[Disciple] Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: History Can’t be Altered


A QQ chat window popped out.

She simply heard celebratory noises, as the entire screen began to shoot out fireworks.

Realmspirit: Congratulations, young maiden. You have successfully eliminated 1x resentment. You have opened the door to a brand-new world, you know.

Zhu Yao’s heart was feeling unbearably stifling, as the flames of fury which she had been suppressing with all her might began to sizzle and explode. “What was that just now? I clearly could have saved her, so why was I unable to move all of a sudden? Why was I unable to repair of Dantian? Don’t think I’m unaware they’re all your doings. I heard that notification bell.”

Realmspirit: Uh… Young maiden. You must know that we were on a tight schedule this time, so having some defects in the product quality should be understandable. You can just treat it as a one-use avatar, so it’s very natural for it to be unrestorable!

Zhu Yao glared at him. “Don’t use such reasonings to confuse me. Tell me the truth.”

Realmspirit: Young maiden, the past can’t be altered.

“The past?” Zhu Yao was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Realmspirit: Young maiden, resentment truly exists. The reason why history is called history, is because it can’t be altered. You must know that though you have returned to the past, the things that you can alter are limited. When there’s a cause, there will also be an effect. You can alter the process, but not the result. Ying Luo is destined to die at that time, this is history. If everything changes, the butterfly effect produced will be immeasurable.

“Then what about back then?” Zhu Yao continued to ask. “During the time disruption back then, there weren’t any problems, were there?” Back then when she reincarnated into a Black Tortoise, didn’t she participate in a prologue as well?

Realmspirit: Then how are you so certain that everything you have experienced, aren’t the results caused by a butterfly effect?

“…” Zhu Yao was stunned. She suddenly thought of Shao Bai, and Yue Ying.

Realmspirit: My friend, you weren’t able to understand, because you first experienced the ‘effects’, before finding the ‘causes’. It’s exactly because you opened the Heavenly World Crossing Door in the beginning and saved the God Races, were you then able to encounter those incidents later on.

“From what you’re saying, if we’re using a timeline to explain, my first quest was actually that time with the God Races?”

Realmspirit: (Sprinkle flowers) Let me give you thirty-two thumbs-up.

She was feeling a little stifling in the depths of her heart. Though they were together for a long time, she had truly regarded that girl Ying Luo as a good girl friend. She had always believed that she would be able to save her, and she was there on the quest exactly because of this reason as well. However, she never expected that Realmspirit would tell her that Ying Luo’s death was pre-determined, and could not be altered.

“Then why did you let me make this trip?” He first gave her hope, then denied her completely. This was really too cruel.

The screen was silent for a short while, before Realmspirit typed out the next line.

Realmspirit: Because I believed that you’re able to eliminate resentment and save the Three Realms.

Realmspirit: Yao Yao, why don’t you think in another perspective? Because of your appearance, Ying Luo was able to receive a bond of friendship, and you became the only spot of light in her tragic life. And it was exactly because of this spot of light, she did not have to despair after her death and resentment was no longer born. Resentment has always been birthed from resentment, hatred, unwillingness and other negative emotions of people while they were alive. Due to bearing high hopes, their disappointment ended up as despair. This is why resentment is undying and indestructible. This entire time, I have been looking for a method to destroy it, but to no avail. However, you found it.

Realmspirit: Being unwilling to be ordinary is human nature in the first place. Giving hope to despair, is the method to destroy resentment. Yao Yao, you were the one helped me find this answer. You must know that resentment is birthed from people, and it and a human soul are a single entity in the first place. Even if resentment is being suppressed by the River of Forgetfulness, being forcefully separated from the souls of people, in the end, resentment is still part of a soul. This is also why resentment is undying and indestructible. If the soul is undying, then resentment is indestructible. Souls with resentment suppressed are incomplete entities in the first place. Even after reincarnating, with such thin souls, naturally, their lucks would be frail. Most of them merely live their lives as cannon fodder.

Realmspirit: Speaking from another point of view, you have eliminated Ying Luo’s resentment, which ended up restoring her soul entity. In her next life, she will no longer be mere cannon fodder.

“But, in the end, I was still unable to save her. So what if she has a next life? In her next life, or even the one after that, she will no longer be Ying Luo.” She couldn’t understand. Shouldn’t good things happen to good people? Why did someone like this girl still end up becoming a bug-like existence? She had clearly done no wrong, while those people filled with vile intentions could still reign supreme, grasp the Dao and become deities.

“Young maiden…” A sunken male voice suddenly rang out, and it faintly carried a hint of fatigue. Realmspirit finally abandoned the chat window and spoke. “You must know that this is also the girl Ying Luo’s own choice. In that situation, even if she survives, she might not have lived a better life than her next lifetime.”

“But if a soul with suppressed resentment reincarnates, doesn’t that person’s luck become weak, and can only end up becoming cannon fodder?” Zhu Yao glared at the screen. “How can her next life be any better?”

“Initially, yes. But young maiden, you have already eliminated her resentment. This way, her soul has already been perfected.”

“What do you mean?” I don’t understand.

The screen window rang out, and suddenly, a video interface popped out.

On the screen, a gentle female practitioner was currently hugging onto a female infant, coaxing her softly. Naturally, that female infant was Ying Luo’s reincarnation, and the woman who was hugging her looked a little familiar. For a moment, she was unable to recall where she had seen her before.

“My wife, it has been hard on you.” Suddenly the door was pushed open, and a figure dressed in white hurriedly walked over. “Let me see our child.” As he said that, he carried the female infant. He then turned around and raised his head, revealing a familiar middle-aged face.

“Zi Mo!” Zhu Yao widened her eyes as she took a step forward. And she was wondering why that woman looked so familiar. She was actually Zi Mo’s wife. Then the female infant in his arms was…

“Little radish is Ying Luo!”

“Congratulations, you got it right!”

“How… How is that possible.” Zhu Yao was a little confused.

“Young maiden, have you forgotten what Ying Luo told you before she died?”

Zhu Yao was startled. “She said… she wanted to call me…” The hell, she had really become her master.

“Zhu Yao, this is why I said history can’t be altered. If Ying Luo didn’t die, then she wouldn’t have reincarnated into little radish, then you two naturally wouldn’t have the bond of master and disciple.”

Zhu Yao frowned, however, she was still unable to accept it completely. “In other words, little radish’s soul was incomplete in the beginning?”

“Right. Initially, her luck was weak, and would have been taken over when she turns twenty. However, because you accepted her as your disciple, it was prevented.”

After thinking about it, little radish’s initial life was truly the life of a cannon fodder.

“So, you don’t have to feel guilty for being unable to save Ying Luo. It was all her own decision. No matter how well you do, she will still make the same decision in the end. Even if you insist on saving her, the result might not have been better, and it might even cause Yu Luo to disappear.”

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh, as the frustration in the depths of her heart dispersed a little. Raising her head, she looked at the chat window which was no longer being updated, and smiled. “So you’re finally willing to speak?”

“Aiya. Aren’t I doing it all for you?” He cheaply replied. “I was afraid that the young maiden would think of doing some silly things. Haah. For your sake, I really have broken my own heart.”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Rolling her eyes, she said. “Stop acting cheap, aren’t you at fault for everything here? In the end, I still don’t even know how you look like?”

“Young maiden, you wish to see me?” His voice raised.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. “Eh!? Can I!?”

“If you wanted to see me, just say so. I have long known that young maiden has been coveting my beautiful looks.”

Coveting your sister!

“Alright then! Since you have already requested it so sincerely, coming out to see you for a moment isn’t that much trouble.”

“You’re serious!?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

The QQ chat window which had not been updated in this short while suddenly flashed, disappearing in an instant. An orb-like figure suddenly appeared in mid-air, looking all round and smooth. Just as Zhu Yao was thinking that he was a fatty, that figure suddenly grew clearer, revealing a snow-white belly. Its back was as black as ink, and its four limbs were small to the point of being hardly visible. Its mouth was a pointy yellow, and circling around its neck was a red scarf. It was a gigantic… QQ Penguin1.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Why is it a penguin, hey!? Just how much do you love Tencent!?

“Young maiden, how is it?” That penguin winked at her, looking all complacent as it said. “Isn’t my image very refreshing?”

“Your sister’s refreshing!” Just which part of it was refreshing? “What are you doing transforming into something like that?”

“Aiya, I simply felt that I would feel more intimate like this.” It scratched its penguin head with a shy look.

“…” Which part of it is intimate? It’s more like seeing a ghost, alright?

“Don’t you have the impulse to charge some q-coins2 into me?”


“You don’t like it?” It supported its head and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, it pulled out a red bowtie out of nowhere, and stuck it on its head. “How about now? After turning into its female version, do you have any thoughts of charging q-coins now?” Even his voice had automatically turned into a female voice.


The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Veins popped out from her hands, as she tightly held onto her fists. After taking in several deep breaths, she gritted her teeth and waved her hand at it. “You, come here.”

“Ah?” The penguin trudged towards her. “Young maiden, q-coins… Ah!”

Before it could even finish, Zhu Yao had already raised her fists, and bashed them towards its round and smooth body. Whichever part became more apparent, she would strike her fists there. Using strength from her entire body, she continuously connected one fist after the next.

“Aaaahhh… Young maiden, wait a minute, violence is wrong… Aiya!”

For a moment, a certain someone’s screams repeatedly echoed in the entire space.

Only when Zhu Yao was tired to the point of being unable to raise her fists, did she finally stop. Realmspirit was completely swollen into a round, filled with black and white bruises everywhere.

 “Young… maiden…” It tremblingly raised its small wings. What happened to the promised friendship? It felt that both its mind and body had suffered a serious blow.

Zhu Yao swung her head. “Mn, I feel refreshed now.”

Realmspirit: “…” The penguin head tilted, and right after, it stopped breathing.

“Enough, stop acting dead. Hurry and send me back.” Zhu Yao kicked the penguin which was still acting like a corpse on the ground. If it was injured so easily, it wouldn’t be Realmspirit.

As expected, in the next moment, it had already bounced up. The injuries on its body had all completely disappeared, and it said with the look of an underling. “Dear friend, are you satisfied with my method of death earlier? If you feel that your hatred has yet to dissipate, you can still try again. Based on our friendship, I can provide you with various methods of deaths that you can choose from. You can use a sword to slice me to death, use rocks to smash me to death, or even kick me to death. Quality is guaranteed, and a definite fair trade. If you pre-order now, you can even receive a large reincarnation package that is extremely worth the money.”

“…” Just how much do you wish to die? “Scram!”

“Don’t be so heartless, my dear friend! If you buy now, you get a cashback bonus for your good reviews, you know?”


“Service that is absolute worth the price. It’s an intelligent choice. You can walk pass it, but you must not miss it!”


“Young maiden, why don’t you try one out? If you pre-order now, it comes with a free vacation.”


May your journey be smooth-sailing!” It waved its small handkerchief.

A loading bar flashed before Zhu Yao’s eyes, and it instantly disappeared in this dark world.

That gigantic penguin was standing unmoving in its original spot. In but a moment, it shook like a movie scene, and then disappeared.

Rows of red characters floated in the air, as though data was being changed, faint yet visible at the same time.

“A large emotional problem has once again occurred on the target. Will emergency measures be deployed?”

“Deployment has been suspended.”

“Target continues to load.”

“Activate, passive emergency mode.”

“Main body restoration process, 80%.”

“Dungeon restoration rate, 10%.”

“Widespread effect reduction rate, 150%.”

“Target confirmed.”

“Setting target’s priority level.”


When Zhu Yao woke up again, she saw a peerless appearance carrying a fulfilling smile, and the warmth in his eyes looked as though it had gained substance itself.

“Shao Bai!” She was startled, but after a careful look, she changed her way of addressing him. “Yue Ying. Why are you here?”

“Sis Yao…” He pulled onto her hand. “You’re finally awake. I was unable to find you when I woke up, and when I finally managed to find you, you just wouldn’t wake up.”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Only then did she recall she seemed to have planted Yue Ying at the courtyard, and then forgotten about it. Oh heavens, just how long has it been? He can’t have grown bad again, right!? She hurriedly grabbed onto him and carefully inspected him. Great, great, it seemed he was still normal.

“Yue Ying, I’m sorry, I…” Just as she was about to explain, suddenly, an unknown black entity came charging into her embrace.


She simply felt her chest sink, and the pain had almost made her puke. She reflexively sent a slap towards it. The hell, they aren’t huge in the first place already, is there a need to harm me like this? She rubbed them strongly. Fortunately, they were not flattened.

 “Mistress…” The black ball that was slapped away crawled back again, its two front paws tightly grabbed onto the edge of her clothes, and it cried with tears and snot everywhere. “This beastie finally found you, uuuu… How can you abandon your cute beastie like this? This one is born your beastie, and will die as your beastie.”

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao picked up the black ball. Why was it here too? “Why did you turn so small?”

Sesame was stunned for a moment. As though she had poked right at the heart of a depressing matter, it began to cry even louder than before. “This one had no choice but to turn small because of injuries.”

“Injuries?” Why did she not see any?

“In order to look for mistress, we forcefully crossed the Abyss of Eternity, causing our cultivation to regress.” It looked at her with a pitiful look. “Mistress, Sesame is so pitiful.”

“Aren’t you still a tenth rank demonic beast?” It thought she was blind? Just how had its cultivation regressed?

“This is all because of Lord Bai Yuan, which allowed me to recover.”

“Then you’re fine now?”


Zhu Yao casually flung it down, and then snatched back the corner of her clothes from Sesame. She then turned to look at the person next to her. “Yue Ying, come closer.”

She reached out her hand to cup Yue Ying’s wrist. “How are you feeling? You’re not injured, right?” The Abyss of Eternity was the border between the Netherworld and Spiritual Realm, and little wimp mentioned before that one had to be brought by Bai Yuan before he or she could cross over.

  1. QQ Penguin: This is the mascot character of Tencent, the owner of QQ-chat. It looks like this: here.
  2. Q-Coins: The online currency used in QQ-chat to buy various things. From in-game currencies to material goods, there’s nothing you can’t do with Q-coins!

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