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Chapter 243: Scenario Mode, On

Zi Mo had been a Sect Master his entire lifetime. No, that’s not right. He had been a Sect Master for two of his lifetimes. It had always been smooth-sailing. Though he did not manage to make a grand step into deityhood, he was still satisfied. The disciples in his sect had absolute confidence in him, and the sect he resided in continued to thrive. No matter if it was in the cultivation world he formerly lived in, or in the present Spiritual Realm, as long as the name Zi Mo was brought up, anyone would raise up his thumb and shower him with praises.

However, in such a perfect human (ghost) life, two anomalies surfaced, and these were anomalies that he could not escape from even in his death. That’s right, they were the two master and disciple of Jade Forest Peak.

“Little martial aunt, the plan you spoke of is really improper.” Zi Mo said with a heavy heart. “Putting aside the possibility of you guiding out resentment out of Xuzhi’s body, even if you succeeded, with your present level of cultivation, the injuries you will suffer will just be worse than his. If the resentment goes berserk at that moment, the situation will go out of hand.”

“You must have some faith in me!” Zhu Yao patted on Zi Mo’s shoulders.

This is not a problem of faith, but a problem of you sending yourself to death, hey. “Little martial aunt, it’s not that this disciple is making things difficult for you. Xuzhi is my disciple, so I’m naturally extremely anxious as well. But if I end up dragging you into it because a moment of impatience as well, then it isn’t worth a candle.”

“Don’t worry, I will be careful.”

“Resentment is very ferocious and dangerous, it’s not something that can be dealt with just by being careful. Little martial aunt, I absolutely disapprove of your plan to guide the resentment in Xuzhi’s body into your own.”

“Oh.” Zhu Yao replied especially seriously. “I didn’t ask for your opinion though.”

“…” An arrow was shot into his knee.

Disciples of Jade Forest Peak or whatever, he hated them the most.

Zi Mo felt like crying. If he really allowed her to guide resentment into her own body, once his ancestral-grand uncle wakes up, he will definitely kill him, right? He will, right!? Recalling a certain person’s frosty look, he could not help but shiver. In an instant, the room turned quite cold, as he decisively pulled onto Zhu Yao. “Little martial aunt… no matter what, you must not carry out such a self-sacrificial act. If you remain stubborn like this, I… I will die in front of your eyes.”

“Die then.” Zhu Yao was becoming a little annoyed from his pestering. “Let me see how you plan on dying!”

Zi Mo was stunned. For a moment, he did not know how he should proceed.

Zhu Yao carried Wang Xuzhi up from the bed, and sat in a lotus position behind him. Looking at the man who seemed to have been dealt with a deep and severe blow, she sighed. “Old man, don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” She took out a white pearl from within her, and passed it over. “If I end up falling into a coma like little wimp, pass this to my master in my stead.” This was given to her by River of Forgetfulness, and she was unable to discern what it was either. Though, she faintly sensed that it might be useful to her master.

Zi Mo took it from her, and seemed to still have something to say. However, Zhu Yao had already closed her eyes, and began circulating her spiritual energy into Wang Xuzhi’s meridians.

She had done many game plans in the modern era, and the number of bugs she fixed was larger than the number of times she died. She just wouldn’t believe that there was really no way to exterminate this so-called resentment. As long as it’s a bug, then there’s definitely a patch that can deal with it. As the saying goes, as long as the pickaxe is swung well, there are no walls that cannot be dug. Uh… Something sounds strange here?

However, to patch it, one must first figure out where the loophole was. That was why she thought of guiding the resentment in little wimp’s body into her own, so that she could deeply understand the composition of resentment. Only then would she be able to find a method to counter it. Even a divine doctor would have to try hundreds of herbs to figure out their medicinal effects after all.

Taking a deep breath, Zhu Yao continued to circulate her spiritual energy and inspect little wimp’s meridians. From his Shenting to his Danzhong, his body was filled with pure fire spiritual energy. Only when she approached the location of his Dantian did she faintly sense strands of black gaseous bodies.

The black miasma and fire spiritual energy were entangled together. The miasma was just a step away from gathering in his Dantian, the source of his spiritual energy. At the entrance to his Dantian, there were several rows of talismans floating around, and they were preventing the miasma from entering with all their might.

It was no wonder little wimp was unconscious. If resentment ended up entering his Dantian, if he wanted to forcefully expel it, he would have to shatter his Dantian and had no choice but to destroy his own cultivation. The remnants of little wimp’s consciousness were most likely used to stop this resentment.

Zhu Yao did not hesitate any further, and immediately guided the miasma towards her. Contrary to her expectations, the miasma seemed to have fixated on little wimp’s body, not even bothering to move towards her in the least.

The hell, you resentment, you actually have preferences for men over women! Willing her thoughts, she materialized a few thin lightning streaks, which struck and crackled all over. Along with the fire spiritual energy, the lightning streaks directly scattered the miasma.

Though she could not exterminate it, hitting it till it was unable to retaliate was still possible. The moment the resentment scattered, Zhu Yao immediately used her spiritual energy to trap it, and then retracted it back towards her.

At first, she had wanted to control the resentment and then deal with it slowly. However, the moment the resentment she scattered entered her meridians, as though it was injected with hormones, the resentment excitedly skipped and jumped about, and began to scurry wantonly within her body.

It was clearly so quiet back in little wimp’s body, why did it suddenly go crazy when it came into hers?

Zhu Yao lost control for a moment, and her meridians ended up flowing in the reverse direction. Opening her mouth, she puked out a mouthful of blood.


“Little martial aunt!” Zi Mo was frightened, as he hurriedly sprinted over.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Taking the opportunity the resentment had yet to swim all the way to her Dantian, she circulated the spiritual energy in her entire body to seal the surroundings of her Dantian. As expected, when the resentment had reached near her Dantian, they could not take any step further.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to heave a sigh of relief, the miasma that finally stopped, suddenly turned around and drilled into her divine sense.

The hell, this plot development was evidently not going according to the script!

Because the spiritual energy in her entire body was safeguarding her Dantian, that miasma seemed to have directly seeped into her divine sense without facing any obstructions. Zhu Yao instantly felt her vision darken.

Momma’s egg, she had gone and done it now!

For a moment, Zhu Yao could not feel her own existence, but only thick darkness. She was feeling suppressed all around her to the point where she was finding it hard to breathe. There seemed to be something in the depths of her heart, rumbling and tumbling, wanting to break out.

Following after, the scene in front of her eyes changed. She suddenly saw a place filled with lush green mountains and clear rivers. Fresh flowers in full bloom filled the land, while the sky was even more so brightly lit, with auspicious clouds floating about.

A white-robed woman was standing within the hundreds of flowers, and she slowly turned her head towards her.

Zhu Yao inhaled some air. That was an astonishingly beautiful face. In the cultivation world, the beauties Zhu Yao saw were as many as the number of hair on a cow, and the human forms of the God Races were even more so heaven-defying beautiful. However, none of them could compare to this woman. Four beauties of ancient China? When comparing them to her, they were simply too crude. If she had to be described with a single phrase, then it could only be – She’s too motherf**king beautiful, she’s inhuman!

That beauty was looking straight at her, and then suddenly gave her a light smile. In an instant, the ground that was filled with flowers, along with the brightly lit sky, suddenly lost all their colours.

“Why?” She suddenly spoke. She sounded as though she was asking out of curiosity, yet at the same time, she sounded like she was interrogating her as well. “Why… why…”

As she constantly questioned, her voice grew solemn, and the expression on her face slowly turned into despair. It was like colours had suddenly faded away from a wonderful scenery. On her beautiful face, a eye-catching astonishing scar suddenly appeared.  It spread across her entire face, and blood was still seeping out of it. Her white robes were slowly dyed in red.

In a blink of an eye, a beautiful fairy had turned into a vile ghost of hell. Even the hundreds of flowers on the ground had slowly wilted away, and the sky were filled with thunders and flashes of lighting.

Zhu Yao trembled from fright, however, in an instant, the scene in front of her changed.

Next, she witnessed the life of a miserable girl through the method of direct transfer. It was exactly similar to the scenario mode in the past.

The girl’s name was Ying Luo, and she was said to be the descendant of the ancient God Race. However, this girl was rather unfortunate, as she was abandoned when young. She was then picked up by a pair of human traffickers, and was often bought and sold by people. Never able to eat to her fill, and never able to wear any warm clothes, she managed to reach the age of ten through great difficulty. At that time, she encountered a deity sect which was taking in disciples, but because she possessed the weakest penta spirit veins, after arriving in the deity sect, she was arranged to the outer sect to do miscellaneous chores.

Though her luck was on the poorer side, it could not stop someone who possessed the bloodline of a God Race. Cultivation was completely a breeze to her, and she would basically learn anything on her first try. And it was exactly because of this she had brought about the envy of others in the same sect. It was uncertain just how many times she was plotted against in the dark.

Through great difficulty, she managed to build her Foundation, and her life became a little better than before. She was taken in as a disciple by an Azoth Core practitioner in the inner sect, and officially entered the core authoritative circle of the cultivation world. Because of her spirit veins, people did not set their eyes on her in the beginning. However, she was a good learner, and adding that she was a hard worker as well, she managed to reach Foundation Paragon in just ten short years.

A mere penta spirit veins holder actually possessed a cultivation speed comparable to a heavenly spirit vein holder. Naturally, this would arouse the suspicions of others, and there were even people who felt that she carried an exotic treasure.

Even if she had done nothing, she still ended up pulling in lots of hatred. As long as she stepped outside, people would frequently leap out and stab her with a sword or slice her with a sabre. And among these hatred, there was also her master who had been stuck as an Azoth Core practitioner for a hundred years.

In the first place, this Azoth Core practitioner did not willingly take her as a disciple either. The rules of the sect stated that as long as one was a Foundation disciple, he or she had to be admitted into the inner sect. Ying Luo was among the people who was pushed to a practitioner, who did not meet the minimum requirement on the number of disciples to be taken under his tutelage.

That was why this Azoth Core practitioner did not really plan on teaching her wholeheartedly, and simply threw her a few books on techniques and arts. In the end, this disciple attained enlightenment, and ended up cultivating faster than himself. In just a blink of an eye, she was about to surpass him and form her own Azoth Core. This master quitted. He applied pressure on this disciple of his both openly and secretly, and when he heard the rumours that she possessed an exotic treasure, he even grouped up with others, wanting to kill his own disciple to steal her treasure.

However, the girl’s luck suddenly exploded forth. Not only did she manage to escape a tribulation, while surrounded by the crowd of people, she suddenly had a sudden comprehension, instantly forming her Azoth Core. Instead, the people who surrounded her and attacked her, ate their own bitter fruits. They were wiped out.

Cultivating from the Foundation realm to the Azoth Core realm in just ten short years, an aptitude like this had finally garnered the attention of the sect. The girl was then raised by the sect with heavier care and attention, learning alongside with those heavenly spirit vein geniuses.

Though she now had high level resources and cultivation techniques, because she did not have any background and backing behind her, she was still that little cabbage who was constantly being bullied. It was as though the girl’s body was stuck with slips of paper labelled ‘Come, beat me then’, everyone wanted to go up and bully her.

However, towards these scorns and disdains, the girl did not mind them at all. Probably because there hadn’t been a single person who was nice to her since young, she never had any thoughts in that aspect. Instead, she gotten used to all the bullying. Not to mention, in such an environment, the girl actually did not have any steered views in life. She was still that little cabbage who constantly aimed higher in an upright manner. As she dealt with the evil intentions of the people in the same sect, she continued to put in effort in her cultivation.

Until the day when the sect encountered the assault of heretic practitioners. Their Mountain Barrier Formation was broken through, and large waves of demonic beasts attacked. Yet, coincidentally, the few Nascent Soul practitioners and the only Demigod Sovereign of the sect had all rushed to a newly surfaced secret realm, and were not present in the sect at all.

The only ones who could be termed as battle forces in the sect, were the few Azoth Core practitioners. Though the girl was young, her sense of justice was off the charts, as she fought with the crowd of heretic practitioners in a desperate manner while waiting for the management level leaders to return and rescue them.

However, these heretic practitioners were not just talk either, and their methods were extremely heinous and ruthless. There were even some who practiced heretic arts that cultivated the souls of the dead. Many disciples turned timid, and only the upright little girl remained to safeguard the sect to the death. She desperately activated the sect’s mountain barrier mystic artifact, and managed to stop the heretic practitioners.

When the management level leaders returned, she only had a single breath remaining.

Probably because her actions were too moving, the Sect Master personally healed her injuries, took her as his chamber disciple, and began to teach her wholeheartedly. With resources and background, the girl spent two hundred years to cultivate into a late stage Azoth Core practitioner.

After that, an ancient secret realm surfaced. All practitioners above the Azoth Core realm had gone over to investigate it, and the girl was also one of them. They found out that it was a mustard seed dimensional space left behind by an ancient God, and it was in this space that the girl suddenly awakened her bloodline of the ancient God Race. She immediately nourished her Nascent Soul, and charged all the way to the cultivation level of a Nascent Soul Paragon.

Her identity had also surfaced as well. The true descendant of an ancient God Race, biological sister of the Palace Master of Forgotten God Palace. Her godly power had even more so surpassed the Palace Master’s. As the descendant of a God Race, the girl naturally could not stay in her former sect, and was welcomed to Forgotten God Palace, becoming the master of one of the halls.

However, she did not live a blissful and happy life.

Because, the Devil Race surfaced.

Zhu Yao deeply felt that the God Race and Devil Race was like an OTP that could not be torn apart no matter what. And it was even the kind where they would love to kill each other.

The ancient God’s mustard seed dimensional space which the girl had inspected back then, had a Devil sealed in it. When the crowd of people entered the dimensional space, he took the opportunity to escape. Furthermore, the conventional scenario of a Devil began. With nothing else better to do, he ran around causing havoc, and his ultimate goal was obviously, to destroy the world.

The girl Ying Luo, the true descendant of the ancient God Race, who was newly appointed as a Hall Master, carrying an overflowing sense of justice, and was bound by her duty, was naturally dispatched by the Forgotten God Palace Master to save the world. Because she was the reason behind the release of the Devil, the girl fought with immense effort. However, a descendant of the God Race was not equal to an actual God, no matter how much effort she put in, how could she possibly defeat an undying Devil?

The cultivation world lost! Fifty or so Nascent Soul practitioners, dozens of Demigod practitioners, all collectively laid on the ground.

In the end, the girl gritted her teeth and directly used her body as a sacrifice. With her soul as a guide, she turned into five mystic artifacts and resealed the Devil.

The world was saved, but the girl died. Furthermore, her soul was split into several pieces, bound to seal the Devil forever, never to be able to reincarnate once more.

Zhu Yao sighed. This could totally be considered as a weeping heroic tale. This girl was someone who could truly be referred to as a world saviour, though her ending was a little too miserable. Zhu Yao could not help but sigh once more.

Suddenly the scene in front of her changed. The scenario was not complete, there was actually a continuation. Zhu Yao seriously watched on, and the further she watched, the more desolate she felt. That suppressing feeling that made it hard for her to breathe returned, causing unquellable rage to unconsciously surge within her.

What the scene showed was, the thousand years after the girl had saved the world.

She woke up!

Probably because the Heavenly Dao felt that it had mistreated her, a thousand years after the Devil was sealed, the pieces of the girl’s soul slowly left the mystic artifacts and began to gather.

Then, she was revived.

Though, her cultivation was lost, she was once again standing on this piece of land with a new life. It was the first time she felt the priceless value of life, and had so much love for everything in the world. This had also made her feel that everything she had done, was all worth it.

But, good people would not necessarily be rewarded. She died!

She died in the hands of the people of the world, whom she had used her soul to protect.

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