[Disciple] Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: Just Throw Away the Opportunity for Reincarnation

Zhu Yao presently did not even have the slightest strength to move her fingers. Scarlet-red blood seeped into her eyes, causing her entire world to look as if they had been dyed in crimson red.

Yet that lunatic who should have died earlier, had risen up from the blood pool completely unscathed. His sinister wild laughter resounded in front of her.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth in hatred. This person is a cockroach, right?

“As expected, the blood of a God race has the power to defy the heavens. As long as the blood pool exists, I can resurrect endlessly.” His face was filled with ferocity and lunacy. “So what if it’s the Heavenly Dao? I shall walk on the path that defy the heavens! Wang Shang was unable to kill me a million years ago, neither can you. So what if I can’t ascend? I am still able to enjoy eternal life. I, Cheng Qingdiao, is destined to stand above the Heavenly Dao.”

Cheng Qingdiao!!

The hell, so he was that bitch!

He isn’t actually dead!?

Daoist Wang Shang, you’re too unprofessional!

Or could it be that he had long known he would be killed by Wang Shang, so he made all the necessary preparations, and used Little Eighth for endless resurrection?

It’s no wonder Daoist Wang Shang wanted to his name to stink for tens of thousands of years after his ascension. As he had said, he was a bitch among bitches!

Cheng Qingdiao had already completely risen from the blood pool, his laughter grew even sharper. A large amount of black aura began to surface from his body. Distorted and ominous black marks slowly extended from his bone-like hands, crawling throughout his entire body.

This was… the Mark of a Devil! He had fallen!

True. For someone as perverse as him, he was truly befitting for a Devil.

Unfortunately, she no longer had the power to stop him.

The devillic aura from his body grew, and his cultivation surged as well. As the Mark of a Devil spread onto his face, he had completely turned into a Devil. As if he had sensed the sudden surge of power within his body, he laughed sinisterly as he raised his hand towards Zhu Yao on the ground, black gas gathered in the center of his palm. “You have indeed astonished me, but unfortunately… You encountered me! You are destined to die here!”

His palm flashed, and that condensed devillic energy was just about to take her life… Inevitably, Zhu Yao would not be able to avoid it. Earlier, he was but a Demigod, yet it had already made her turn into such a monstrosity, let alone now where he had turned into a Devil. Accepting her fate, she closed her eyes. At the very most, she could just change her avatar. Then, she would come back to kill him! Another heroine would step onto the stage!

“What’s going on? How is this possible? Ah…”

Cheng Qingdiao let out a shrilling scream. The situation had changed all of a sudden.

Zhu Yao could not help but open her eyes, only to witness purple flames beginning to burn throughout the entire pool of blood. As if the flames possessed consciousness of their own, they pounced towards pervert Cheng, instantly turning him into a man of flames.

He desperately patted the flames on his body in a fluster, but he was unable to stop the spreading of the flames at all. It was as if the flames were growing on his body, burning even more vigorously as time went by. Even the devillic aura on his body were being burnt to nothingness.

“No… No. Just what is going on?” He screamed and patted his body endlessly, as he began to fluster about. However, the more he moved, the further and faster the flames spread. The places where even the slightest of Little Eighth’s blood were at, had all materialized those huge flames.

Cheng Qingdiao was burnt to the point where even his human figure could no longer be discerned. With intentions of fleeing, he flew into the air.

At this moment, the flames within the pool of blood grew fierce, releasing flames that extended towards the skies. As if they were trying to prevent him from escaping, a flame tongue wrapped around Pervert Cheng who was in the midst of flying away, instantly dragging him back. He once again fell into the pool of blood, but it had already turned into a sea of flames. In a blink of an eye, he was engulfed by the searing flames, and his figure was no longer in sight. The entire mountain was echoing with his screams.

“No… T-This is impossible! I’m undying… I’m undying…”

He constantly roared out these words, yet his voice grew hoarser as time went by, and finally, all voice was lost. The huge flames were extinguished at this moment as well.

This change had occurred too suddenly. In merely fifteen minutes, Pervert Cheng was burnt into nothing but ashes.

For a moment, Zhu Yao did not know if she should cry or laugh. This damn pervert could turning into anything he wanted, but he just had to fall and become a Devil. Gods and Devils were in endless conflict with each other, and these conflicting elements were ingrained in the blood of every God race, while a God’s blood was the originally the sacred medicine that allowed him to resurrect. However, the moment he fell and became a Devil, the blood of a God’s race would naturally burn him into ashes. Now this was quite the irony!

It was no wonder even though he was this perverse, his face still did not carry the mark of a bug. He did not have the qualifications to become a bug himself in the first place. Ever since he laid his hands on Little Eighth, this ending was set in stone.

Could this be considered as his retribution? Could this be considered as the Heavenly Dao exacting justice for Little Eighth?

Pervert Cheng was dead. He died from his own greed. And, it was also time for her to disconnect as well.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to allow herself to fall unconscious, a change once again occurred. This place was just not letting her rest.

Following after Pervert Cheng’s death, the formations he placed down all collapsed instantly. Little Eighth’s corpse was suddenly set ablaze. Golden flames brightened the entire interior of the mountain.

This is… Flames of Nirvana!

The flames burned even brighter, and suddenly, it formed the shape of a phoenix, charging towards the skies.

Its long cry resounded through the clouds, before finally disappearing into the horizon. The flames on the ground grew smaller at this moment, faintly revealing a small figure.


Zhu Yao widened her eyes as she felt her heart was being tugged. How could she have forgotten? Phoenixes were undying birds! Even if they were to die, they could still rise from the ashes, though… he would no longer be Little Eighth.

In the next moment, the entire mountain shook. Gigantic rocks began to fall from the top. The place was about to completely collapse.

No! Not just this place, the entire space was collapsing as well. She could sense cracks appearing the sky. This space was created by Little Eighth, and after his rebirth, naturally it could not be maintained any longer. When that time comes, this entire space would shatter apart!

But what about the reborn Phoenix? That was just a fledgeling and was basically unable to flee. It would perish along with the dimensional space.

Though it was no longer Little Eighth, she could not allow it to die here.

Zhu Yao instantly felt anxious. Yet, she herself was at the verge of death, let alone saving others. Calm down. There must be a way. There must be.

Realmspirit, where the hell are you at this critical time!?


A conversation window popped out. She was instantly elated. After looking at the words on it, her expression turned cold again.

Congratulations on unlocking Deaths of Eight Avatars achievement! You are rewarded with the opportunity to reincarnate. Please select:

  1. Disconnect immediately. Seize Version 9.0.
  2. Die before disconnection. Let me feel the pain for a little while longer.

Disconnect, my ass! Is there any difference between dying now and dying a little while later!?

No, she still couldn’t die yet. If she were to die, the reborn little Phoenix would die as well.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath and desperately maintained her consciousness. She looked within her own body for a moment, and realized that everything was destroyed to the point where even she couldn’t recognize anything at all. To put it professionally, the degree of destruction was at ninety-nine percent. She was this close to dying!

Within her body, other than the place nearby her shattered Azoth Core was considered stable, the rest of the places were still in a rampant mess. But why was that place left intact?

She carefully inspected it, and realized that it was surrounded by those strands of transparent spiritual energy.

Is it because of them?

She suddenly recalled when her spiritual energy first expanded, they seemed to have been calmed down by these strange strands of spiritual energy as well. For now, she had no time to think about the reason behind it, but since this transparent spiritual energy could calm down the rampaging spiritual energy, then she would just circulate them.

She guided the transparent spiritual energy into the places where those spiritual energy that were high on drugs were. As expected, the moment the transparent spiritual energy came, the nearby rampaging spiritual energy would automatically stop. As if they were being called out, they actually began to split in order based on their types. They began to enter her Dantian in a systematic manner.

Her Dantian had long since been smashed into smithereens. Even if these calm spiritual energy try to enter it, they would immediately scatter the moment after.

And those transparent spiritual energy was truly limited. Even if they could calm down the other spiritual energy, when it came to her body which was already as messy as a stirred congee, it was merely a piece of hair on the back of a cow. Not to mention this dimensional space was immediately about to collapse, so even if she was able to hang on, there was basically not enough time.

Zhu Yao grew anxious. The calmed spiritual energy instantly lost their sense of proportion, and the five elemental spiritual energy which had been separated just earlier once again mixed together.


She waited for the imminent spiritual energy rampage, only to realize the five elemental spiritual energy that had mixed together again, had suddenly turned white, entering her shattered Dantian. Furthermore, they did not seem to have any intentions of dissipating.

This is…

Zhu Yao simply felt a bell ringing in her mind. The things which she had not been able to understand till now, had suddenly cleared up.

The merging of the five elemental spiritual energy could actually create a new type of spiritual energy, and that transparent spiritual energy was…

She immediately added the three mutated spiritual energy – wind, lightning, and ice, into the five separated elemental spiritual energy. Eight types of spiritual energy merged together.


That transparent spiritual energy was actually the merged product of eight types of spiritual energy. Zhu Yao felt as if she had opened the door to a whole new world. This discovery was no less than Yuan Longping discovering the first hybrid rice varieties!

Zhu Yao immediately circulated the newly created transparent spiritual energy. As expected, it merged with the previous small batch of transparent spiritual energy. The leading group instantly grew stronger, and the amount of spiritual energy separated grew as well.

Zhu Yao immediately used the same method to merge even more transparent spiritual energy. In just a few moments, the rampage in her body had stopped. There was no need for her to guide them, as the transparent spiritual energy had begun to fix the meridians in her body on their own. Putting aside her Dantian, even her damaged divine sense was being healed as well. The influence from her shattered Azoth Core had completely disappeared, and because she had skipped over the Nascent Soul stage, she was freed from the influence of her Nascent Soul as well. She merely had to have her divine sense fixed. Adding that the spiritual energy turbulence earlier had made her take in incredible amount of spiritual energy, she was not lacking in that department in the slightest.

In just fifteen minutes, she had actually crawled back up from the line between life and death.


The conversation window that had been floating in front of her eyes the entire time shook. The words on it flashed, revealing new ones.

Detected that target avatar has activated its second spring of youth.

Opportunity to reincarnate is now ineffective!

Just throw it away already!

Zhu Yao: “…”

The hell was this second spring of youth? And who in the world would care about this reincarnation opportunity? Even without it, she would still have to switch avatar, wouldn’t she?

The conversation window shook. It did not disappear like it did in previous cases, instead, it turned into a white ray of light and flew towards the Flames of Nirvana behind her.

In an instant, the fire was extinguished, and the gigantic Phoenix turned into a pile of ashes. Amidst the black ashes, a red little bird covered in soot trembled as it crawled out.

“Chi~” It suddenly called out.

Zhu Yao felt a sour feeling in her heart. She endured the pain from her body which had yet to completely heal up, and walked over with a bloody face. Yet, she saw that little one waving its little wings in disdain, and it suddenly called out with an extremely tender voice. “Why did I turn into this ugly form? Now I’m even uglier than my seventh elder sister!”

Zhu Yao stopped in her tracks, her eyes fiercely widened. She looked at that fuzzy little bird. “Little Eighth!?” How was this possible?

The little bird turned to glance at her, and seemed to have been stunned for a moment. Then, it sternly said. “Who are you? I’m telling you, my seventh elder sister is much uglier than you. Even if you dress like a ghost, you wouldn’t be able to frighten me!”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She could not help but raise her hand and slap onto the bird’s head. “You’re ugly, your entire family is… you’re the only one that’s ugly!”

The little bird had an astonished look. “Seventh elder sister, it’s you! Why are you…”

“Wait!” She held onto its beak. If you say the word ‘ugly’ once more, I’m going to exterminate my very own relative!

She held him up and sized him up for a moment. After realizing that he was not lacking any feathers or legs, the frustration in the depths of her heart, instantly disappeared entirely as she heaved a sigh of relief. As she hugged him tight, her voice uncontrollably began to choke.

“Little Eighth… You’re finally back.” Welcome back. It’s great that you’re back.

The little bird stiffened for a moment, and a moment later, with a flap of its wings, he shrank in her embrace. His little figure was clearly trembling, yet his mouth was still as stubborn as ever. “Seventh elder sister, if you hug so tight, the ugliness will spread.”

“…” This damn pride of yours! I will forgive you today.

“I’m telling the truth. I’m so ugly now, most likely it will spread.”

A moment later…

“Seventh elder sister.”


“… Thank you for finding me.”


“Seventh elder sister.”


“I will try my best not to despise your ugliness.”

“…” She still wanted to beat him to a pulp, what to do?

The dimensional space finally collapsed. Though Little Eighth was the one who created this dimensional space, he was no longer the same Phoenix after his rebirth. His godly energy had naturally reverted back to zero, and he was basically unable to maintain this space.

Though the Phoenixes were undying, they would lose all their memories at the moment of their rebirths, forgetting everything from their past lives. Everything after their rebirth would no longer be the same as their past. Yet, Little Eighth was reborn with a complete set of his memories. Regarding this point, Zhu Yao guessed that it was caused by the reincarnation opportunity Realmspirit threw.

At the very last moment, she sliced through the dimensional void and carried Little Eighth who was still a frail bird back to the cultivation world. At the instant she left, she could not help but turn back to look at those demonic beasts created by Pervert Cheng.

However, she realized that all of the demonic beasts were instantly burning with the same golden flames during Little Eighth’s rebirth process. The place was filled with fiery lights. The unintelligent yet extremely ferocious beasts had turned into ashes. They were initially puppets created by Pervert Cheng with God’s blood in the first place. With Little Eighth’s main body reborn, they naturally would disappear as well.

She could not help but heave a sigh of relief. Probably, to those beasties, this was a form of relief as well. They were birthed from being forcefully pieced together, though they were able to move on their own, they did not have souls which living creatures should have. The only thing they possessed, was the bit of hatred left behind by the demonic beasts before their deaths. They basically could not be labelled as a living creature.

Cheng Qingdiao had died once before. Though he had resurrected, he could barely be considered as a living dead, as only his divine sense could freely move at will. In the end, the reason why he could appear from the pool of blood was because of his fall into Devilhood. She wondered just what he was trying to prove by creating these demonic beasts?

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