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Chapter 250: The Girl’s Revival

All the man-eating flowers on the island had turned into ashes in an instant. The poison gas scattered completely, and the main culprit beast was emitting out the aroma of roasted meat.

Zhen Yuan was zapped to the point where his four limbs were facing the sky, revealing its white belly skin. Its gigantic figure shrank at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, and in just a few moments, it was already the size of an average little puppy. Zhu Yao basically did not hold back in that strike of hers, instantly shattering its inner core. It was definite that its cultivation would suffer a regression.

Zhu Yao walked over. Its four limbs twitched a little before it flipped about. It then trembled as it laid on the ground, pleading for its life. “Great deity, please spare my life, great deity. This little beastie knows its wrongs, I won’t dare to do it ever again.”

Zhu Yao frowned, and said with a cold voice. “What wrongs have you done?”

“Wrongs… My wrongs are…” His body trembled. “This little beast did not have eyes to see Mount Tai, and ended up offending great deity. Great deity, you have a magnanimous heart, please do not fuss with this little beast, and let this little beast go.”

He cried while making pitter patter sounds, and its little figure was trembling like a leaf fluttering in the wind, looking extremely pitiful. Zhu Yao sighed. “I’m not going to kill you.”

Zhen Yuan instantly turned joyous, as it raised its two grape-like black eyes and carried an excited expression.

“But I can’t forgive you either!” Zhu Yao’s tone changed, and Zhen Yuan’s face turned miserably pale.

“Zhen Yuan, you don’t even know what you have done wrong, so what right do you think you have to be forgiven for everything you have done?”

“No, I… I really know my wrongs now. I regretted doing them now.” He explained with all his might.

Zhu Yao coldly laughed. “The only thing you regret, is the person you met was actually me. You regret being caught by me, and regret offending me. However, you don’t think imprisoning the souls of those practitioners is wrong at all.”

“…” Zhen Yuan was startled.

“If you regret doing so from the bottom of your heart, then you wouldn’t be pleading me to forgive you today.” Zhu Yao said with emphasis on every word. “So, I can’t forgive you. I’m not killing you, because I don’t have the right to decide the life and death of someone. You’re a ninth rank demonic beast, and has already cultivated a human form. You entered the realm of humans and learnt the ways of a human being, but you have forgotten the purity found in one’s heart. In order to cultivate, you feed on the lifeforce of mortals. The ones you should be pleading for forgiveness isn’t me, but the ones who have died on this island because their lifeforce was eaten by you. If I forgive you today, then a part of the sin of killing those people will be pushed onto me as well. I will be murderer who have connived with you.”

Zhu Yao’s expression turned cold, and in an instant, she performed a set of hand-seals. A gigantic formation instantly enveloped the entire island, and she gently said. “Zhen Yuan, I don’t want to kill you, but I will imprison you forever on this island. You will no longer be able to see anyone else, and make contact with anyone else, just like how you have imprisoned those souls. Only once you have truly regretted from the bottom of your heart, will you finally be freed.”

“No…” He instantly became agitated, wanting to struggle and crawl towards her. Not being able to see anyone, and not being able to make contact with anyone else, how was it any different from being a ghost? “You can’t do such a thing to me. I really know my wrongs, you… You clearly carry an aura that all beasts adore, shouldn’t you be protecting me? Why…”

“Since you have the guts to commit wrongdoings, then you should have the resolve to accept your punishment?”

“Punishment, why am I the only one getting punished?” He began to hiss out in an exhaustive manner. “How is it even possible for those human practitioners of the cultivation world to not sense my presence after being here for several thousand years? They let me loose, so they asked for it themselves. It’s not a mistake made by me alone…”

Zhu Yao did not speak any further, and the formation directly activated. Zhen Yuan disappeared instantly from the ground, and various runic symbols were just floating in the air, before disappearing without a trace in a few minutes.

Zhu Yao sighed, as an indiscernible emotion surged from the depths of her heart, feeling a little uncomfortable from the stuffiness. All of the demonic beasts she had seen before were probably too simplistic. Either they were kind to her to the very end, or they would show endless ferocity towards her.

Either they would want to eat her at first glance, or they would want to lean next to her on their first encounter. Thus, in her heart, demonic beasts had always been simplistic and direct, without much twists and turns in their personalities.

However, Zhen Yuan was different. When comparing demonic beasts, his thoughts and actions were more like a human’s. The entire time, she had felt that it was strange for a demonic beast like it to be interested in the mystic artifacts and treasures of human practitioners. In the beginning, it too simply just wanted to snatch her mystic artifact away, and it would even use such gimmicks to lure people into his trap.

After pondering for a moment.

Behind the demonic beast, there definitely did not lack the shadows of human practitioners, and most likely various sects and clans were involved in this matter. Everyone knew that this ocean region was dangerous, but Treasure Gathering Pavilion had evidently existed in the cultivation world for a long while. Not just that, they must had other branch shops in other places. Zhen Yuan was simply snatching treasures, and it would then be transferred to other practitioners. While it fed on their lifeforce, the cultivation world could bear witness to various mystical and strange treasures.

Zhen Yuan was right. The human practitioners of the cultivation world were not exactly unaware of everything that was transpiring, they simply let him loose. Everything all came down to a single word – benefit. Zhen Yuan was wrong, while the other practitioners who made use of this and let it loose, were similarly in the wrong.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little depressed. Clearly, these so-called practitioners were not any different from regular human beings, and they would compete to their deaths for glory, benefits, and their cultivation. However, because of the almighty status of a ‘deity practitioner’, they rationalized all their actions, and would commit wrongdoings with a peace of mind. Yet, they were still able to continue onwards and upwards, ascending to the Higher Realm and obtaining eternal life.

Just what kind of world was this? And this so-called Dao, what kind of ‘Dao’ were they treading on? Just why was she unable to spot even a single bit of positivity in it, and merely ugliness and annihilation? With such a deformed Dao, she thought that something like resentment being birthed was actually very normal now.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, suppressing the irritation towards this world that was faintly surging in the depths of her heart. Circulating her spiritual energy and performing hand-seals, she chanted the Afterlife Incantation.

In a few moments, a large formation appeared in the skies above the island, releasing out a golden radiance stretching out to dozens of kilometers. In but an instant, streams of white light slowly rose from the ground and began to fly towards the horizon. These were all souls which Zhen Yuan had trapped for over thousands of years. Though Zhen Yuan was sealed and could no longer imprison them, a large number of souls had been trapped for too long, and had long been unable to enter the Netherworld. This was why she had no choice but to send them off herself.

The streams of white light grew in number, and like a meteor shower under bright daylight, they slowly flew towards the sky, and finally disappeared without a trace. The entire island was enveloped by white light for exactly half an hour, before the final stream of light rose and disappeared. It could be seen that the number of souls trapped here was phenomenal.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and then retracted the formation. The Afterlife Incantation was a very simple mystic art, and the amount of spiritual energy consumed by it was small as well. However, it did not mean she could last for an entire half an hour maintaining it, not to mention she had expended a large half of her spiritual energy when dealing with Zhen Yuan.

Zhen Yuan was a ninth rank demonic beast, just half a step away from being a tenth rank. If not because she wielded the lightning spirit vein which had a naturally affinity in suppressing demonic beasts, she really had not many ways to obtain victory. After sending off all those souls, she was already exhausted to the point her limbs were turning a little weak. Just as she was about to sit down and adjust her breathing.

In her hands, the mystic artifact that sealed the Devil suddenly shone. Something while floated out from it, and then, after a flash, it disappeared without a trace. Zhu Yao simply felt a chill at the back of her palm, and in a blink of an eye, she saw the figure of a girl.

Why did the image of a girl appear from the fan?

The hell!

It’s that tragic girly.

Zhu Yao was stunned. She could not be bothered to rest any longer, as she stepped on her sword and flew in the direction of Forgotten God Palace.

According to the original scenario, the girl’s soul would only return several dozen years later, and then reawaken. However, now that this butterfly Zhu Yao was here, she was not certain if changes would occur. No, changes had definitely occurred.

She suddenly recalled the soul imprisonment formation Zhen Yuan placed on that island. At the same time it imprisoned the other souls, she wondered if this one-fifth of the girl’s soul was imprisoned as well, leading to the girl staying dormant even after a long time. As for later on, either that mystic artifact had ended up outside the island, or Zhen Yuan had ascended and no more energy remained to imprison the souls, which allowed this part of her soul to return.

That’s right. That white figure earlier was one-fifth of the girl’s soul. The direction it disappeared towards was exactly where Forgotten God Palace was. Right now, it should have already returned to the girl’s body.

Zhu Yao grew anxious, as she flew back while wildly circulating her spiritual energy.

Just as she arrived at Forgotten God Palace, she sensed a very obvious spiritual energy turbulence in the direction of the rear mountain. Even though she was far away, she could still sense it. Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. There was no time left. If the people of Forgotten God Palace realized that the girl was about to wake up, then the entire cultivation world would find out. If that happened, it would then lead to an irreversible tragedy again.

What should she do?

Zhu Yao tried to think of a countermeasure. Her line of sight then turned to the Sword Seeking Peak at the side. She got one!

“Metal Spirit!” She took out that piece of rock from her pouch.

“Chick~” The Metal Spirit rubbed against her palm.

“Can you have those swords on Sword Seeking Peak go berserk once more?”


“It’s fine to just make the commotion bigger, and a little more exaggerated.”

“Chick chick chick.” It rolled forward, making a nodding expression.

“Alright, then go over to Sword Seeking Peak.” Zhu Yao nodded to the rock. “Once the matter is settled, I will come over to fetch you. Remember, don’t hurt anyone.”


Raising her hands, Zhu Yao performed a hand-seal, turning the Metal Spirit into a ray of light and sending it to Sword Seeking Peak. In just a few moments, the entire Sword Seeking Peek was like an exploding wok. Countless spiritual swords flew out and began to dance about in the sky in a wild manner. As though they had gone crazy, they sliced rocks and hacked trees, making such a ruckus that calling it a “commotion” was an understatement.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched as she silently wiped off her sweat. This was a little too exaggerated. It was like an active construction site.

Though she had to admit, she heaved a sigh of relief. The sacred pond and the Sword Seeking Peak were situated in the same grounds, and there were only about two kilometers between them. With this ruckus, Forgotten God Palace would simply believe that the mountain was in a frenzy again, and their attention would not be on the sacred pond when the girl reawakens.

Turning around, she flew over, only to witness the formations on the sacred pond beginning to collapse. The chains that were initially binding her body had already begun to shatter, and the pond water was beginning to rumble. The girl was currently slowly rising. The formation shone brightly, as lines of cracks appeared on the formation. An illusory image that looked exactly the same as the girl, was presently merging with her physical body. Most probably, this was that one-fifth of her soul which escaped from that mystic artifact. According to the situation of the pond, at the moment her soul returns to her body, the girl would then soon awaken.

Zhu Yao immediately placed down countless concealment formations in the surroundings, preventing anyone else from discovering the anomaly here. Then, while making sure she would not destroy the formation, she cast an art to aid the girl’s body in escaping out of the pond.

An hour passed, that illusory image finally merged completely with her physical body, and the cracks on the pond’s formation disappeared as well. The girl slowly rose up, her hair fluttered without the presence of wind, and the sleeves of her robe flapped about. Presence of life began to appear on that absolutely beautiful face, with slight hints of red on her complexion, making her beauty stir the hearts and souls of people even more so than before. After a while, she gradually opened her eyes, and the corners of her lips lightly raised. That one simple and light smile, was enough to strip the entire world of its colours.

Even though they were of the same gender, Zhu Yao was stunned. Even using ‘fairy-like’ would not be able to describe her heavenly throbbing beauty. For a moment, she had forgotten about the time and her surroundings, and was simply watching with a throbbing chest as that dream-like lady slowly walked over to her. From her delicate lips, a voice, that sounded like an oriole flying out of its valley, flowed out.

“Your esteemed mom, which bastard turtle’s grandson threw this old lady into the pool here.”


She could hear the sound of her dream shattering.

The girl even picked up the corners of her dress with her hands, while looking at the pool of water with a scornful look. “My grandpa, this old lady hates having my dress wet the most. If this old lady finds out who placed me here, I will curse him to have terrible luck for all his life, curse his entire family to have terrible luck for all their lives!”

“…” The contrast here was to the extent where people would find it hard to retort to.

“Eh, so there’s a living person here!” The girl finally saw Zhu Yao by the side of the pond, and sized her up. “Though he is a little ugly.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

The tragedies this girl experienced in the first half of her lifetime, was caused by her cheap mouth, right? It’s definitely so, right?

“Yo, broski.” The girl waved her hands at her and greeted, as she ran over to her side. Just as she took a step forward, as though she had suddenly tripped, with a splash, she fell down from the center of the formation, she fell into the water head-first. In the water, she began to flap her hands about in a fluster. “Save… Save me… I don’t know how… Water…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. With a wave of her hand, a clear breeze blew, instantly pulling out the drenched girl.

With her frightened look, that esteemed and cold-looking fairy image had already disappeared. The drenched body of this funny youth was emitting out a thick aura of a country bumpkin living in the city.

“Thank ya.” She spat out a mouthful of water, as she laid on the ground like a corpse and gasped for air, looking as though she would not be able to recover for a short while. She panted for exactly five minutes before finally turning to look at Zhu Yao with a joyful look. “It’s all thanks to you, big bro. Otherwise, this old lady would have drowned here. I never expected that the freaking pond would be so deep given its small size.”

What’s with this ‘big bro’? “I’m a woman.”

“Ah?” She sat up and sized her up for a moment. Then, her line of sight stopped at her chest, with an expression that looked as if she was saying ‘stop with the jokes’.

The hell, small breasts were still breasts!

“I. Am. A. Woman!” Her teeth were gnashing.

She suddenly stood right up and stretched out her two hands. Plop, she pressed on the soft meats on Zhu Yao’s chest, and rubbed them for a moment.

“…” It was her first time being molested by someone, and the other party was even a motherf**king girl!

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and no matter how she thought about it, she was definitely suffering a bit of humiliation here. She definitely could not endure this. Thus, her brain flared up, and she reached out to grab onto the girl’s chest as well. However, she ended up feeling huge surging waves.

She lost. ORZ

No wait, why the hell were they molesting each other here?

The girl finally released her hands, and as she stroked her own aching chest, she voiced out in a doubtful manner. “You’re so flat! Are you sure you’re a woman?”

“You have any opinions on that!” Zhu Yao glared at her. “Why don’t I pull down my pants and show you?”


“Sure, your sister.” As a girl, is it really alright for you to be this coarse?

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