[Disciple] Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: Passive Pet Dispersing Buff

Ever since the refrigerator in her home gloriously died, Zhu Yao had forbidden her master from tearing down any electrical appliances. Fortunately for her, the refrigerator was still covered under warranty. Even now, she still remembered the expression the maintenance expert had when he came to pick up the refrigerator which had parts scattered all over the ground. It looked as if he was looking at a lunatic.

Don’t look at me, I’m not the one who tore it apart!

Just in case, Zhu Yao introduced a new toy to her master – the computer. She then told him that the answers to all his doubts could be found on the internet, and forbid him from tearing the computer apart. This, this technology geek, had completely become obsessed with Auntie Baidu, and was even absorbing the knowledge within day and night. However, his eyes on all the electrical appliances, had turned even more fiery than before.

Whenever he had free time, he would stare at the television, air conditioner, washing machine and various electrical appliances at home. The thoughts, “I already know what kind of mystic artifact you are, but my disciple is forbidding me from dismantling you”, were written all of his resentful face.

It even made Zhu Yao felt that she was presently bullying her master.

“Master, why don’t we head out tomorrow?” She had to divert the attention of this technology geek!

“Don’t you have to go for work tomorrow?” Yu Yan asked, his eyes were still staring at the television. Mn, after his disciple leaves for work, he can then dismantle a small corner of it. Dismantling a single corner should be fine.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Holding onto her master’s head, she turned it around. “Tomorrow is a weekend, I’m taking a break. Accompany me out to do some sight-seeing, will you?” After all, they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they had to go out for dates or something, right?

He sank into silence for a short while, before nodding his head. “Mn!”

Only then did Zhu Yao heave a sigh of relief. Without making any preparations, she immediately pulled him out of the door, took the elevator down, and headed to the carpark. However, he stopped right before the car again, his eyes glistening – such a huge mystic artifact.

“Yu Yao?”



“You really can’t for this one!”


“Definitely not!” Even if it’s still a second-hand, it’s still a car! Don’t tear it apart and fiddle with it, hey!

“Haah…” Yu Yan sighed. Then, he said with a stern look. “What’s the use of this mystic artifact?”

“It is a mystic artifact used for land transportation. It’s comparable to a horse carriage, I guess.” Zhu Yao hesitated. “A very fast horse carriage.”

Yu Yan nodded, his interest instantly dwindled by half. “Why don’t you people use flying mystic artifacts?” Isn’t flying faster?

“We have ones for flight as well!” There’s planes, of course. “But those mystic artifacts can’t be created by regular people. Furthermore, only large comp… large sects have the capabilities to refine them.”

Yu Yan was stunned. “Even a mere transportation mystic artifact has to be refined by sects. The technology of this place is actually this backwards?” It was no wonder even those mystic artifacts in the house had such sophisticated designs, they were merely of first to second ranks.

Backwards? The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and she silently nodded. Mn, compared to flying swords, planes were definitely a little backwards.

She suddenly realized she had been living in a backward era. Such a sour feeling. What to do?

The so-called ‘date’, naturally could not miss out on dining, shopping, and movie watching.

She planned on first going to the nearby mall to buy some life necessities, and most importantly, to find some equipment and a few clothes for her master. What he was presently wearing, was something she bought in haste on the day of their reunion.

Though her master had maxed out all life skills, even if he had to make his own clothes in a modern style, he would still be able to make them flawlessly in a maidenly manner. However, in her master’s storage were cloth materials that did not belong to this world. She really did not dare to allow her master to go about wearing them on the streets. Who could be sure that they would not bump into people with expert eyes?

For some unknown reason, though her master had transmigrated here, his cultivation remained unchanged. She on the other hand had reverted back to her original form. Zhu Yao guessed that this was most probably related to the laws of this world. Realmspirit had once mentioned that since she transmigrated there, she was not bound by the laws of that world, which was why she was capable of doing things that many others could not.

Most likely, the reverse was true as well, though it was her master who was not bound by the laws this time.

The mall was not far. Zhu Yao simply drove for a few minutes, and she had already arrived at her destination. Just as she was about to head in, she was held onto by Yu Yan.


Zhu Yao was confused, as she looked at Yu Yan, who was staring straight at the entrance to the bazaar with a frown. “What is it?”

“Spiritual energy.” He said these two words with a solemn voice.

“Ah?” Zhu Yao could not understand.

Yu Yan pulled her closer, and solemnly said. “Yu Yao, spiritual energy is not present in this world of yours. However… I saw ripples of spiritual energy earlier.”


“Follow me.” Yu Yan did not enter the mall, and had instead walked towards the park next to it. The park was not huge, but trees flourished all around it, and not far away, there was even a large grass plain. Yu Yan brought her to a place where trees were especially lush. Because it was still late morning, there were not many people in the park. Occasionally, they would walk past a few who were doing morning exercises.

Dog barks could be faintly heard from that direction. A middle-aged woman was presently dragging away her husky, as it continued to bare its teeth and bark at a small fork road. The sounds of other dogs barking could be faintly heard from that direction as well.

“Be obedient, stop barking.” The middle-aged woman was currently persuading that dog with all her might, but evidently, her efforts were in vain. “Haah, what’s wrong with this dog today? Really. It’s not even moving after being pulled.”

The moment they approached, the dog that was still barking crazily earlier, suddenly stopped. It turned to look at Zhu Yao, slowly revealed its white teeth, and then pounced towards Zhu Yao. Its owner was unable to react in time, and her grip on the leash had actually loosened.

The hell, it can’t be, right!?

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and was frightened for a moment. Just how much did the little animals of this world hate her?

As she watched that dog pounce towards her, she suddenly felt a grip on her waist. Yu Yan casually pulled her behind his back, and then glared at that husky.

The menacing dog that was still acting all domineering earlier, screeched to a halt. However, that did not stop its forward charging momentum. With a “bang” sound, it somersaulted, and tumbled onto the ground, covering its entire body with dirt.

“Ouuu…” The husky crawled back up in a fluster, as it sprinted back to its owner’s back with its tail between its legs. Its entire body was shivering from fear, and it was even making weeping sounds.

Zhu Yao’s eyes instantly shone, as she looked at her own master with a worshipping look, and hugged his arm. “Hero!” She never expected that her master actually carried a passive pet dispersing buff.

Zhu Yao’s eyebrows curved, as he reached out his hand to stroke his stupid disciple’s head. “Don’t be afraid.”

“Mn, mn, mn!” She heavily nodded. Hero, please accept my knee1. In the future, she definitely had to bring her master along with her.

“Little miss, I’m sorry!” The dog’s owner tugged the husky a few times, as she wanted to walk over to apologize. However, the dog continued to lie on the ground, unwilling to move. Left with no choice, she could only wave her hand at Zhu Yao from afar. “Did it frighten you?”

“I’m fine.” Zhu Yao smiled without a mind. With her all-purpose master by her side, in the future, she no longer had to be afraid. She no longer had to be afraid at all!

Yu Yan hinted that the spiritual energy was coming from the fork road, and the two of them walked towards it. That husky grew even more afraid. Before they even approached it, it suddenly trembled, escaped from its owner’s leash, and sprinted crazily in the opposite direction.

“Haah, be obedient. Hurry and come back.” The owner had no choice but to chase after it.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt sort of refreshed, as if she had just achieved her revenge.

Hmhmhm. All you little animals in this entire world, tremble as you wait in fear! Muahahahaha…

Wait a minute, why was she fussing with a dog?


The two of them walked along the stone pavement of the fork road. Probably because there were very few people who usually pass by here, there were especially many weeds in the surroundings, and they were flourishing as well. As they headed deeper, the dog barks began to sound even louder. Faintly, the barks of seven to eight dogs could be heard.

After making a turn with great difficulty, they finally saw the crowd of dogs barking wildly under a tree. After a closer look, there were several dozens of them, and of different breeds as well. Most of them had collars on their necks, so they should all be pet dogs raised by the people in the vicinity. Standing in an arc, they were presently barking wildly while facing the tree.

This was the first time Zhu Yao had ever encountered so many dogs, and she could not help but hide behind her master’s back in a fluster. Master, please cast your dog dispersing buff on me.

When she stretched out her head to take a look, she saw that under a tree sat a hunk in a well-ironed suit, who was crying out bitterly with snot coming out from his nose.

This was the first time Zhu Yao had never seen a hunk crying this miserably, his face was covered in tears and snot. His shirt was still fine, but his pants had long been bitten into several pieces. On his snow-white thigh, there were green and purple bruises everywhere, looking especially miserable.

“Master…” She could not help but tug her master, as sympathy instantly flooded out from her. It was indeed a little too miserable to have been bullied by a crowd of dogs to such an extent.

The moment her words fell, that hunk suddenly raised his head and look towards her. For some reason, his tears began to pour out even more. In an instant, as if he had eaten spinach, he charged out of crowd of dogs and pounced towards her at lightning speed. Hugging onto her thigh, he bawled out loud.

“Guah, mistress… I finally found you.”

Yu Yan was just about to fling him away, and even Zhu Yao had widened her eyes fiercely as well. With slight hesitation, she said. “Sesame?”

“Guaaah…” He raised his head with teary eyes. “I’m Yuanyuan… Yuanyuan…”

“Yuanyuan… Yuan!” Zhu Yao took in a deep breath. “Bai Yuan!?”

“Mn mn mn.” He heavily nodded. Like floods bursting out, tears poured out of his eyes. “Mistress, the beasties here are so scary. They bit me.”

When did I ever become your mistress?

No wait, the main problem here was, Bai Yuan had actually made his way here as well! This was completely illogical!

Her master was placed with the transmigration buff because he was too close to her, and was thus brought to the modern era. What was going on with Bai Yuan then? Because of its shy nature, it embarrassingly ran away the moment it opened the door to the Spiritual Realm. It was basically several tens of thousands of kilometers away from her, alright?

With so many people transmigrating, was this place passing into a sieve?

“Let’s return for now!” Yu Yan suggested.

Zhu Yao nodded. Pulling onto Bai Yuan whose face was covered entirely in tears, she glanced at his pants which had long lost its concealment ability. If he walks out like this, he will be treated as a pervert, right?

She thus requested help from life’s little know-it-all. “Master…” Fix it up a little, please?

Yu Yan’s expression sank. Why did an almighty High Deity have to fix the pants of a male demonic beast?

With a wave of his hand, he picked out a pants from his storage ring, and threw it over. “Wear it.”

Bai Yuan sobbed as he wore it. The pants were designed in ancient style, so they were large in the first place. Wearing it was like wearing a skirt.

His upper half body was a well-ironed suit, while his lower half was a light-coloured long dress. Walking on the road, the number of heads which turned around was two hundred percent.

What was worth rejoicing about, was that no one treated him as a pervert. Because everyone simply took him as a lunatic.

1. Please accept my knee: It’s a Chinese meme, used to express that you’re willing to kneel down in front of a gifted person.

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