[Disciple] Chapter 301

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Chapter 301: Please Give a Proper Croak

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. She then instructed little tyrant and Little Eighth to wait for her outside, before entering that extravagant palace. Along the way, she stepped on several flowers, and when she finally closed in, she realized that the palace seemed to be constructed with gold. The moment the sun shone on it, that dazzling light…

Even Zhu Yao wished she could wear sunglasses right now!

Her master was right. There really wasn’t any other formation placed here, and she was actually able to walk over smoothly without any obstructions. When she was finally left with about two hundred meters from the palace, she saw that huge dazzling golden door suddenly open with a loud boom.

With a flash of red light, something seemed to have rolled out, and it stopped right beneath her feet. Zhu Yao was dumbfounded…

It was actually a red carpet!

Was some sort of award ceremony being held right now?

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. Gritting her teeth, she decided to walk on that red carpet. After halfway through, a human figure suddenly appeared on the other side of the golden door. Could it be a prince…? I have a boyfriend, hey!

That person had white skin and beautiful complexion, his lips were glossy red with perfectly white teeth. His black hair was neatly tied in a bun above his head, and he had considerably handsome features… if only he wasn’t dressed in golden robes, golden pants, and golden shoes.

Zhu Yao simply felt the words ‘Prince Charming’ shatter in an instant, revealing the words ‘Nouveau Riche’ behind them. If he had rows of golden teeth, then it would have been perfect.

That person seemed to be in a little rush, as he had a very agitated look. In an instant, he had already arrived in front of Zhu Yao. Before she could even react, he had already pulled onto her hand, looking at her with sparkling eyes. “Miss, are you married? Do you want to marry me? Give birth to my son, please?”

“…” Were lunatic bosses trending right now!?

“Don’t worry, I can give birth in your stead, too!” He changed his words. “Why don’t we first…”

Before he could even finish, a ray of white light suddenly shot out from Zhu Yao’s chest, instantly deflecting him away. With a bang, he smashed back onto the gigantic golden door, shattering the door into smithereens. A white figure appeared in front of Zhu Yao, chilling aura emitted from his body. Even the surrounding flowers seemed to be closing their petals from the chill.

“┗|`O′|┛Ouu~~” A furious roar resounded from the destroyed door. Green light suddenly flashed, and with a loud boom, what appeared in front of the palace was a humongous, golden, winged… frog!

“…” Zhu Yao suddenly understood why the palace was golden.

That frog first roared furiously at Yu Yan, then its eyes shifted towards Zhu Yao at the back. In an instant, its little wings trembled as if they were electrified, and with a tilted head, it called out. “Meow~~”



Meow, your sister! You’re a freaking frog, please croak properly, hey!

The chilling aura emitted from Yu Yan’s body grew heavier. With a twist of his hand, explosive thunder began to resound in the sky. Bolts of lightning mixed with red and purple came crashing down in a wide area. The frog was still rather arrogant in the beginning, but in the next instant, it had already turned into a stir-fried frog from the zaps. After its front was completely fried from the lightning bolts, its back was next, and after its back was completely zapped, its front was next to be zapped again. It was truly heated in an even manner, and the fragrance of its meat suffused in the air. Even the dazzling golden palace behind it was struck by the numerous heavenly lightning bolts, turning into smithereens. Zhu Yao’s eyes instantly felt a little more comfortable.

Zhu Yao weakly took a step back, and another step back…

What happened to master? So terrifying!

These heavenly bolts which could be comparable to ascension tribulation lightning bolts, continued to pour for an entire hour. When the lightning clouds finally scattered and the sky regained its clarity, the fairy realm earlier had already completely turned into a scorched earth. A certain frog… was already seventy percent burnt.

Her master’s frown finally loosened a little. A mere demonic beast dared to think of having his disciple!

He turned to look at his own disciple.

“Hi~~ Master.” Zhu Yao greeted him from several tens of meters away.

His loosened brows earlier once again furrowed. “Come over here!”

“Master, you’re done zapping?” Then can you scatter that chilling aura as well?

Yu Yan’s expression sank, extremely unhappy at her unwillingness to move. With a wave of his hand, Zhu Yao simply felt a force of energy assaulting her, as her body uncontrollably flew towards her master. She directly landed right onto his chest which was still emitting out a thick chilling aura.

“Yu Yao…”


“You’re not allowed to give birth to children for others.”


“You’re my disciple. If you want to bear a child… You can only bear your master’s child.”

“Uh…” Was her master jealous?

Seeing that she was taking a long time to answer, a certain master grew unhappy as he tightened his arms. “This is your master’s order! Do you hear me?”

“I heard you, I heard you! If I want to bear a child, I will definitely, only bear yours! We will bear one tonight!” So, please protect my waist well, alright? Any tighter and it’s going to break.


“Speak, is the Soul Summoning Banner in your hands!?” Zhu Yao stepped on the seventy percent burnt frog, the aura of a queen exploded forth.

“Meow~~” The frog returned to making that same cry. It did not look like it was in pain, as though it was saying: Ahh~! It feels so good~

This perverted beast!

At that moment, Zhu Yao felt like burning it a little while more, to eighty percent, ninety percent, hundred percent…

With a thunderous boom, a heavenly lightning bolt landed on the ground not far from it. Yu Yan coldly glanced at it.

The frog instantly trembled.

“Owuu.” Only then did it weakly return to its human form. It pitifully glanced at Zhu Yao. “This beastie doesn’t know about any Soul Beckoning Banners.”

“You’re lying. While we’re venturing here, only your place contains the presence of yin energy.” There were still remnants of ghostly aura on its body as well. “The Soul Beckoning Banner is definitely on you.”

“On me…” The beastie was startled. It then began to throwing out stuffs. Golden rings, golden necklaces, golden bracelets, golden utensils… Everything that were golden instantly piled up on the ground. “Do you want them?”

“…” She was witnessing a tycoon, a live one!

“Not these? I still have others!” He then buried his head again as he continued to pull out stuff after stuff. The golden things on the ground grew in number, and faintly, they could soon blind the eyes of others once more.

“Enough, enough…” Stop reminding her how poor she was. Zhu Yao hurriedly stopped its gold rummaging actions. “I’m looking for something similar to a flag.” She roughly explained the looks of the Soul Beckoning Banner.

The eyes of the frog instantly shone. “Oh, you’re talking about this!” He pulled out a yellow scroll from its robe, and after shaking it a little, a golden flag revealed itself. A large word “soul” was written on it in runic symbols. Though it was golden in colour, yin energy was encircling it. At least several hundreds of ghosts were captured in it.

“And you still denied it earlier!?” Zhu Yao glared at it. “What’s with the ghosts within it, huh?”

“But… I picked this up!” The frog said with an innocent look.

“…” Could something like this be picked up so randomly?

The frog however explained in a self-serving manner. “While I was strolling in the forest back then, I encountered two human practitioners. Then… they died.”

“…” What did it mean by they died? “Did you kill them?”

It shook its head strongly. “Human practitioners stink, I don’t like to eat them at all! Little sister crane smells nicer, and it even comes over to the pool I materialized every day for a bath. Those pure white feathers, slender body, and…”

“Hey!” Just what kind of image are you imagining? You’re even beginning to drool! Though you’re a frog, there’s no need to think about a crane this dedicatedly, right?

“Cough cough… I’m sorry, let me continue.” He straightened his face. Sizing Zhu Yao up, his eyes began to wander off again. “But… beauty, you’re naturally more fragrant than little sister crane. Why don’t you come bathe in my pool as well!?”

A loud thunder boomed…

Eighty percent burnt!

“I was wrong!”


“I saw that male human practitioner stab that female human practitioner. Then, that female human practitioner took over that male human practitioner. After that, the female human practitioner that turned into the male human practitioner was scared off by me.” The frog waved the golden flag in its hands after saying that. “I saw that this flag suited me a lot, so I took it back here after thinking it would be a waste to throw it.”

Though Zhu Yao was a little giddy from the chain of male and female human practitioners he used to describe the two, she somehow understood the gist of it. It seemed like it was the usual kill-and-loot ruckus. However, in order to take over others, that person should have the cultivation level of Nascent Soul at least. What the frog saw was most likely a Nascent Soul practitioner. Zhu Yao carefully inspected that Soul Beckoning Banner. Though there was a thick amount of yin energy on it, it was still glowing gold. This proved that the banner had yet to be dyed in evil energy and had yet to take someone’s life. Furthermore, the yin energy within was calm, with very few traces of violent aura. Most likely, a Ghost King had yet to be born.

“frog, there are several hundreds of ghosts inside this Soul Beckoning Banner. Their souls will scatter if they do not return to the Netherworld within three days, so I have to take this banner away.”

“Alright!” Not only did the frog not object to it, it even excitedly pointed at the pile of golden objects next to it. “Do you want anything else? I still have many, many things here? If they don’t meet your standards, why don’t I give myself to you? Free of charge.”



“Seventh elder sister, what happened?” Seeing that she hadn’t returned after a long time, LIttle Eighth and little tyrant could not help but come over as well. “Did you find those ghosts?”

The frog was startled. It looked at the red feathered little bird on little tyrant’s head, and its eyes instantly shone. It sprinted right towards the front of little tyrant like the wind, and stared at Little Eighth with blinking eyes. “This lady, how old are you? Are you engaged? Why don’t you marry me? I have money…”

“…” Little Eighth was stunned. It wiggled up to a standing posture, opened its mouth, and spat out a huge ball of fire, instantly burning that frog back into its original form. “I’m male!”

Ninety percent burnt!

The stomach of the giant frog convulsed a little, its face twitching. That abused expression of his, looked as though what he had just experienced was not torture, but a reward.

Ah~ I really want to be a hundred percent burnt…


The frog was the lord of Peaceful Spiritual Forest, a tenth rank demonic beast, and single! Usually, it had a great personality. Other than sneaking peeks at the bathing crane and gathering golden items, it did not have any other special hobbies. Unfortunately, it had been single for several thousand years, yet it still had not been able to find a female beast that would be willing to be with it. It was very sad. Even after reaching the cultivation level needed to ascend, it was still unwilling to head up to the Higher Realm. No matter what, he wanted to get a girl before going into the Higher Realm.

This thus continued for more than a few thousand years, and it still remained as the same “golden” single frog. The life he had every day was extremely boring, until one day, he encountered the goddess (Zhu Yao), the god (Little Eighth), and the death god (Yu Yan) of his life. Thus, he changed and became a guard frog.

The goddess said. “Frog, I see that the spiritual energy over at your place here is very rich, a place where the five types of spiritual veins in Peaceful Spiritual Forest gather at. It’s very suitable for nurturing my disciple. Why don’t you lend it to me for a while?”

Frog: “Okay! Okay! Okay!” ~(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

The god said. “Why are you so ugly? You don’t even have feathers. Stop going about naked in front of my eyes.”

Frog: “Okay. Okay. Okay.” (? _ ?)

The death god said. “Scram!”

Frog: “Okay… Okay… Okay…” ┭┮﹏┭┮

Thus, the place which the frog painstakingly set up for several thousand years, had its owner swapped so easily. It hopped back into the forest in tears, and could only look at the gods and goddess from afar. In order to relieve the sadness in its heart, it had decided to snatch away the territories of the ninth rank beasties!

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