[Disciple] Chapter 286

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Chapter 286: Green Doraemon

There actually existed such an transcended place in this world. She must had transmigrated into a world of insect wars or something, right?

“Grandma, why is this place so, so…” Xiao Bai’s complexion paled, his face was filled with shock.

“Probably because the food here is especially good, which led to them grow excessively?”

“…” Even if it’s excess, they shouldn’t grow this big, right?

“Let’s first move further ahead.”

Zhu Yao instructed them to retract their aura, and continue forward. The dense forest before their eyes grew wider, and the number of gigantic insects decreased. Just as she had thought that they were about to reach the exit, a gigantic demonic beast appeared in front of them.

It seemed to have sharp fin growing at its back, and its figure was like a lizard. However, its claws were flowing with lava-like red light. Its cry was very strange, as if it was screaming with a broken voice. It was neither sharp nor piercing, but the main problem here was, she was unable to understand its voice.

A furious, flaming aura rose in the air. That demonic beast continued to spit fire at its surroundings, though the area in front of had long turned into charred ground.

“This… What is this?” Ye Qingcang was dumbfounded. He pondered deeply for a moment. “I have neither seen nor heard of such a demonic beast. I wonder what rank it is?”

Zhu Yao had never seen it either. Even in the beast wave from one of the previous worlds, she had never seen such a species.

“Grandma, can this demonic beast be tamed?” Little tyrant asked.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat all of a sudden. For some reason, she instinctively disliked this beastie, faintly sensing that it was different from the rest of the demonic beasts. Not to mention she was basically unable to understand what it was screaming about.

“I don’t have any confidence.” She shook her head. “The creatures in this place is too strange. It’s best that we don’t offend them.”

“Let’s take a detour!” Zhu Yao pointed to the side, and walked over from one of the sides of the dense forest. She wondered if it was because the rank of the demonic beast was too low, as it actually did not sense them at all.

However, the number of demonic beasts they encountered later on grew, and they were all species which they had never seen before. They all had strange appearances. Some of them looked similar to certain beasts, but because of their attributes, sizes and the locations of their claws, they were all different.

These demonic beasts all occupied territories of their own, and without a single exception, all of them were extremely irritable. Either they were burning down trees or digging through rocks, harbouring intense enemy intent towards every creature that approached them.

She had once thought of wanting to talk with one of the beasts, but she had almost been pierced through by an icicle it spat out, which led them to fleeing for several kilometers. Zhu Yao was finally certain that the World Favourable Impression was ineffective on these strange beasts.

The doubts in the depths of her heart grew deeper. She faintly sensed that there was something strange with this land, but she was still missing a connecting piece. No matter how she thought about it, she was unable to figure it out.

“Granny, there seems to be something up front?” Ye Qingcang pointed to somewhere in the sky and asked.

Zhu Yao peered, and just as Qingcang had said, far away, nearing the horizon hanged a fine white line, as if there were double eyelids in the sky.

“Let’s take a closer look!” Zhu Yao summoned her sword and flew in that direction. The other two hurriedly followed after her.

After approaching it did they notice that the white line was actually a light-emitting translucent wall. The wall was like a gradient layer, the part connecting the surface was pure white, and it grew dimmer as it extended towards the sky.

With its circular shape, it encased a large territory. There seemed to be a tall palace tower within. It was as if the gigantic barrier was enclosing the thing inside, and on the wall floated several golden runic characters.

Zhu Yao subconsciously sensed that inside this wall laid the answer behind this strange land.

“This… seems to be a very ancient Great Mountain Barrier Formation.” Little tyrant looked at the runic characters on the wall.

“You have seen this before?” Zhu Yao was a little astonished.

Xiao Bai frowned. “I have once seen this on a certain mystic record in the sect, it’s named Dawncloud Formation. According to legends, this formation cannot be broken, and the formation core is within the formation as well, so it’s basically undispellable. However, this formation can only be used for defense, with absolutely no offensive properties.”

“You’re saying, we can’t enter it?”

Little tyrant nodded. “This formation only has a single formation core. It can only be opened from within.”

“Formation core?” Zhu Yao suddenly recalled a certain person’s dudou. Maybe…

“Xiao Bai, did you bring a dudou?”


“Ah pui, I meant do you have any defensive mystic artifacts on you?”

Little tyrant shook his head strongly. No matter if it’s a dudou or mystic artifact, he did not have either!

Zhu Yao then turned to look at Ye QIngcang!

“I don’t have that sort of hobbies either!” He shook his head even more wildly.

Zhu Yao: …

“Pea~~” At this key moment, a certain pea leapt out. It flew at a height horizontal to her line of sight and then suddenly let out a ‘ahmu’ sound, spitting out a… brick.

Zhu Yao casually caught it. Why are you throwing this at me? The ones who were immoral were those two, not me, hey!

“Seventh rank mystic artifact!” Ye Qingcang pointed at the brick in her hands with an astonished look.

Zhu Yao gave it a closer look. The hell, it was really a seventh rank mystic artifact! So the thing that the pea threw at her was not a brick, but an iPhone+!

However… She couldn’t use a seventh rank mystic artifact either! She was presently just a Foundation trash.

“Peapea, do you have one with a little lower rank?”

“Pea…” Peapea called out again, once again letting out the same ‘ahmu’ sound, spitting out a sixth rank… brick!

Just how much do you love bricks?

“It’s still too high of a rank, do you have one with an even lower rank?”

“Pea!” Fifth rank brick…

“Even lower…”

“Pea.” Third rank brick…

“This is enough.” Zhu Yao carried the four bricks of various ranks, and a sense of a tycoon who had bought all the iPhones from series one to six instantly welled within her. “Come, come, come, don’t be shy. Everyone gets one.” She turned around a stuffed the few bricks to the youths at the side, and then left herself with the third rank brick.

“Pea…” The pea suddenly called out, once again opening its mouth.

“Eh? You still have something for me?”


Zhu Yao excitedly spread out her hands, preparing to receive the goods. Could it be an iPad this time? What came floating towards her was a red dudou.

Zhu Yao: “…”

The two little ones: “…”

“Pea?” Seeing that she wasn’t reacting to it, Peapea spat out a few more of various colours and designs. It looked as if it was saying: Do you want more? Do you want more? I can spit out a lot more!

Who wants something like this!? -faints- There’s still two youths behind me, you know? Don’t teach little children bad things!

○| ̄|_


Zhu Yao clamped onto the pea’s mouth, her face darkened. “Enough, enough. I know you’re Doraemon now.”

With how it could spit out anything she wanted, this pea’s mouth must be the fourth dimension, right?

In order to prevent it from spitting out anything immoral again, Zhu Yao immediately used the third rank defensive mystic artifact as the formation core to cross the barrier, charging in with other two youths and one pea.

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