[Disciple] Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: I Will Never Forgive That Person

“Sect Master…” Everyone carried stunned and excited eyes, as they looked at the person-in-charge.

Qu Jiang frowned, and said with a wave of his hand. “Let’s first go take a look.” He summoned his flying sword, and as if he had suddenly recalled something, he turned to look at Zhu Yao. “Umm… Fellow elder, come with us.”

Everyone’s eyes then focused on Zhu Yao one after another.

Fellow elder Zhu Yao: “…”

With a wave of his hand, the Sect Master had Zhu Yao fly towards him and stop above his flying sword.

“Sect Master, about those new disciples who have yet to wake up…” Someone asked.

“Who cares about what disciples right now!?” He said with a wave of his sleeves. “We can talk about it tomorrow.”

Thus, bringing along the various higher-ups, they flew towards the mountain that had been unsealed earlier – the Skybond Peak!

In a blink of an eye, several higher-ups plus one elderly had already arrived in front of the brilliant and luxurious palace above Skybond Peak. Strangely, though the mountain had risen from the waters, there was not even a single droplet of water on it. It was clear and clean, not to mention the spiritual energy here was exceptionally abundant.    

The palace’s huge door was tightly shut, and a golden formation was presently circulating on the door. Countless complicated runes were flowing within, and even though they were quite a bit distance away from it, they could sense the incomparable pressure from the formation. They could faintly sense slight stuffiness in their hearts.

“Senior-martial brother, about this…” The crowd looked at that formation with a slight loss.

Qu Jiang frowned. He turned to look at his unreliable junior-martial brother Qu Qu. “Junior-martial brother Qu, you have always been proficient at formations and talismans, are you able to find out what kind of formation this actually is?”

Qu Qu sized up the formation placed on the door. After inspecting it for a long while, he said. “Five Speech Chaotic Element Formation. It’s an ancient formation. It can be said to be easy to enter it, but it can be difficult as well.”

“What do you mean?” Qu Jiang frowned.

“To be precise, a correct password is needed.” Qu Qu continued. “Only the person, whom this formation acknowledges, speaks the correct password, can one enter it. Furthermore, this formation cannot be dispelled. If someone dares to forcefully break into it, those who have weaker cultivation levels than the person who crafted this formation will definitely have their divine senses injured by the formation. If there is someone who possesses a higher cultivation level than the one who crafted this formation, then the formation will immediately activate and destroy the entire Skybond Peak.”

Everyone exchanged glances. There’s a need for a password to enter it, but the palace had been buried for over several hundreds of thousands of years. How could there be anyone who would still know of it…?

If there really was one, then… Everyone was stunned for a moment. As if they had all just recalled something, they turned to look at Zhu Yao.  

What are you guys looking at me for? I don’t know the password either, hey.

“This fellow…” The Sect Master stepped forward, his attitude was more respectful than before. With his fists cupped, he approached Zhu Yao. However, he seemed to have forgotten her name again, and was stuck for words once more.

“Zhu Yao! She’s called Zhu Yao.” Qu Qu leapt up with proud look, and excitedly said. “She’s my little sister-in-law!”

“…” Sister-in-law, your sister!

“The riddle of Skybond Peak was solved by her, so she definitely knows of the password to open the door.” Everyone’s eye were instantly shining with snowy-white light. Qu Qu winked at her, and said with a confident look. “Right, little sister-in-law?”

Zhu Yao wanted to kick him in the knee!

Right, your sister! How the hell would she know!? Only a ghost would know the password to the door!

“Fellow daoist Zhu.” The Sect Master finally found a suitable way to address her. “You can just give it a try.”  

Was she allowed to refuse?

She glanced at the surrounding pairs of shining, large eyes. If she were to refuse, she would be bashed to death, right?

Zhu Yao had no choice but to bite the bullet and stepped forward, glancing at the formation. Password, password… Could it be…

“Open sesame?”


No reaction.

Alright, as expected, she was too naive. There could only be that one beastie who was called Sesame in this world. Taking a deep breath, she continued with several tries.





“Jack Ma?”


“Ma Huateng?”



I did my best.

The crowd’s excited expressions instantly turned chilly.

Qu Jiang pondered for a moment, before suggesting. “Fellow daoist Zhu, why don’t you use that incantation which you used to solve the riddle earlier?”



Zhu Yao made a face. Are you forcing me to speak vulgarities? You are the principal of Ness Cesary Institution, is this really alright when there’s students in front of you?

Left without a choice, she took in a deep breath and said with a huge puff. “Cheng Qingdiao, hell, you bitch, goodbye!”

She roared out a total of three times!

The formation on the door still did not react in the slightest. The crowd’s faces were already dyed with despair.

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled the moment when this tycoon’s mountain rose, the words that disappeared last on Trueheart Door.

Could a simplified version of the incantation be needed? The two rows of words that disappeared last were…

“Cheng Qingdiao, bitch?”

When her words fell, a ray of golden light instantly shot out of the formation, shining right onto her arm. Zhu Yao simply felt her hand growing warmer. When she rolled up her collar, she saw that there was an additional umbrella-shaped diagram on her neck, and it was faintly flashing with golden brilliance.

Before she could even retort, the luxurious door was opened after a rumble.

The hell, that sentence earlier was actually the password. Just how much hatred and resentment did the owner of this palace have towards Cheng Qingdiao?

That door was not completely opened, and had instead only opened a slit big enough for a single person to go through. In the next moment, the formation shone with a golden light once again, and Zhu Yao simply felt her body becoming light. With a flash of white light, her entire being disappeared from her original position, and the door closed with a bang.

What’s left were the dumbfounded faces of the crowd.

When Zhu Yao regained her senses, she was already standing at the center of a large hall.

The large hall was extremely extravagant. The floor tiles themselves were carved with white spirit stones, while the surrounding stone pillars were also made of artifact refining materials. Even the curtains were also made of… auntie pads!

No, that’s not right. They were the material her master used to make her auntie pads – Rawsilk Yarn.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt that it was impossible for her to look at these Rawsilk Yarn directly again.

She carefully walked forward, when suddenly, a translucent image appeared in the air above the center of the large hall she was standing on earlier. It was the image of a youthful, handsome man with a stern look on his face. Zhu Yao guessed that he should be the owner of this mountain.

However, that was merely an image which did not have a physical body. This should have been something the man left behind before his ascension.

As expected, a heavy male voice resounded in the hall the next moment.

“I, Daoist Wang Shang, had seeked the Dao for several millennium, and have finally managed to have a slight peek at the Heavenly Dao, achieving the peak of cultivation. I have especially left behind this hall in this world for the one fated person, and to provide benefits to the descendents of Ness Cesary. This hall contains the techniques that this one has practiced throughout his life, three thousand mystical arts, medicinal pellets…”

Following after was a large chunk of description regarding the territory of Skybond Peak and its various goods. Zhu Yao felt a little sleepy as she listened. In summary, this person called Daoist Wang Shang was a rich tycoon in his life, and had gathered various strange mystical treasures in the world. After that, he ascended and had no use for these items anymore, so he stored them here. Then, he was afraid that others would steal them, so he sealed them up and waited for a fated person to pass them onto.

He hoped that the descendant would put them to good use, and stuffs like that.

Up till this point, Zhu Yao felt that he was really normal. Because, in usual scenarios, powerful practitioners would all do the same thing.

Just as she thought that it would be the same old scenario as in all cultivation stories and would no longer have anything new to take note of, the man in the projection suddenly had a change in tone. His tone began to be filled with immense fury.

“One who entered this hall, you must remember one single matter. You must not form good relationships with the people of Protective Wind Clan. The moment a person of this clan is sighted, that person must be exterminated at all costs. Recalling the several millennium I, Wang Shang, has cultivated for, I have crossed through the entire cultivation world, and have only once been hoodwinked by Cheng Qingdiao, Clan Master of Protective Wind. This person was treacherous, cunning, less than a dog…”

Eh, wasn’t Cheng Qindiao the name of the person in the password? What drama! Zhu Yao’s eyes shone, as her gossipping mode instantly activated.

“Back then, we met each other when I possessed Azoth Core cultivation. Seeing that person’s gentle and frail personality, feelings of pity instantly welled in my heart. I protected that person for several thousand years, my heart was solely that person’s, and never did my heart have a slight moment of waver. No matter if that person encountered dangers in a secret realm, no matter how much difficulties that person experienced during cultivation, and no matter how much that person was troubled by heretic practitioners, I would jump into the fire and dive into the ocean depths to protect that person, afraid that that person would be bullied or be wronged in the slightest.”

Yo, so it was a love story. It seemed like this Cheng Qingdiao girly betrayed him in the end.

“For that person, I was willing to reject my childhood friend and junior-martial sister, be abandoned by my master, all in order to be with that person. I wandered outside for a total of two hundred years, forbidden to return to the sect, but I had never harboured any resentment. Furthermore, in order to be together with that person openly, I had almost birthed to an inner demon.”

It seemed like he was the infatuated type too.

“Risking my life, I successfully nourished my Nascent Soul, and only then did I receive my master’s forgiveness and return to the sect. In order to make that person happy, I had even gathered various mystic artifacts and medicinal pellets, all for the sake of seeing that person’s smile. I protected that person without any single moment of betrayal. And because of that person’s single word, I had even taken in a disciple which I had never done so till then, nor had I ever have a successor.”

The man’s voice grew even more bitter.

“And because that person did not like people knowing the relationship between the two of us, we had always hidden it from the masses. With all my effort, I cultivated into a Demigod, and with my status as a Demigod Sovereign, I proposed to that person with all my sincerity…”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank, faintly sensing how it all ended up. He must have been rejected, right? And then love became hate or something?

As expected, Daoist Wang Shang’s voice grew louder, to the point where he seemed to be shouting.

“I had thought that the reason that person did not want others to know about our relationship, was because that person was afraid of pulling me down. Never did I expect that when I joyfully headed over to propose and had even stripped down my pants, that person actually told me, he was a man! Momma’s egg, he was actually a man!”


“Hell, can you understand my pain? The person I was infatuated with for several thousand years, was actually a motherf**king man! Can any single one of you understand my broken heart? Where’s the most basic trust between humans? I felt like I was played like a fool by the entire world. Cheng Qingdiao, you’re a motherf**king bitch. I will never ever forgive you in my entire life, and even I’m left with nothing but ashes, I will still curse you. Slut, bitch, bastard… (Please insert three thousand vulgarities below)”

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded as she listened to his raging curses. He had basically turned into a Spartan.

Now that she knew what happened… The vulgarities-filled incantation that he crafted was completely understandable now.

Zhu Yao listened to that image curse for two hours, and during the two hours, there was actually not a single repeated phrase. Even Zhu Yao was beginning to sigh in awe at how well his language skills were! It was no wonder the answer to the riddle at the door was so fresh and refined.

That image seemed to have finally felt relieved after all that cursing. That otherworldly dignified demeanour he had earlier had long disappeared from existence, and what’s left was the image of a handsome man with his hands on his waist, gasping for air. Not even bothering about the impression of himself, he waved his hand in the air and said. “Wait a minute, let me catch my breath.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

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