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Chapter 239: Sleeping Beauty Who Cannot Be Awakened with a Kiss

Unexpectedly, that beast seemed to be completely fine. After growling for a moment, it stood up, and then furiously roared at Yu Yan.

The two parties faced each other. One was desperately roaring out, while the other was desperately emitting out his cold aura.

Onlooker Zhu Yao: “…”

Thus, these two glared at each other for an hour, neither of them dared to move a single step. Even Zhu Yao was beginning to worry that some sparks were going to start flying between this man and beast.

Finally, that demonic beast turned its head and weakly glanced at Zhu Yao, its claws then shrank back. Turning about, it once again ran off, disappearing without a trace.

Just why in the world was it here for?

From then on, the demonic beast seemed to have started pestering them. No matter what formations were set down, it could always mysteriously appear, but it would always be unfortunately caught by Yu Yan, and then be sent out with a lightning bolt. Yet, it was unclear why this demonic beast was actually so fearful of her. As long as she appeared, it would then run off at a speed even faster than a hare.

Even Zhu Yao was beginning to suspect if she had actually done some immoral things to it, which thus led to an unremovable darkness being left in that beast’s heart.

A month later.

Little wimp’s injuries were finally completely healed, and his entire being had recovered its former aura. Dressed in a handsome azure robe, his face even carried a healthy red. If not… for the large belly he had. Zi Mo stood next to him worriedly, with one hand holding onto his back, while the other holding onto his belly.

Zhu Yao was barely able to suppress herself from shouting congratulations.

“Little wimp, don’t need to worry.” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders and consoled him. “There will always be a moment like this in a person’s lifetime…”


“It won’t hurt at all, alright.”

Wang Xuzhi’s face darkened. “Big sis Zhu Yao.”


“I’m not pregnant.” It wasn’t like he was giving birth to a child!

“Don’t mind such details!”


Yu Yan immediately placed down countless formations, and had Wang Xuzhi sit at the very center of the formations. With a sunken voice, he said. “In a moment, I will guide down the heavenly lightning bolt. You must use all your strength to resist a single strike.”

Wang Xuzhi nodded, and began to circulate the spiritual energy in his Dantian.

Yu yan performed a set of hand-seals, and his robe began to flutter on its own. Suddenly, the sky darkened, and countless enormous lightning clouds filled the horizon. In just a moment, they encompassed the entire sky. Raising one of his hands, lightning streaks flashed past the sky, as though something was being condensed and taking form. He lightly waved his hand, and at the same time, he looked towards Zhu Yao. “Yu Yao, release the seal!”

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. The spiritual energy that she had long prepared connected to the seal in Wang Xuzhi’s body, and at the instant the heavenly lightning bolt descended, she released the seal.

At that moment, a mystic formation as tall as a human appeared in front of little wimp. The sealing runic symbols danced, and after a flash of light, they shattered resoundingly.

The miasma within Wang Xuzhi, as though it had finally escaped from its bindings, instantly exploded forth. His initially bloated belly was also reverting back to its former look at a speed visible to the naked eyes. A bolt of purplish red heavenly lightning bolt sliced through the air and struck down, instantly scattering off the creeping miasma.

Though Wang Xuzhi had already used all of his power to resist against the heavenly lightning bolt, he was still feeling that forceful lightning might, as though sharp blades were piercing right into his organs. He was left with no choice but to protect his heart pulses with all his might. Though it looked as though everything happened in a blink of an eye, it felt as though ten thousand years had passed.

Finally, the tribulation lightning bolt disappeared. Zi Mo, who had been waiting at the side the entire time, flew straight into the formation in a flash, dragging the person whose body was covered in lightning sparks out.

“Little wimp, are you alright?” Zhu Yao ran over.

Yu Yan tapped on his body with his finger. Those lightning spark remnants turned into lightning spiritual energy, and directly seeped into his fingertips.

Wang Xuzhi’s expression instantly looked much better as well.

“Thank you, ancestral martial grand uncle.” Wang Xuzhi opened his eyes.

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded, and just as he was about to seal the resentment that was within the formation.

The entire earth suddenly began to shake. With a loud bang, countless cracks appeared on the surface of the ground, and they were spreading in all directions.

“Scatter!” Yu Yan reached out his hand to grab onto his disciple next to him, and instantly flew up. Zi Mo and Wang Xuzhi left the surface one after another as well.

From the center of the formation where little wimp was sitting on earlier, the entire floating mountain was splitting apart.

“Not good, that Ghost King is breaking out of the seal.” Zi Mo’s expression changed.

As he had thought, in the next second, the entire floating mountain shattered into million pieces and fell apart. A large amount of miasma was breaking out from within, gathering into the shape of a gigantic human figure.

Yu Yan frowned. No longer holding anything back, sounds of thunder brought by the heavenly lightning in the sky roared, and countless purplish red lightning bolts descended at the same time. They were sent striking towards the Ghost King. Between the sky and earth, the place was filled with lightning sparks, and the Ghost King was scattered apart by the heavenly lightning bolts before it could even completely materialize.

In an instant, the entire surroundings were filled with scattered resentment.

“What’s that?” Zhu Yao pointed at the center of the resentment. That was a bundle of white light, and it was especially obvious within a mass of pitch-black darkness. A large amount of miasma was present in the surroundings, but under the lightning sparks, the miasma continued to scatter. On the other hand, that bundle of white light seemed to be slowly rising up.

“Those are the souls absorbed by the Ghost King.” Yu Yan frowned.

That bundle of white light continued to rise, and had already escaped from the scattered miasma completely. Suddenly, it exploded apart like fireworks, scattering into countless spots of light, before disappearing into the horizon.

The surroundings had instantly quietened down.

Zhu Yao blanked. “Did we win?”

“Not yet.” Yu Yan replied with a sunken voice.

Following after the disappearance of those spots of light, the miasma that was still scattered in all directions earlier, had suddenly charged right up into the sky, and it was impossible for anyone to react to its speed. It felt as a black curtain had instantly been hanged right in front of them, as the miasma charged right up into the skies. Even one of the lightning clouds in the sky was engulfed by the miasma. Large amount of darkness began to spread in all directions.

Rays of light grew dimmer. When Zhu Yao took a closer look, what she saw were the words ‘bug’ filling up the entire sky in an encompassing manner.

Zhu Yao was instantly dumbfounded. What kind of godly development was this?

The entire world was filled with bugs!

“Master.” Zhu Yao habitually turned her head around to look at Yu Yan. Suddenly, her back sank, as Yu Yan had collapsed onto her. “Master!”

Zhu Yao was shocked, as she held onto him reflexively. However, she saw his entire body shrinking into that of a child’s in a blink of an eye.

He turned small again. Wasn’t it cured back then? Why would he turn small again!?

Taking the opportunity where she could still see, Zhu Yao found a place to land on.

“Little martial aunt.” Zi Mo flew over as well. Looking at her miniature master, he instantly dumbfounded. “Ancestral-martial uncle… What happened to him?”

“I don’t know either!” Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at that strange sky. Earlier, when the resentment blasted towards the sky, her master turned small the next instant. When they came to Spiritual Realm back then, her master crossed the skies as well, and not longer after that he turned small. Could this be related to either the World Crossing Door or resentment?

The miasma in the sky grew in size. As though it was being infected, the entire sky had already been enveloped by it. If this continued, the entire Spiritual Realm would probably be enveloped by the resentment.

What should she do? What should she do? If this kept up, Spiritual Realm would truly be doomed. Damn Realmspirit, at least give me a hint.


A familiar conversation window popped up.

Zhu Yao instantly felt joyous from the bottom of her heart. She excitedly looked at the description written in the window, only to be faced with an eye-catching string of bold, red words.

Congratulations, you have received 1x All-Purpose Dispersal Incantation.

Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. All-purpose dispersal! It looked really mighty. Hurry, hurry. Tell me what’s the incantation?

The string of red words flashed, and instantly changed into another line.

Description of usage method: Please circulate all of the energy in your body and shout out —

What is it?

Save me!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Save your sister! -Faints!- Her all-purpose summonable beast, her master, had already gone to sleep. What’s the use of shouting for help!?

You’re making a fool out of me, right? You’re definitely making a fool out of me, right!?

Zhu Yao’s inner heart was collapsing.

All the disciples of Ancient Azure Sect had already made their way outside. The surroundings were filled with practitioners casting out illumination mystic arts. Everyone looked at the sky with confused expressions, as the entire world looked as though it was enveloped by complete darkness. As the sky grew even darker, even fire type mystic arts were no longer of much use, as there were faint traces of them extinguishing.

“Little martial aunt.” Zi Mo’s face was filled with anxiety. “The resentment is soon spreading throughout the entire Spiritual Realm. What are we going to do?”

If Spiritual Realm was filled with resentment, the practitioners of this world would be tainted by resentment, and everyone would become puppets like the Ghost King.

Zhu Yao gnashed her teeth. She couldn’t be bothered about it any longer.

A fool it is, then.

Taking a deep breath, she circulated all of her spiritual energy. With the loudest voice in her life, she raised her head towards the sky and shouted out. “Save me———!”

The scream reverberated in the surroundings, and it did not die down even after a long while. The entire Ancient Azure Sect was filled with the echos of “eeeeee….”.

The entire place which was still in a ruckus earlier, instantly quietened down.

Crowd: “…”

Countless disciples shuffled their heads and looked at Zhu Yao collectively.

Ps: With eyes that seemed as though they were looking at an idiot!


However, nothing happened.


Realmspirit, this old lady has a bone to pick with you.


Suddenly, a loud roar reverberated. It sounded like the roar of a beast, yet it carried a slight clarity and spirituality. It felt as though it was coming from afar, yet, it also sounded as though it was ringing next to her ears. Though it clearly sounded extremely loud and was reverberating throughout the clouds, it was not the least bit ear-piercing. Instead, just by hearing it, the stuffiness in the depths of one’s heart would clear up and disperse completely.

When this roar fell, as though it had issued an order, responses from countless demonic beasts in the surroundings reverberated. One roar after another rang out continuously. For a moment, various sounds could be heard without end.

Within the sky which was still pitch-black earlier, rays of heavenly light scattered down, as though the miasma was like a curtain with countless of punctured holes. The sky grew brighter, and it looked as though the ‘bug’ words that filled the sky were being wiped away, as they slowly disappeared.

In just about seven minutes, the bright sky had been restored, without the slightest bit of darkness. The miasma that filled the sky earlier, as though it had never appeared in the first place, had disappeared without a trace. The change came too quickly, and everyone could hardly regain their senses. They simply watched as that world decimating crisis mysteriously disappear just like that.

Zhu Yao’s face cramped.

Calling for help… Was actually really useful.


Why didn’t she feel any sense of accomplishment at all?

The disappearance of the bug this time was a little mysterious. In a situation where she completely did not understand what was going on, it disappeared just like that. Zhu Yao felt that the entire incident was a little unrealistic, and was certain that things were not that simple. However, she just could not figure out just what she had missed.

What frustrated her even more was the resentment on little wimp’s body. Though the heavenly lightning bolt back then had scattered a huge half of it, there were still a small half of its remnants in his body. She had tried many ways, even using the lightning spiritual energy to cleanse his meridians, yet she was unable to expel the last strands of resentment out of his body.

“Big sis Zhu Yao, don’t worry. This little bit of resentment is of no concern, I can suppress it.” Wang Xuzhi said unmindfully.

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him, as she slapped on his head. “What are you acting tough for? Is resentment something fun? Of no concern my ass. You may be fine now, but who knows what will happen in the future!”

Wang Xuzhi lowered his head.

More importantly…

Zhu Yao turned to look at her sleeping master. Ever since that day, he had not woken up. When he turned into a child back then, he had merely slept for a single night. But this time, three days had already passed, yet there weren’t any traces of him waking up. Yet, no matter how she checked his pulse, she could not figure out the reason behind it, as though he truly was just sleeping.

Holding onto his chilling hands, she could not help but feel anxious. She had a faint feeling that the reason why her master would occasionally turn into a child, was related to resentment. She had to quickly find a way.

“Old man, is there really no way to completely eliminate resentment in this world?” She turned to look at Zi Mo at the side.

He shook his head. “There’s indeed none. Resentment is born from the heart in the first place. It’s shapeless and formless, and thus its naturally uncontrollable by the countless beings in this world.”

“But the resentment that filled the sky back then had clearly disappeared. It proved that there’s something that can restrain resentment.”

Zi Mo frowned, and only after a while did he speak up. “That voice which dispersed resentment came from a mysterious origin. Even I do not know where it came from.” The roar that suddenly rang out back then, was as though it had come out of thin air. It was basically impossible to determine the direction it came from.

 “Since it was able to get the responses of demonic beasts, then even if that roar did not come from a demonic beast, it would still be highly related to one.” Zhu Yao analysed. “Old man, you should be aware of someone who can do something like this.”

“If we’re talking about practitioners of this world, there’s no one with such capabilities.” Zi Mo sank into deep thoughts. As though he had thought of something, his expression suddenly changed. “But rumours say that at the very end of the horizon, it’s the origin of all beasts, and it’s a sacred land which demonic beasts had submitted to. Probably over there…”

Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. “You’re saying the roar that eliminated resentment, came from there?”

 “There’s a possibility!” Zi Mo nodded, though his expression sank a little heavier. “It’s just that, this so-called sacred land, is merely a legend. No one has actually seen it. Furthermore, the land at the end of the horizon, is also the borders of Spiritual Realm. Located there is an absolute abyss, and falling into it will cause one’s soul to scatter.”

“We can talk after seeing it.” Zhu Yao stood up. Waiting any longer was not an option after all. The longer her master were to sleep, the more worried she would become.

“I’m going too.” Wang Xuzhi held onto her hand. “Big sis Zhu Yao, I don’t feel at ease if you go alone.”

“Like hell you’re going. You still have resentment in your body.” Zhu Yao forcefully stroke his head. “Little wimp, you will just be a bother.”

“I have long stopped being a little wimp!” Wang Xuzhi instantly exploded. Standing up, he was instantly a head taller than her. “With big sis Zhu Yao’s present cultivation, I don’t feel at ease.”

Yo, this little wimp is rebelling. He’s actually belittling my cultivation level. Do you believe I will whack your buttocks?

“Let him go.” Zi Mo stood up and smoothed things over. “If there really is such a place, if he goes there, it will be convenient to disperse the resentment in his body as well.”

“…” That’s actually very logical.

She reluctantly nodded. Alright then, for the sake of him being so tall.

Zhu Yao thoroughly instructed Zi Mo various matters that he should take note of, and also left behind a voice transmission talisman so that he would be able to inform her directly if anything happened. Then, she brought little wimp out. Just as she was about to step through the door, she pondered for a moment, and then turned to head back into her house. Looking at her master who was lying on the bed, she wondered if…

She lowered her head. Pachi. And kissed him.

There still wasn’t any response from the person on the bed.

Alright, she gave up!

He was not sleeping beauty, so as expected, he would not wake up from a kiss.

Leaving behind the petrified Zi Mo, she got on her flying sword and flew off.

Zi Mo: I seemed to have witnessed something incredible? His gossiping heart suddenly burned wildly.

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