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Chapter 260: Can I Get an Advance on My Rewards?

Yue Ying flipped his hand and pulled onto her hand instead. “Big sis, are you going to throw Yue Ying aside again?”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. Sighing, she reached out her hand to stroke his head. “I’m sorry, I won’t anymore!”

The corners of his lips raised, as he smiled with a satisfied look. “As long as big sis is here, then Yue Ying is fine.”


“Mistress, I’m not fine…” Sesame crawled back and raised its two front paws, standing straight up. “This beastie’s mind and soul have both been hurt, I request to be consoled, I request hugs.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Scram! Are you a child?” Only children will request for hugs, alright?

“You’re awake?” The door suddenly creaked open, and a figure dressed in a snow-white robe instantly appeared before the bed.

Zhu Yao’s heart warmed, and sentimental feelings endlessly poured out. “Master… This disciple’s mind and soul have both been hurt, I request hugs!”

Sesame: …

Yue Ying: …

Yu Yan’s hands which were just about to reach out to check her pulse suddenly jerked to a halt. With an ice-cold expression, he gave her a stern glare, as if surging flames of fury were about to explode. With emphasis on every word, he said. “Why did you guide resentment into your body without my discretion?”

“Uh…” There was something wrong with how things were developing into a punishment scene! What happened to the promised reunion with tears and hugs, followed by the finale on the bed?

For the first time in his entire life, Yu Yan felt that his heart was burning with so much fury he wanted to bash someone, as he turned to look at the two hindrances.

Sesame: “Mistress, I suddenly recall that Lord Bai Yuan is looking for me. I will take my leave first.”

Yue Ying: “Big sis Yao, I will look for you later.”

The two of them disappeared into the distance.

Hell, they’re very reliable alright!

“Master…” Zhu Yao’s voice weakened, and it faintly carried the sound of tears, as she decided to try save herself. Raising and moving both of her hands, she took up Sesame’s earlier posture. She pitifully gazed at him… gazed at him… at him… him!

A certain someone’s anger gradually dispersed under her focused gaze. The face that looked as though it was frozen for a thousand years in ice earlier, began to crack inch by inch, and he finally let out a sigh. He reached out to pull the hand she stretched out, and followed up by pulling her into his embrace. Only then were those chaotic emotions appeased.

Zhu Yao hugged onto him tightly, to the point where her nose was filled with the chilling scent emitted from his body. She strongly rubbed against his chest, and the depths in her heart slowly began to warm. “Master, I miss you.”

 He was dumbfounded for a moment. A while later, he then stroked her hair and lightly responded. “Mn.”

“…” That’s it? An ‘mn’? Zhu Yao raised her head, and stared at his emotionless face with a dissatisfied look. Circling her hands around his neck, she approached and landed a kiss on his lips.

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. He did not resist, nor did he respond.

She decided that she might as well kiss till she had enough, getting back all the time they had been separated for through kisses.

That face which looked like an ice mountain which had stood for ten thousand years, then revealed a slightly different colour. He held onto her pressing body, and said with a stern tone. “Yu Yao!”


He sternly said. “You have just woken up.”


He said with a serious look. “Your body has just recovered.”

“…” So?

He continued. “You even fainted last time.”

“What?” What did he mean by she fainted?

“Now is not the appropriate time for practitioner-pair cultivation.”

“…” He couldn’t be thinking…

“Don’t do such dangerous things again.”

“…” So, savouring on a piece of meat was a dangerous thing to do? No wait, she just wanted to kiss him, and had never thought of rolling under the blankets! Master, may I ask just how huge is the hole in your brain now? Hurry and come back, return me my kind and pure master!

According to a reliable source, Zhu Yao had been unconscious for a month before waking up. Furthermore, the resentment she guided out from little wimp’s body, had suddenly disappeared on its own. Yue Ying and Sesame arrived in Spiritual Realm while she was still unconscious. Because Sesame was in a contract with her, it being able to find her location was not strange at all. However, Yue Ying actually had a way to directly cross from the Mortal Realm to Spiritual Realm, which gave her a fright. However, after recalling that he was able to head to the Divine Realm back then, him being able to travel to Spiritual Realm was not the least bit unexpected.

“Big sis Zhu Yao, you’re really too reckless.” Wang Xuzhi said with a fearful look. “How can you guide resentment into your own body?”

“It’s all in order to gain a deeper understanding of resentment. Look, isn’t it all dealt with now?” She patted on his head.

“Though that’s the case.” He frowned. “Accidents may still occur. You don’t even know just how my master was this close to being torn apart by Grand Ancestral Master when he woke up.”

“Uh…” Actually, she knew that her accomplice Zi Mo was slammed into a wall by a certain someone. It must had taken a long time before he was pulled out, right? Whenever the old man looked at her now, he would look as though he was seeing a ghost, and flee even faster than a rabbit.

What a friend he was. I ended up saving your daughter’s past life, you know?

“Big sis Zhu Yao, do you have any plans for now on?” Wang Xuzhi asked.

 “I don’t know.” She shook her head. The method to eliminate resentment had been found by her. Realmspirit did not send her to the next quest location, but had instead sent her back here. He couldn’t be tasking her to deal with the remaining resentment as well, right? Recalling the river of resentment within River of Forgetfulness, even if she spent several lifetimes, she still wouldn’t be able to eliminate them all, right? “It’s rare that I have free time. I will think about it after I return to Divine Realm and have a stroll with master.”

“…” The corner of Wang Xuzhi’s lips twitched. She sounded as though the Divine Realm was her own backyard.

“Master can’t stay in the Lower Realm for too long. It’s best that he returns back up there as soon as possible.” Her master’s act of forcefully descending upon the Lower Realm went against the Heavenly Dao in the first place, which was the cause of him randomly turning into a child and falling unconscious back then. Though he now carried the pearl given by the River of Forgetfulness, she was still unable to feel at ease. Who knew if there was an expiry date on that thing? What if it suddenly lost its effects?

 “Grand Ancestral Master possesses a divine physique in the first place, so it should be easy for him to head up to the Higher Realm.” Wang Xuzhi suggested. “If he informs Highlord Bai Yuan, and have him open the World Crossing Door, the lightning tribulation will descend on its own.”

Zhu Yao chuckled. “If only master is willing to head up to the Higher Realm.” If he had felt at ease leaving her in the Lower Realm, he wouldn’t have come running down right after heading up. This time, no matter what she were to say, he would still bring her up there with him.

Letting out a long sigh, she patted on little wimp’s shoulders, and said with a heavy tone. “Haah, little wimp. This is the frustration of a having a better half. A single man like you will never understand.”

“…” The corner of Wang Xuzhi’s lips twitched. Why did he feel as if he had been mocked? Also, what kind of mystic artifact was this “better half”? Was it really incredible?

“The only thing I can do now, is to hasten my cultivation, work hard together, so that us husband and wife can return to our home.” Zhu Yao sighed once again. “I’m going to stop here, little wimp, it’s time for me to cultivate. Don’t miss me, I will always live on in all of your hearts.”

“…” Just how much do you hate cultivation!?

“Oh, right. Help me inform that child Yue Ying. Forget about Sesame, don’t interrupt him and Bai Yuan while they’re enjoying their gay time.”

“Uh… alright.” Wang Xuzhi nodded. Suddenly, as if he had recalled something, he hurriedly called out to her. “Big sis Zhu Yao!”


“Yue Ying, he…” He hesitated for a moment, before continuing. “Is he really big sis Zhu Yao’s little brother? I kind of feel he’s a little… I kind of feel… some sort of special connection with him, as if…”

“What!?” Zhu Yao was stunned, as she swooshed back like the wind and grabbed onto little wimp’s shoulders. She heavily shook him a few times. “Are you serious? Little wimp, you can’t possibly have your eyes on my family’s Yue Ying, right? You definitely can’t! He’s still a child!”

“…” The corner of Wang Xuzhi’s lips began to twitch. Why had he never felt that Zhu Yao was this abnormal in the past? “Big sis Zhu Yao, I’m male too!”

“It’s exactly because you’re male that makes it terrifying, and makes it dangerous.” Zhu Yao hysterically shook a few more times. “Though you can’t clearly discern feelings between an elder sister and a little brother, at the very least, you should be able to discern feelings between a male and a female. I definitely won’t agree to you two going gay for each other.”

What does ‘gay’ mean? “I don’t like him!”

“Are you certain?”

“Cer. Tain!”

“Oh. I feel much better now.” Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief.

Wang Xuzhi simply felt his liver aching. “What I mean is… Haah, forget it. Big sis Zhu Yao, go into closed-door training then.”

“Oh.” Zhu Yao suspiciously swept a glance towards him, before leaving with a worried look.

As a proper good big sister, she did not forget to turn back and repeat her instructions.

“Little wimp, there are countless girls under the heavens, do not give up on rehabilitation.”

“Gay relationships don’t conform to the basic laws of human reproduction.”

“Look forward, and you will realize that the OTP formed by a boy and a girl is the most beautiful pair.”

“Little wimp, if you were to bend to that side, I won’t have the guts to face your father and mother.”

“Big. Sis. Zhu. Yao!” He was starting to freak out…

“I’m going now.”

Zhu Yao was really deeply worried. Wang Xuzhi’s words had frightened her to the point her heart was leaping out of chest. The two little brothers whom she had brought up with her own hands, actually wanted to love each other. There must be a problem with her education methods. She felt that there was a need to help these two boys analyse their feelings deeply, and the best outcome would be to eliminate the symptoms while they were still at an early stage.

She had even prepared a huge pile of resources, with plans of drilling into them analysis and tests of various depths and angles. Importance of OTPs between a male and a female, the views of society towards non-heterosexuals, the history of human reproduction, hundred reasons why little brothers should not be gay for each other and more. Furthermore, she had even planned for scenarios where they were determined not to listen to her. She could still start by breaking through the most obedient Yue Ying, and build his resolve of not being easily swayed by little wimp.

Mn, this was a masterpiece of a plan. Simply thinking about it made her a little excited.

Unfortunately, before her plan could even be initiated, it died while it was still in her belly.

A certain outstanding representative who had been left to his own devices, Sovereign Yu Yan, had suddenly gained enlightenment. There was an inseparable relationship between his good-natured education methods and his disciple’s acts of flowery death courting.

Mn, he was too kind!

Strictness cultivates one’s body, while looseness raises worries. He had to become stricter!

Thus, Zhu Yao was then watched over strictly, with no openings to escape from. Even while meditating in a trance state during closed-door training, a certain master would personally keep watch of her at the side. The moment she were to lose concentration, a certain someone would unhappily emit out a cold aura, until the moment she recognized her own mistakes.


Master is so terrifying.

Regarding this, a certain master had also made a long-term plan. His goal was: Forming Azoth Core in five years, nourishing the Nascent Soul within twenty years, and becoming a Demigod in a hundred years. A few years after that, he would be rewarded with a disciple who would have ascended into a deity. This way, he could prevent her from making flowery deaths wherever and whenever.

After thinking it through, he felt that it was actually rather simple.

“I don’t want to, master!” Zhu Yao hugged onto a certain someone’s waist, bawling out loud. “This concubine can’t do it!”

“No need to worry.” Yu Yan habitually reached out his hand to mess up his own disciple’s hair, and said with a sunken voice. “No matter what, your master will always accompany you.”

“…” She was becoming even more worried, alright? “Master, why don’t you ascend first?”

Yu Yan’s expression sank. He cold glared at her, and the words he spoke felt as if they were about to freeze into ice. “Last time, it’s exactly because I ascended first.” In the end, in a blink of an eye, you went to court death.

“Uh…” I’m wrong! ||_

Having zero faith in his disciple or whatever, was too depressing.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to close her eyes, meditate and circulate her spiritual energy. In the depths of her heart, she could not help but wish to drag Realmspirit out and beat him into a pulp again. He could already restore her avatar, so why could he not raise her cultivation a little?


Suddenly, a familiar notification bell rang in her mind. Zhu Yao was shocked for a moment, and when she opened her eyes, a familiar chat window appeared in front of her. On it, a large chunk of words that looked like an advertisement appeared before her eyes.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she weakly glanced at a certain master who was staring focusedly at her. “Master…”


“I might not need a hundred years. I can become a Demigod now.”


Written on the chat window was –

“Dear friend, are you still frustrated about your mediocre lifestyle? Are you still feeling ashamed for having such poor cultivation?《Throw Link》Newcomer Gift Bag shall eliminate all your worries, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of raising your levels in a second! No matter if it’s from Essence to Demigod, or even from an Earth Deity to a High Deity, with just a single click, a single click can fulfill your elitist dream! Level up in the instant you click, and receive an all-round Divine Realm VIP treatment. A plebeian becoming a goddess, will no longer be a dream, and it will not be a dream! Come, pick up your phone now… Ah pui, pick up your little paw now and click on the confirmation button! 《Throw Link》Newcomer Gift Bar, is your wisest choice! The final rights to interpretation of the contents of this gift bag, belong to Realmspirit. If there’s any similarities, you’re just blind.”

Please choose –

Set A: Essence to Demigod, comes with special effects – cute nine types of lightning bolts!

Set B: Earth Deity to High Deity, comes with special effects – brilliant nine revolving tribulation lightning bolts!

Set C: High Deity to Godhood, comes with special effects – lightning strikes, lightning strikes, lightning strikes till you turn into ash!

Set D: Random to Random, comes with special effects… I haven’t thought of it yet, random then.

Ps: Once confirmed, goods will be bound for life, and cannot be refunded, yo.

Zhu Yao: “…”

《Throw Link》? When said it out loud, it’s evidently ‘trolling’, right!?

Realmspirit, tell me honestly, how much does each half a kilogram of your principles cost?

She let out a long sigh. Though the chat window was a little cheap, she had to admit that this had come right on time. With resentment dealt with, most probably, Realmspirit wanted her to kill mobs in a different map as well. After hesitating for a moment, she still tapped on ‘A’.

In the next moment, Yu Yan witnessed the cultivation of his stupid disciple, who clearly had heaven-bending luck but would always end up courting death, rapidly change in a strange fashion. First, her cultivation fell from Foundation to Essence, then, from Essence to Foundation. Following after that, it rapidly sped up to Azoth Core, Nascent Soul, Demigod, Earth Deity, and finally, it was suppressed back to the cultivation of a Demigod Paragon.

Even with her cultivation raising in such a strange manner, there was not the slightest of spiritual energy fluctuations in the surroundings, let alone tribulation lightning bolts falling.

A certain master expressed that regarding matters like this, he had already gotten used to them after seeing them so many times.

“Master, your concubine has done it!” Zhu Yao pulled onto her master’s hands, and sincerely said.

Yu Yan flipped his hand and cupped onto his stupid disciple’s wrist. After checking her pulse for a while, he then reached out to tap on her forehead to inspect her body with his divine sense. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with her, he then heaved a sigh of relief. “We shall return to the Higher Realm tomorrow.”

“Alright, my liege!”

“Inform Bai Yuan.”

“No problem, my liege!”

“And inform the rest as well.”

“I shall heed your orders, my liege!”


“My liege!”


“Are there any rewards for completing the mission early?” I request rewards, I request praises, I request a small red flower.

Yu Yan sank into silence for a while. He then suddenly lowered his head, and sealed his disciple’s lips which were chattering endlessly.



A long while later…

“My liege.”


“Can I get an advance on my rewards as encouragement?” Love spans the mountains and seas, can I get another one please?


Just a note: Bai Yuan(白源) if translated, is ‘Whitesource’.

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