[Disciple] Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: Hua Lin Sent a Friend Verification Notification

The so-called Great Inter-Sect Tournament was actually a convention for the various clans and sects to display their strength. The ones who took the top three positions for each category were usually talented disciples from the first grade sects, and in these hundreds and thousands of years, disciples of Ness Cesary Sect always had the most abled people that could take the top spots. In every tournament, there would always be one or two incredible individuals making their names known.

However in the recent years, because of matters concerning Skybond Peak, many sects were dissatisfied with Ness Cesary Sect. Though Ness Cesary Sect now had five more Nascent Soul practitioners and their overall power had risen, this situation had even more so deepened the people’s desires to obtain Skybond Peak. There would always be people wanting to snatch away the treasures within, be it openly or secretly.

As the Sect Master, Qu Jiang was piled with worries that could seriously shatter his heart. Just a few days before the Great Inter-Sect Tournament, he had even sensed the presences of heretic practitioners. Furthermore, he had no idea how they managed to sneak in, and all the formations protecting Skybond Peak had even lost their effects. Though the formations now were personally constructed by their Demigod Sovereigns, and their effects were naturally stronger than before, there would always be possibilities of leaks. Compared to constantly mending and patching the formations, he would have rather not be able to enter it like before!

Not to mention ,this Great Inter-Sect Tournament might looked the same on the surface, anyone would be able to figure out that the goal of the various sects was basically not the tournament itself, but Skybond Peak. He had no choice but to put forth hundred and twenty percent concentration to deal with the tournament while staying vigilant, afraid that a leak somewhere would cost them Skybond Peak.

Compared to these worrisome days, he would rather have the days when senior-martial aunt Zhu was still here!

Qu Jiang sighed deeply. He wondered just how his little martial aunt was doing now.

Eh? Was he hallucinating? Why was he seeing his little martial aunt flying over here?

Aaaaaaah! It really is her!

“Sovereign Hua Lin of Wandering City arrives!” A resounding announcement sounded, stunning the crowd on the grandstand.

In the sky that was clear of clouds for thousands of miles, space suddenly distorted, and an enormous spiritual ship instantly appeared before everyone’s eyes. The ship was jade green, and glossy lights were faintly flowing around its surface. It was enveloped by auspicious clouds, and abundant spiritual energy filled its surroundings. It was actually a tenth rank mystic artifact. Standing atop the deck of the ship was two people, one old and one young. The man had the cultivation level of Demigod, while the woman had the cultivation level of a Azoth Core Paragon.

For a moment, the entire crowd was stunned still by this overbearing entrance. Even the disciples who were fighting on the ring all looked up towards that spiritual ship one after another.

Hua Lin desperately maintained his might as a Demigod, but in actual fact, his heart was already blooming with flowers of happiness, and he could not wait to transmit his voice towards Zhu Yao. “Daoist, fellow daoist! What happened just now? How did we arrive at Ness Cesary Sect in a blink of an eye, the moment we entered the ship? This speed is too incredible.”

Zhu Yao glanced at him. “Mystic ability.”

Hua Lin’s eyes shone even brighter, as though light itself could shoot out at any moment. “Mystic ability! You’re talking about the special skills which all extreme grade artifacts above the seventh rank are born with? Then the mystic ability of this celestial ship is…”

“Void Break.” The ability to slice through the void and immediately arrive at one’s destination. Just that it required a considerably long casting time, and it even had a twenty-four hours cooldown as well. It could only be used once a day.

Hua Lin could not help but hold his breath. It was actually Void Break! It was a skill which only Demigod practitioners could use. This mystic artifact was actually able to use it! What to do? I really want to jump in excitement for a bit!

“Qu Jiang of Ness Cesary Sect, welcomes Sovereign Hua Lin.” Qu Jiang stood at the spectator stand not far away from them and greeted loudly.

Only then did Hua Lin finally suppress the thoughts of jumping with joy. Mn. I’m an esteemed and mighty Demigod Sovereign. I can jump in excitement when we get back.

He controlled the spiritual ship and left it above the grandstand. Then, he shrank it into size of his palm, before leading his group of disciples towards Qu Jiang who came forward to welcome them.

Qu Jiang first bowed in front of Hua Lin. “May I ask for what purpose has Sovereign made his visit here for?”

Hua Lin stroked his beard, and said with a smile. “Today is the day of the Great Inter-Sect Tournament. This Sovereign has naturally brought disciples to participate.”

“Wandering practitioners wish to participate in the tournament!?” Qu Jiang was startled.

“What? We can’t?” Hua Lin frowned.

“Of course not!” Qu Jiang immediately recovered. “The Great Inter-Sect Tournament is but a means for the various sects to interact and learn from each other. If Sovereign has this interest, then Ness Cesary Sect will naturally welcome your participation. Are these the disciples who will be participating this time?” He turned to glance at the few dozen of people behind Hua Lin, and his line of sight stopped at Zhu Yao.

“Little… Daoist Zhu, long time no see.” He quickly change his way of addressing her at the end. “Are you here to participate in the tournament as well?”

“Nope.” Zhu Yao shook her head. “I’m purely here as a spectator. The one truly participating is little tyrant.”

“Zhiyuan?” Qu Jiang then looked at little tyrant behind her, and his eyes instantly shone. A hint of excitement could be seen within his eyes. “You… Y-You established your Foundation!”

“Sect Master.” Little tyrant bowed in front of him.

“Great, great, great!” Qu Jiang sized little tyrant happily. His face was filled with joy. He never expected that little tyrant would still establish his Foundation successfully, and he had even risen to the intermediate stages as well. He could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Qu Jiang instructed the disciples of his sect to arrange the wandering practitioners’ participants into the tournament, before leading Hua Lin and Zhu Yao onto the grandstand, onto the spectator stand where leader-level people are situated at.

Zhu Yao’s appearance had made the entire place fall into a strange awkward atmosphere. A few Elders of Ness Cesary Sect especially, had incredibly darkened expressions. Most likely, other than Qu Jiang, there really wasn’t anyone else who wished to see this former senior-martial aunt whom they had for only five years once more.

Though the other sects have heard rumours of her departure from Ness Cesary Sect in these five years, Ness Cesary Sect did not openly acknowledge these claims, so the other sects could do nothing about it either. Furthermore, when she formed her Azoth Core back then, Ness Cesary Sect had especially hosted an introduction ceremony. A large portion of the Nascent Soul practitioners all recognized her.

Now that she had openly made her way to the tournament with Hua Lin, this paper wall had finally been completely torn apart. The various sects were not saying anything on the surface, but their hearts could not help but scorn of Ness Cesary Sect’s action of killing the donkey the moment it left the millstone.

Even Sovereign Wu Fu’s face sank as well.

Hua Lin did not care about such details though. Along the way here, Zhu Yao had already informed him of these broken matters she had with Ness Cesary Sect. To Hua Lin, Ness Cesary Sect throwing away a late-stage Demigod, and he picking her up after that, was not just a bad thing, but a heavenly good fortune. He could not even wait to thank the eighteen generations of ancestors of Ness Cesary Sect. Thus, he openly brought her towards the highest seats, where the highest level of personnels were made to sit. There were already five Sovereigns sitting there.

Hua Lin sat right at the chair that was just added in, and unconsciously glanced at Zhu Yao.

Eh, this isn’t right. If there’s only one chair, what about my good friend?

Seemingly in the next second, he stood right up again.

Should I let her sit? But my good friend is presently concealing her cultivation level, wouldn’t I be exposing her?

He had no choice but to sit back down again.

But, my good friend has already helped me so much. If I sit down here alone, while she remains standing, it still hits on my conscience a little.
Thus, he stood up again…

But, my good friend already mentioned that her cultivation level was a secret.

So he sat down again…

This continued on for seven to eight times.

The row of Demigods… were all looking at this lunatic.

Zhu Yao finally could not hold it in any longer, and sent him a voice transmission. “Are you constipated or something?”

Hua Lin stopped, maintaining his half sitting posture. With a complicated look, he replied. “My good friend… why don’t you… sit on my lap?”

“Scram!” You old pervert, are you trying to take advantage of me?

“But if I let you stand, my heart won’t feel at ease! Why don’t you…”

“Shut up!”


He finally settled down and obediently sat on the chair, looking all awkward.

“Junior-martial sister Zhu, long time no see. I never expected that you would go under Sovereign Hua Lin’s tutelage so quickly.” Sovereign Wu Fu suddenly spoke up, as he looked at Zhu Yao with a kind face. However, the meaning behind his words was not as kind. He was clearly saying that she had betrayed her sect.

“Sovereign Wu Fu, not only have you grown older, have your eyesight worsened as well?” Before Zhu Yao could even speak up, Hua Lin rushed in head-on. He glared at Wu Fu, and then said with a cold smile. “Who told you that Daoist Yu is a disciple under my tutelage?”

Wu Fu was startled. “Is she not?” Then why did you parade her around?

“Of course not.” Hua Lin said with a proud look. “Daoist Yu has an extraordinary aptitude, and is furthermore a genius in the arts of beast taming. This Hua can’t even compare, and to be able to friends with her, is already a blessing worth three of my lifetimes.”

Wu Fu however did not take his words seriously, and had thought that he was merely speaking that way to protect her. “Why didn’t I know she’s capable of taming beasts as well?”

“I found it strange as well. Ness Cesary Sect had actually lost such a dazzling pearl.” Hua Lin looked at him mockingly, and said that he was blind right in his face.

Wu Fu’s expression stiffened, and he had no choice but to quell the fury in the depths of his heart. He turned back and continued to spectate the tournament, snorting coldly. “I sure wish to see just how bright this dazzling pearl of Wandering City can be.” Though, he was still a little cautious of Hua Lin. However, this Great Inter-Sect Tournament pitted disciples with cultivation below Nascent Soul against each other. Mere wandering practitioners with trash spirit veins actually dared to participate as well. They truly did not understand the difference between heaven and earth.

The other practitioners seated actually had the same thoughts as well, and had thought that Hua Lin was merely here to flaunt his might. Some even thought that he might be here for Skybond Peak. However, those disciples had nothing to be feared of.

However, just a few hours later, these proud, arrogant and famed sects finally felt the taste of being smacked right in the face.

The Essence category was the very first to end its battles. The one who won at the end, was not a disciple belonging to any clan or sect, but a quad spirit veins disciple at the level of Essence Paragon who was brought over by Hua Lin.

If this was just a fortunate victory, then the battles in the next Foundation category had stunned them even further. Among the two finalists, one was an earth heavenly spirit vein disciple with the late-stage Foundation cultivation level, but he was beaten into a pulp by a disciple with penta spirit veins. That earth wall which said to boast the strongest defense, was sliced like tofu by his opponent’s spiritual sword. No matter was it speed, mystic arts, or strength, he was basically unable to gain even the slightest bit of advantage. Furthermore, his opponent’s cultivation was a level lower than his, a mere intermediate-stage Foundation disciple.

“It sure is rare to see a disciple with such a robust figure. Could he possibly be a physical-type practitioner?”

“However he is especially proficient in mystic arts as well, so he can’t be a physical-type practitioner.”

“To think there’s actually a talented individual in both the physical and mystical arts. Though he possesses the penta spirit veins, he can still be considered as a genius.”

“To actually have such a helper, it’s no wonder they would dare come to the Great Inter-Sect Tournament. I wonder who this person is? Does he has a master?”

The people of the various clans and sects began to look at this penta spirit veins disciple with shining eyes. All of them had stunned looks, and had long forgotten that they were being slapped in their faces.

The people of Ness Cesary Sect were the only ones who had darkened expressions. Because the genius everyone was talking about, was exactly the disciple they personally chased out five years ago.

This was especially so for Qu Ying, who had an especially tough stance back then. The sound of a face-slap was ringing especially loudly in his ears.


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