[Disciple] Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: A Radish in a Single Hole

After finding out that this place was a spiritual pulse, Zhu Yao immediately decided to stay here. The frog’s house which could destroy the scenic view of the place, had already been smashed into a pile of golden smithereens. Though a few spots were burnt here and there, it was still a place with a considerably wonderful scenery.

Thus, a certain master, with his especially good tastes, constructed a few straw cottages! After Zhu Yao instructed the little tyrant to tidy up the place, the sky was already dark. Only then did she pull out the Soul Beckoning Banner. After casting a few arts, the Soul Beckoning Banner instantly emitted out a golden light. White illusory figures floated out one after another, numbering several hundreds.

Those ghosts all had confused looks on their faces, as though they had no clue where they were. They blankly floated in the air.

One of the ghosts suddenly shouted. “Look, a person’s over there!”

In an instant, as though something was broken, several hundreds of green lights came looking in her direction. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched.

“It’s really a person, and she’s alive!”

“This is great, I found a person. Time to scare her, time to scare her!”

Among the several hundreds of ghosts, some took down their heads, some pulled out their bones, while some light up ghastly flames. The place was bustling, as they excitedly made the preparations to scare her.

Zhu Yao’s expression back then was like this: o(╯□╰)o

Sighing, she immediately circulated her spiritual energy and chanted the Afterlife Incantation. In an instant, a large Afterlife Formation appeared in the skies above, shining with a bright white light. The formation immediately sent the bunch of ready-made ghosts back to the Gate to the Netherworld.

The only one who remained was a male ghost with his limbs scattered all over.

The male ghost glanced left and right. Though he did not understand why his little companions had gone missing, he still professionally continued set up balls of ghastly flames, and floated over with his legs, head, and body separately. In an ominous tone, he said. “Little miss, I’m a ghost… Are you afraid?”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “Chen Zhen!”

“Eh!? You know me?” He was startled.

“You don’t remember me?”

“You…” He circled around her. Suddenly, his eyes shone, and he excitedly said. “Huo Yuanjia! It’s actually you? You have actually reincarnated, and this quickly as well?”

“Uh… Right!” She could only nod to that question.

“It’s really you!” With a poof, he extinguished the two balls of ghastly flames, and sighed. “Nevermind. Seeing that we know each other, I won’t scare you. Let me tell you this, I’m really incredible at scaring people now!”


“Oh right, didn’t you become a ghost officer?” Chen Zhen said with slight disappointment. “Why did you go ahead and reincarnate? Being a ghost officer is great, you know? It’s a job with an incredible future ahead of it!”

What future?

Whatever! “Chen Zhen, your soul has been scattered apart by the Soul Beckoning Banner. Let me help you reattach them?”

“Don’t want to!” She never expected that Chen Zhen would reject is so strongly, as he instantly leapt a few steps back. “I managed to turn into several pieces after so long, if I were to reattach my parts, my scaring prospects would reduce. I look rather handsome like this, you know?”

Alright, it seemed like she was being bothersome. She had even kept him back here on purpose.

Since he was unwilling, Zhu Yao did not force it upon him either. In any case, as long as he were to return to the Netherworld, his scattered souls would naturally reattach themselves. Thus, she chatted with a little more, before sending him back to the Netherworld with the Afterlife Incantation.

Chen Zhen waved his hands at her while flying towards that Afterlife Formation. He even occasionally rubbed off the little beads of tears at the corners of his eyes, looking really sad and everything. Mn, if he wasn’t crying tears of blood, it would have been even more touching.

“Huo Yuanjia, remember to come see me often.”

“…” Who would go to the Netherworld to see you!?

Zhu Yao wondered just what that frog had buried underground, as the flowers above this spiritual pulse grew especially quickly. In but a single night, the land that was once burnt, had turned back into a sea of flowers.

Probably because her words from back then had incited him, little tyrant became even more diligent in his cultivation. He was already meditating in the early hours of the morning. In just two days, he rose from the first level to the third level of Essence.

“Not bad, little tyrant.” A good teacher would never refrain from praising his or her students. “You’re already at the third level. It seems like you can return to your former cultivation level really soon.”

Little tyrant smiled as he scratched his head. “That’s but the first three levels of Essence. I had experience before, so it’s natural for me to spend less time cultivating in them. However… Penta spirit veins require five types of spiritual energy. It’s really time-consuming to guide in one of them at a time. I’m afraid after the third level, it will be…”

“Guide in one at a time?” Zhu Yao grasped onto this key phrase. “What do you mean?”

“Grandma, I’m have the penta spirit veins.” Little Bai’s expression sank. “Spiritual energy can’t be guided in while mixed. When I had duo spirit veins back then, I merely had to take in one type of spiritual energy, and then another type, in order to make a breakthrough in my cultivation. Now that I have penta spirit veins, a longer time is naturally needed.”

“Wait a minute.” Zhu Yao frowned, as she realized a key problem. “You’re saying, you can only take in one type of spiritual energy at a time, and only after one type has reached its critical point, will you then guide in another type. Only after five types of spiritual energy are filled, can you then finally make a breakthrough?”

“That’s right?”

“Right, my ass! Who told you that?”

“The cultivation method has always been like this though!?” Little Bai was confused. “Strange… Is it wrong?”

“Wrong, of course it’s wrong!” Zhu Yao had always wondered why various sects revered the heavenly spirit vein holders. In the beginning, she had thought that it was because of the amount of spiritual energy needed. Indeed, penta spirit veins would require more spiritual energy than the heavenly spirit vein, so she had never pondered deeply about it. Now that she thought about it, this difference wouldn’t influence one’s cultivation speed. She possessed many different types of spirit veins with her various avatars, and though her cultivation speed was indeed faster when she had the lightning spirit vein, when she possessed the penta spirit veins or even the harmony spirit veins, her cultivation speeds did not drop that much though? Of course, putting aside her death-seeking actions of starting spiritual energy storms to rapidly raise her cultivation, even with her regular speed, it was not that much slower either.

But, within the cultivation world, why did disciples with penta spirit veins find it hard to establish their Foundations in their entire lifetimes, while those with heavenly spirit veins could do it in at most thirty years, and at the earliest, in ten odd years? The difference here was a little too huge.

Now that she heard little tyrant’s explanation, she suddenly realized that this was most likely unrelated to the amount of spiritual energy needed. Rather, it’s the difference in the paths of cultivation.

“Little tyrant, why do you have to take them in one at a time, and not take all five types of spiritual energy at the same time?”

“Eh? Is that possible?” He was stunned.

“How is it impossible?” That’s how she did it all the time!

“But…” Little tyrant frowned “The spiritual energy in the air is mixed, and the five types of spiritual energy are in conflict with one another. Not to mention there are the three mutated spiritual energy – wind, lightning and ice, to consider as well. If I don’t have the corresponding spiritual energy, I will definitely die from taking in spiritual energy that isn’t compatible with me.”

What he said was true as well, as little tyrant did not have the harmony spirit veins. “Then what if you only have to take in five types of spiritual energy at the same time? Use the method you’re using to take in spiritual energy, but just exclude the three mutated spiritual energy!”

Little tyrant’s eyes instantly shone, excitement filled his face. “Grandma, you’re saying… If I take in five types of spiritual energy together at the same time, my cultivation speed will be…”

“The same as someone who has the heavenly spirit vein.”

If a spirit vein is compared to the path towards the Dao, then the heavenly vein was a single driving lane, while the penta spirit veins were five driving lanes. While both followed the same traffic rules, the only difference was the amount of traffic. The driving speed of the vehicles should not be affected at all.

Bai Zhiyuan blanked for a moment, light of hope filled his face. A moment later, he suppressed the excitement in the depths of his heart, took in a few breaths, and said. “Grandma, let me try!”

“Mn!” Zhu Yao nodded, as she then sat down at the side to watch over him.

Bai Zhiyuan meditated for two entire days since then, and when the surrounding flowers had bloomed twice, he finally slowly opened his eyes. However, there wasn’t the slightest bit of increase in his spiritual energy, as he shook his head in slight disappointment. “Grandma, Little Bai… can’t do it. Distinguishing one type of spiritual energy is already depleting all of my concentration. I really can’t… sense five types of spiritual energy at once.” Let alone taking them into his body. “I can’t distinguish them.”

Can’t distinguish them? Zhu Yao was startled. That can’t be?

“Aren’t the colours of spiritual energy different?” Little tyrant couldn’t be colour blind, right?

“Colours?” He was startled. “What colours?”

“The colours of spiritual energy!” Zhu Yao grasped the air, and pointed at the center of her palm. “Look carefully, this green one here is wood spiritual energy, the golden one here is metal spiritual energy. Water spiritual energy is blue, the yellow one is earth spiritual energy, and the fire spiritual energy is the same red as Little Eighth’s feathers. And then this pointiest one that carries a tail and likes to tangle around my fingers is lightning spiritual energy.”

Little Bai opened his eyes wide, his face looked completely blanked.



“I don’t see anything at all.” There was clearly nothing in her hand.


Zhu Yao felt that something was really amiss, very amiss. The spiritual energy in this world was clearly floating everywhere like air. As long as she focused, she would be able to see them. She had thought that this was a necessary basic skill that everyone should have in order to take in spiritual energy into their bodies. She had believed that even as Essence disciple would be able to see them.

However, little tyrant was telling her that he didn’t know what colours spiritual energy had. He had even never heard that spiritual energy had colours.

Could it be that the various colours of spiritual energy that was fluttering in the air, were something only she could see!?

This wasn’t logical!

Thus, she spoke of this problem to the cultivation professional – her master.

The answer she received was actually the same as little tyrant’s, her master was not aware that spiritual energy had their own respective colours either.

“But master, when you taught me how to take in spiritual energy into my body, you spoke of sensing spiritual energy. Didn’t you mean seeing the colours of spiritual energy?”

Yu Yan nodded. “Do you still remember how I guided lightning spiritual energy into your body and circulate them in a single revolution around your body?”

“I remember.”

“My goal back then was in order to have you familiarize yourself with the aura of lightning spiritual energy, so you could guide the same spiritual energy into your body.” He explained. “What is meant by sensing spiritual energy, is but a type of senses. I have never heard of spiritual energy possessing their own shapes and colours as well.”

Then what was she seeing? A colour palette?

“Master, don’t move!” Zhu Yao stuffed her head towards his chest, circled around his neck, and then lowered his forehead to touch hers. Then, she used her divine sense to look into his body, only to see a bunch of white gaseous bodies.

Gah, she had forgotten that her master was a High Deity. His body naturally would not have spiritual energy, but divine energy.

Just as she was about to turn around and look for little tyrant, Yu Yan had understood her intentions and pulled her back in. With a twist of his palm, various coloured spiritual energy instantly gathered on his palm. “If you are thinking of checking if the spiritual energy in others’ bodies have colours, here.” You can touch your master’s forehead, but not others’.

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