[Disciple] Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: Return to its Former Owner

“Junior-martial brother!” Qu Jiang was a little infuriated. Wasn’t this simply killing the donkey the moment it left the millstone?

“Junior-martial nephew Sect Master.” Sovereign Wu Fu suddenly spoke up as well. “Now that the formation has been dispelled, it will definitely arouse greed from various places. Junior-martial sister Zhu is just an Azoth Core practitioner as well, so her staying in Skybond Peak is even more inappropriate.”

Qu Jiang was stunned to the point of swallowing back his rebuttals. Indeed, now that the formation was dispelled, the excuse of only his little martial aunt alone was able to enter the hall could no longer be used. The moment this news were to be spread, the various sects and clans would definitely have reddened eyes. As to what would happen then, no one would be certain. Even if he had the heart, he could not allow Zhu Yao to continue carrying the title of the owner of Skybond Peak.

Turning his head, he glanced at Zhu Yao who still looked as calm as ever. Guilt instantly filled his heart. In the beginning, he accepted her identity as his little martial aunt mostly due to convenience. Among the people in the sect, including him, they refused to recognize her in the depths of their heart.

However, after so many years, he had truly come to like this little martial aunt. In these few years, no matter was it in the sect or outside, she had truly played her part as his little martial aunt, and she had even done better than he hoped. She had never brought up a single request, but when it came to things he brought up, she would accept them all as is. He even had a feeling that she was born suitable for this status.

Qu Jiang was frustrated without end, while the others had already begun to excitedly discuss about the matters concerning Skybond Peak, and they even wanted to request Zhu Yao to bring them over to take a look.

While they were discussing, Zhu Yao took the opportunity to ease little tyrant’s injuries. After hearing such a request, she did not reject either. Bring the crowd of people, she mightily returned.

Everyone was unable to hide the excitement on their faces, and even their pace was so quick they could almost fly. Zhu Yao suddenly imagined herself leading a bunch of irritating children out to set off firecrackers during the new year.

However, the moment they arrived at the entrance, they were dumbfounded.

“Senior-martial aunt Zhu, this formation…” The formation was clearly still on the door, when was it dispelled?


The hell, how did she forget about the formation which her master had placed?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She immediately sent a voice transmission to Peapea within her robes. “Master, how do you dispel this formation?”

“Five Element Profound Lightning Formation.” Master’s clear voice resounded in the depths of her heart. Some sort of image instantly appeared within her mind, including the incantation to dispel the formation, the structure of it, and also the basic steps in establishing it.

Zhu Yao attentively looked through them, and immediately understood. A learning method like this was simply too awesome.

“This is a formation that was added after.” Zhu Yao took a step forward. Following the method taught by her master, she easily dispelled the formation. She turned around and looked at Qu Jiang. “Alright, now Skybond Peak is officially handed over to you.”

The eyes of the people present instantly shone as they impatiently walked in. Qu Jiang was the only who remained with a guilty look.

“Little martial aunt…”

“Are you constipated?” His face was distorted into a mess.

The corner of Qu Jiang’s lips twitched, sighing. “I hope that little martial aunt can forgive us, this Skybond Peak…”

“No matter.” Zhu Yao waved her hands, as she said without a mind. “This is something Wang Shang left behind for you people in the first place. What I did was simply look after it for a few years. Don’t worry, everything inside is still there, I haven’t moved a single tile… Uh, alright, I did pull out one tile.” And I had even given it to someone else. “I don’t think I can return it anymore, let’s just treat it as my wages for these five years.”

“…” An entire building filled with treasures, yet she only pulled out a single tile? “Haah! Since little martial aunt dispelled this formation, if you wish to take Zhiyuan as your disciple, then I…”

“No need, I’m planning to leave with him.”

Qu Jiang grew anxious. “Little martial aunt, are you really planning to leave Ness Cesary Sect?”

“Leaving is the better option.” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders and said in a meaningful manner. “Haah, Little Bai is also victim in this incident. Even if you don’t pursue this matter in the end and protect him with everything you can, the blame for concealing his spirit veins will definitely be put on him. From then on, his life will most likely be more difficult than those disciples who possess penta spirit veins in the first place. Though you and I can look after him to some extent, we can’t possibly watch over him at every instance.” Public opinion was a very terrifying thing. “I don’t wish to see him walk on the wrong path because of this.”

She wanted to find a disciple with penta spirit veins in the first place, and raise him into a much better role model than Ye Qingcang. After finding out that little tyrant carried the penta spirit veins, she felt he was basically a pie than fell from the heavens. No matter what, she had decided to craft him into a world idol.

She was just applying him for a school transfer right before the start of the idol cultivation plan.

Qu Jiang was solemn. What his little martial aunt said was right. From a duo spirit veins genius to a penta spirit veins trash, Zhiyuan could be considered to have been destroyed. Rather than letting him stay in the sect and be discriminated for the rest of his life, why not let him search for an opportunity outside? The heavens might not be blind?

Thus, Qu Jiang stopped persuading and followed the crowd into the hall. He turned his head back to look at Zhu Yao who was waving him goodbye outside. A strange feeling instantly filled the depths of his heart.

As he walked into the hall, he saw many strange and mystical treasures left behind by the ancestor in the various rooms. He was happy alright, but he was not as excited as he had thought he would be. When he arrived at the main hall, on the floor that was tiled with spirit stones, only a single square-shaped piece was missing at the very center. It was especially conspicuous. He once again recalled what little martial aunt Zhu had said, that she had not touched a single item inside, except for a single tile. It seemed like it was true. But why? Why did he feel so constricted, as though he had picked up a sesame but had thrown away a watermelon?

This constricted feeling peaked when he was no longer able to see Zhu Yao and Bai Zhiyuan, but his attention was immediately robbed away by the pile of miscellaneous tasks he had to do after.

Ness Cesary Sect had now obtained Skybond Peak in its truest sense. With this amount of wonderful items, they naturally had to use them. But who was going to use them, and how? These had brought about more difficult questions. No matter how they were to split them, there would be people with opinions. Patriarch Qu Jiang’s head was now comparable to the size of two. Putting aside his inner dilemma, he still had to account for external factors. By distributing so many items down, there would definitely be people who would raise their eyebrows, after all, the various sects and clans were not blind. In an instant, the number of people coveting Skybond Peak grew.

With how this situation had developed, they did not dare to spread the news that Zhu Yao had already left, nor did they pursue Little Bai’s matters further either. Adding that Qu Jiang was letting this matter go intentionally, other than the few higher-ups who were present on that day, the matter concerning Little Bai’s spirit veins was not disclosed. Other than than one fewer disciple and a senior-martial aunt in-name, there were not many huge changes to the daily lives of the people in the sect.

However, in this world, there were no walls which wind could not seep through, a slip would occur long enough. There would occasionally be various types of idlers coming to probe the place, and the various sects and clans would come up with many reasons to make their visits. It was impossible for Ness Cesary Sect to avoid these.

With how things were, it would have been better if they did not obtain Skybond Peak in the first place.

Of course, Zhu Yao who had left the sect was completely oblivious to this. She was presently deftly stepping on her flying sword, with a pea on her left hand, a bird on her right, and behind her was even a fat d- ah pui, young man!

Initially, she had wanted to return to Tranquil Valley. However, seeing the heavily injured little tyrant, she had no choice but to find a town to settle down. She decided to just treat this as a sightseeing trip.
Before they had yet to reach the nearest practitioner’s town, her new follower little tyrant spat out a beautiful stream of blood. She had no choice but to stop, planning to heal his injuries.

Though his injuries were easy to heal, the spirit veins sealed in his body was difficult to solve. It seemed to be a unique formation that prevented others from sensing it. If she were to make an error in dispelling it, suffering a rebound would be the lightest of consequences, while the immediate destruction of his spirit veins would be the heaviest. Though Zhu Yao was very confident in her formation techniques, she could not help but hesitate at this moment. So, she decided to seek help from the audience, uhh… her master who was in the pea.

Yu Yan did appear, but he did not agree nor disagree to help. He simply stared coldly at little tyrant who was sitting on the ground puking blood. The cold aura emitted from his body was even about to condense into actual ice itself. A single word was glaringly written on his face: Irritated!

Putting aside that he had to always heal his half-dead disciple, who the hell was this brat? On what basis should he save him? As expected, his disciple’s disciple or whatever, was really hateful!

Little tyrant trembled from the stare. Instantly, he felt that surrounding temperature had lowered quite a bit, and the chilling wind was even about to freeze him. Who is this person? So scary!

“Grandma…” He could not help but call out to Zhu Yao. He was frightened to the point that he had even forgotten about puking blood. “This… This senior is…”

Only then did Zhu Yao recall that he had never met her master. Thinking that he was going to be with her from now on, she decided not to conceal the facts. “This is my master.”

“Mas… Could it be Wang Shang…” He naturally thought about Skybond Peak.

“Of course not!” Zhu Yao shook her head. “This is my master whom I met long before entering Ness Cesary Sect, my one and only master.”

Little tyrant was still confused. Wasn’t his grandma a dandelion demon? If that was her master, then… was he an even older dandelion?

“Alright, little tyrant.” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. “From now on, we are all on the same boat, so let me introduce them to you. This is my little brother.” She pulled out the stupid bird who was still laying on her headdress.

Little Bai: “…” Putting aside her master, what’s the deal with her little brother? That was clearly a bird! Were there blood relations between a dandelion and a bird? The world of demons was really hard to understand.

“He’s called Feng Ba, just call him Little Eighth.” Zhu Yao continued her introductions. “As for my master, you can call him… Grandpa!”

“Aahh!?” Shouldn’t he call him grand ancestor? The hell was grandpa? Were the levels of seniority among demons this messy?

Little tyrant still had the same confused look, while Yu Yan however was instantly healed by that ‘grandpa’ word. Grandma, grandpa. Just by hearing them, they sounded like a pair. Mn, he liked it!

Instantly, he was no longer that against to releasing the seal, and his expression soothed a little. Making a hand seal with one hand, he chanted an incantation. Then, waving his hand, a white ray of light seeped into the center of little tyrant’s forehead.


“Ah!?” Little Bai hurriedly sensed his body condition, and realized that restricted spiritual energy in his body was indeed flowing smoothly now. There were now three more foreign sources of spiritual energy, and they were all empty and spacious. Wasn’t this too quick? Even a Nascent Soul practitioner did not dare to dispel it without any preparations, yet he with a single wave of his hand, he was able to… Were all old dandelions this incredible?

Just as Little Bai wanted to express his feelings of reverence, the grandpa who just took office suddenly looked at the sky. “It’s late, sleep!”

Indeed, the sky was already dark, with the moon hung high up surrounded by stars. However, there was still quite a bit of distance from the town. It seemed like they had to camp outside today…

With a wave of Yu Yan’s hand, the empty plot of land in front of them shook, and in a few moments, a straw cottage began to automatically build itself. Little Bai opened his eyes wide as he watched this scene unfold. He was actually able to build a house by combining earth and wood mystic arts in an instant. The abilities of this grandpa were unfathomably deep. It seemed like they did not have to sleep in the wilderness today.

Little Bai was excited. However, he simply watched as that powerful grandpa pull grandma into the house, and then… he closed the door with a bang.

Injured personnel Little Bai: “…” This went different from what he imagined it to be!

Suddenly, the door creaked open, a fiery red thing was thrown out. He caught it with his two hands, and it was actually a fiery red little bird. It was Little Eighth.
A man and a bird, stared at each other!

Little Bai: What happened to being master and disciple?

Little Eighth: What happened to being siblings?

Zhu Yao glanced at her master who pressed her down onto the bed right after entering the cottage, yet did not do anything outrageous at all, and did not even forget cover her with a blanket before returning back into the pea.

Zhu Yao: What happened to being a couple?

The moon was as cool as water.

Bai Zhiyuan adjusted his inner breathing, never had he experience a scarcity of spiritual energy as he had presently. A trace of piercing pain flashed across the depths of his heart. He grew up in Ness Cesary Sect ever since he was young, and he had always been working hard to become a good disciple that could make his master proud. When he was young, he did not understand what it meant to go into a life-death closed-door training. He thought that his master did not like him, and thus was not willing to come out to see him. That was why he worked even harder than the rest of his senior and junior martial brothers, wanting to raise his cultivation, and wanting to establish his Foundation faster than anyone else.

Who would have known that in just a few days, he lost his master, he lost his cultivation, and had even been ousted by the sect. Not to mention he had even dragged his grandma into this…

“Hey, I’m warning you, don’t touch my feathers.” A tender voice suddenly sounded from next to him. “If you dare to pull a single one, I will fry you!”

Little Bai was startled, as he dumbfoundedly look at the fiery red bird next to him. “You… You can talk?”

“So what if I can talk?” Little Eighth rolled his eyes. “I’m even fluent with the languages of demonic beasts, demons, God races, and various other languages.”

Little Bai inspected him for a moment. Initially, he had thought that he was just a bird with bright coloured feathers. Though he was a little fat, but the spiritual energy he possessed was not rich. At the very most, he could be considered a first rank spiritual beast. He never expected that the bird could actually speak, and he seemed to have awakened his spiritual intellect.

He curiously stroked the bird, but was slapped away by Little Eighth’s foot. “What do you want? Don’t touch my noble feathers. If you touch them and they become as ugly as my seventh elder sister’s, how am I going to live then?” The feathers of a Phoenix could not violated. “If not because my seventh elder sister begged me to look after you, I wouldn’t waste my time talking to a mortal!”

“…” Even though he was clearly thrown out here as well.

“Are your injuries better now? If you’re fine now, I’m going to sleep.” Little Phoenixes need their sleep.

So the bird had been staying here because grandma was worried about his injuries. He nodded. “I’m already fine, just that my cultivation…”

“You lost your cultivation?” Little Eighth interrupted, and said without a mind. “Don’t worry, though my elder sister is ugly, she possesses lots of knowledge. With just the little bit of cultivation you human practitioners have, with her here, you will be able to cultivate it back in no time.”

Little Bai bitterly smiled. If only it was that easy. “I now… have penta spirit veins.”

“Isn’t that great?” Little Eighth nodded and said. “My elder sister is too.”

“That’s different.”

“What’s different?”

Little Bai was stunned, for a moment he did not know how to answer either. Indeed, his grandma had the penta spirit veins as well, and even Ye Qingcang had them too.

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