[Disciple] Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: Catch That Beast!

The suspicion on the female practitioner’s face grew heavier. She then turned to look at Little Bai at the side, a little dissatisfied that he merely possessed cultivation at the tenth level of Essence. However, after seeing that his sleeves were embroidered with the mark that only elite disciples could have, she was startled for a moment. In the end, she did not express any disapproval, and said with a sigh. “Since she’s here, then let’s go. We have already wasted quite a bit of time earlier. We have to rush there by noon.”

As she said that, she instructed everyone to fly on their swords and head northwards.

“Little tyrant, lend me a flying sword!” Zhu Yao immediately snatched a flying sword from little tyrant and used it as her own transportation tool. Then, she followed right after them.  

Bai Zhiyuan sighed. He did not retaliate, instead, he took out another mystic artifact and caught up to her.

“Grandma, there’s so many mystic artifacts in Skybond Peak, why do you have to use mine?” he could not help but retort through voice transmission.

Zhu Yao made an awkward look. “You don’t understand. Grandma has very expensive tastes!” Use the artifacts in Skybond Peak? She did not wish to cuss out ‘bitch’ all day long.

“Grandma, if you slip out of Skybond Peak like this, Sect Master master will be angry.”

“I have no choice. I have matters to attend to.”

“No matter how huge the matter it is, you can’t slip out like this.” He said with a disapproving look. “What if you encounter something dangerous?”

“Don’t worry, I will protect you well!”

“…” This was not what he meant! Haah, whatever. He just had to watch over grandma a little. Once an opportunity were to arrive, he would still inform the Sect Master.

Zhu Yao sized up the group of people. Ye Qingcang was very easily recognizable. The person with the poorest cultivation was him, at the first level of Essence. Like little tyrant, he was around fifteen to sixteen years old. He had very average and common looks, belonging to the category where if she were to throw into a large crowd, it would be impossible to distinguish him from the rest.

If not for the clear ‘bug’ wordings on his face, she really would not have connected him with the past bugs she encountered. There was not the slightest of indication on him that showed that he was a main protagonist.

The group flew for about half an hour before arriving at the edge of the forest.

The leading girly was surnamed Qin, and she possessed cultivation at the late stages of Foundation. The other girly was at the mid stages of Foundation, while the other two male practitioners were also at the late stages of Foundation as well.

Group Leader Qin gathered everyone together, and explained the situation surrounding that demonic beast in detail. It was a fourth rank Concealed Rock Beast, and it had the dual attributes of metal and earth. It was extremely capable in concealment, and it lived in one of the caves in the edge of the forest.

The terrain of the cave was very complicated. If one were to enter it by mistake, it would most likely be impossible for that person to find his way bag. This was also why the best plan was to lure the Concealed Rock Beast out. Naturally, she had already prepared the male protagonist as bait.

“This is Firefly Scent Lure.” The girly Qin passed Ye Qingcang a green stone. “Take this and enter this cave. Within six hours, the path you tread will glow with white firefly lights. If you happen to lose your way inside, you can come out by following the lights.”

Ye Qingcang took it, and nodded with a heavy expression. His eyes, however, were unexpectedly firm.

“Why don’t we use a Positioning Talisman?” Little tyrant interrupted. “If we use a Positioning Talisman, we can immediately position it at the entrance. Isn’t that better?”

When his words fell, one of the male practitioners glared at him, and said with a sarcastic tone. “Hmph! Positioning Talisman? Do you know much does one Positioning Talisman costs? Catching one fourth rank demonic beast isn’t even enough to buy two Position Talismans.”

Little Bai’s expression paled, a hint of embarrassment flashed past his face. He was indeed unaware of this fact.

That male practitioner however grew even more tactless. “You elite disciples simply do not know of the pain of regular disciples. Do you really think the streets are filled with talismans?”

Zhu Yao frowned. These words were indeed a little too much! This person was surnamed Zhao was dissatisfied with the newly joined Zhu Yao and Little Bai ever since the very beginning. Along the way, he had not given them even the slightest smile.

“Enough!” Group Leader Qin’s expression sank as she glared at Zhao Li. “It’s already pretty late. Before dark, we must lure that Concealed Rock Beast out.”

Only then did Zhao Li shut his mouth.

The group walked to the entrance of the cave. The cave was really huge, similar to a gigantic highway tunnel. A few low growls of demonic beasts could be faintly heard from within, accompanied by the whistling of the wind. The sounds were not exactly clear.

The girly Qin cast a glance at Ye Qingcang. He took a deep breath, before walking into that cave.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao took a few steps forward. A white light flashed in her palm, and she slapped him at the back. She said with a chuckle. “Be careful.”

Ye Qingcang had a confused look, but he still gave her a nod before walking in. In just a short few moments, his figure was no longer in sight.

“Junior-martial sister, just how confident are you with subduing this fourth rank demonic beast?” Profiteer asked.

“I don’t know either.” Though her World Favourable Impression was really convenient to use, there was still that bugged main protagonist at the side. She was truly worried that something might happen. “We can talk about it again after seeing the demonic beast.”

Profiteer nodded as he pointed to the entrance of the cave. “With how huge the cave is, most likely, that junior-martial brother might not be able to return that quickly…”

Before he could even finish, a loud roar could be heard from within. The entire cave entrance began to rain down shattered rocks.

The crowd was stunned. None of them had expected that Ye Qingcang would encounter that demonic beast so quickly.

“Scatter, be prepared to battle!” The girly Qin shouted out with a sunken voice. The group did not have time for idle chatter either, as they hurriedly scattered and summon their weapons.

In just but a few moments, running footsteps could be heard from the entrance. Ye Qingcang sprinted out, and though his hair was slightly dishevelled, he was not injured at all. Before the group could even feel joyous, a gigantic figure suddenly appeared behind him, and it was charging out of the entrance.

“Get down!” Zhu Yao shouted.

Ye Qingcang hurriedly rolled in response, as he exited the cave.

Immediately after, the sharp howl of a beast reverberated. The loudness of its voice resounded through the clouds. Probably due to the echoes in the cave, even the entire ground seemed to be shaking a little.

With a bang, a demonic beast which had rocks grown all over its body appeared before their eyes.

It seemed to be extremely furious. After its howl, it faced the nearest Ye Qingcang and slammed its claw towards him.

Though he had rolled quite a distance away, it was still impossible for him to dodge and the sharp claw was about to reach his body. In the scenario, Ye Qingcang was heavily injured because of this claw, and he had almost lost his life in result. However, it was different this time.

An earth wall suddenly erected in front of his body, blocking that ferocious claw. He felt a little heat on his back, as an earth-type defensive talisman flew out. He was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he recalled that right before entering the cave, that newly joined granny had slapped him on the back.

“Granny?” He turned back to look at her, flabbergasted.

“What are you looking at? Hurry and run!” Zhu Yao glared at him. You’re a granny. Your entire family is made of grannies!

Ye Qingcang rolled and crawled out of the demonic beast’s attack range.

“Little tyrant, look after him!” Zhu Yao turned around and instructed Little Bai. With a flick of her hand, the earth wall summoned by the earth-type defensive talisman earlier instantly expanded, blocking the demonic beast’s movements.

The demonic beast’s eyes grew crimson red, evidently, it was enraged beyond compare. Zhu Yao had planned on first restricting its movements and have it calm down before chatting with it.

Who would have known that in a blink of an eye, the gigantic figure of the demonic beast that was surrounded by the earth wall, would disappear without a trace.

“It disappeared!” Zhao Li said with a startled look. He searched around, before glaring at Zhu Yao. “Old woman, you can’t possibly have scared it back into the cave, right?”

The flames in Zhu Yao’s heart instantly erupted.

Group Leader Qin’s expression changed. “Stay focused, the demonic beast is still here!”

At the moment her words fell, that demonic beast suddenly appeared right above Zhao Li, and it was pouncing straight at him. Zhao Li quickly dodged, but he was still slammed head-on by the demonic beast’s claw. Though he had long erected a defensive barrier, he still received some injuries. He was thrown a few dozens of meters away as he puked out a mouthful of blood.

“Junior-martial brother Chen!” The Qin girly cried out. She instantly summoned several dozens of spiritual swords and threw them at the demonic beast.

However, a scene that could shock everyone occurred. The body of the gigantic demonic beast began to turn transparent in a blink of an eye, disappearing from its spot in an instant. The spiritual swords struck the trees behind it one after another.

“The demonic beast can conceals itself!” Profiteer shouted out loudly. “Be aware of your surroundings.”

Only then did the group calm themselves down and focus their senses at the movements in the surroundings. Unfortunately, because they were merely practitioners at the Essence and Foundation level, they were unable to expand their divine sense. They were basically unable to see through the demonic beast’s location.

In the next moment, that demonic beast once again appeared next to the male and female Foundation disciples. They were practitioner-pair husband and wife, and they had been both slammed onto the ground, watching as the demonic beast bite towards them. At this moment, Profiteer summoned hundreds of icicles and threw them at the demonic beast.

That demonic beast dodged to the side, jumping up from the spot it was from, its figure once again began to turn transparent. Right before it disappeared, it faced the sky and let out a suppressed growl.

Zhu Yao heard it clearly this time. The meaning behind that growl was…

“It hurts…”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, a thought instantly emerged in her mind.

Before she could piece everything up, that demonic beast instantly appeared right behind her.

┗|`o′|┛ Oouu~~ As it roared, it pounced at her.

However, at the moment it was about to land on her, it blanked for a moment. Unable to stop the momentum on its feet, it bent its knees and ended up twisting itself, smashing onto the ground right in front of her.

Then, it simply laid there in a daze.

That pair of crimson red eyes grew a little clearer, as it mumbled in front of her. “It hurts~~”

Zhu Yao asked on reflex. “Where does it hurt?”

It suddenly voiced out ‘ah’ in front of her, opening its large mouth. It was even larger than her entire body. Zhu Yao simply felt a fishy stench pouring towards her, its heaviness made her feel dizzy.

Ugh… Such heavy bad breath!

Even if you’re a beastie, please take care of your hygiene, hey!

“Grandma!” Little tyrant was frightened. Just as he was about to charge out, he was stopped by Profiteer.

“Wait a minute.” He pointed to Zhu Yao and said. “She’s presently taming that demonic beast. Don’t worry.” He had experience with something like this. Back then when she tamed that fifth rank demonic beast, she was also standing unmoving like that.

Mn. Junior-martial sister Yu is not dodging. She’s definitely using that unique beast taming technique of hers. She definitely is.

The group exchanged glances, a hint of hesitation appeared on their faces. Little Bai’s heart was even clenched tightly.

Zhu Yao looked at that beastie closing ts mouth in front of her, and it was still crying out with a teary voice. “It hurts… It hurts so much…”

“Just where in the world does it hurt?” If you don’t say it, how would I know? Zhu Yao pinched her nose. The spiritual intellect of a fourth rank demonic beast was very limited. Though it had already calmed down, she really could not figure out from its answer for a moment.

That beastie however grew even more depressed. Tilting its head, it signalled with its paws. “It hurts… It swelled. It hurts so much…”

Swell? Zhu Yao was stunned a little. She took a closer look at its lips, and only then did she realize that there was indeed a lump on its lips. However, because its entire body was made of rocks, the swelling was not very obvious.

“Over here?” She touched the lump.

The beast jolted, as if a sore spot had been touched. Tears began to flow out, drenching Zhu Yao’s entire body, as though she was bathing in a warm bath.


“It hurts… It’s stuck. It hurts… A bad guy threw it in. Beastie hurts so much…” It grew even more depressed, as it told her in a complaining tone.

Only then did Zhu Yao begin to understand the situation. “You’re saying… Something is stuck in your mouth?” That’s why it’s swelling!

The beastie nodded.

Her face darkened. “Open your mouth!”

With another ‘ah’ sound, it opened its mouth. Pinching her nose, Zhu Yao carefully inspected its mouth which looked like a mountain cave itself. As expected, she saw a trident hook on the right of its sharp teeth. The circulation of spiritual energy could be faintly felt from it as well. It was actually a low rank mystic artifact.

“Don’t move, I will help you get it out.” Zhu Yao leapt up and entered the demonic beast’s mouth.

This scene had completely frightened the group behind who could not hear their conversation.

“Grandma!” Little Bai simply felt a bell ringing in his mind, and everything was blank. That demonic beast actually ate grandma!

Profiteer was dumbfounded as well. Though he had once seen junior-martial sister Yu tame a demonic beast, he had never seen such a situation where she was obviously serving herself as food!

Little Bai pulled out his sword and charged towards the demonic beast.

Before he had even reached the demonic beast, he heard the demonic beast letting out a cry of pain! A pillar of blood was shot out from the corner of its mouth like a geyser. In the next moment, Zhu Yao walked out of that demonic beast’s mouth, in her hands were a trident hook mystic artifact and… a white tooth!

Little Bai’s feet stopped, his face was filled with shock. He could faintly hear grandma speaking to that demonic beast.

“I’m sorry, I used quite a bit of force, and ended up pulling too much.” In truth, she was dizzy from its bad breath, and for a moment, she could not clearly see that she actually pulling onto a tooth as well. “Yo, little tyrant, why are you here?”

Bai Zhiyuan: “… Grandma.” Why did he feel as if he was being played for a fool?

With the thorn… and tooth gone from the beastie’s mouth, the pain instantly dissipated. In an instant, the beast felt refreshed.

It excitedly bounced around, shaking the earth. Then, it showed Zhu Yao a grin, revealing a beautiful hole in its set of teeth. Lowering its head, it rubbed against Zhu Yao, letting out the signature cutesy sound in the beast realm. “Meow~~~”

Mn. If not because air was slipping out of its teeth, its intonation would have been more perfect.

“She has tamed that demonic beast.” Profiteer said with an excited look.

The group then heaved a sigh of relief, before carefully approaching Zhu Yao. Even Zhao Li who was on the ground began to crawl up, and he looked at Zhu Yao with a greedy look. “Junior-martial sister Yu… Hurry, hurry and have this demonic beast enter the spiritual beast pouch. With it captured, the rewards we receive will most likely double.”

Zhu Yao frowned, as she looked towards Profiteer. “You guys want to bring it back?”

Profiteer was a little awkward as well. “The mission simply stated to deal with this demonic beast, and prevent it from harassing the nearby practitioners again.”

“This is a fourth rank demonic beast!” Zhao Li continued. “The disciples who bring it back to the sect will be heavily rewarded. Even if we don’t bring it back now, since it’s already tamed, anyone can form a contract with it. It will definitely sell for a good price.”

Zhu Yao frowned. Why did she feel so irritated?

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