[Disciple] Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: You’re a Good Person

“Senior-martial brother Xiao Bai…” Qu Yi frowned, a trace of complication flashed across her face. She took a step forward, as if wanting to tug him.

Zhu Yao took a step to the side, cutting in. It blocked her line of vision from Little Bai.

“You…” Qu Yi glared at her a little furiously, feeling irritated from being blocked.

“I say, fellow junior-martial niece.” Zhu Yao chuckled in her face, and then glanced at Ye Qingcang at the side. “As a human, you shouldn’t be too greedy. If there are things that you can’t give, then you best state them clearly, don’t be ambiguous till the end. From where I come from, there’s a special way of addressing such people, and it doesn’t sound good. You definitely won’t like it at all.” It’s called ‘Green Tea Bitch’, and I hope you’re not one. “So, if you can’t give promises, at the very least, give him freedom. If you don’t like him, don’t destroy him either, alright? After all, he has been a senior-martial brother of yours for more than ten years.” This sort of ambiguous attitude was the most hurtful of all.

“I…” Qu Yi’s expression was a little pale, as if she had understood something. Slowly, she lowered her head. “I will tell him clearly.”

“Mn.” It seemed like there was still hope.

“Grand-martial aunt…” Ye Qingcang was a little anxious as he took a step forward. “Don’t misunderstand, I and…”

“Stop!” Zhu Yao raised her palm, signalling him to pause and stopping his attempt at explaining. “There’s no need for you to tell me, you should be telling Little Bai instead. You guys decide on your own, it doesn’t concern me. However… You best tell him clearly. If you delay it for too long and make Little Bai cry…” Her tone suddenly turned chilly. “I will smack you!”

After saying that, without looking at the expressions they were making, she turned around and followed after the stupid celestial crane that was still circling in the sky.

Qu Yi was destined to be Ye Qingcang’s girly. Even though there was a change in the scenario, the two of them still ended up walking on the same path. This meant that Little Bai was destined to be cannon fodder as well. They were still young, and their feelings had just budded. Rather than feeling pain and bitterness in the future, he should instead extract himself before his feelings grow deeper. After all, it was best to suffer for a short while than an eternity.

Not to mention that it was not appropriate for her to step directly into this matter as well. The only thing she could do was give pointers at the right time. And, she was able to see through the girly’s heart with a single glance. On one hand, she could not bear to disregard her feelings for Little Bai as childhood friends, and on the other, she was beginning to love Ye Qingcang. She was confused as well, yet she did not want to let go of either side. Initially, she had wanted to let things drag on like this till she could make a decision on her own. However, when that time comes, most likely, someone would be hurt to the very end. This was why Zhu Yao stimulated her a little.

And it seemed the girly Qu Yi was not a bad person in nature, as she understood Zhu Yao’s words.

“Seventh elder sister, catch it!” The moment Zhu Yao returned to Skybond Peak, she was met with a green ball pouncing at her.

She caught it with a swipe of her hand.


“Pea…” The pea cried out, desperately rubbing her chest. As it made ‘pea pea’ sounds, it began to emit streams water, drenching her entire body.

Was it… crying?

“What’s wrong?”

A short-clawed little Phoenix, clad in red feathers, came charging out of the house. Its two eyes shone as it looked at the pea in her hands. It pushed its little wings towards its plump belly and rubbed it. After a long while, a fiery light flashed. A ball of flames the size of a fist was summoned, and the little Phoenix immediately waved its wings and flapped them towards her. “Seventh elder sister, hold it tight. I’m going to fry and eat it.”

“Pea…” The pea trembled, even more water streamed out of its body, instantly turning her into a drenched chicken.


Zhu Yao simply snapped her fingers, extinguishing the fiery spark which Little Eighth on managed to ignite after much effort, and looked at him with a deadpan look. “Little Eighth, stop fooling around.”

“Seventh elder sister, you’re so biased!” Little Eighth complained, as he pointed at the pea in her hand and said. “You don’t even let me eat a pea. You’re mistreating an underaged little animal.”

Zhu Yao flicked her finger on his forehead, and Little Eighth was flipped away like an angry little bird. Mn, the same red one.

“Enough. Peapea has just awakened its spiritual intellect, so it has limited intelligence. Don’t scare it every single day.”

Little Eighth only managed to crawl up after rolling a few rounds. He furiously glanced at the pea which was pouring out water on her hand. Then, he coldly snorted and turned his head around, yet he did not come chasing after it any further.

“I will let you go for today!” He looked as though he was saving his elder seventh sister some face.

Zhu Yao felt her head aching. She wondered just what was wrong with Little Eighth? When she was looking after him, he had behaved pretty well. From how he had lived through two lifetimes, even if had yet to turn into a mature adult, he could still be considered as a teenage Phoenix. However, whenever he were to spot Peapea, he would go crazy, thinking of all methods possible to scare it, making it run and jump about. It was still fine in the beginning, as he was just the size of her palm. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to bite through it, and the pea was not bothered by his actions either. In these few days, he had doubled in size, and he had restored some of his godly energy as well. And it was only then did he begin to have some twisted thoughts.

“Seventh elder sister.” Little Eighth came to rub the little pea again with his claw, and said in a mysterious manner. “When do you think will the Far Ancient Highgod come out from this stupid pea?”

When? When she calls for her master, of course. Zhu Yao inspected Little Eighth for a moment. “Why are you asking?”

He slightly turned his head away, and said in a slightly flustered tone. “I… I have a few matters, that… that I want to ask, that’s all. He’s a Highgod, so he should know everything.”

Zhu Yao frowned. “Little Eighth, he’s not the Far Ancient Highgod.”

“Ah! Ah?” Little Eighth was startled for a moment, and then he anxiously said. “He’s clearly the Highgod, and elder seventh sister calls him master as well. So how is he not the Far Ancient Highgod?”

“He is indeed my master.” Zhu Yao sighed, explaining. “However, he’s not my teacher. He’s my master, Yu Yan, not the Far Ancient Highgod. Teacher, he…” She paused for a moment, before continuing shortly after. “Teacher… is no longer here.”

Little Eighth lowered his head in disappointment, his entire being looked a little greyish as he softly muttered. “If the Highgod isn’t here anymore, who should I ask?”

“Just what do you want to know?” Zhu Yao stroked his feathers. “Tell seventh elder sister. I might know about it?”

Little Eighth raised his head and glanced at her, before turning away again immediately after. He continued to mutter. “Tch, even a smart and handsome Phoenix like me doesn’t know about it, how can you know when you’re this ugly?”

Zhu Yao raised her hand and slapped at his little bird head. Watch what you’re saying!

“Aiya!” Little Eighth hugged his head with his two wings and sprinted a few steps away, carrying a complaining expression. “Seventh elder sister, you can’t blame me for being ugly though?”

Haah, look at this temper of mine!

“If you have the guts, don’t run!”

The little red bird sprinted away, immediately disappearing from sight.

Don’t let me catch you again!

Zhu Yao glared at the direction he ran off too, and then looked at the pea in her hand. Just as she was about to call her master out to discuss some matters, her divine sense unconsciously picked up the presence of someone outside the door. Furthermore, it was someone she knew.

“Grand-martial aunt, disciple Ye Qingcang wishes to consult you on a matter.”

Why was the bugged student here? Didn’t they separate just earlier?

Zhu Yao’s heart was filled with doubts. Keeping the pea, she walked out.

Ye Qingcang was presently waiting outside the door, though his brows were tightly knitted, looking as though he had heavy matters in his heart. It can’t be something related to the girly Qu Yi right? Could it be that the girly Qu Yi gave up on him and chose Little Bai? This isn’t in the scenario!

“Grand-martial aunt!” Seeing her appearance, Ye Qingcang’s brows relaxed a little, as he then proceeded to give her a respectful bow.

“Is there something you need from me?” Speak then, is there something you’re not happy about? Speak about it and entertain me a little. I specialize in comforting broken-hearted youths the most.

Ye Qingcang hesitated for a short while, his face carried a complicated expression. “This disciple has a matter that has been swaying within his heart. I hope that grand-martial aunt is able to point me out of this maze.”

“What is it?”

His brows furrowed even further, as he scanned his surroundings a little anxiously. It looked like he was a little afraid of something?

Zhu Yao waved her hand and placed down a formation, isolating their auras and figures. She secretly shook her head in her heart. Youths and their need to save faces these days! Why can’t they think about it logically? They’re not even superstars, so why would anyone be interested in their love lives?

“Can you speak now?”

Ye Qingcang gritted his teeth. As though he finally managed to resolve himself, he took out round cup-shaped mystic artifact from his robe.

“Eh!?” The token of love with the girly Qu Yi? Why did she feel it looked a little familiar?

“Granny, to tell you the truth, I picked this up after separating from you and senior-martial brother Bai in the secret realm back then.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. She sternly stared at the cup-shaped mystic artifact. “Medicine King Furnace!” The hell, wasn’t this the male protagonist’s pellet refining divine artifact?

“Granny, you know about this artifact?” Ye Qingcang had a stunned look.

“Mn.” Not only was she aware of it, she had seen it countless times during her precognitive dream, alright? “The Medicine King Furnace can increase the chances of refining pellets by three times, and it can be considered as a divine artifact. Since you are able to turn it so small, most likely, you have already formed a blood contract with it. You can now store it in your divine sense, right?”

Ye Qingcang was startled for a moment, as though he never expected that she would know about it so clearly.

“You picked this up at that secret realm. A place like that…” Zhu Yao glanced at him, and continued. “You want to ask if anything will happen to you after forming a blood contract with it, right?”

Ye Qingcang paled, as he explained immediately. “Granny… I did not hide this from you intentionally, I simply had yet to make certain of what it was, and my blood accidentally sprinkled on it. I have only discovered it in my divine sense recently.”

“No need to be this anxious!” Zhu Yao felt he was a little hilarious. “It’s not like you have a duty to report every single thing to me. I won’t blame you.”

“Granny…” He had a complicated look, as though he did not know what to say.

“Enough!” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. It was something that should belong to him in the first place. Even after making a detour, he still ended up picking it up. “Don’t worry, that pervert from the secret realm… Uh, I’m talking about the heretic practitioner who refined beasts. Even though he’s not a good person at all, this is a good artifact, so you should keep it with an ease of mind. There isn’t any bad aura emitting out from it, so it shouldn’t affect you in any bad way. In the future, you must become a Pellet Refining Meister, alright?”

Ye Qingcang was stunned for a moment, as though he never expected that she would so easily dispel the worries he had for such a long time. Actually, ever since he bound this furnace, he faintly sensed that it was an extraordinary artifact. However, because he was truly afraid that it would adversely affect his body, he had been hesitant talking about this matter. He was afraid that it would arouse the greed of others, and there was not many people he could trust around him either. After hesitating for a long while, he realized that he could only consult the granny who had constantly protected him in the secret realm.

Initially, he had thought that even if she would not have greedy intentions, at the very least, she would be angry at him for concealing this matter. He never expected that she wouldn’t mind in the slightest and would easily gloss over it. Not even the slightest bit of desire could be seen in her eyes, as if she would still stay unconcerned no matter how heaven-defying an artifact he were to pick up. For a moment, he was joyous in his heart, yet he faintly felt an indescribable disappointment as well.

“Granny… Actually, other than this furnace, I picked up something else as well.” He could not help but blurt out the words which he had never prepared to say even if he were to be beaten to death.

“Something else?” He couldn’t be referring to the inheritance of that Pellet Hall, right?

He then took up that small jade tablet as well. “There’s a few pellet recipes and pellet refining techniques within.”

“Ou.” It was that inheritance alright. “Then work hard, youngling!”

Ye Qingcang was stunned. He was unable to believe his ears a little. “Just like that?”

Confused, Zhu Yao inspected him a little. What else do you want? You can’t possibly want me to sponsor you, right? Right, he has been calling me granny after all.

Gritting her teeth, she silently pulled out a spirit stone tile. After pulling it out from the floor of the great hall with great effort, she stuffed it in his hands, and said in a meaningful manner. “Youngling, I can only support you this much. Go buy some medicinal ingredients used to raise your cultivation then?”

“…” He looked at her dumbfoundedly.

Could it be that it still wasn’t enough? Hey! Learn how to be content with what you have, youngling!

“I really don’t have anymore!” It’s really troublesome to pull out another tile back there!

Ye Qingcang looked at her dumbfoundedly for a moment. Suddenly, he burst into laughter, and it grew even louder as time went by. In the end, he ended up bending down from the pain caused by the unceasing laughter.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Why did she feel irritated?

“Hey, youngling, that’s enough.” Give this elderly some face. What’s with you? Laughing in such a manner.

“Granny, granny…” He finally managed to curb his laughter. As he shook his head, with slight clear-mindedness and self-depreciation, he said. “Granny, you sure… made this Qingcang… feel ashamed, really ashamed…”

Earlier, he was actually worried that she would lust for his possessions, afraid that she would kill him and snatch away his treasures. Looking at it now, it sure was laughable. Most likely, only those who had darkness in their own hearts would feel that others were the same, right?

“Is there anything else?” Zhu Yao glared at him a little irritatedly.

He took a deep breath, straightened his face, and bowed respectfully. “Thank you, granny, for your teachings.”

“Eh?” What did I teach?

“This disciple shall take his leave.” However, he did not plan on speaking any further, as he turned around and headed down the mountain.

Leaving behind a confused Zhu Yao. The hell did he come here for? Just to flaunt his cheats?

So what!

As expected, bugs are really hateful.

“What… plans do you have this time?” A white figure appeared next to Zhu Yao.

Yu Yan glanced at the figure that just left, and then stroked his disciple’s hair. Just as he was about to release his hand, he pondered for a moment before reaching out to her hand at the side, their fingers intertwined.

“Master…” Zhu Yao turned around and pounced into his chest. With a tired heart, she leaned on his shoulder. She needed to draw in some energy. “Haah, the younglings today are getting harder to manage.”


Zhu Yao pouted. “He’s a good person.”

“Because he can’t be said to be a bad person, you can’t make a move on him?” Yu Yan sighed. Even if he were to be a bad person, as long as her bottom line was not crossed, this stupid disciple of his would still not bear to make a move, right? He once again turned to glance at the youth who had just left, frowning. The eyes that brat had for his disciple earlier, were something he did not like very much.

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