[Disciple] Chapter 289

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Chapter 289: Peapea, Beastie and Master

The pea grew even brighter, and that white light floated above the ball-sized pea. It slowly gathered together, and in but a few moments, a figure dressed in a snow-white robe appeared in the underground cave.

His body was emitting a chilling intent. Looking at the person on the ground who was on the verge of death, the chilling intent from his body seemed as if it was about to materialize. Frost was even beginning to condense in the underground cave.

“Pea~” The pea on the ground suddenly called out, weakly rolling away a little.

Only then did the raging fury on Yu Yan’s body was suppressed bit by bit. If not because time was limited, and adding that he was worried about his disciple’s injuries, he had really wanted to head back and settle some debts with a certain person. Taking in a deep breath, he raised his own stupid disciple and cupped her wrist, beginning to inspect her injuries. The frown on his face grew even deeper, the chilling intent from his body began to grow heavier, and the thoughts of wanting to bash up that person earlier rose even more.

Her meridians were shattered. Her Azoth Core was shattered. Her Dantian was shattered. There was not a single bit of her body that was whole.

He had to admit that for his disciple to still be holding on this last breath was already a miracle. If he had not made it in time, most likely she wouldn’t have been keep this final breath either.

Yu Yan’s expression sank even further, as he sat cross-legged behind her. After taking in a deep breath, a white dragon instantly flew out of his body, and it began to encircle his disciple. The injuries in Zhu Yao’s body began to rejuvenate on its own. First, it was the meridians, then the Dantian, and finally her organs. Just as he was about to help restore her Azoth Core, the spiritual energy within began to circulate and condense on its own, with hints of forming the Azoth Core.

Yu Yan opened his eyes in shock. His disciple’s body was actually able to form the Azoth Core on its own! Frowning, he retracted the white dragon and placed down a few formations. He turned around to look at the green ball that had been sitting there quietly.

“Spiritual spring water.”

Peapea immediately opened its mouth and spat out a bottle.

After feeding his disciple half a bottle, he circulated his spiritual energy to break down the spring water inside her body. In an instant, five elemental spiritual energy directly entered her Dantian. As if it could circulate on its own, the spiritual energy began to condense the Dantian, and in just a few moments, a new Azoth Core was formed.

He carefully inspected his disciple’s injuries. Only after discovering that there were no longer any problems, he heaved a sigh of relief. However, this stupid disciple was still unconscious.

Yu Yan sized up this unconscious disciple of his, and then glanced at that blood-stained dress. He could not help but frown. As a good master who was also cleanliness freak, he definitely could not allow his disciple to be this dirty. He casually cast a Dirt Removal Art on her, and the dress was instantly restored to its former dark-green colour.

He then looked at her again. Something still felt a little off.

Thus, he casually combed his disciple’s messy hair.

He glanced at her again. Something still felt strange.

Thus, he casually changed her shoes which were filled with dirt and mud.

He gave her a final glance, but still felt uncomfortable. Mn, it was definitely the fault of the dark-green clothes. His disciple had always worn either white or pink in the past.

Then, how about changing her clothes?

Thus, when Zhu Yao, who had been unconscious for six hours due to heavy injuries, opened her eyes, she not only realized that her injuries had been healed and her Dantian had been stored, she also spotted her snow-lotus master playing a bastard on her with a serious look.



“I’m an old woman.”

“Your master is aware.”

“Then what are you being so serious for?”

“Strip.” With a swoosh, he pulled apart her waistband. His action was so smooth, as if he had been well trained. With just a single glance, it’s obvious that she had taught him well!

“Master!” Zhu Yao cried out. Though I’m really happy, but please wait till I regain my body and turn back into a youthful woman. This is too heavy a taste, isn’t it!? As an oxen eating a tender grass, it’s giving me a lot of pressure, you know?

Unfortunately, her rejection was denied!

While his disciple had a complicated and a flustered look, a certain master had already stripped her naked with two to three moves. Then, she picked up the white robe which Peapea had spat out, and had his disciple wear it. Then, he carefully straightened up all of the creases on the corners of her clothes, before letting her go with a satisfied look. During the entire process, he was looking at her straight on, without finding it strange in any form or shape.

Only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses. Oh, so he was just not used to seeing that piece of tattered robe. Say so earlier! She had thought that her master suddenly awakened to an unique hobby.

She knew it all along, how could her master like an old granny…

Wait a minute!

Old granny = her

Why did she feel even more irritated now?

“Master, how did you get here?” She clearly remembered that Realmspirit had sent him back to Lightning Divine Palace. “How did come to the Lower Realm?”

“Do you remember the pearl I gave you back then?”

“Pearl?” Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. “Are you talking about the one you gave me in the Netherworld?”


“What does that have to do with master descending upon the Lower Realm?”

Yu Yan flipped his hand, and the image of a white pearl appeared above the center of his palm. “Do you find this white pearl familiar?”

Confused, Zhu Yao looked at it, and her eyes instantly widened the next moment. She did not recall anything when her master talked about it, but after looking at it, she realized just how familiar the pearl was. Familiar to the point where she had seen a huge pile of it. “This… Isn’t this Bai Yuan’s inner core?” This pearl was exactly the same as the inner core which Bai Yuan had stuffed her with.

Wait a minute! Realmspirit had once mentioned that the pearl was the purest source of water of the River of Forgetfulness, and it could cleanse all things. Bai Yuan, was the source of the RIver of Forgetfulness. The hell. It was no wonder it could spit out so many inner cores.

“The River of Forgetfulness connects the Three Realms and takes in all spirits. Bai Yuan naturally has the ability to cross through various worlds.” Yu Yan said. “You and I both have its inner cores, so I am naturally able to sense your situation. Though, even with this item, I can only split a strand of my divine sense into the Lower Realm.”

Zhu Yao took a closer look. Her master’s figure indeed did not look completely materialized. Her master’s main body was still in the Divine Realm. “Then master’s present divine sense is merely residing in Bai Yuan’s inner core?”


“I recall that Bai Yuan’s inner core is placed in my divine sense… No wait. I presently can’t even access my divine sense. Then that inner core is…”

“Pea…” Peapea suddenly flew up, and like before, it wanted to pounce onto her chest. However, Yu Yan caught it, cutting it off mid-way. He finally managed to clean his disciple nice and tidy, he could not allow any random thing to dirty it. Not even a pea.

“Master… It’s just a pea.” If you pinch it anymore, it’s going to shatter!

The jade and shiny pea that was initially so round, was now… Wait a minute! Round? Why was this shape so similar to…

“Bai Yuan!?”


The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Master, this can’t be…”

“The inner core Bai Yuan gifted you.”


The hell! The pea was Bai Yuan’s inner core! Then why in the world did it run off into a peapod, and even dyed itself green?

Here came the problem. Bai Yuan’s inner core was the pea. Her master could understand her situation through the pea, and he was presently residing in the pea. Then her master would be…


“Your injuries are healed now, let’s go!” Yu Yan pulled onto his disciple’s hand, and was just about to walk out…

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “Master. Can you first explain about the matter with the dudou?”

Yu Yan was startled for a moment, before he spoke with a serious look. “It’s yours.”

“Nonsense! This old lady has never worn… Ah pui, what I wear is a ****.” In order to maintain her bun shape which was not exactly huge in the first place, she had never used a dudou that had neither quality nor shape.

Yu Yan frowned, sighing. He looked as if he was planning for a long conversation.

“When I returned to Lightning Divine Palace back then, I coincidentally met my teacher who came out of the tower.”

“Ah?” Was he diverting away from the topic?

“I informed my teacher about us practicing the pair-practitioner arts.”

“Ou.” What did this have to do with the dudou?

“Teacher mentioned that if we wish to be pair-practitioners, we have to go through the official wedding process.”

“And then…?”

“Teacher mentioned that within the wedding dowry I have prepared for you, a dudou was missing.”

“…” Oh dear grandmaster, you’re too thorough with your checking, don’t you think?

“Teacher mentioned that all women have to wear these, so I hurriedly made a few.”

“Uh…” Hurriedly made a few? Then those pile of dudous of various colours were actually her dowry!

Yu Yan sighed, and continued. “Haah, your master doesn’t understand why you need one piece of clothing more than me? Even though you look the same as I do.”


Look… the… same… as… he… does!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh! Five sharp blades came stabbing into her chest!

-Flips table!- How are we the same!? Small buns are still breasts, hey!

So the reason why he had never made a single dudou in the past, was because he figured that she wouldn’t need it!?

Only later on did Zhu Yao find out that she had yet to leave that floating mountain. Rather, she entered it. The entire floating mountain was actually hollow on the inside. She had simply made a turn, walked out of that cave, and a spacious room appeared before her eyes.

Her master was presently just a strand of divine sense and could not maintain his human form for too long, so he returned into Bai Yuan’s inner core. Probably because it had entered the peapod, the inner core also possessed Bai Yuan’s consciousness as well. In other words, the present pea was actually Bai Yuan itself.

Her master mentioned that this place was not in the world she was in before. Most likely, this was a secret realm, or a mustard seed dimensional space. Back then when Bai Yuan swallowed them, it had actually cut through dimensional space and transferred them here.

In other words, if they wanted to return, either they were to find the exit to this secret realm, or have Bai Yuan swallow them again.

She had initially planned on regrouping with little tyrant and Ye Qingcang, however, her master said that their two auras were right inside the floating mountain. Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, as she could not help but worry. Those two little things couldn’t have been captured by that cultivation wacko, right?

The moment she recalled that the person had once wanted to refine them into chimeras, a sinister chill ran down her spine.

“They are not captured.” Yu Yan’s voice resounded from the pea. Earlier, that person was injured by him, so it was impossible for him to recover so quickly, let alone capturing others. “Their positions had been constantly moving. Most likely, they are searching for you as well.”

The hell, those two wimps, they have too much guts. They still dared to come? She sighed, and then walked in the direction her master pointed to.

“Yu… Yao. The formations here are strange, I am unable to completely discover their danger levels, so take heavy precautions.”

Zhu Yao’s feet stopped. “Even master isn’t able to recognize these formations?”

“Mn!” His voice sank. “I have not once seen though formations either, and their circulation of spiritual energy is extremely unique, as if… there’s a unique energy within.”

Unique energy? “What’s that?”

“It’s neither divine energy nor spiritual energy, I am unable to discern it either. Be cautious.”

Her master’s voice grew even weaker, and then it disappeared completely at the end. She called out a few times, but did not receive a response. Her master was just a strand of divine sense presently, so the time he could be out here was extremely limited. She had no idea how long it would take for his next appearance.

Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little tensed, as she established a few defensive barriers beforehand, before heading into the depths.

The interior of the floating mountain was extremely spacious. Initially, she had thought that it was a palace inside, but unexpectedly, the rooms were extremely plain, as if they were dug out randomly. Though the place was really big, there was not much order to it.

An unbearable stench floated in the air, a little similar to the smell of the corpse pile earlier. As she went further in, the space grew even bigger. Even the roof itself was going out of sight. The surroundings grew even darker and sinister. If only she had light.

Just as she was thinking this, a ray of formation light flashed past the surroundings. In but a few moments, the entire walls were suddenly filled with intertwining red strands of light that looked like bright electrical wires. The light strands charged upwards, and if one took a closer look, one would see red flowing lights flashing through, as if they were stretching upwards.

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at this strange scene, blanking out for a moment. Why did she feel as if the shape formed by these red strands of light was similar to a tree? Just that the tree was growing upside-down.

Suddenly, something tore through the skies.

Just as Zhu Yao regained her senses, dozens of spiritual swords came flying towards her. She immediately materialized a wind blade to block them, and then she hurriedly retreated. “Who?”

The other side seemed to have paused for a moment, and immediately after, cries of surprise rang out.



The two figures came running from the back of the red lights. They were little tyrant and Ye Qingcang.

“Little tyrant, Little Cang!” She never expected to meet them so quickly. She sized the two youths up for a moment. Great! They were not lacking any limbs.

“Grandma, are you alright?” Little tyrant heaved a heavy sigh of relief. “Earlier, we snuck back to the place where the beasts were being refined, yet we were unable to find you. We even thought… Fortunately, you’re safe.”

“Fortunate my ass! Why are you two back here?” Zhu Yao glared at them. “Through great difficulties, I managed to by time for you guys to flee, yet you two came running back to seek death?”

Little tyrant frowned, his face was filled with displease. He gritted his teeth and said determinedly. “In any case… I won’t throw grandma aside. Even in death.”

“Yo, he’s pretty righteous!

“Are you stupid!?” Zhu Yao knocked him on the head and rolled her eyes. “Who told you to throw me aside? After leaving, you could have returned to ask for reinforcements, at the very least you could have stayed alive. Now that you’re back, sure! You’re going to die for sure now.”

“I…” Little tyrant’s face stiffened. His righteous expression collapsed completely. “I… I didn’t think that far!”

“That is why I said you’re stupid!” Zhu Yao was too lazy to lecture such a moron, and immediately continued. “Nevermind, let’s cut the chit-chat. Let’s hurry and leave, before we’re discovered.” She was truly afraid that the cultivation wacko would leap out from somewhere again.

Furthermore, there wasn’t any response from her master. If that person were to appear again, their party would basically be wiped out. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, before immediately bringing the two of them towards the direction she came from. Suddenly, her vision darkened.  

“Eh? Why did the red lights disappear?” She casually asked.

The two little ones were startled. “What red lights?”

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