[Disciple] Chapter 274

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tl note: Changes made: Xiao Bai -> Little Bai

Chapter 274: Wife, It’s Me!

She was no longer able to squeeze out even a hint of energy. The faint thought of simply switching to a new avatar rose in her mind. Mn, before that, I should first bash Realmspirit up.

Just when her consciousness was about to completely disappear, the transparent spiritual energy which had been quietly staying in her meridians and could not be easily arranged, began to swim about in her meridians.

What was even more mystical was, everywhere it flowed, the surrounding spiritual energy would quieten down and would automatically begin to separate itself by colour.

Zhu Yao was stunned. All she could do was watch as that transparent spiritual energy calm down the raging spiritual energy in the meridians, like a group leader. Even the disturbance in her Dantian had also ceased as well.

In the next moment, she simply felt as if something had rung in her mind, as though something had broken through. Her Foundation establishment was successful.

Such a godly turn of events!

Just what kind of divine power was that transparent spiritual energy?

After the establishment of her Foundation, the transparent spiritual energy did not stop. Instead, it began to slowly flow within her meridians. Wherever it flowed, the meridians which were damaged by the spiritual energy began to recover, while the separated spiritual energy entered her Dantian in an orderly manner.

After a long while, the meridians in her body had all been completely restored, and her meridians had also grown wider after the rise of her cultivation. She even felt that her old bones had gotten a bit stronger.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath and sensed the unprecedented vigorous energy that was in her body. Just as she opened her eyes, she was faced with a pair of fish’s buble eyes that were welled up with hot tears.

“Grandma…” Little tyrant sniffled, as he forcefully rubbed his eyes. “You’re finally awake.”

It seemed like she had frightened him bad. Zhu Yao’s heart softened, as she stroked his little head. “Good boy.”

“Grandma, you have already slept for an entire day and night.” He said pitifully. “I didn’t even dare to look for Qu Yi to play with. Fortunately, you’re awake. I can head out again now.”

“…” So the thing you were about was actually this, hey!?

“Where are we?” Only then did she notice her surroundings. This place was a regular room. There were not many things around, but they were really neatly arranged.

“This is my home.” Little tyrant replied.

“Your home?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Little Tyrant was a practitioner, then his house should be…

“Ness Cesary Sect!” Little Tyrant proudly raised his chest.

Your sister!

She was a dandelion demon! Furthermore, the relationship between demons and the practitioners of this world was not even the slightest of harmonious, alright? He actually brought her openly into a sect of practitioners. Zhu Yao felt her heart clenching.

She stood right up. “Not good. I have to leave quickly.” Otherwise, she wouldn’t even know when she could die.

“Little Bai!” An heavy male voice sounded from outside, and the door creaked open from the outside.

She’s finished!

“When will you…” A stern-looking man dressed in an azure robe entered the building, and was stunned!

Zhu Yao: “…”

“You…” The man was dumbfounded, as he looked straight at Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao’s heart was in a fluster, as the depths of her mind began to flash out several vegetable dishes. Stir-fried dandelions, steamed dandelions, boiled dandelions…

She wondered just how she should run in order to make her escape look a little more convincing?

Let me go! “Oh hero…”



What? What did you just call me?

“Wife!” The man’s demeanour suddenly changed, as he pounced towards her and hugged onto her thighs. Sniffling and with tears in his eyes, he cried out. “You’re finally willing to see me. This husband has waited you for such a long time. You’re finally out here.”


-Flips table- What kind of scenario is this!?

“Dear gentleman, who are you? You picked up the wrong script, didn’t you?” This person here has a girlfriend, hurry and let my thigh go, hey.

“Wife.” However, he was like an octopus, clinging tightly onto her thighs. “I was wrong, I really was wrong. I shouldn’t have despised that graceful body figure of yours. Neither should I have despised your ecstatical creases and sexy skin.”


“Even if you’re so ugly to the point where your human- I mean, dandelion features can no longer be seen, I will still love you.”

“Are you certain you’re not being sarcastic?”

“Return to my side, my wife. I will no longer be angry at you.”

“Ghosts are about to return to the surface, I tell you. Who the hell are you?”

“It’s fine if you don’t acknowledge me. I will continue to wait for you. I love you, my wife!”

“Your sister’s your wife! Who the hell is your wife!? Let me go, hey.”

“No, I will no longer leave you. My heart is a rock that cannot be easily turned by others.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “A rock cannot be turned, but it can roll!” She could not endure it any longer, as she raised her leg and kicked.

That man however still had the same determined look, as he looked at her affectionately. “Hit me then, my wife. As long as it can make you feel better, please feel free to ravage my body.”

“…” Who wants to ravage your body? Don’t speak of something so immoral in such a righteous tone, hey. What if someone misunderstands?

“Senior-martial uncle?” Little tyrant looked at the man dumbfoundedly, and then glanced at Zhu Yao. “Grandma?”

Don’t look at me. I don’t know what’s going on either? Why isn’t there an explanation of this present scenario at all?

“Junior-martial nephew Bai.” The man crawled up from the ground, and patted on the little tyrant’s head as he spoke in a grateful tone. “You have done very well. At first I had thought that you would only be able to take away my wife’s umbrella. Never did I expect that you would bring her directly out here. You sure are senior-martial uncle’s good nephew!”

The little tyrant’s face reddened. “I didn’t actually do anything. It was Grandma who…”

“No, in the future, you have to call her senior-martial aunt.”

“Hey hey hey…” Zhu Yao pulled the little tyrant back. I’m still alive and well, don’t make decisions on your own! “Just who in the world are you?”

“My wife…” The man’s eyes reddened. “Are you still not willing to forgive me?”

The little tyrant raised his head as well. “Senior-martial aunt, forgive senior-martial uncle already!”

“Forgive my ass. I don’t even know him.”

The man looked even more pitiful. “My wife, as expected, you still aren’t willing to forgive me.”

“Grandma…” How can you be so heartless and cruel?

Zhu Yao: “…”

Just what was this sense of defeat she was feeling for being unable to clarify herself? She would have rather been stir-fried, steamed or boiled.

“Wait!” Zhu Yao heavily slammed onto the table. With a bang, she directly smashed the table into pieces.

The two others were stunned for a moment. The place instantly quietened down.

She took a deep breath, cleansed herself from the irritable thoughts of wanting to kill people, and earnestly said. “Why don’t we settle down and talk things out?”

The corner of the man’s lips twitched, as if he wanted to say something. “Wife…”

“Shut up!”

“Ou.” He immediately knelt back down.

Zhu Yao was feeling a slight headache, as she took a deep breath. “First of all, I don’t know you, and neither have I met you before. So, I can’t possibly be your wife. Secondly, I already have a man. That person isn’t you. Understand?”

The man was startled, and instantly, his face turned as pale as snow. With a expression of disbelief, he said. “You… You got yourself another man behind my back?”

The little tyrant looked over with a dissatisfied expression as well.

Behind your back, your sister! Don’t automatically ignore the first point, hey.

For the first time in her life, Zhu Yao felt communication was such a difficult skill. “Alright, I shall ask in another way. What’s the surname of your wife, and what is she called? How did you two know each other?” No matter what, she would not believe that Realmspirit would give her a wedded avatar, otherwise, she was going to spit all over his face.

“Wife, what’s wrong? Are you perhaps injured? You have even forgotten your own name?”

“May the counter defendant please directly reply the question!” Do not diverge away from the question!

The man was stunned for a moment, before replying. “Naturally, you’re surnamed Zhu…”

Zhu Yao sucked in some air. “What’s her name?”


She felt her vision darken.

The man nodded with certainty. “Zhu Yaoyao!”


Do you know how scary an unfinished sentence can be!?

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Thinking back on the dandelion family’s naming sense, it was completely normal for her to have a sister with completely identical looks or something, right?

“I’m absolutely certain now that you have mistaken me for someone else.”

“That’s impossible.” He said with a determined look. “Even if I do make mistakes in recognizing some people, I won’t ever mistake you for someone else. Your entrancing creases and slightly hunchbacked figure makes up the one and only beauty in this world.”

Creases! Hunchback!

Old Woman Zhu Yao – was stabbed twice!

“I must thank you, really!” She had only heard of pedophilia. This time, she had actually seen for herself a gerontophile!

“Wife…” He looked like he was about to burst into tears. “What’s wrong? I’m your beloved husband, Qu Qu!”

Qu Qu (Cricket). Why not Guo Guo (Grasshopper)?

“I say, Guo Guo!” Zhu Yao stepped forward and patted on the infatuated man’s shoulders. “I understand your feelings.”

“I’m Qu Qu!”

“It’s fine, they’re both the same thing.”


“Come. Let us talk about life.”

Zhu Yao spent three hours explaining in various angles. From science, to technology, and to feelings. She spoke of the trait of the dandelion family, discussed about how a peapod could have several seeds, talked about the genetic traits of twins and of multiple births. She explained that given how huge the world was, there would definitely be a few idiots who would look exactly like him. She had even brought up about the research of the diversity of appearances of elderly as verification. The conclusion she was trying to make was: You mistook me for someone else. I’m a pure young maiden. Don’t look at me with eyes that looked as if you’re looking at your wife. Go back to where you belong.

And, the conclusion the student Qu Qu gave was, “Impossible. Wife, you must be lying to me.”

Zhu Yao: ‘…”

If not because you looked handsome, I would have bashed you right here and now, do you believe it?

In the end, Zhu Yao had no choice but to bring up about how the Qianqianqianqians looked identical as well. With the little tyrant as witness, his determined expression finally loosened a little.

“You’re… really not my wife?”

“Really, really!” Zhu Yao nodded.

He looked as if he had suffered the most painful blow in his lifetime, his entire being was in gloom. Raising his head, he glanced at her old face. “There are actually still other demons who look just as divine as my wife?”

“…” Please stop using the word ‘divine’, it’s already outdated.

With the misunderstanding cleared, Zhu Yao found out that the reason Qu Qu had Little Bai head to Tranquil Valley was all in order to search for his wife. That special thin veil was part of her original form – a transportation tool used by dandelions to float around. It was actually really an umbrella.

She had planned on returning, but the barrier of Tranquil Valley was too strange. When she crossed it back then, she had almost lost her life. If she were to return this time, she wouldn’t know what would happen. Suddenly, she realized that she had no home to return to.

“Why don’t we do this, dear maiden?” Qu Qu suggested. “Though you are not my wife, you are still greatly related to her. Don’t worry, I will take care of you in the future.”

“…” Why did she feel even more uncomfortable than before?

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