[Disciple] Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Little Wimp’s Third Senior-Martial Brother

Their expressions became rather terrible. Initially, the reason why they released their pressure was to simply demonstrate Ancient Hill Sect’s might, with the purpose of frightening the rest of the Sects. However, they did not expect the godly Sovereign to be present, and in the end, everything backfired.

The three Sovereigns undoubtedly were a little embarrassed, however, they managed to react, and they hurriedly retrieved their pressure at the quickest speed possible. They then moved forward and bowed. “Greetings to martial-uncle.”

Yu Yan simply glanced at the three of them, and then continued to send his stupid disciple some spiritual energy. After confirming that she was alright, only then did he pull his hand back, and respond indifferently. “Mn!”

Sovereign Yi Ran was the first to spot Zhu Yao who was standing at the side. Out of the three Sovereigns, his personality was the friendliest in the first place. He took the initiative to converse with her. “Could this person be the new junior-martial sister taken in by martial-uncle?” He suddenly understood why martial uncle Yu Yan unforgivingly released his pressure towards them earlier. So, it was because they had harmed their junior-martial sister earlier.

But, in actual fact, this was not a fault of theirs. The ones seated above this tall stage were all Sect Masters of the various sects, and their cultivation levels were at least at the early Azoth Core stage. Who would have thought that his martial uncle Yu Yan would actually bring his disciple here to watch the tournament out of sudden impulse?

It would not have been right for Zhu Yao, who was pinpointed out, to continue keeping silent, hence, she bowed to the three of them. “Greetings to senior-martial brothers, greetings to senior-martial sister.” Zhu Yao had always known that there were three Sovereigns at the Demigod stage in Ancient Hill Sect, however, as she had always been confined, she never saw them.

Other than Yi Ran, the two others simply nodded their heads politely.

Yi Ran’s smile was especially friendly. “A couple of days ago, I heard martial-uncle had taken in a junior-martial sister, yet, we never had the fate to meet. I didn’t expect that, the moment we actually get to meet each other, you had already built your Foundation. As I thought, you’re rather extraordinary.”

“Senior-martial brother, you flatter me too much.” Mn, looks like he’s a rather friendly person. Zhu Yao smiled. “Senior-martial brother had always been in closed-door training, so I did not dare to disturb. Please do not blame me for not doing so, senior-martial brother.”

“Junior-martial sister, you’re too courteous. If you don’t mind, you can visit my cave residence whenever you’re free.” Yi Ran gave an even happier smile, and suddenly, as though he had thought of something, he continued to ask. “Right, I still do not know junior-martial sister’s name. Since you have admitted into the Jade Forest Peak, you should have Yu as your surname. May I ask of your Daoist title?”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened in an instant. Friendly, your sister! You can’t dig out a person’s dark secret just like that. Gritting her teeth angrily, she replied word by word. “My. Name. Is. Yu… Yao!”

When these words fell, Yu Yan who was beside her instantly turned and threw her a suspicious stare. Did I not bestow you the name ‘Wang’?

Zhu Yao returned him a ruthless glare. You’re Desire, your entire family’s Desire!

Yu Yan frowned, and then, he sighed. He silently thought to himself. My disciple’s stupidity is getting worse and worse. She can’t even remember her own Daoist title. Then, he turned back and continued to look towards the ring. While Zhu Yao continued to silently stare daggers at his back.

Seeing that there was something amiss with the atmosphere between the master and disciple, Yi Ran tactfully stopped his questioning. After giving a few polite greetings, he positioned himself a little lower, and sat on his white tiger as he watched the match.

Hence, the tall stage was separated into three levels. The first level comprised of Yu Yan, and Zhu Yao, who was standing behind him. The second level comprised of the three Sovereigns. And the third level comprised of the various Peak Lords and the Sect Masters of the different sects. With such a distinct separation in levels, Zhu Yao felt that she only required a can of cola to complete a super deluxe meal.

The appearance of Sovereign Yu Yan and the other three Sovereigns undoubtedly ignited the flames in the hearts of all of the disciples present. It must be known that in every Inter-Sect Tournament, to these participating disciples, not only was the tournament used to showcase a sect’s strength, it was even more so a chance for them to spread their names in the cultivation world.

And the victor of every tournament would be able to obtain a chance to receive pointers from Elders who were at least at the Nascent Soul stage. And today, the strongest Elders of Ancient Hill Sect even appeared. Leaving aside Sovereign Yu Yan who was number one in the cultivation world, even if they were only able to receive a few pointers from one of the three Demigod Sovereigns, the participants would still benefit for life.

Cultivation was not simply about absorbing spiritual energy to increase one’s cultivation level. The essence of cultivation was more about one’s comprehension to life and the Dao. And people who could reach the Demigod stage, definitely had insights of the many lives in the world and the Dao, that exceeded normal people. To receive a single pointer from them, forget about sudden comprehensions, it would benefit their future cultivation even more.

And because of this fact, every participating disciple worked even harder, as they fought with hundred and twenty percent concentration.

Unfortunately, Zhu Yao was unable to see them. That’s right, she was unable to see them. Zhu Yao only realized this when she decided to seriously watch the competition. Damn it, leaving aside the fact that this stage is too high up, why the hell is there a formation that blocks the line of sight in place? Naturally, those with high cultivation levels would not be affected, however, she was merely a Foundation practitioner, she basically could not see what was happening on the ring at all. As she thought, a price must be paid for acting tough. It was no wonder that, other than the various Sect Masters and Peak Lords, there were no other disciples present. It was not because they were unwilling to bring them here, rather, they had known of this fact.

“Master… May I head down and take a closer look?” Zhu Yao had no choice but to discuss with Yu Yan, and temporarily shifted her gaze away from the ring.

Yu Yan looked at her, and understood that she was unable to see anything from here either. Hence, he nodded. “After the matches are done, return immediately. Do not stay for long.” To prevent yourself from learning bad things. Of course, he did not say that last line out loud.

Zhu Yao nodded. She looked around, and as she thought, she saw a familiar figure. Coincidentally, he was looking in her direction as well. Zhu Yao immediately activated the weapon beneath her, and hurriedly flew over.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao tapped on the youth in front of her, who was looking about.

“Big sister Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi excitedly turned his head. “You’re finally able to leave the mountain?”

Zhu Yao nodded. “I’m prodigious, after all!”

Wang Xuzhi did not retort about her arrogance, and simply pulled her hand, revealing a much happier smile.

The person standing beside him noticed this, and with a gossiping look, he spoke up. “Junior-martial brother, who is she? Aren’t you going to introduce her to us? When did you meet her? You little brat, I didn’t think you have this sort of taste.”

Wang Xuzhi’s expression instantly darkened, and he glared at him angrily. “Third senior-martial brother, don’t be disrespectful!”

“Yo, you’re angry!” Yan Yuehong twirled a strand of hair next to him. Looking at him from the corner of his eye, his smile was filled with ambiguity. “Don’t worry, junior-martial brother. Even though your senior-martial brother here is cool and handsome, and beloved by everyone, I will not steal her away from you. And… your senior-martial brother doesn’t really like older women, they’re not my type.”

This time, Zhu Yao’s expression darkened as well.

“Yan Yuehong!” Wang Xuzhi’s furiousness was like a cat with its hair standing up, as though he could fight him to the death in the next moment.

Coincidentally, Du Yuanchen nearby saw her as well, and before Wang Xuzhi could explode, he placed his hands together and gave Zhu Yao a bow. “This disciple greets Grand-martial aunt.”

This time, the one whose expression darkened was Yan Yuehong.

Zhu Yao chuckled, and had Du Yuanchen raise his head. Then, she turned and swept a glance at the person called Yan Yuehong. “So you’re my martial nephew’s third disciple?”

Yan Yuehong’s brows tightened, and had no choice but to respond awkwardly. “Yes, greetings to grand-martial aunt. If Yuehong has offended grand-martial aunt, please forgive me.” He simply wanted to use this rare opportunity to tease his junior-martial brother who behaved so seriously at such a young age. How would he have known that she had a higher status than him. I can’t be blamed for this!

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