[Disciple] Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: Picking Up Beasts Everyday

Zhu Yao felt that the forest was a little strange recently, as there would always be demonic beasts wandering nearby. Little Eighth should have already instructed the beasties not to approach this place casually, and ordinarily, with the absolute suppression of the God race’s bloodline, the demonic beasts should not actually be approaching as told. Not to mention, there’s a tenth rank toad watching over the entrance!

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and ended up deciding to take a look. Something might have happened, after all? Little tyrant was presently at an important point of his isolation training, and she did not want her education plan to be interrupted by anyone. Thus, she instantly walked out of the sea of flowers. The moment she stepped out, the scenery behind her immediately turned into a lake.

The forest was bustling with activities. After taking a closer look, she realized that a large number of demonic beasts had actually gathered, squeezing about, and they all had high ranks as well. Most likely, because they had intentionally suppressed their voices, she could not clearly hear what they were roaring about. The toad was presently blocking the crowd of demonic beasts with its huge figure, roaring something.  

“What happened?” Zhu Yao asked.

The crowd of demonic beasts instantly quietened down. Dozens of large sparkling eyes swept towards her.

Even someone like Zhu Yao was frightened by the stares.


Their eyes were filled with excitement and agitation, and a while later, they were dyed with fluster. The crowd of demonic beasts began to cause an uproar. One beast after another, be they big or small, as though they were frightened by something, began to flee in all directions.

They ran in an especially anxious manner. Some stepped on claws, some fell, and some had even crashed into large trees. A series of cries and wails resounded, and clouds of dust and sand flew about in the forest. When she regained her senses, not one beast remained in front of her.

Was she that terrifying?

“Guruguru.” Suddenly, something furry came rolling over, bumping onto her feet. When she looked down, she saw a little beastie that looked like a mix of a fox, cat, and rabbit. It had the size of a little puppy, and its fur colour was not really uniform either. It was clear that it was a young beast at first glance.

“Which one of you left your child here, hey?”

The forest, was dead silent…

“…” They could even forsake their own child. Just how afraid were they?

Zhu Yao sighed. Bending down, she picked the little demonic beast up. It was presently staring at her curiously with its pair of large, black and shiny eyes.

“Meow~” It tilted its little head, exuding incredible beastly innocence. “Meow~ Stroke… fur…”

She suddenly recalled the fat cat that she treated like it was her first love, even though it abused her over a thousand times back in her office in the modern era. In an instant, she was caught by its cuteness. She placed it on the ground, and then patted its head. After careful inspection, she realized that there were some bruises on its hind legs. Most likely, it tripped over during the rush of demonic beasts earlier. With a flip of her hand, she instantly cast a healing art on it.

She then lightly patted on its furry little head again, and then pointed at the forest. “Go home now, little fellow. Don’t come out here so casually anymore. The world of adults is very dangerous, alright?”

“Meow~” It approached her hand, and its little head leaned against her palm. “Stroke again… Fur…”


Zhu Yao happily stroked its little head again. Haah, her World Favourable Impression sure was a timeless treasure! It seemed like there was no need for her to worry about beasties at all. Thus, with her mind at ease, she returned to the sea of flowers.

Fifteen minutes later.

Under large trees, inside the bushes, and behind the boulders, one beast head after another slowly popped out, their eyes shining bright.

“Lord’s elder sister sure is kind. I like her.”

“I like her too, I really want her to stroke my fur.”

“Me too…”

“You don’t have any fur in the first place!”



“Then I want her to pat my head.”

“I want her to smile at me.”

“I want to bear monkeys for her.”


Zhu Yao, who unintentionally raised her favourable impression once again, had no idea about this at all. However, in the sea of flowers on the second day, she picked up a ninth rank beastie whose leg was injured, and it was presently looking straight at her with large, sparkling eyes.

“Lord’s elder sister, beastie’s paws hurt…”

The hell was ‘lord’s elder sister’?

Zhu Yao sighed. Seeing that it was a die-hard fan of her little brother, she decided to help heal its injuries. Then, she let it leave.

On the third day.

She spotted another demonic beast at the exact same spot.

“Lord’s elder sister, I’m hurt as well…”


Were they treating her as a hospital?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Seeing that it seemed to have worse injuries, she decided to heal it as well.

On the fourth day.

Same place. Another beast.

“Lord’s elder sister, hurry and look at my paw…”

On the fifth day.

Another beast.

“Lord’s elder sister, both of my paws hurt…”

Sixth day.

Yet another beast.

“Lord’s elder sister, my three paws…”

Eighth day.

Again, beast.

“Lord’s elder sister, my six…”

On the ninth day.

Zhu Yao cancelled her strolling activity.

A certain eight-legged demonic beast was waiting at the patch of flowers. Heheh. Which paw will lord’s elder sister heal first? So excited, what to do?

Zhu Yao felt that the cultivation method of differentiating spiritual energy through colours was possible, after all, she was a living example. However, as a Game Master, her body possessed too many cheats, unlike a regular player. Though the theory was sound, she was still worried that it could not be put into actual practice.

This worry worsened as little tyrant’s closed-door training continued. In a blink of an eye, little tyrant had been in closed-door training for almost a year. However, she was still unable to sense any abnormal activities within the room. Little tyrant’s cultivation, though, had risen to the fourth level of Essence, but this also meant that he most likely had yet to discover the method.

Zhu Yao felt like giving up, when suddenly, she sensed abnormal movements from the surrounding spiritual energy. However, it did not come from little tyrant’s direction, but from her own cottage!

She immediately sprinted in, only to see her own master leisurely standing within a pile of spiritual energy of all five types. His surroundings were glowing with colourful lights, looking especially eye-catching.


Yu Yan waved his hand at Zhu Yao, and then swept a glance at the surrounding bunch of spiritual energy. “Yu… Yao. You’re right, the spiritual energy of this world is indeed differentiated by colours.”

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. “Master, you can see them now too?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded. “I had a sudden thought of verifying it, so I meditated for a short while. Then, I could see them.”

“That’s great!” She stepped forward to hug him out of excitement. “Since master can see it as well, it proves that it’s possible to directly take in five types of spiritual energy at the same time. People who possess the penta spirit veins can cultivate as fast a those who possess the heavenly spirit vein, and their cultivation will immediately…”

Eh, wait a minute!

The person with penta spirit veins is little tyrant, and the one who should raise his level of cultivation is little tyrant as well, then…

What’s the use if her master could see it!? -faints-


Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. If master can see it, it means that little tyrant can do it as well. Recalling the events then, she spent a whole five years before being able to do so!

“Master, how long did it take you to see them?”

A certain master pondered deeply for a moment. “Four hours.”

“…” Shot in the chest!



“Tell me honestly, you have cheats activated as well, right?”



Her master was able to see spiritual energy. Looking at it from a broad perspective, it was good news. It meant that the spiritual energy in this world indeed possessed colours. Furthermore, by differentiating them through their colours, it was the fastest and most convenient method to take in spiritual energy. Zhu Yao listened to her master’s experience, and then recalled her own. Then, she once again imparted these knowledge to little tyrant, as descriptively, as seriously and as thoroughly as possible. She completely reformed her teaching policy.

Since the structure was already given to him, all she could do now was wait, and see if he could apply these knowledge.

“Little tyrant, don’t be anxious, work on it slowly. Seeing spiritual energy is a very complicated matter, and you’re still young. Spending seven to eight years is understandable.” After all, I myself spent five years.

“Mn. Grandma, I will work hard.” Little tyrant obediently nodded, and continued his closed-door training.

Three years later…

“Grandma, grandma! I see them, I see many spots of light!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

One used four hours, while another spent three years. Zhu Yao of the Five Years Party suddenly felt that she had retained in the same school year twice in a row! Why did she feel so irritated?

“Grandma, what should I do next?”


Geniuses like you two should leave, don’t speak to a retainee like me.

She had to admit that little tyrant was a gifted child. After truly being capable of sensing spiritual energy, his cultivation rose like a speeding rocket. Adding that he had once attained the Paragon level, he was extremely familiar with the arts at the Essence stage. After cultivating once more, there was not even a need for his meridians to expand again. In just a short one year, he returned to the cultivation level of Essence Paragon.

Zhu Yao decided to have him establish his Foundation right away.

“Little tyrant, whenever and wherever you fall, you have to lay… ah pui, you have to climb back up right there and then. Establishing Foundation isn’t terrifying, rather, the most difficult part is overcoming your fearful heart. Humans should spend more of their time looking at the future, and not dwelling within the mistakes made in the past. Remember what you’re trying to achieve at the very end.”

Little tyrant was silent for a short while, and then he nodded his head. The worry in his eyes instantly scattered away. He failed once before, causing a knot to form in his heart. Without untying this know, he would most likely be stuck here for his entire lifetime.

He spent a full five days before he walked out of the cottage. Though he looked entirely fatigued, and that there were even traces of his meridians being damaged, he did not disappoint her and was able to successfully establish his Foundation.

“Grandma.” His eyes clearly carried dazzling lights that were never there before. Only today, ever since he turned even a penta spirit veins holder, did that strand of gloom hidden at the depths of his eyes finally disappear for good.

“Not bad! As expected of someone I taught.” Zhu Yao stroked his head as she praised. In four years, he had already turned from a childish looking youth into a tall and sturdy young man with a manly demeanour. Now, whenever she wanted to pat on his head, she even had to tiptoe.

Little tyrant scratched his head out of embarrassment. On his slightly resolute face, he revealed a simple and honest smile. “Grandma, do I still have to continue my closed-door training and raise my cultivation?”

“There’s no need to rush!” Zhu Yao shook her head. She had him establish his Foundation quickly because his mental state had already reached that level in the first place. If he were to cultivate blindly forward, and if his mental state could not keep up, it wouldn’t be good either. After all, working behind closed doors was not something good. “It’s time to put things into practice now.”


Zhu Yao signalled him to follow her, and then brought him to that “demonic beast collection point”. As expected, there was already a seventh rank beastie waiting there with its limbs injured due to some unknown reason. The beast looked like an ape, but it had six limbs. Pinching onto one flower with one paw, it was presently plucking out one petal at a time, and it was even murmuring softly.

As it pulled one petal out, it spoke.

“Lord’s elder sister will come…”

Pulling out another one, it then said.


“Lord’s elder sister will not come…”


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  1. Ha lol she has a “collect of beasties point”. Now no one has to ever worry about going out and finding high-level beasties.

  2. The beast looked like an ape, but it had six limbs. Pinching onto one flower with one paw, it was presently plucking out one petal at a time, and it was even murmuring softly.

    As it pulled one petal out, it spoke.
    “Lord’s elder sister will come…”

    Pulling out another one, it then said.
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