[Disciple] Chapter 270

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Chapter 270: Grandma, Listen to Me

Not even fifteen minutes later, the girl came running back with a clickety-clack, and she was pulling onto someone else. That person was also a girl with peerless beauty. She was peerless to the point… where she looked exactly the same as Little Qian.

Peerless twin beauties?

“Junior-martial sister, hurry and take a look at grandma, she has even forgotten who she is.”

“I’m really not…” I’m really not your grandma, hey.

“Don’t worry.” The other girl glanced at Zhu Yao, patted Little Qian, and consoled her. “Grandma has simply been in deep slumber for too long, and has forgotten a few things. We just have to stroke her head, and she will recall them soon enough?” After saying that, she pulled out a brick with a stern look.

“…” What happened the promised stroking of the head? What happened to the promise of being proficient in the medical arts? What are you trying to do with that brick over there?

“Grandma, it won’t hurt in the slightest.” Peerless beauty number two walked towards her with a sincere look.

Zhu Yao made a prompt decision, and clasped onto the hand which was holding onto the brick. “I’m your grandma! I’m your dear grandma!” I shall immerse myself into this role, is that enough for you?

“I knew it!” Little Qian immediately heaved a sigh of relief. “Grandma, how can you play such a joke on Little Qian?”

Heh, heheh, heheh…

Only then did girl number two silently keep the brick. Sighing, she muttered in a soft voice. “Haah, such a pity.”

What’s with that disappointed look of yours? What’s a pity? Speak clearly, hey. What happened to the promise of the tradition respecting the elders and loving the young?

“Grandma, the junior-martial sisters are all aware of your awakening, and are presently anxious to see you. Let us head out.” Little Qian suggested with a sincere look.

Zhu Yao looked at girl number two who was still holding on the brick, and silently nodded.

Little Qian joyfully held onto her hand, and girl number two automatically held her other hand as well. Zhu Yao was beginning to feel that she was like a tree demon which had lived for a thousand years.

After heading out of the door, they walked on a small pathway along the courtyard, and a plaza appeared in front of her eyes. Standing on the courtyard were seven girls who had the same hairstyle, clothes, ornaments, and even face as Little Qian.

Four… Five… Six… Seven…

The hell! Just how many girls were born in a single pregnancy, hey!?  This is too terrifying!

“Grandma!” Seven girls with exactly the same looks bowed towards her in unison. Even the angles in which they were arching their bodies at, were exactly the same.

She instantly felt a little fearful.

“Grandma, you’re finally awake. That’s wonderful.”

“Grandma is awake. We will no longer have to be afraid in the future.”

“Our clan’s status can finally be raised.”

“That’s right, our clan is even stronger now!”

The girls began to discuss among themselves, every single one of them had excited looks.

Zhu Yao tugged onto Little Qian next to her. “Little Qian, grandma has just woken up, why don’t you introduce me these junior-martial sisters of yours! Of course, it’s not that I have forgotten. I just want to test you.” So, girl number two, can you put that brick away, please?

“Grandma, this isn’t difficult for me at all.” Little Qian smiled, and pointed to every single one of her junior-martial sisters in front of her.

“I’m Little Qian, so naturally, that junior-martial sister is Little Qianqian.”

“…” Isn’t this a little too sloppy? Another ‘qian’ was just added at the back.

“As for third junior-martial sister’s name…”

It can’t be Little Qianqianqian, right?

“Third junior-martial sister is Little Thirdqian. Fourth junior-martial sister is Little Fourthqian. Fifth junior-martial sister is Little Fifthqian…”


Their names were too ridiculous, to the point she was unable to retort at all.

Wait a minute!

“Then, what am I called?”

“Grandma naturally is surnamed Zhu, with the name Yao!”

Phew, that’s great. She was the only one who was normal.

“Because you are our clan’s grandma, so everyone refers to you as Grand Qian1!”


Flips table! You deserve a beating! Your entire family deserves a beating!

Zhu Yao deeply felt that she had transmigrated to a world where not a single person had the slightest naming sense. On the second day she was here, she found out just what in the world was the ‘clan’ Little Qian had been talking about.

She was actually… a dandelion which had cultivated in the mountains for a thousand years! Ps: A floret!

That’s right. It was that type of flower with really low ornamental value, which couples would occasionally pick out to act cool.

When she found out this truth, tears fell.

She finally understood why all these Qians looked exactly the same. Because they were all florets from the same dandelion, and their true forms were even umbrella-shaped.

The identities Realmspirit were giving her, were becoming even more adventurous. It had been a long time since she was an ordinary person. From what Little Qian had said, Zhu Yao found out that she was a rather incredible demon. Zhu Yao was a little excited about this fact, though she did not know what her cultivation level was. Though her body did not carry the slightest of spiritual energy, was this not the standard configuration after changing her avatar? Everything would be settled just by guiding spiritual energy into her body.

Thus, Zhu Yao calmed her heart down, closed her eyes, and sensed the surrounding spiritual energy. Taking her present state in mind, she did not guide in lightning spiritual energy right from the beginning, but had first begun with guiding wood spiritual energy. She first did the necessary preparations, and had even prepared a spiritual energy guiding formation, afraid of a situation where there was insufficient spiritual energy around her.

She wondered if she was at the Azoth Core stage? Or Nascent Soul stage? Or even a Demigod? After mentally preparing herself to stay in isolation for a long period of time, she willed her mind, and green spots of light in the surroundings began to gather within her body. One… Two… Three… Filled!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Her spiritual energy was restored in three seconds. Then, her cultivation level was… at the first level of Essence!

Flips table! What happened to the promise of being impressive and incredible?

Why was an old demon which had cultivated for a thousand years still at the first level of Essence!?

No, that’s not right. She had only just guided spiritual energy into her body, and possessing spiritual energy was the first level of Essence. In other words… She had never cultivated before this in the first place! Then just how did she gain a human form?

She could sense the evil intentions from the entire world.

“Grandma, are you awake?” Little Qian knocked on the door.

“Mn.” She really wanted some peace and quiet.

Little Qian opened the door and came in, carrying in her arms was a washbasin filled with water. After placing it at the side, she hesitantly said. “Grandma, Young Master Pod from the mountains have come to visit you. Do you wish to see him?”

The hell was Young Master Po?

“I will see him then.” After all, he was already here. It would be good for her to get some fresh air as well.

Little Qian was overjoyed. “Then, after Grandma has washed herself, Little Qian shall bring you to the front hall.”

Zhu Yao nodded, her mind was still filled with thoughts on how she was going to raise her cultivation as she took the towel from Little Qian’s hand. Lowering her head, just as she was about to soak the towel in the washbasin.


“Little Qian!”


“Did you place a bittergourd in the water?”

“Bittergourd? I didn’t though!”

Then what were those wrinkles that could squash houseflies within them?

Little Qian was startled for a moment. She then stepped forward and glanced at the water. “Grandma, other than your reflection, there’s nothing else in the water!”

“This is… me?” No, no, no. This couldn’t be true. That white-haired, pale, old face that was filled with wrinkles, was definitely not hers.

“Grandma, your wrinkles have grown even more beautiful than before!”


A long while later…

“AAAAAAHHH…” A scream instantly pierced through the skies.

“Grandma, what happened to you?” Little Qian leapt from fright.

“Girl!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto her shoulders. “Tell me, we’re actually all bittergourd demons, right? It must be, right?” Otherwise, how could she possibly have a face filled with such vicissitudes of life?

“Grandma, are you sick again? We’re dandelions!”

“This can’t be true!” Why did she turn into an old lady!? So the reason why they were calling her grandma, was because she was truly really old!

Little Qian’s face was filled with anxiety. “Grandma?”

“Hush. Let me quietly stay old for a moment.”


Little Qian said this. The usual lifespan of dandelion demons was five hundred years. As a dandelion which had lived for a thousand years, she could already be considered as a centenarian.

Little Qian said. In their world of demons, they competed on who had the longest lifespan, and the older one was, the better one would be treated. The older one was, the more authority she or he would have.

Little Qian said. In their territory of demons, they valued on which oldest person in the clan was the oldest.

Little Qian said. What was this thing called ‘cultivation’?

Little Qian said. Grandma, your wrinkles are so unbelievably beautiful.

Little Qian said…

Little Qian spoke about many things, however, no matter what was said, it could not change the fact that she had turned into an old woman. Instantly, she felt that her entire body was aching all over!

At this moment, Little Qian spoke again. “Grandma, are you still going to see Young Master Pod and his family? They have already waited for over six hours.”

She was not in a good mood, but she still had to work.

Zhu Yao gathered her thoughts, got back into her role, and then followed Little Qian out of the door to show her old face.

Ever since she saw her own true appearance, she began to faintly hear the crackling of her bones. They passed through a few small paths, before arriving in the great hall. She slowly sat at the highest seat in the hall.

Little Qian called them in.

A man and a woman then appeared at the entrance, and in her embrace was even a gigantic, green peapod. Zhu Yao was a little curious as to what it was.

The two of them respectfully bowed in front of her. “We pay our respects to Grand Qian.”

“…” You deserve a beating! Both of you deserve a beating!

“Mn, raise your heads!” Contain the anger, contain the anger.

The man took a step forward, and said while cupping his fist. “This lowly one has heard rumours that a thousand-year grandma has awoken in De Clan, and has thus came to make a visit.”

“Young Master Po sure is thoughtful!” Zhu Yao chuckled. So their clan was called De Clan. Why was it not Dan Clan or Lion Clan? Not a single one of them in the clan was male!

“Other than this…” That man scratched his head a little embarrassingly. His gaze met his wife’s, and then hesitantly spoke. “This lowly one still has a presumptuous request, and I hope that Grand Qian will accept it.”

Grand Qian expressed that she did not want to accept his request at all. “Young Master Po, please speak.”

“It’s like this.” He said with a joyful look. “Coincidentally, my wife has given birth to a child a few days ago, so we have the brazen thought of wanting Grand Qian to bestow a name to this child.”

So it’s giving a name. She was extremely good at things like giving names, but…

“Where’s the child?”

“Here!” The woman who had been standing silently at the side the entire time, walked over with an excited look, and brought out the huge peapod in her hands.


This is a child!? You’re kidding me, aren’t you!?

Wait a minute, Young Master Po? Pod…

The hell, so this is a family of peapods! I dare you to be more straightforward than this, hey.

1. Grand Qian/太倩(tai qian) sounds like 太欠(tai qian), which is derived from 欠揍(qian zou), which basically means someone who deserves a beating.

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