[Disciple] Chapter 271

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Previously on Zhu Yao’s Misfortunes! 

Zhu Yao turned into a five hundred year old hag! But being an old hag with beautiful creases on her face, she was revered in this world of demons! What!? Just how many did their mother give birth at one go to produce so many Qians with completely similar facial features!? A family of peapods came over!? And they need a name for their child…? I guess it’s a job for Zhu Yao’s wonderful naming sense!

Chapter 271: All Children are Unbearable

“Heh, heheh, heheh…” With a weirded out look, Zhu Yao stroked that gigantic peapod. “This… These children, sure grew up well!”

“Grand Qian, you’re flattering me!” The woman said with an embarrassed look. “I had simply made sure to drink plenty of dew water.”

I didn’t praise you, hey!

“We wish that Grand Qian will give this child a name, so that we will be able to be showered with a little of your blessings as well.” The peapod dad said with a sincere look.

“Ahem…” Zhu Yao straightened up her expression, and said sternly. “Which one is the eldest?”

“This one!” The peapod mom pointed to the pea at the very left. “He was the first one to ripen. The ones next to him are number two, number three, and number four.”

“Ou.” Zhu Yao sternly inspected that pea, and simply could not see any differences at all. “I see that he looks like a sleek round jade-coloured pearl, while exuding overflowing spirit. Why don’t I name him… Little Pea then!”   

Little Qian: “…”

The entire room was silent for a minute.

“Grand… Grand Qian, what about the ones next to him?” The peapod mom asked.

Zhu Yao swept her eyes at the peapod, and pointed at the peas one at a time. “Little Pea… Big Pea… Gigantic Pea… Extraordinary Pea!”

“Grandma…” The corner of Little Qian’s lips twitched. Just as she was about to speak up…

“That’s wonderful!” The peapod dad excitedly slapped his thighs. “As expected of Grand Qian, the eldest dandelion in a hundred miles. Many thanks to Grand Qian for bestowing our children these names.”

The peapod mom looked as if she was about to cry from excitement as well. “Thank you Grand Qian, for bestowing such good-sounding names to our children.”

“Hohoho…” Zhu Yao patted on their shoulders. “You two have good eyes. There’s not many people who can match my taste in this world!” As expected, there were still people who understood her taste in this world. She had to tell her master about this when she gets back.   

“Little Pea, Big Pea, Gigantic Pea, Extraordinary Pea, hurry and thank Grand Qian for the bestowal of your names.” The peapod mom faced the peapod and said.

Suddenly, white light glowed from the pea pod. Four green streams of light shot out from within and neatly landed next to Zhu Yao. In a blink of an eye, four white, tender and chubby little boys popped out naked. They stood right in front of her.

“Thank you, Grand Qian, for aiding us in breaking from our shells.” Four similar-looking children raised their heads up as they expressed their thanks to Zhu Yao.

“Very obedient!” Zhu Yao waved her hands at them.

Only then did the children pounced towards their own father and mother. The six of them looked as if they were celebrating the new year, exuding out immense joy.

The peapod dad and mom once again expressed their thanks to Zhu Yao. “Many thanks, Grand Qian. If not for you, we would still be wondering just when our children would break out from their shells.”

“Hoho, it’s something that should be done.”

The two of them expressed countless more thanks, before bringing the four children back home.

She glanced at the family who understood her tastes, and suddenly, a question rose in her mind. “Little Qian, a pea can only break out of its shell after receiving a name?”

She nodded. “Not just the peapod, all demons need to have a name to materialize into a human form.”

So a name was used to materialize a human form.

“Only demons who have lived over a thousand years have the ability to bestow names. The peapod husband and wife was really happy because grandma was able to bestow four names at one go.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Was giving a name that hard? Lowering her head, she looked at the pod which was flattened due to the children breaking out of their shells, and observed that a green light was faintly flashing from within. She tugged open the pod, and retrieved a fist-sized pea that was located at the furthest right.

Was this… missed out?

“That’s a dis seed.” Little Qian glanced at the pea in her hand.

“What does that mean?”

Little Qian explained. “It’s a seed discarded by them.”


“Grandma, the peapod clan is different from ours. Within every peapod, there would always be a dis seed that’s used as nourishment for the other peas, to enable the other children to grow. A dis seed only has a physical form, but not a soul. This one is a dis seed.”

Zhu Yao was startled. There was such a rule as well. “Then is this pea still alive?”

“A dis seed isn’t living.” Little Qian affirmed.

Zhu Yao frowned. However, she clearly sensed life energy within this pea though. Was it just her imagination?

In the end, Zhu Yao still kept that pea, and casually placed it in the wood spiritual energy gathering formation. What if it ended up growing up?

After making the preparations, Zhu Yao began to meditate and cultivate. Though she was unaware of what bug she was supposed to fix this time, with her present cultivation level, even if she encountered a bug, she would most likely be suppressed. Raising her cultivation was her path to victory.

Her master was presently not by her side, and this place did not seem to be the Divine Realm either. Only by raising her cultivation level could she hope to look for her man.

For some reason, though the plants and trees in her present location could become demons, the spiritual energy was very scarce. This was especially so for wood spiritual energy. Even after placing down a spiritual energy gathering formation, the wood spiritual energy gathered was still really limited.

Just by raising to the first level of Essence took an entire night of meditation. Three days had passed, yet the spiritual energy gathered was barely enough to push her to the second level of Essence. Zhu Yao who had never experienced such difficulties in cultivation, encountered her first wall.

It seemed like she had to be more ruthless now.

After reinforcing the spiritual energy gathering formation in the surroundings, she greeted the Qians, and went into closed-door training.

In order to draw in more spiritual energy, she made use of her old method of revolving the spiritual energy in her Dantian, spiraling them in a single direction, so that the inertial oscillation could bring in even more spiritual energy. As expected, this method was much better than waiting blindly for spiritual energy to be drawn in by themselves, and the spiritual energy in her body began to fill up.

Time flowed.

The amount of spiritual energy grew, and her cultivation rose correspondingly as well. Third level, fourth level, fifth level…

“Pea~” An heavy impact suddenly struck her chest. As Zhu Yao was not in a stabilized state, her old bones were this close to being shattered. When she opened her eyes, she saw a green ball tightly leaning on her chest.

The hell, which bastard threw a ball at her while she was in a meditative state!? Do you know that you have to respect your elders and love the young!?

“Pea…” The green ball suddenly moved, leaking out a clear single-syllable sound.

Zhu Yao was shocked and had almost thrown the ball away. After taking a closer look, she found it a little familiar.

“Pea~” It let out a sound again.

Pea? Zhu Yao was stunned. Only then did she recall about the pea that she placed in the spiritual energy gathering formation. She turned around to take a look, and as expected, it had disappeared.

It couldn’t be, right? She had merely meditated for a short while, yet it had grown so huge? That’s way too much nourishment.

“Pea…” That gigantic pea lightly called out again. It looked far larger than the four peas that were in the peapod previously.

What should she do now?

Oh right, a name. It could only materialize a human form after receiving a name.

“Ahem, I say, little green pea. You shall be called Peapea from now on, alright?”

“Pea!” The pea responded determinedly.


Nothing happened.

The hell, what happened to the promise of materializing after receiving a name? Could it be that she was in the wrong state for bestowing a name? Let’s try again.





Alright, no reaction at all. Even though it was born in the same peapod, why was it unable to materialize a human form?

Zhu Yao picked up the green pea ball and scanned it with her eyes. Other than being a little fatter, there was no difference at all!

“Pea~” It called out again, before rolling into her embrace. As though it was fatigued, it stopped completely after a short while. Slowly, it reverted to its former fist-size state.

Zhu Yao faintly sensed that something was amiss. However, her present cultivation was too weak and had yet to cultivate a divine sense, so she was basically unable to inspect the pea’s situation. She could only put the matter aside for now, as she kept the pea. Just as she was about to inspect the formation before continuing with her cultivation, she heard a few cries outside, followed by faint, flustered footsteps.

“What happened?” She opened the door, and was faced with Little Nthqian running over. They looked so similar it was hard to distinguish them from each other.

“Grandma, the Heavenly Fire, the Heavenly Fire has come!” The girl pointed at the sky with a flustered look.

Zhu yao raised her head, only to see a sky of fiery light. A red formation was presently revolving in the sky, and with every passing second, that fiery light grew brighter.

Flame Guiding Formation!

An elementary-level fire type art.

The formation was not huge, but it was pointing straight at her home!

“Grandma, hurry and leave this place. The Heavenly Fire is about to set this place ablaze.”

As expected, in the next moment, the fiery light descended from the skies, charging straight towards her home.

The hell. It couldn’t be! Her property! Her wealth!

Startled, Zhu Yao cast an art, and a formation materialized the next moment. A triangular formation enveloped the top of the building in the instant the fiery light was about to reach. She no longer had any face, so she couldn’t let her property disappear either.

“Eh? There’s actually a demon who knows mystic arts.” A tender voice rang out from the skies.

An exquisitely dressed child was presently standing atop a feather-shaped mystic tool, as he stared at her curiously. His hands which were used to cast an art earlier had yet to be placed down.

She understood where the Flame Guiding Formation had come from now. It was by this unbearable child!

“Hey, what demon are you?” The unbearable child pointed at her, and said with a cocky look.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. This little wimp looked like he was merely seven or eight years old. At such a young age, he actually dared to set the forest on fire. He sure was unbearable.

“I have never seen a demon who knows mystic arts before. Tell me your name, and I shall take you in as my pet!” The little wimp rubbed his nose, and said with an esteemed tone.  

Who wants to be your pet!?

Zhu Yao took in a deep breath, suppressing the fury in the depths of her heart. “Little one, burning someone else’s house is wrong. Hurry and go back home.” Watch out, otherwise I will smack your buttocks.

The child descended from the sky, and sternly said. “Be my pet, and I will go home! Though you’re a little old… No, you’re really old. As long as you’re able to run decently, I won’t despise you.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. How on earth could there exist such a child that deserved to be spanked?

“Hoho… I’m not going to be your pet.” Demons have their own pride as well!

Zhu Yao did not feel like arguing him. This child was at the fifth level of Essence as well. That Flame Guiding Formation took up considerable amount of his spiritual energy earlier, so she was not worried that he would throw it again.

“Eh, wait a minute! I’m serious.” The little wimp was anxious as well, as he chased after her.

Little Nthqian seemed to be extremely afraid of him as well, as she leaned closer to her in fright. “Grandma.”

“So you’re called Grandma!” The little wimp showed a joyful look. “I know now.”

What do you know? Zhu Yao turned around, only to see that he had already begun to cast an art. A formation instantly materialized, and in the center of the formation, a summoning contract inscription could be faintly seen. She had seen such an inscription once. It was during the time when her master made Sesame sign the contract with her.

The hell, this little wimp was truly wanting her to become his summoned beast. No, a summoned demon!

This was simply unbearable!

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