[Disciple] Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Radish Sweeping Movement

“It’s not that!” Zhu Yao shook her head. “I have a faint feeling that even if Ye Qingcang doesn’t exist, someone else will take up the same role. The meaning of that bug isn’t as simple as this.”

Yu Yan frowned.

“Don’t worry, master!” Zhu Yao patted on her chest and guaranteed. “I have already thought of a foolproof plan. It’s definitely safe and environmental friendly, and it’s very effective as well, alright?”

Yu Yan lowered his head and looked at her, signalling her to continue.

Zhu Yao chuckled. “It’s very simple. The reason why Ye Qingcang is a bug, is because he became a wrong, or a misdirecting role model for the masses. Everyone else learnt from him, and what they learnt turned worse as time went by, which resulted in the destruction of the world in the end. To deal with this once and for all, wouldn’t it fine if we let the masses learn from an even better role model? Better than him in cultivation, better than him in luck, better than him in fame, better than him in following the mainstream. It would be best if that person can ascend straight-away. With a piece of jade in front of them, no matter how heaven-defying he is, as long as the masses compare the two of them, they will naturally stop learning from him.”

Yu Yan pondered for a short while, before nodding his head. This was indeed a good plan. He looked at his disciple’s excited look.

“You’re planning to be… the new role model?” With his disciple’s cosmic-level heaven-defying luck, it could indeed be achieved very easily.

“I can’t be the one!” Zhu Yao shook her head. “When it comes to role models, they must be down to earth. Many people coveted Ye Qingcang because he was initially a penta spirit veins holder, and had even risen from being an Outer Sect disciple. He climbed his way to the peak a step at a time, and only by defying the will of the heavens in such an extremely difficult manner can resonate with the masses. Others will think that if a penta spirit veins holder like him could do it, then they will be able to too. If we want to raise a new role model, at the very least, that person must have the penta spirit veins as well, or even worse than him. Though I’m a penta spirit veins holder as well, everyone knows that I’m the successor of Skybond Peak.”

Yu Yan’s expression turned cold, correcting. “You’re the successor of my Jade Forest Peak!”

“Uh…” Master, do you have to mind such little details? “What I’m trying to say is, if one’s status is too great, the masses will feel that the person isn’t down to earth, not to mention I’m a dandelion! We’re not even the same race, so I won’t be able to bring about any resonance. In the eyes of everyone else, I’m a rich and beautiful girl.” When she thought about it this way, she felt a little giddy inside. “The me right now can’t do.”


“So, I have to find a bumpkin youth with correct three views of the world, and raise him.” With her many years of experience in fixing bugs and her successes in bringing up little radishes, teaching another motivated good youth shouldn’t be that hard, right? Furthermore, master was here.

Yu Yan frowned even deeper. Just the thought of seeing a distracting, stinky brat by his disciple side from now on made him feel extremely irritated. As expected, when he was in his disciple’s world back then, he should have disassembled that book of prophecy (laptop). That way, his disciple would not have to bother about this stupid issues anymore.

“Do you have someone in mind?”

Zhu Yao’s face instantly collapsed. “Nope!” If she had one, she wouldn’t be this frustrated. She felt that a radish could only be raised with the correct three views of the world if she were to raise one from young. With this many disciples in the sect, there should always be one that could be suitable. If not, she could head down the mountain to look. The world was huge. There should be at least one suitable radish.

Several months later.

“Little fellow, how old are you? Shall I test your spirit veins for you? Do you have a master? Are you willing to follow this auntie?” With a kind smile, Zhu Yao looked at the child who was nibbling on a candied fruit.

The little radish was startled, the hand he was holding onto the candied fruit with trembled. In his huge, clear eyes, tells began to well. With a loud wail, his cries shook the earth. “Ah~~~ Mommy, there’s a strange auntie here.”

Zhu Yao stiffened. She began to console him in a fluster. “Hey, hey, hey. Why are you crying? I didn’t hit you?”

“Guaaah, mommy… This strange auntie wants to hit me!”

“…” When did I say I want to hit you?

“Stop crying, hey!”

“Guaaah… Mommy, she even scolded me… Guaaah!”


“Who bullied my Er Gou!?” A peasant woman came charging out with a farming hoe.

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart skip a beat, as she stood right up and ran. Only after sprinting wildly for several kilometers did she finally shake off the murderous peasant woman.

With a shakened heart, she panted out a few breaths. Master, humans are terrifying. I want to return home and become a quiet and peaceful dandelion.

Ever since she decided to raise a good role model, Zhu Yao began her painful journey of searching a target suitable for raising. Initially, she had planned on picking one from Ness Cesary Sect, as she had believed that there should always be at least one with good three views. In the end, after strolling around, she realized that the sect only took in disciples once every ten years. The last time it occurred was five years ago, and the little radishes then had all long turned into mature, huge radishes. The next batch of radishes would only be imported five years later.

Left with no choice, she could only head down the mountain and try her luck in the villages of mortals around Ness Cesary Sect.

At first, she thought that it would be really easy. After all, although these mortals were not practitioners, they were influenced by deities for many years, so they should be aware of the matters concerning practitioners as well, unlike mortals who were completely unaware of the existence of practitioners.

However, her abundant confidence was slapped in the face by reality.

“Big sister, I see that your son has wonderful bones, a good material for taking up the mystic arts. Why don’t you let him follow me on the path of the Great Dao?”

“This here is my daughter.”



“This big brother, I see that this little one of yours is smart and hardworking, and he carries spirited eyes. He must definitely have impressive comprehension abilities. Why don’t you let him follow me on the path of a deity?”

“He’s mentally retarded.”



“This grandfather, this grandson of yours is so thoughtful at such a young age, he must be someone who possesses immense luck. Why don’t you let him come under my tutelage on the path of a deity?”

“This is my son, he’s thirty years old this year.”



“This grandmother, does your little one here possess spirit veins? I’m the grand-martial aunt of Ness Cesary Sect, here to take in a disciple!”

“You’re crazy!”



“This auntie, does your family have a child below an age of ten years? Shall I help him test his spirit veins?”

“Everyone, hurry. That con-woman is here again.”



“This auntie…”

“I’m going to beat you human trafficker to death!”


In half a month, she had finished walking around the surrounding villages. Putting aside the fact that she did not manage to even take in a single disciple, she had even been treated as a human trafficker to be highly guarded against. No matter which villager spotted her, without even speaking another word, they would chase after her with bricks and knives in their hands. Not to mention she could not lay her hands on mortals either.

Imagine how pitiful she was! As a mighty Azoth Core, no wait, a Demigod practitioner, it should have been easy for her to personally take in disciples, right? In the end, everyone treated her as a pervert. These mortals who can’t tell the value of the goods in front of them!

“See, I told you you’re ugly already. You scared the little fellows off, right?” Little Eighth laid on top of her head, and spoke such sarcastic words in a gloating manner.

Zhu Yao was instantly enraged. She instantly picked him off her head. “If you can do it, then go!”

“Fine, I will!” Little Eighth’s bird face puffed, and he then leapt out of her hand. Even though he clearly could not fly, he still flapped his wings as he walked towards one of the house.

The house belonged to a peasant family, and their courtyard was only surrounded by fences with height at an adult’s waist level. Little Eighth fluttered his wings as he climbed up, and then lightly coughed. Facing the child who was playing with the mud inside the courtyard, he said in an especially haughty tone. “Mortal, this mighty one is a Phoenix of the God races, and I have the intentions to take you in…”

“Bird!” Before he could even finish, the eyes of the child instantly shone as he looked at Little Eighth with an excited look.

Little Eighth was a little unhappy. “I’m a Phoenix! Don’t treat me like those lowly feathered races, I’m…”

“Bird… There’s a bird!” The little wimp raised his mud-filled hands as he sprinted over with an excited expression. Pushing out his two hands, he grabbed onto Little Eighth’s wings, smudging his entire body with mud while he was at it.

Little Eighth was instantly dumbfounded, as he began to struggle. “Ah, release me! You stupid mortal… Ah! My feathers! … Don’t pull my feathers!”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Sighing, she had no choice but to save that stupid Phoenix who was soon about to be broken by that irritating child. “Little fellow, it’s not right to bully little animals!”

“Bird…” Little wimp was a little dissatisfied that the little bird he caught was snatched away by someone, as he reached out his hands wanting to snatch it back. When he raised his head, he was startled for a moment. He stared at her hair, and said outright. “Nest!”

“…” You’re a nest, your entire family is made of nests.

“Bird nest, pull out the bird nest…” The child excitedly reached out for her hair.

“What are you doing? Hey… Don’t pull my hair, hey! Release me… Aiya, it hurts, it hurts… I’m going to hit you now! I’m really going to hit you now! Aiya…”

Ten minutes later…

The two who finally managed to flee.

“Seventh elder sister…”


“Mortals are so scary.”

“Mn mn mn mn mn!” She nodded furiously.

Little Eighth: My feathers…(┭┮﹏┭┮)

Zhu Yao: My hair… (┭┮﹏┭┮)

Zhu Yao whose body was crippled before even taking in a disciple, decided to first put aside the matter of raising a little radish for now. Dragging her fatigued body, she returned to Ness Cesary Sect. Her heart and soul were tired. She did not feel like looking at irritating children for the rest of her life.

“I heard that the penta spirit veins holder of Talisman Spiritual Peak established his Foundation.”

“Ah? Are you talking about the disciple whom Reverend Qu Qu took in five years ago?”

“That’s right. It has only been five years! Even a duo spirit veins holder isn’t that quick?”

“So what if he has established his Foundation? He’s but a penta spirit veins holder. He’s going to stay at the Foundation cultivation level his entire lifetime.”

“That might not be the case. I heard that Reverend Qu Qu regards him highly!”

“Haah, who isn’t aware of Reverend Qu Qu’s personality? It’s most likely just a whim of his. That boy was only able to go under his tutelage due to his luck.”

“Hahahaha… That might be so! But, I heard that senior-martial brother Bai has gone into closed-door training to establish his Foundation as well.”

“Inner Sect disciples sure have good lives!”

The voices of the two disciples gradually grew further away, yet their conversation entered her ears without a single piece of it missing out. Zhu Yao’s feet stopped, startled. Ye Qingcang had established his Foundation?

The last time she saw him, he was still at the eighth level of Foundation. It had only been a few months since then. Wasn’t this too quick?

He was five years faster than the scenario itself! Little Bai had actually gone into isolation training to establish his Foundation as well. She even thought that the reason why she hadn’t seen him for so many days was because he had a bad mood from being dumped after Qu Yi clarified with him, and thus did not want to leave his home! However, was it really alright for him to attempt at establishing his Foundation with such an unstable heart?

Why did she have a bad premonition?

“Granny, you’re back.” Just as she returned to Skybond Peak, she saw Ye Qingcang waiting at her doorsteps, greeting her with a brilliant smile.

“Yo, fellow student Little Cang!” Zhu Yao returned a smile and waved her hands. She inspected him for a moment. He had indeed successfully established his Foundation, and the spiritual energy surrounding his body was much richer than before. “Congratulations on establishing your Foundation.”

He scratched his head, embarrassed. “Regarding this, I have to thank granny for your words back then. Those words enlightened Qingcang, and made me rediscover my heart and conscience, which enabled me to successfully establish my Foundation so quickly.”

“Aaahh!? What did I say?” Why wasn’t she aware of it, hey? Don’t scare me, my friend. If you put it that way, you will make me feel as though I’m the one raising the bug with my own hands, you know?

Ye Qingcang smiled, as though he did not feel like explaining further. However, the ones he were looking at her with now had a trace of reverence within. Scratching his head, he said a little embarrassingly. “Granny, I wonder if this disciple can visit you often to chat with you?”

“…” Can I refuse? “I’m very busy!”

“I don’t mind. I can come when granny isn’t busy?”

Hey, what’s with that tone that sounds like you have latched onto me?

His eyes were even sparkling. “I feel that granny knows a lot… of very important things. Ye Qing wants to become someone like granny.”

Someone like me, then you might as well go on a flight to Thailand.

“Ahem, so you’re here just to thank me?”

He was stunned for a moment, as if he had just recalled something. He pulled out a red bottle from the storage pouch next to him, and passed it to her. “Granny, this pellet is something I have just recently refined. Though it’s not really that impressive, it represents my goodwill.”

“What’s this?” As someone who had never taken medicine, she did not recognize it at all.

“Barrier Breaking Pellet.”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment as she looked at his calm expression. Barrier Breaking Pellet! Third rank pellet! Just how many days had it been since he started pellet refining? He was actually able to refine a third rank pellet this quickly. “Not bad, little one. You have a promising future!”

He smiled a little embarrassingly. “Granny, if you like them, I can refine even more medicinal pellets for you in the future.”

“You don’t have to be that courteous, actually I… Aiya!” Just as Zhu Yao received the pellets and wanted to take a closer look, she suddenly felt a chill in her chest. It was as though an ice cube had penetrated her heart, causing her heart to fly! She even began to bend her waist from the cold.

“Granny, what’s wrong?”

“No… Nothing!” Zhu Yao immediately straightened herself. Master, what’s wrong with you? Why did you turn Peapea so icy cold all of a sudden? “Hohoho… Thank you for your medicinal pellet! Aiya…” Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! Why is it suddenly burning now?

“Granny…” Are you really alright?

“I’m fine!” Zhu Yao gritted her teeth and withstood it with all her might, revealing a slightly distorted smile. “Hohoho! Umm… I suddenly recalled that I didn’t turn off the gas at home! I’m going back now, goodbye!” Pushing off her feet, she charged right into the hall.

Leaving behind a confused Ye Qingcang. What gas did she mean?

The moment Zhu Yao entered the building, she immediately pulled out Peapea from her chest area. The pea was still emitting out heat, like a roasted potato fresh off the oven.

“Master… I did not plan on eating the pellet.” Zhu Yao explained, wanting to cry. Just how much hatred does her master have towards medicinal pellets?

A white light flashed from the pea, and its temperature finally dropped. Dressed in snow-white robes, a man with an ice-cold expression appeared before her. The words ‘I’m not happy’ were clearly written on his face!

She raised her hand, and did a swearing pose. “I have never eaten a single pellet behind your back, I’m serious!”

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