[Disciple] Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: Towards Wandering City

Question. What was the best method to raise one’s skills? Answer: Practical experience!

The training method which Zhu Yao had taught of, was through actual battles. When she recalled the time she was training her sword techniques, she refined her skills through the daily abuse of her master, where even her face would swell and her nose would turn green. Now, it was little tyrant’s turn. Naturally, it would only be fair if she were to beat him up till he had a greener nose and a more swollen face than her.

Then, she invited a bunch of thugs… ah pui, partners. Just who was more suitable as sparring partners than demonic beasts which had lived in the forest since they were young, and had lived their lives just for battles? After she had treated the injuries of quite a bit beasties, so she should receive some visiting fees, right? Though, a large part of their injuries came from themselves trying to cripple… themselves.

With helpers, Zhu Yao officially turned into a spectator. Every morning, she would head over to the “demonic beast collection point” and heal a beastie. Then, she would task them to be a sparring partner for little tyrant. After completing it, she would reward them by stroking their fur, before bringing the lifeless little tyrant back home.

Thus this continued on and on…

Three months later, she was rewarded with an undying little tyrant, and  a crowd of loyal beastie fans.

“Grandma…” A certain youth who had already been cruelly treated by the beasties, felt like crying.


“Do I really have to defeat this beastie?”



“Of course!”

“Can’t we change it with another one?”

“This is to train you, young man!”

“But, this… is a third rank Weeping Spirit Beast.”

“Don’t underestimate your enemy, young man!”

“…” This was not a problem of underestimating it, this spirit beast did not have any offensive abilities at all, alright?

“Don’t hesitate, defeat this monster! Go, all in order to save Earth! Ultraman!”

The hell is an Ultraman? Little tyrant had no choice but to take two steps forward, and then, threw a punch straight at the furball that was looking at him with watery eyes. His fist, instantly sunk into the furball.

A moment later…

“Wuaahhh…” An earth-shaking cry resounded through the skies.

This Weeping Spirit Beast was indeed a spirit beast with no offensive capabilities, it’s only unique trait was… it was great at crying! Known as the proudest demonic beast in history, it would cry if it was cold, would cry if it was hot, and would cry if it was in pain. Just offending it a little would make it cry in front of you!

Furthermore, its cry was certainly the sound of a devil to one’s ears, with its reverberations being capable of lingering for three days, no matter how cute or how frail it looked. Furthermore, it had a pure personality. Just by being slightly nice to it, it would cheekily follow after you. However, it was a beastie that neither practitioners nor demonic beasts would dare to offend the most. Without a single exception.

If other demonic beasts were hard to handle, there would still be methods to deal with them. However, the moment a Weeping Spirit Beast were to cry, its tears of sorrow would definitely be capable of reversing the flow of a river. It would not stop till it was satisfied. Yet, it just had to possess defensive capabilities that other beasties could never have, resistant to all type of attacks.

The Weeping Spirit Beast’s ultrasonic wave attack was still persisting…

Shaking the two surrounding audience.

“Grandma…” What happened to the promise of beating demonic beasts?

“Uh…” It seemed like she had gone too far this time. “Ahem… Little tyrant, I say!” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. Mustering a stern and heavy tone, she said. “You must understand that there always many accidents in one’s lifetime. You must learn to be firm and strong. Just treat this as a test. I shall leave this Weeping Spirit Beast in your hands. Gambatte!” It was definitely not because she wanted to experience the cries of a Weeping Spirit Beast due to her utter boredom, it definitely wasn’t!

After saying that, she ran out with dust clouds trailing behind her. Mn, she went back to place down noise cancellation formations.

Little tyrant: “…” He was fooled, right!? He definitely was.

Turning his head back, he glanced at the furball which had already turned red from the crying.

“Don’t cry, okay?”


“I was wrong, alright?”


“I won’t hit you anymore.”



The Weeping Spirit Beast’s cry lasted for an entire day and night. When Zhu Yao went to check up on little tyrant again, he was already hugging onto white furball. With a face that looked like he wanted to cry to death, he was waiting at the courtyard for her.

“Eh? Little tyrant. Is this the spirit beast that you just took in? You have great taste!”


A certain youth who sold his body to stop the wails of a beast: “…” Can I overthrow my master?

A year later.

Through the cruel acts… ah pui. Through the enthusiastic spars of the crowd of demonic beasts, little tyrant’s actual combat capabilities had improved leaps and bounds. He was already capable of dealing with a fifth rank demonic beast. Though he might not be able to beat one, at the very least, protecting himself from one was no problem at all. Back then, she was once thoroughly abused by a fifth rank fox demon when she was already a Foundation Paragon practitioner, which directly resulted to her first disconnection.

It could be seen that little tyrant’s comprehension abilities and IQ were really high, far surpassing hers. When she thought about it, she really felt a little… envious!

Haah, the radiance of a genius was definitely far out of her reach.

In order to calm her heart… ah pui. In order to ensure the peace of the world, Zhu Yao decided to begin her role model raising project.

“Going to Wandering City?” Little tyrant was startled. Keeping the sword in his hand, he said with a puzzled look. “Why?”

“Little tyrant, I say!” Zhu Yao began to lead him on. “You have already cultivated for so long, it’s about time to check on your results. It all boils down to this, in order to see if you’re able to apply what you have learnt.”

The corner of little tyrant’s lips twitched, his face was cold. “Grandma, are you certain it’s not because you want to head out and play?”

“Uh… Little tyrant, how can you say that about your grandma? Do I look like someone that playful?”


“…” She was actually unable to refute it. As expected, the older a child was, the less cute he would become. “Nonsense, grandma is doing this for you.”

“Yesterday, you were even talking about trying out the spirit fruit which Wandering City is known for.”

“Uh…” Why did you remember something like that so clearly? Where did that obedient and cute little tyrant go? Why did every single disciple she raise end up having such cold faces?

“Haah!” Little tyrant let out a long sigh, and with a helpless look, he said. “Forget it, let’s go then. Let me make some preparations…”

“What’s there to prepare?” Zhu Yao asked on reflex.

Little tyrant stopped, and then he looked at her with a ‘when will she ever learn’ face. “Grandma… Do you know where Wandering City is? Do you know how many spirit stones it costs to stay a night there?  Do you know much a kilogram of spirit fruits costs?”

“Uh…” She was stabbed in the chest.

“Haah… Let me prepare.” Little tyrant turned around and left with a sad look.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Why did she feel like the disciple she raised was looking down on her? It was as if her forehead was plastered with the word “Useless”!

Her position as a parent was in danger of crumbling, what to do? Emergency, I’m waiting online for an answer!

Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment. In the end, she found the answer. Mn, it was definitely because her master did not teach her well.

She then silently turned to look at the white-clothed figure next to her with a resentful look.

Receiving the resentful lightwaves, light swirled within a certain master’s eyes, and then, he lowered his head. Smooch! He sealed his disciple’s lips.

Alright! Her master taught her really well!

In the morning of the second day, without knowing where and how little tyrant managed to gather a pouch of spirit stones, he prepared all the required items needed for the trip and then informed her that they could depart.

The few people gathered at Zhu Yao’s courtyard, and little tyrant’s furball spirit beast was responsible for the headcount.

It first leapt in front of Zhu Yao and obediently called out. “Meow~”


“Good boy!” Zhu Yao stroked its head.

It then leapt in front of Little Eighth, and called out. “Looord…”

“Ou.” Little Eighth who had successfully grown out all his feathers and finally had the look of a bird, responded in a proud manner.

It then leapt in front of her master. “…” It did not dare to let out a sound.

Finally, it leapt back to its own master’s side, and looked away. “Tch~”

Little tyrant: “…”

Was this really his spirit beast? What happened to the promised contract between master and servant?

The lot of them then flew in the southern direction. After flying for an entire day, they managed to arrive at Wandering City.

Wandering City was where most wandering practitioners were gathered at, and it was also the biggest city for them. It was bustling with activities. There were rumours that the city lord was a Demigod Sovereign, and he was the only person among wandering practitioners who had managed to become a Demigod. Though his lifespan was approaching its limit, it was still because of him living here that no one dared to easily offend Wandering City. A long while after that, this city became the largest gathering site for wandering practitioners.

Over here, birthright was of no importance, only strength and abilities mattered. Wandering practitioners and regular sect disciples did not discriminate against each other. Let alone heretic practitioners, even the various clans and sects were unable to exert their influence here.

However, the reason why Wandering City was famous was not just because of this. This city was the only place where the “Scentless Fruit” could bear fruit. It was said that this fruit was formed by chaotic spiritual energy. No matter what spirit veins one possessed, after eating it, the fruit would turn into the person’s corresponding spiritual energy. Compared to spirit fruits of other types, this fruit could be eaten by anyone of all ages. Though the spiritual energy improvement it provided was not large, it was still a rare fruit that many practitioners would fight over for.

It was unfortunate that the Scentless Fruit Tree could only grow within Wandering City. Even if one tried to forcefully move it, the fruit tree was unable to survive outside the city. Thus, this fruit became the specialty of this place.

Of course, the reason why Zhu Yao was here in Wandering City was for this fru… Ah pui, it was of course not because of this fruit.

A mere fruit was naturally unable to allow this city hold the title of number one city for wandering practitioners. What practitioners are truly excited about, was the Great Wandering Practitioners’ Tournament held here once every ten years.

That’s right. The various sects had their sect tournaments, while wandering practitioners had their own tournaments as well.

Similarly, they were split into three groups – Essence, Foundation, and Azoth. The difference was that the Great Wandering Practitioners’ Tournament was a sports competition completely, and purely for the common masses. Though the scale was not as huge as the Great Inter-Sect Tournament, it was still very popular among many wandering practitioners.

Zhu Yao felt that compared to idols that experience regular growth paths in clans and sects, these heroes of the common people were much more able to engrave themselves in people’s hearts.

“Little tyrant, good luck! Don’t be careless, become the champion of the Foundation group!” Zhu Yao patted on Little Bai’s shoulders. “The champion’s prize awaits you!”

Little tyrant’s face darkened. “Grandma… You’re not just thinking about obtaining that ‘Scentless Fruit’, right?”

“Hohoho…” Zhu Yao rubbed his head. “How can you think of your grandma that way? It’s a very important event. Something like the ‘Scentless Fruit’ or whatever… it’s not like I really want it that bad!” Geez~!

“…” She clearly wanted it really bad.

“Go, Pikachu! You must become the champion, alright?”

“…” What’s a Pikachu?

Little tyrant let out a long sigh. Forget it, he indeed needed to test out his abilities, after all. He handed over Little Eighth and the furball, who had gotten used to lying on his shoulders, to his grandma. Then, with a light push from his feet, he flew into the participants’ venue.

Because there were simply too many wandering practitioners, and that this was also the most authoritative tournament among wandering practitioners, the degree of enthusiasm people had was no less than the olympic games. This was why the preliminaries of the tournament were very easy, and no registration was needed either. The participants simply had to head over to the corresponding competition stage. The way to advance? A battle royale!

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