenly appeared at the door.

Master, kajima…

Listen to my explanation!

Wang Xuzhi was pregnant, and the child was not hers! The child was not hers! The child was not hers! Important matters must be said thrice. A setting like this that obliterated the three views, she rejected it right from the beginning! However, from the discussion she, Zi Mo, and her master had, the three specialists confirmed the reality that Wang Xuzhi was becoming a (mother).

Now then, here’s the question. Where’s the father?

Ah pui… How did the child come about?

After the three specialists consulted among each other and carefully investigated this matter, they came up with a conclusion. The signs of pregnancy found on little wimp’s body was due to resentment. Back then when it was being sealed, the resentment accumulated in the position of abdomen, and was then sealed nearby his Dantian. The signs of pregnancy on little wimp’s body were actually ripples emitted from the sealed resentment.

If they wanted to scatter away the resentment in his body, they had to first release the seal. If they could not instantly expel the resentment, the resentment would spread throughout his entire body again. Though little wimp’s injuries had more or less recovered, he did not have the lightning spirit vein, and was basically unable to expel resentment. If her master landed a hand, his body would not be able to endure the lightning might either.

All they could do was wait till his injuries had completely recovered.

To summarize, the conclusion was: Let it be for now.

But two days later, though Wang Xuzhi’s condition was a lot better, his belly had suddenly grown big. He already had the look of a usual four to five months pregnant woman. A good young man with talents in both literature and arts, suddenly had an additional beer belly.

His distressed master Zi Mo immediately invited Yu Yan and Zhu Yao over for a meeting.

Yu Yan seriously checked his pulse.

Zhu Yao stood at the side and stared straight at little wimp…’s belly. She really could not restrain her sinister hand from touching it, and strangely, there were really movements coming from inside. “Warrior, you’re about to give birth!”

“Big sis Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi’s expression darkened, as he glared at her resentfully.

Yu Yan’s eyes swept towards his disciple’s disobedient claw, and his brows furrowed. Releasing the hand he was using to check Wang Xuzhi’s pulse, he pulled back his disciple’s claw in passing.

“How is it?” Zhu Yao immediately shifted her attention, and asked. “Is it a boy? Or a girl?”

Everyone else: “…”

“The resentment is simply trying to break out of the seal.” Yu Yan coldly said. “There’s no need to worry. The more it wants to break out, when we’re going to expel it in the future, it will become easier to do so.”

Looking at this, this ‘pregnant’ condition was actually a good phenomenon. Zhu Yao and Zi Mo heaved sighs of relief.

“Thank you, ancestral-grand uncle.” Zi Mo’s face was filled with smiles.

Yu Yan did not respond, and simply tightly held onto his disciple’s claw. He immediately pulled her out of the door, as though he did not want to stay for even a moment longer.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to turn her head around as they walked, and waved her hands at little wimp. “Little wimp, nurse your injuries well. I will come again tomorrow to see you… and your child!”

Eh, there seemed to be something strange with her words?

Yu Yan directly sealed that Ghost King above a floating mountain in Ancient Azure Sect, and then placed down countless formations suppressing it. Unless the entire mountain was obliterated, it was basically impossible for the Ghost King to escape. Naturally, Zhu Yao did not have any opinion on this. The main reason why she was here in Spiritual Realm was because of this Ghost King in the first place. The techniques behind her master’s formations far surpassed hers, and since he made a move, everything was naturally well and proper.

For precautions sake, she and her master was living on that mountain peak itself. One, to observe it, and two, in order to scatter the resentment after Wang Xuzhi had fully recovered. Three was…

“Within a month, you must form your Azoth Core.” Yu Yan said with a stern look.

“Ah?” Zhu Yao felt like crying. “Great King, please let me go.” After every reincarnation, she had to always start cultivating again from the beginning, it was really wounding her heart, you know? Though she was a good student with good academic performance, she had only gone through the college entrance examinations once, alright?

“Begin closed-door training right now!”

“Master…” Kajima.

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan stroked her head. After pondering for a moment, he grabbed onto her hands interlocked his fingers with hers. “You’re currently merely at the Foundation stage, if you don’t hurry and raise your cultivation, how are you going to follow me back to Divine Realm?”

But she was truly frustrated with cultivation. Just how many times had she gone back and forth with her cultivation already?

Yu Yan bent down and hugged her in his embrace. With a sunken voice, he said. “Zhu… Yao, you always have your own intentions, so your master has never stopped you from doing anything. But you can’t let your master wait forever.”

His voice was calm, just like any other day, and it carried a hint of chilling intent as always. However, Zhu Yao faintly sensed a piercing pain in the depths of her heart. After a long while, she replied. “Alright.”



“In the future, can you always call me Zhu Yao?”

“Yu Wang is pretty good.” He said with a serious expression.

“Your sister!”

Zhu Yao felt that the ‘Ghost King Peak’ was a little strange recently. Every time she woke up from her trance state, she would always see some foreign objects above her windowsill. In the beginning, they were just a few stalks of fresh flowers, and they were placed on her windowsill with dirt and soil still on them.

She had thought that it was her master who sent them, and was even excited for the first half of the day. Her master had actually begun to understand romance. However, when she brought the potted plant-like flowers to a certain master for confirmation, he sternly denied it.

“Flowers? One, they cannot be added into medicine, and two, they cannot be used to refine pellets. Even the most regular of insects have some practical use. Where’s the need for such weeds?”

Zhu Yao who liked weeds: “…”

She, who believed that her master had understood romance, was truly stupid.

But if it wasn’t her master, who could it be? She did not know that many people in Ancient Azure Sect either. It was impossible for Zi Mo to send it, and Wang Xuzhi was… taking care of his pregnancy. It couldn’t be that she had sleepwalked and picked them up on her own, right?

Unable to think of anyone, Zhu Yao decided to throw away these thoughts and continue with her cultivation. However, the number of objects on her windowsill in the following days grew. Not to mention, they were no longer restricted to flowers. Slowly, various spiritual herbs and spiritual medicine appeared. Furthermore, there were even spiritual beast… meats!

Waking up in the morning, she saw a huge pile of fresh, bloody spiritual beast meat hanging outside the window. As the wind blew, blood even dripped down from them, making pitter patter sounds.

Were these gifts, or new year celebratory goods, hey?

Zhu Yao began to grow suspicious and curious of this item gifting weirdo. After cussing out loud a few times, she silently threw away all of these spiritual beast meats. Later on, she left a strand of divine sense behind to take notice of the activities outside the window while she was in a trance state. However, she was never able to see even the shadow of the person who sent those items.

Though, outside the window, that bloody scene from last time no longer appeared again. The items became even more creative, and was even developing in the direction of practical usage. For example, hairpins, bracelets, jade ornaments and other little accessories for women. Furthermore, every single one of them was an artifact, either for defense or storage purposes.

Zhu Yao, who presently had zero assets, unceremoniously accepted them. Then, she calmly continued to cultivate. If only a transportation artifact could be sent next.

Though, there was one person who could no longer keep his calm.

Yu Yan stared at his disciple’s windowsill. A newly appeared handkerchief. He was a little speechless. His expression grew colder, colder, and colder…

For some strange reasons, he was feeling really unhappy.

It seemed like, someone was trying to take away his disciple.

This was basically intolerable!

His finger moved, and that handkerchief was instantly ignited, turning into ash. A formation instantly appeared on the windowsill. Turning his head back to glance at his disciple who was still in a trance state, he turned around and left.

In the end, Zhu Yao encountered some slight difficulty in her cultivation. She did not know of the reason. Though she was still a lightning spirit vein holder, her cultivation speed was evidently not as fast as before. Forget about igniting a spiritual energy turbulence, even with the most common way of taking in spiritual energy into her body, she was unable to absorb that much spiritual energy at all. Her cultivation progress had also stalled as well. She felt as though she was a fallen academic genius who had turned into an academic trash.

Half a month had passed, and still there was hardly any progress.

There was something wrong with this setting.

Zhu Yao opened her eyes. Just as she was about to find her master to discuss about this, she suddenly heard a scream outside the window.


“Who is it?” Zhu Yao immediately opened the door and got out, only to see a snow-white demonic beast outside the window desperately slapping its own paws. Above the gigantic meaty paws, there were still few sparks of flames that had yet to be extinguished.

“It’s you!” Wasn’t this that cowardly little beast she encountered in the forest back then?

That demonic beast stiffened for a moment. Raising its head, it looked at her weakly. Then, as though it was frightened, it turned about and wanted to flee. However, because of a misstep, it slipped, and then it rolled itself away to safety.

“…” Was she really that scary?

She turned to look at the position of the windowsill. A small sword with the length of an index finger was hanging next to it. It was actually a transportation artifact.

Could it be that, all those items placed on the windowsill in the past few days, was all it’s doing?

Clearly, it was afraid of her to death, so why send her these items? Were the brain circuits of all demonic beasts strange like this?

Pondering for a moment, this demonic beast seemed like a beast that was raised by Ancient Azure Sect as well. Zhu Yao felt that there was a need to ask about that beast’s situation the next time she were to see little wimp.

Before Zhu Yao could even ask, that strange beast suddenly sent itself to her doorsteps.

Zhu Yao did not make any progress with her cultivation, so she decided to practice her own sword techniques, while Yu Yan was giving pointers at the side. She was initially practicing fine and well, but in an instant, her master’s expression turned cold. Casting an art, a heavenly lightning bolt was sent flying in the direction of the forest.

“Oww…” A scream sounded, and a pitch-black beast fell down.

Half of its white fur was charred black from the lightning bolt, though it sure had a fast reaction speed. Roaring out loud, it immediately leapt up and pounced towards Yu Yan.

 “It’s you again!” Zhu Yao exclaimed.

That beast seemed to have only just noticed her, as it instantly fell from the sky with a plop.

In an instant, it turned weak-willed, as it looked at her with frail eyes. Its entire body trembled as it scanned its surroundings in a fluster. Then, while making ‘pata pata’ sounds, it hid… behind Yu Yan.

A certain someone was not the least bit courteous, striking another lightning bolt at it, which ended up frying its white fur on the other side as well.

Zhu Yao: “…”

This beast’s intelligence was truly a little pitiful.

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