[Disciple] Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: Glamorous Reformed Body

The bad man had received his just desserts, and not only did the entire team retreat with their lives intact, she had even received a prideful little Phoenix as reward. It would have been an absolutely perfect happy end, if she did not have to face a certain master who seemed to be this close to freezing the entire Ness Cesary Sect!

Zhu Yao had never seen her master in such an angry state, and it was as if she could faintly see the crackling streaks of lightning within his eyes. If not because of her strong resolve, her good attitude towards admitting mistakes, and her swearing never to do it again, he might possibly blast the entire Ness Cesary Sect into a flatland for real.

This is what all of you deserve for teaching my disciple bad things!

Of course, the dead could escape punishment, but the living could not. In order to have this stupid disciple remember her lesson well, a certain master expressed that a punishment was needed. Zhu Yao quietly accepted, as she meekly brought up one final request.

Not my face, please?

Yu Yan agreed. He truly did not hit her face, instead, he started smacking her buttocks.

She was the mighty grand-martial aunt of Ness Cesary Sect Master himself. She held such a grand status, and not to mention she was of such an elderly age. Yet, she was pressed against her master’s thighs like a little child, with her buttocks smacked over and over again.

Her face wasn’t smacked, but her face was all gone!

Furthermore, he had even sealed her spiritual energy and he was not soft with his blows in the least, every single smack was as resounding as it could be. It was as if the entire world could hear her misery.

Fortunately, there were not many people who would visit Skybond Peak, otherwise she would really feel like dying.

Little Eighth was not faithful either. When he discovered that her master was the Ancient Far Highgod himself, he actually firmly stood on her master’s side. While she was suffering such an inhumane punishment, he silently turned his head away.


Thus with no surprise, she was unable to crawl up to her feet the next day.

No one could understand the misery of an elderly whose buttocks were smacked swollen.

“Are you awake?” Yu Yan pushed open the door. Glancing at his disciple who was still laying on the bed, though his face was still pretty cold, at the very least, it did not carry the intense fury from yesterday. It seemed like his anger had faded quite a bit.

“Master…” Zhu Yao immediately crawled up while holding onto a supporting rod, she looked at him with teary eyes. Her entire face was filled with grief. Master, you domestic abuser. “It hurts…”

Yu Yan stopped his feet. Looking at that pitiful expression of his disciple, the flames in his heart instantly disappeared without a trace. In the end, he sighed as he walked to the bedside. Reaching out his hands, he hugged his disciple. White light flashed within his palms, and he slowly held onto her injured areas. As he healed her, he said. “Next time, will you still act on your own accord like this?”

When he recalled the moment where she forcefully sent him out of the secret realm during such a dangerous situation, in order to face the enemy alone, he wanted to beat her to a pulp again.

“There’s no next time.” Zhu Yao immediately raised her hand and expressed her faithfulness. “I promise.”

One time was enough for a such a stupid act, how could there possibly be a next time? Now that she thought about it, she clearly had her master by her side, so suppressing the boss would have been easy peasy. Yet, she just had to decide to court death by staying back alone. Her IQ must have had logged out back then!

“Yu Yao, remember…” Yu Yan hugged her even tighter. Lowering his head to her forehead, he looked at her straight in the eyes as he slowly said. “No matter how big the matter is, your master is here.” Don’t deal with it alone.

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, and it was as if something warm was floating up from the depths of her heart. Hugging him back, she nodded strongly.


Only then was Yu Yan satisfied. He then tapped his finger on her forehead. Zhu Yao simply felt an energy entering her divine sense. At the same time her spiritual energy was unsealed, he even circulated the spiritual energy in her body to transform and adjust the state of her body.


“Don’t move. I shall aid you in reforming your body.”

As expected. In the next moment, she clearly felt the change of her own body. Her waist was no longer aching, her thighs were no longer bent, her skin now had a more most, springy texture and the wrinkles on her face had all disappeared. Even her hair had turned darker and more silky than before. In less than fifteen minutes, the fifty years old or so old granny turned back into a young maiden of eighteen years old.

Zhu Yao joyfully materialized a water mirror to take a look…

= =!

Correction. She had turned back into a young maiden of twenty-eight years old.

Your mom, isn’t this my appearance in the modern era? Not even the slightest of skillful techniques were applied on this reformed body at all!

“Master… Tell me honestly, did you despise my elderly appearance?” Hurry and tell me you love me, to compensate for the damage to my heart and soul.

Yu Yan blanked for a moment, before replying seriously. “Yes.”

“…” Eh!?

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. There was something wrong with this scene! Shouldn’t you take this opportunity to confess, and tell me just how deep your love for me is? Like how the moonlight represents your heart?

Yes. His answer was actually ‘yes’!?

I was feeling proud of you for once, would it have killed you to cooperate with me a little!?

Zhu Yao’s pure young maiden heart crackled as it shattered into pieces.

“Master…” You’re heartless, unfaithful, and nonsensical!

Looking at his disciple who was suddenly in a solemn mood, Yu Yan was a little confused. He was merely not used to remembering another face, why did his disciple look so depressed? Then… should he make the effort to remember it?

“If you really like that look earlier, your master can aid you in transforming back?”

“…” You already despised it, why change it back? “I want to break up with you.”

“Nonsensical!” Yu Yan frowned. Though he did not know what breaking up meant, he instinctively hated it, consoling. “Haah, then… your master shall accompany you?”

What did he mean?

In the next moment, his figure began to change. He grew shorter, his skin loosened, and even his hair turned white. From a divine handsome man, he had turned into a divine handsome old man.

Zhu Yao: “…” Were they going to become an elderly couple?

She had to admit. Some people just had a good base from birth, even after turning old, he was still as handsome as before.

Haah, why did she have a feeling as if she had lost to the point where she even had to give up her underwear? She was now even more depressed, what to do?

“Seventh elder sister.” A little fuzzy red bird came crawling in from outside. His two little chicken wings were presently hugging onto a green pea that was about his own size. As he strided in, he called out in a loud voice. “Can you turn this pea a little smaller, I can’t nibble…”

Before he had even finished his words, he looked at the two strangers on the bed, and was stunned for a moment. “Who are… you two?”

Yu Yan had investigated the unique transparent spiritual energy in his disciple’s body, and the conclusion he came up with, was that it was most likely the legendary Chaos Origin spiritual energy. It contained the spiritual energy of all elements at the same time. In other words, no matter what type of mystic art she wanted to throw, there was no need for her to go through the process of conversion, and immediately circulate the Chaos Origin spiritual energy. Furthermore, because her body was filled with this type of spiritual energy, she did not have to circulate a single type to cast an art like before. Based on casting speed alone, it was now twice as fast.

As for its other effects, there was a need for further probing.

But in general, it was pretty overpowered. Otherwise, she would not have instantly broke through into the Demigod stage.

Regarding the fact that she had already become a Demigod, Zhu Yao did not report to the sect. Though she had gone into closed-door training for five years, directly becoming a Demigod from the Foundation level in just five years was a godly speed that could move the entire the cultivation world. It was too frightening. To prevent bringing in unnecessary troubles, the almighty master Yu Yan had helped his disciple conceal her cultivation. Unless there was someone whose cultivation was higher than Yu Yan’s, in the eyes of others, she was merely at the early stages of Azoth Core.

However, even if that was the case, successfully forming her Azoth Core within five years was still enough to stun Qu Jiang, her fellow friend and principal of Ness Cesary Institution. After receiving this piece of news, his smile was filled with delight and youthfulness, and he had prayed to the heavens from his excitement. Thank the heavens, thank the earth, thank the moon for letting senior-martial aunt and Skybond Peak come together! Senior-martial aunt has formed her Azoth Core, the treasures of Skybond Peak can now be kept! The life of a deity is simply too wonderful!

He initially wanted to personally give his congratulations, but because Zhu Yao was being given ideology training by a certain master for the last few days, he had waited for her appearance outside Skybond Peak the entire time. Principal Qu Jiang had no choice but to come back again a second time. All who carried the license to teach in Ness Cesary Sect came to send their congratulations as well.

Senior-martial aunt. I heard that you have formed your Azoth Core. Come, let us have a feast! No worries, I will pay the bills!

He had even dispatched little tyrant, this close friend whom she had a rather good relationship with, to invite her several times.

After all, she still had to stay in Ness Cesary Sect for the time being, so Zhu Yao felt that she had to give Qu Jiang some face. But the problem was… Master, when are you going to let me off from school?

Ever since she failed in courting death back then, her good master who had always kept things concise, seemed to have awakened an incredible characteristic of some sort. Every day, he would give her various forms of ideology training, seemingly wanting to pull her back from the path of her courting death without even turning her head back.

She suddenly regretted returning to Skybond Peak. Because of the formation at the entrance, there was not even a single person that could enter to interrupt him. She had no choice but to bite the bullet and listen on every single day.

Now that this had occurred, she could not help but criticize the designer of this palace. Dear fellow student Wang Shang, where’s the promise of this formation being incredibly heaven-defying and that she was the only one who could enter? Why was her master able to easily dispel the formation? Why did even Little Eighth understand the method to dispelling it? Why was it that after her master broke through the formation, he had even established a formation that not only prevented people from coming in, it even prevented people from going out as well!?

Fellow student Wang Shang, you have truly disappointed me!

As for Little Eighth, recently, he was fascinated with Bai Yuan, that little pea. Probably because of his instincts of a bird species, Little Eighth firmly believed that Bai Yuan, which had turned into a pea, was edible. Everyday, he would ponder about how he could eat it. Zhu Yao was unable to stop him at all. Without the slightest shred of mercy, he began to hug the pea and nibble on it.

As expected, even after rebirth, this one is still a glutton.

Yu Yan lectured her for five entire days. Only after Zhu Yao promised that she would bring him along if she ever were to court death again, did he finally accept reluctantly and let her go.

The moment she left prison- ah pui! The moment she left Skybond Peak, Zhu Yao felt as if it had been a long time since she last saw the sun.


“Grandma, what happened? Why are you so depressed?” Little tyrant curiously asked.

Zhu Yao heavily patted on his shoulders. “Haah, this is a trouble between a married couple, you don’t understand.”

Single dog Little Bai: “…” Why did he feel as though he was being mocked?

“Gran… Grand-martial aunt.” Ye Qingcang had initially wanted to call her granny, but after looking at her new image, he instantly changed the way he addressed her. “About your wounds?”

“They were healed long ago!” Zhu Yao waved her hands.

The two little ones heaved sighs of relief, and only then did they respectfully explain their reason for being here. “May we request grand-martial aunt to head over to the Grand Hall at Main Peak.”

“I understand, I understand.” A celebratory feast to refresh herself right? She understood! However…

“Why are you two together?” She could understand little tyrant inviting her, but Ye Qingcang was an Outer Sect disciple. For matters like this, he shouldn’t be called.

“It’s master and Sect Master who called the two of us over.” Ye Qingcang replied.

Zhu Yao widened her eyes. “Master? You have a master now!” This was illogical. Wouldn’t he only be taken under the wings of a Demigod Sovereign after the Inter-Sect Tournament five years later?

He blanked for a moment, but he still honestly replied. “Grand-martial aunt, Qingcang has been under the tutelage of my master since five years ago.”

Five years ago? Wasn’t that when he first joined the sect?

“Your master is?”

“Qu Qu of Talisman Spiritual Peak.”

“…” Why was it that cricket again? Wasn’t he a gerontophile? When did he change his preferences?

In other words, he had always been an Inner Sect disciple?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Was it really alright for them not to follow the script?

“Grand-martial aunt?”

“Nevermind, let’s go.” Let the scenario go haywire then.

Zhu Yao sighed as she walked towards the formation at the foot of the mountain.

She did not explain to the little ones much about the matters concerning that dimensional space. Adding that it was a huge mess back then, they were not aware that Little Eighth was a God race, and neither did they see her master. They had merely treated it as though they had entered a secret realm by mistake, and then managed to escape with their lives intact. Though, they were pretty frightened on the day when she returned with a body drenched in blood.

The two of them guided Zhu Yao to the Grand Hall. At first, she had thought that Principal Qu Jiang simply wanted to celebrate her Azoth Core formation. She did not expect that it was actually to show off.

The Grand Hall was actually packed with Nascent Soul leading figures from the various clans and sects. The moment she stepped in, dozens of Nascent Soul practitioners swept their eyes towards her one after another. She had almost released her Demigod pressure out of reflex, but fortunately she endured it in time.

However, the feeling of being locked on by dozens of divine senses was definitely not a good experience.

“Junior-martial sister Zhu, you’re finally here.” Sitting at the very top, Sovereign Wu Fu, one of the two Demigod Sovereigns of Ness Cesary Sect, spoke up. In an instant, all of divine senses that were inspecting her, retracted back one after another.

Zhu Yao immediately walked over with great strides, and then she greeted the two people on the high seats. “Senior-martial brother Wu Fu, senior-martial brother Wu Hua.”

After seeing the two nod in response, Zhu Yao did not bother about the rest and instantly sat next to Qu Jiang.

This unceremonious action had evidently brought about much dissatisfaction of the other Nascent Soul practitioners, their eyes carried hints of disagreement.

Though, Qu Jiang was nodding his head satisfyingly. It was as if he could shout out at any moment. Little martial aunt, well done!

Though her cultivation level was at the Azoth Core stage, her status was vastly different. If she were to take the initiative to greet the Nascent Soul practitioners of the various sects, she would be the one losing her value. In moments like this, she should get on her high horse. At first, he was still a little worried, wanting to remind her in private.

He never expected that his little martial aunt would be this understanding, and had long known seen through this entirety. A sense of pride rose in the depths of his heart. Our little martial aunt is so tyrannical and awesome.

She had merely wanted to simplify methods, but Zhu Yao had unintentionally become the center of attraction. She continued to sit expressionlessly. Acting cool and mighty or whatever, was an inheritance passed down to her, she was professional in it.

“Everyone!” Great Patriarch Qu Jiang stood up, and spoke on behalf of the officials. “Thank you for coming over from faraway lands to congratulate our sect’s little martial aunt for forming her Azoth Core. Our Ness Cesary Sect and the various sects have always been of the same breath and branches, seeking the path of immortality. Till now, it has been many million years, and due to the blessings of our ancestor, Skybond Peak was left in this realm to aid the many people of our sect. Presently, little martial aunt wields the Skybond Peak, and she has also successfully formed her Azoth Core as well. It’s truly a blessing to our sect.”

When his words fell, he swept a glance at the crowd meaningfully. In an instant, those who still had slight objections towards Zhu Yao earlier, retracted the dissatisfaction in their hearts one after another, their faces grew a little pale. How could they have forgotten that even though this young lady was but an Azoth Core practitioner, she was the successor of Skybond Peak? She should not be offended easily. Who could know what kind of heaven-defying artifact the ancestor of Ness Cesary Sect had left behind?

The faces of the crowd changed, none of them had the scorn they had earlier. They began to reveal courteous smiles one after another, but it was unclear if they were sincere or with probing intentions.

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