[Disciple] Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: Subduing the Little Tyrant

That contract formation was already flying towards her, instantly wrapping her like chains. The contract inscriptions in the middle began to float up as well, shooting straight into her core, as if it wanted to forcefully infiltrate her divine sense.

Zhu Yao was startled. She instinctively wanted to resist it, but she was simply unable to stop the inscription from entering. Just as that inscription was about to enter her divine sense, a gold ray of light suddenly flashed from the depths of her divine sense, instantly scattering that inscription.

She suddenly recalled the new divine sense mark which her master had placed on her back in the Netherworld. The Floor Master Yu Jin once mentioned that one could only possess a single divine sense mark.

“Eh?” The child was stunned for a moment, as though he had not expected that the contract would be scattered apart.

The flames in Zhu Yao’s heart surged. This unbearable child actually dared to use such a forceful method. If a tiger does not display its might, you’re treating it as a sick kitten, is that it!?

“Little one, come here!”

“You’re willing to become my pet now? Then why haven’t you knelt down yet?” He pointed at the ground haughtily.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She dragged the child over, pressed him against her thigh, and cast an art to restrict his movements. Aiming straight at his small buttocks, she threw slap after slap at them. Pak! Pak! Pak!

A small child like you is not being taught well! Coming out here to play with fire and everything! Do you know that it will cause a forest fire? Not to mention, you still want me to become your pet!? Do you know what are manners? Do you know how to respect your elders?”

The little one blanked for a moment, before beginning to desperately struggle. “Release me, you old demon!”

Haah, look at my temper. Zhu Yao began to put even more force into her smacks.

After seeing that he was unable to break away, the lips of the unbearable child curved downwards, and began to cry out loud. “Wuuaah, you bully! You baddie! Wuaaahhh…”

Hey, who’s the one who started the bullying first? “Stop crying!”

“No. I will cry all I want! I will cry till you become my pet!” He began to put more force into his cries.

Your logic sure is flawless!

Zhu Yao sighed. Just who in the world raised such a little tyrant?

“If you continue to cry, I will continue to smack you!” Zhu Yao waved her hands and materialized a blade of wind. She threw it at a gigantic rock several meters away, and instantly sliced the rock into half. After that, she coldly glared at him.

The little tyrant stopped. As expected, he was frightened. Looking at her with a fearful look, his tears stopped flowing, but continued to well in his eyes.

Only then did Zhu Yao retract her hand and pulled the little tyrant up. With a sunken look, she said.

“Speak, who are you, and where did you come from? Why do you want to burn down my house?” When dealing with a little tyrant like him, one naturally had to be more tyrannical tham him. “You better give a good explanation, otherwise I will make sure your buttocks bloom red.”

“Wuuu…” His expression paled. Tightly biting his small lips, he looked like he wanted to cry, but did not dare to do so. “M-mas… ter, save me.”

“No one can save you. Hurry and speak!” This unbearable child needed to be lectured.

Only then did he begin to speak in bits and pieces. “Little… Little Bai, junior-martial sister… Qu Yi likes. So I’m here to look for it.”

The hell is this mess?

“You’re saying you’re called Little Bai? There’s something here which that whatever junior-martial sister of yours like? So you’re here to look for it?” Zhu Yao guessed.

“Mn.” He nodded, desperately holding back his tears.

Yo, that’s unexpected. Just how young is he right now? He already knows about sending gifts to please a girl.

Zhu Yao sighed, as she then squatted down and looked at his small face at his eye-level. “Little one, it’s not wrong for you to look for gifts for your little companion, but why did you want to set a fire? Fortunately, the house you wanted to burn down was mine. If it was anyone else, what if there’s a little child like you inside it?”

“But… But you are all demons.”

“That’s right, we are demons, but do demons deserve to die?” There were many problems with this child’s education, huh. Zhu Yao really wanted to have a chat with the adults in his family.

His little brows furrowed as he weakly refuted. “But master said… demons are not humans, and they are all very weak. Their deaths are of… no concern.”

“Then do you find me weak?”

He strongly shook his head.

“See, I’m a demon as well.” Zhu Yao said in a sunken voice. “The strong and the weak do exist in this world, but being weak does not mean one can determine that person’s life and death. We have already cultivated a human form, which means we’re people like you. We cry, we laugh, and we can feel pain as well. If being strong means he or she can bully others, then if I kill you today, does that mean it’s well-deserved?”

His expression instantly turned as pale as snow. No longer able to contain his large drops of tears, they began flowing down. He was young, so he was unaware of the concept of death. However, the moment he recalled about the stone that was sliced into half earlier, he began to shiver from fear.

Zhu Yao instantly softened a little. No matter what was being said, he was still a child. As long as he were to be taught well, his mindset could be fixed.

“Enough, stop crying!” She reached out her hand to stroke his head. His entire body was already stiffened straight. Only when he realized that she was not making any other movements, he began to relax. Zhu Yao helped wipe away his tears. “Don’t worry, I won’t harm you. I was just giving an example.”

“Re… really?”


“You won’t smack my buttocks either?”

“… I won’t.”

Only then did he smile with snot coming out from his nose. He strongly rubbed his nose, and said. “Then… Then I won’t capture you and make you my pet either.”

“Then will you still kill demons in the future?”

“I won’t!” He shook his head strongly. “My buttocks will hurt.”

“…” After everything she said, he only remembered about his buttocks.

“But… What am I supposed to do about junior-martial sister Qu Yi’s gift?” His small face frowned again. “If I don’t find it, she won’t play with me either.”

Yo, it seems like he has pretty deep feelings for that little childhood sweetheart. He’s already crying in such a manner. He sure thinks about her a lot.

“What are you looking for?”

“A treasure of Tranquil Valley.” He said sternly. “Junior-martial sister says that there’s a treasure in Tranquil Valley that she really wants. That’s why I’m here.”

“…” This can’t be his only clue right? “What’s that treasure called? Where is it located? And what is it used for?”

The little tyrant pondered for a moment, and then shook his head. “Junior-martial sister did not mention them.”

Then why the hell are you looking for it!?

Alright, as expected of a child. “Then find out more about it before looking for it.”

“But junior-martial sister Qu Yi’s birthday is tomorrow.” He said with an anxious look.

“You can give her another present.” Zhu Yao suggested.

“What present?”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. “Girls usually like flowers. She will definitely like it if you give her some.”

“Really!?” The eyes of the little tyrant shone, and then he suddenly turned to face that Little Nthqian. “Are dandelions considered flowers?”

Little Nthqian trembled. She was about to burst into tears.

“I already told you that those who have turned into demons can’t do it!” Zhu Yao pinched his little cheeks. “After leaving the valley, find ones that are in full bloom. You can pick up those of various colours, and then gather them into a bundle. She will definitely like it if you give that to her.”

The little tyrant pondered for a moment before nodding his head. He looked eager to try. “Alright, I will listen to your suggestion.”

“Hurry on then!” Zhu Yao nudged his hand.

Only then did the little tyrant pull out the feather mystic tool and fly up high in the sky. Just as he was about to float away, he turned around and waved his hands at her. “Grandma, I’m leaving now. Thank you. Although you’re ugly, you’re a good person.”

“…” Ugly!

You unbearable child, if you have the guts, come back here.

After that little tyrant left, Little Nthqian was frightened for a good few days. Everytime Zhu Yao saw her, she would cry and speak of how terrifying humans were.

Mn, she agreed.

After this incident, Zhu Yao realized that the defensive abilities demon had were too weak. She had to find a way to raise everyone’s battle capabilities. Thus, she passed on the cultivation methods to the eldest Little Qian. She ordered Little Qian to tell all of the demons to cultivate according to the methods she were taught in.  

Probably because for the mighty respect for the creases on her face, the demons did not actually suspect her in the least, and immediately followed her instructions. However, there was little success. The spiritual energy in this place was incredibly scarce. Zhu Yao felt that there was a problem with this so-called Tranquil Valley. However, she could not find a single thing that was amiss after looking around.   

On the third day, little tyrant returned. Compared to how he arrogantly set a fire the other time, he had much more manners this time. He had even begun to wave his tiny hands at her from afar.

“Grandma!” He excitedly ran over, his eyes were filled with stars. “I followed your instructions and gave junior-martial sister Qu Yi flowers. She really liked it! Grandma, although you’re ugly, you’re really amazing.”

Can you please not mention the word ‘ugly’!? If not because you are a child, I will really get pissed, hey.

“But…” His joyful look retracted a little. “Junior-martial sister says that she still like the treasure here more.”

“Just what kind of treasure is there over here?”

“Senior-martial uncle Qu mentioned as well…” He sternly said. “He said that there should be a mystic tool here, it’s like… an umbrella. It’s really, really huge. He witnessed it last year.”

Last year’s umbrella? The hell? She even bought a watch last year, hey?

“Grandma…” The little tyrant tugged the corner of her clothes with a hopeful look. “What else… do you think I can give junior-martial sister Qu Yi?”

“You want to give her more presents?” You’re not a tyrant, but a tycoon right? “Hasn’t her birthday already passed?”

“But… But…” He twiddled his fingers, and said with a complicated look. “Junior-martial sister says that she really likes the gift I gave her, and hopes to receive more.”

Alright, you’re not a tycoon. You’re an idiot!

“Then what are you planning to give?” Haah, she could not shatter apart the pure friendship between children.

“I have lots and lots of peachwood swords.” He said with a serious look.

“That can’t do.” Little girls should like more delicate gifts, right? She took out a wooden hairpin from her home, and passed it to him. “Give her this.”

“You’re giving this to me?” He said, a little dumbfounded.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. “Go on then.” Hurry and deal with your childhood sweetheart, don’t bother me anymore. She still had to bring the dandelion family over to shine under the sun.

“Grandma…” The little tyrant suddenly had reddened eyes. Like a little bull cow, he charged right into her embrace. “Other than master, Grandma treats me the best. Little Bai will always remember Grandma. Even if I’m turned into ashes, I will remember Grandma.”

What’s with that last bit? That’s too frightening.

“Alright, hurry on then. In the future, introduce me your junior-martial sister Qu Yi.” Zhu Yao stroked his head.

“Mn!” Little tyrant said with a confident look, and only then did he get on his feather and float away.

Phew. He was finally settled with. She had to continue supervising the self-improvement programme of the demon world.

However, she did not expect that the little troublemaker would float back the next day.

This time, he was pulling a long face. His little hands were holding onto his chest, as he pitifully floated towards her.

Was she stuck with this unbearable child now?

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