[Disciple] Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: Good Enlightenment Helper

“Pea…” The pea let out a celebratory sound. In a blink of an eye, the pea reverted back to the size of a basketball and flew towards her.



Zhu Yao sized up the pea from left to right. It was really the pea that she picked up.

Just what did it do earlier? It swallowed the rampaging demonic beast? She had raised it for so many years, and had yet to see it eat anything. Did it need to have such a heavy taste right from the beginning?

Zhu Yao grabbed onto the green ball and shook it wildly. “Peapea, you’re alright, right? Don’t eat something as strange as that, hey.”


“That is a demonic beast! Hurry and spit it out! What if you’re allergic to it?” She began to locate its mouth in a fluster. However, she could not see even the tiniest of slit around this round pea.

The pea struggled for a few moments. “Pea…”

“Be obedient, hurry and spit it out. I will water you in the future, is that enough for you?”

“Pea pea pea!” The pea shook and leapt out of her hands. It once again grew large, and opened its mouth in an instant.


Her vision suddenly turned dark.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Little Bai: “…”

Ye Qingcang: “…”

The pea, had swallowed the three of them as well.

I’m sorry, it seems I have been raising something strange.

Zhu Yao was swallowed.

She was swallowed by the pea she was raising.

When she regained her senses, her surroundings were pitch-black, without the slightest hint of light. The strange thing was, she was not feeling any pain. Rather, she was feeling really comfortable.

It was soft under her feet, and it felt pretty good. Not to mention it had a slight elasticity to it. She could not help but step a few more times. Just this texture quality alone could beat every branded carpet. Just as she wanted to look at it carefully, a cry sounded.

“So heavy…”

Zhu Yao was shocked, as she immediately left that carpet. Why was this voice a little familiar?

“Little tyrant?”


Zhu Yao cast an fire art, and the surroundings instantly brightened. Little tyrant was lying next to her, and his chest was printed with two familiar footprints.

“Are you alright?” She pulled little tyrant off the ground.

Little Bai shook his head. “I’m fine. I simply felt that I was pounded on a few times earlier.”

“Hohoho…” It definitely wasn’t her!

Zhu Yao patted on his chest, destroying the crime evidence. “It’s fine as long as you’re alright. Where’s the other one?”

“Granny, I’m over here.” Ye Qingcang’s voice sounded from the side, as he stood up as well. There wasn’t the slightest injury on his body… nor were there any footprints!

Very good, the entire party was at full health! Only then did Zhu Yao begin to inspect her surroundings. It was really deep, like the passageway of a cave.

“Weren’t we eaten? Why are we here?” Ye Qingcang asked.

Zhu Yao touched the stone wall, faintly sensing the energy ripples left by a teleportation formation. “We seemed to have been transferred to another place. This seemed like an underground passage. If my guess is correct, this should be the depths of that cave earlier.”

“Within the cave!” The two young pioneers were stunned. That cave had a complicated terrain. How were they going to get out?

“What’s that?” Little tyrant suddenly pointed to an area in front of them.

The passage that was still pitch-black earlier faintly emitted out a red glow. They took a few steps forward, and realized that a demonic beast with the height of an average human was presently curled up like a ball at the center. It seemed to have fallen into deep slumber.

“Isn’t this that…” Ye Qingcang’s face was covered in astonishment.

“Concealed Rock Beast.” Zhu Yao hurriedly stepped forward and used her spiritual energy to inspect it. She realized that the aura within its body was calm, nor were there any serious injuries within. At that moment, she heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it did not self-destruct.

Little tyrant walked over as well, and carefully inspected it on his own. “Why did it turn red? And why is it much smaller than before?

Zhu Yao carefully looked at this beast. Its body had turned red, and its figure was several times smaller than before. However, the spiritual energy emitting from its body was much firmer, and even the wounds on its body were beginning to heal. However, because the injuries it suffered were too heavy, it would most likely take more than a year for it to awaken.

This was…

“It mutated!” Zhu Yao said firmly. “Its breakthrough failed and it fell to a third rank demonic beast. However, because its breakthrough was forcefully stopped, it led to a mutation which made it red.” Haah, she wondered if this was a good outcome. Mutated beasts were much stronger than regular beasts, but it had fallen a rank and had sunk into deep slumber. It seemed like it was going to spend its time sleeping for a long time.

“Pea…” A green pea rolled out from the red demonic beast’s claw. As though it had shrunk, it turned into the size of a pearl.

“It’s that pea from earlier!” Little tyrant was shocked, as he immediately summoned his own weapon.

However, that pea merely rolled on the ground for a short while more, before it stopped moving completely.

Zhu Yao stepped forward, squatted down and picked up the pea. She gave it a close inspection, yet she did not discover any anomaly.

“Grandma, what is this?”

“I don’t know either!” Zhu Yao shook her head. Back then when she picked it up, it was indeed a regular pea. However, it never expected by swallowing the Concealed Rock Beast, and sending it here, it could suppress its rampage. She faintly sensed that there was something irregular with the pea, yet it did not have that much spiritual intellect at all, and could only repeat the word ‘pea’ over and over again.

“Most likely, it just wanted to bring us to where the Concealed Rock Beast was earlier, it did not have any evil intentions.” Furthermore, it seemed to be the one which suppressed the rampage of this demonic beast. However, as to how it did it, she had no clue.

“Let’s hurry and leave this place then?” Zhu Yao kept the pea. “The terrain of this cave is complicated, and we have no idea where the exit is. You two are unable to abstain from food yet either, so we can’t stay here for long.”

“What about that demonic beast?” Little Bai pointed at the beastie on the ground.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. Shen then reinforced it with a few defensive formations. “There shouldn’t be any problems now.”

Only then did she bring the two young pioneers along with her on the passageway.

After going deeper did they truly realize just how huge the cave was. The place was filled with several forks, with each passage splitting to another tens of passages. They walked and turned, to the point where they were beginning to go dizzy. They basically had no idea where they were.

They themselves were unaware of how long they had walked, to the point where even Zhu Yao, who held the highest cultivation out of the three, was beginning to feel a little tired as well. “Let us rest for a while.”

Only then did the three finally stop. Zhu Yao turned around to take a look. Little tyrant was already drenched from sweat, while Ye Qingcang at the back had a miserably pale complexion, panting heavily. He had the lowest cultivation among the three, so it was extremely difficult for him to keep up with her pace. Yet, he did not complain at all during this entire journey, nor did he signal to stop. He truly was a man among men.

Zhu Yao sighed. She set down a spiritual energy gathering formation in the surroundings, and instructed them to replenish their spiritual energy. The two youths obediently nodded, and began to enter a meditative state.

She pulled out the pea and inspected it for a while, yet she was still unable to find anything different about it. It was exactly the same as described by the girly Little Qian. Forget about awakening its spiritual intellect, it did not have a soul of its own.

“Granny!” Ye Qingcang who was meditating at the side suddenly called out. He was presently looking at her with a confused expression.

“Mn?” What is it?

He said with serious look. “Qingcang has a question which he has been really wanting to ask for a while.”

“I have never loved before!”

“Ah?” He was stunned.

“Uh… Sorry.” This was all purely on reflex. “Continue.”

“May I ask granny why you wanted to save that demonic beast?” He said, perplexed. “Demonic beasts and human practitioners are in opposing factions in the first place. Though we can take them in as spiritual beasts, generally, it’s either we die or they do. Even if granny has saved that demonic beast today, most likely in the future, it will still be killed by other practitioners.”

“Mn… That’s a very sophistical question.” Zhu Yao stroked her chin. She pondered for a moment before replying. “Actually, I didn’t actually have any reason. When I first saw that beast, it clearly could swallow me instantly, but it didn’t do so. It had sufficient trust in me, believing that I wouldn’t have it. I simply wanted to repay the equal amount of trust it had for me, that’s all. It didn’t kill me, so I helped him pluck out his tooth… I mean, pluck out the trident.” Believe me, that tooth was an accident.

“As for what happened next, you saw it for yourself as well. Zhao Li used an illusion of me to lure it out. The reason why even though it was injured to such an extent, yet it still continued to hold its ground, was because it wanted to protect that false image. What it wanted to protect with its life was me. Since even a demonic beast can hold such heavy sense of righteousness, as a human being, why can’t I do it as well? So, saving it with my life on the line is something I ought to do too. As for the future you mentioned…”

Zhu Yao smiled. “As for what the future holds, it’s all in the future. Probably it will still die one day, or because it’s still alive it might even harm other practitioners. The cause and effect of the world is unclear in the first place. If we have to think about so many causes and effects before we do anything, then when will we ever have the time to do anything? What I can do, is follow one’s conscience. At the very least, I did not betray my conscience earlier.”

Ye Qingcang seemed to have some enlightenment, as though he had understood something. However, the next moment, it was as though he grew even more perplexed, his eyes turning hollow as he silently chanted. “Follow one’s conscience… Follow one’s conscience…”

What’s happening to him now?

“Hey, are you alright?” Zhu Yao planned on patting him.

A dense gust of spiritual energy suddenly blew out form his body.

“Woah…” Zhu Yao was astonished, her palm turned a little numb.

The spiritual energy in the surroundings suddenly stirred in disarray. As if they were being attracted by something, the five elemental spiritual energies madly poured towards Ye Qingcang.

“Granny…” He had a perplexed and flustered look on his face. The overwhelming spiritual energy had caused him to feel a little unbearable, as his face began to turn pale. Beads of sweat fell off from his forehead.

This is…

“Hurry and calm yourself, guide the spiritual energy into your body.” Zhu Yao said with a sunken voice. “Focus your senses, don’t need to panic. You just have to keep thinking about what you comprehended earlier!”

Only then did he cross his legs and sat back down. Taking in a deep breath, he guided the gathered spiritual energy into his body.

Little tyrant was also startled awake by this sudden change. “Grandma, this is?”

“He received a sudden enlightenment.” Zhu Yao explained simply as she pulled Little Bai a little further away. After adjusting the spiritual energy gathering formation a little, she helped keep a look out for him.

Little Bai had a perplexed look on his face, as he blankly looked at Qingcang for a while. A hint of envy flashed past his eyes, before sitting next to Zhu Yao to keep a look out for him as well.

Ye Qingcang meditated for about eleven hours, before the surrounding spiritual energy slowly calmed down. Furthermore, his cultivation had also leapt from the first level of Essence to the fifth level of Essence. As if he was sitting on an aeroplane, his speed of improvement was beyond compare.

When he opened his eyes, a day had already passed. Taking a deep breath, she sensed the expansive spiritual energy in his own body. A smiling intent flashed past his plain face, as he looked at Zhu Yao excitedly. “Granny…”

“I saw it, I saw it.” As expected of the main protagonist. He leveled up five times in an instant.

“Congratulations, junior-martial brother Ye.” Little Bai smiled as well.

Ye Qingcang took a deep breath, as if wanting to suppress the excitement in the depths of his heart. Standing up, he respectfully bowed in front of Zhu Yao. “Thank you granny for your guidance. Qingcang was about to break through this mental barrier and strengthen his state of mind because of it. Qingcang will never ever forget his eternal gratitude for granny.”

“There’s no need for to be so exaggerated.” Zhu Yao waved her hands and then patted on his shoulder. She could not help but feel a little excited in the depths of her heart as well. “I simply said a few casual thoughts of mine, being able to receive an enlightenment was all your own efforts. Little one, not bad. Your future prospects are looking good.”

He then smiled shyly.

She never expected that she had the ability to allow others to receive sudden enlightenments. For a moment, Zhu Yao felt she was pretty awesome. Her acting power had risen a level, you know? She suddenly had thoughts of taking in disciples, what should she do? The main protagonist rose by five levels just from her saying a few words, if she were to take in disciples, wouldn’t that…

Wait a minute!

The main protagonist seemed to be a bug. If he were to raise his level too quickly, wouldn’t that mean that he had taken huge steps towards his goal of becoming a global idol? The date of the residents wanting to walk on the path of bloodshed to deityhood would then be…

The hell!

Just what had she done?

“I say, fellow student Cang…” Zhu Yao pulled onto Ye Qingcang’s hand, her face looked as if she wanted to cry. “If I were to say… What I said earlier are all lies, would you believe me?” Promise me, alright? Let’s try this all over again?


Was it too late for regrets now?

There was only one sickness in the world that couldn’t be cured, and that was blabbermouth-ism!

Because she did not control her mouth for a moment, she allowed the main protagonist to receive a sudden enlightenment. Realizing this truth, tears fell from Zhu Yao’s eyes. Along the way, she could not help but shoot resentful lightwaves at a certain someone.

“Granny…” He began to look a little uneasy. “Was there somewhere which Qingcang was unable to do well?”

“No, it’s exactly because you have done too well!” It was way too much.

He grew even more flustered, thinking that she was dissatisfied with him. “Granny, don’t be angry. My spirit veins are of poor aptitude, and has only risen to the fifth level of Essence in a single moment of sudden enlightenment. Don’t worry, I will continue to work hard in the future.”

“You must not!”


“Uh… I mean, you have already done really well.” Don’t continue to raise your level, it’s really scary, alright?

Only then did he nod doubtfully.

In regards to Ye Qingcang, Zhu Yao really did not know what was best. From what she’s seeing, she was really unable to suppress a good youth like him who possessed the correct three views on life. The key thing here was, even if she forced herself to be heartless, she did not know just which aspect of him she should begin from.

According to the scenario, during the rise of this inspirational youth, the only thing that could be considered as a cheat, was the Pellet Hall’s inheritance. However, if not for his own comprehending abilities, even if he had an inheritance it wouldn’t have been of any use.

In the modern era, there were five thousand years worth of knowledge that anyone could pick up and learn, yet not many people like Edison came into prominence. In the end, the reason why he became a renown pellet refining master, was truly because of his own capabilities and comprehending abilities. Not to mention the set of heaven-defying cultivation technique he crafted on his own later on.

Presently, she was encountering a dead knot that could not be untied at all.

“Grandma, there’s light up front!” Little tyrant pointed towards the front, and as expected, rays of light could be faintly seen. Though it was really dusky, a faint fresh scent was in the air.

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