[Disciple] Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Can the Gift be Converted to Cash?

The entire place was in a sullen mood. Forget about Ness Cesary Sect which hosted the tournament, the faces of the people from other clans and sects did not look all that good either.

Among the top three of each of the Essence and Foundation categories, other than the champions being wandering practitioners, the runner-up of the Foundation category was also a wandering practitioner brought here by Hua Lin as well. There were only a total of six people, and Wandering City actually occupied half of the positions.

When did wandering practitioners become so incredible? Why weren’t they aware of it?

In an instant, everyone could not help but worry about the Azoth Core category as well. It couldn’t be that wandering practitioners would win it as well, right?

“Grandma.” A voice transmission suddenly sounded in Zhu Yao’s ears. She looked around, and her eyes landed on a tall youth in the outer ring who was nodding at her. “Grandma, it really is you. You’re finally back.”

“Student Little Cang?”

“Mn.” He hurriedly nodded. “It’s been five years. I thought that I would no longer be able to see grandma.”

“…” Why did she feel like he was cursing her to die?

Zhu Yao sized him up for a moment. So this is the male protagonist all grown up. He sure has grown taller, and his looks have changed as well. If not for the word ‘bug’ on his face, she really wouldn’t have been able to recognize him. In the past, he had a face with common features, like a random passerby. Now that he had grown… He still looked like a passerby. It was too hard to discern him from anyone else.

“Not bad, student Little Cang. You managed to form your Azoth Core so quickly, rather incredible.”

“It’s already been five years…” He smiled, replying. Earlier, I saw Brother Bai’s battles. I heard that… I never expected in just five years, he managed to once again reach the Foundation level. He’s the one that should be called incredible.”

“Mn, he’s rather incredible alright.” She acknowledged this point. After pondering for a moment, she added. “The main point is that I taught him well.”

“…” Is it alright to praise herself like that? “Grandma, you’re still the same as ever.”

“That’s right, I’m still so youthful and beautiful.”

“…” That’s not what he meant, hey. “Grandma, it will be my match up next.”

“Ou, break a leg!”

Ye Qingcang smiled. With a joyful mood, he nodded towards her and turned to step onto the ring.

Suddenly, at the very center of the ring, the light of a formation flashed. A disciple whose body was covered entirely in blood suddenly fell from the sky.

With a thud, he slammed onto the ground, stunning the entire crowd.

“Sect… Sect Master…” That person only had a single breath left, yet he still struggled to reach out his bloodsoaked hand, looking towards a man standing on the right side of the grandstand.

“Kan Yong!” That man suddenly stood up, recognizing the disciple on the ring. No longer in the mood to care about the tournament, he flew down to lift the disciple up. The expressions of the crowd changed as well, as they headed down onto the ring one after another.

“What happened? Why are you injured so badly?” Office Shell Sect’s Sect Master Gu frowned, and asked in a sullen voice.

“Sect Master, return… return to the sect.” He held onto the Sect Master Gu’s sleeves, and said as he spat out blood. “Heretic practitioners… broke the barrier formation. The sect disciples are…”

“Heretic practitioners!” How was that possible? Heretic practitioners actually dared to openly attack a deity sect!

“Return… immediately! There’s a Demigod…” The disciple spat out his final mouthful of blood after he spoke. He had already drawn his last breath.

This time, everyone else, and not just Office Shell Sect Master, was stunned.

“How is that possible?” Qu Ying was the first to express his doubts.

Heretic practitioners had always acted on their own, and there were hardly any instances of them appearing in a group, let alone working together to attack a deity sect. Furthermore, a Demigod practitioner was present among them! When did a Demigod practitioner appear among the heretic practitioners?

Office Shell Sect Master immediately pulled out his sect’s Order Talisman and circulated spiritual energy into it. However, there wasn’t a single reaction from the talisman. He circulated several times more, but the talisman suddenly popped, burning up and turning into ashes.

“This…” His face instantly paled. If he was still doubtful earlier, then presently, he had certainly grown anxious. Order Talismans were necessary equipment for every Sect Master. With the talisman, no matter where one was, he or she would be able to see the situation of the sect. Furthermore, this talisman was usually connected to a Great Mountain Barrier Formation. If it were to lose its effects, it would mean that the formation had already been destroyed.

His expression turned cold. Putting his hands together in front of him, he spoke to the crowd of sect masters. “Fellow sect masters and sovereigns, we deity sects had always been working hand in hand. The heretic practitioners presently are acting brazenly, daring to attack my Office Shell Sect. I hope that, as fellow upright deities, everyone here will aid my sect in escaping this predicament.”

When his words fell, the various Sect Masters that were still harmonious with each other earlier, revealed complicated looks one after another. Clearly, they were unwilling to lend their support. Are you kidding? They were here for Ness Cesary Sect in the first place. They were waiting for the tournament to end, and then seek an opportunity to snatch a portion of Skybond Peak. Wouldn’t their efforts be wasted if they left now?

“Sect Master Gu, the situation is still unclear, and the legitimacy of this piece of news hasn’t been ascertained. You must be act too impulsively.”

“That’s right, Sect Master Gu. If Office Shell Sect is indeed in a crisis, we will naturally lend a helping hand. However, this matter has yet to be made clear of, wouldn’t it be a little inappropriate if we head over now?”

“Presently, the tournament has yet to end. Many disciples from the various sects have worked hard all for this very moment. If we leave now, the disciples will have to wait many more years for the next opportunity.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Everything can be discussed after the tournament.”

Sect Master Gu of Office Shell Sect was trembling with anger. He never expected that the various sects would add insult to his injury. His Order Talisman was already destroyed, yet they actually still dared to say that the situation was unclear. Clearly, they just wanted nothing to do with him.

“Hmph!” Hua Lin however disdainfully snorted. He swept a glance at those Nascent Soul Sect Masters that were filled with unwillingness on their faces, and he unconsciously released his Demigod might. “Didn’t fellow esteemed ones hear from this disciple that there’s a Demigod among the heretic practitioners? They actually dared to attack Office Shell Sect today, and most likely, they might not be too far off from your various sects the next day.”

The expressions of the other Sect Masters changed one after another, and only then did they realize the severity of this issue. This was especially so for those who did not have any Demigod Sovereigns in their sects, looking even more flustered than the rest. He’s right. There’s already a Demigod among the heretic practitioners. They might not dare to force their way into large sects like Ness Cesary Sect, but when it comes to those without a Demigod, wouldn’t they be able to come and go freely?

“Sect Master Gu, if they’re not going, I will go with you.”

“Many thanks, Sovereign Hua Lin!” Office Shell Sect Master’s was instantly filled with gratitude.

Since Hua Lin had spoken up, the other Demigod Sovereigns did not feel appropriate to stand by and watch either, and they had no choice but to express their intentions to head over as well.

With the Demigods taking the lead, the other Sect Masters had no choice but to go too.

Thus, the Great Inter-Sect Tournament was put to a halt. With the Office Shell Sect Master taking the lead, all of the Nascent Soul and Demigod practitioners who lead their parties to the tournament, mightily rushed over to provide aid, while the other disciples went back to their respective homes. Even a large portion of Nascent Soul practitioners had followed the main group as well, leaving only three of them behind to keep watch.


Zhu Yao felt that little tyrant had done well in making his existence known. He had successfully garnered fans from the various sects and clans. It was about time to go home and raise his skills. Once he were to look a little better, she would then slip out again… Uhh, bring him out to garner more fans, she meant.

“Little tyrant.” When Zhu Yao found little tyrant, he was being surrounded by a circle of fans.


Zhu Yao curiously looked at the crowd of fans behind him. “These are?”

“They are all my former senior-martial brothers and sisters.” He honestly replied.

“Ou.” So they’re not fans, huh.

“Grandma, are we returning now?”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao pointed at the little bird on her shoulder, who seemed like he was slowly pecking on rice grains. “Little Eighth is already asleep.”

The two of them rose into the air. Just as they were about to fly out of Ness Cesary Sect’s mountain gate, Ye Qingcang came chasing after them.

“Grandma, brother Bai, are you two going to leave already?” A hint of unwillingness flashed across his face.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded.

Little tyrant spoke up as well. “We will meet again if fate allows it!”

Ye Qingcang pondered for a moment. Then, he took out a bottle and passed it to little tyrant. “Brother Bai, this is an Azoth Formation Pellet I refined. However, I have already formed my Azoth Core, so I am no longer able to use it myself. I believe that you will soon have the prospects of forming your Azoth Core, so I shall give this to you.”

Little tyrant’s face twitched for a moment. It was something good, and he had good intentions as well. However…

He unconsciously recalled a matter from when he was young. Medicinal pellets were refined from corpses of plants like Grandma. Within that pellet was all Grandma. Lots and lots of Grandmas…


“Many thanks to brother Ye for your goodwill, but Grandma has never allowed me to use medicinal pellets.”

A certain Grandma: “…”


What does this have to do with me? I didn’t forbid you from eating any, it’s just that I don’t have any, alright?

Ye Qingcang turned to look at Zhu Yao.

“Uh… Little Cang, you should keep it to yourself. Refining a rare treasure like the Azoth Formation Pellet is not easy. If you truly wish to give something, why don’t you… convert it into cash and give it to me!” Ever since she found out the importance of spirit stones, her entire being had commercialised. “How much is one Azoth Formation Pellet in the market again…? Ehhh? Little tyrant, why are you pulling me?”

“Brother Ye, goodbye!” Little tyrant pulled onto a certain person who was still trying her best to obtain cash, and flew off. So embarrassing.

“Wait… Wait a minute! How about exchange it for a bag of high grade spirit stones? It’s a very good deal! Actually, why not give me a fifty percent discount… or even thirty percent is fine too!”

Little tyrant flew even faster. As he flew out of Ness Cesary Sect, he ignored a certain person’s resentful glare.

“You wastrel!”


“Inverted elbow.”


“You are unaware of the value of oil and rice when you’re not the master of the household!”



“The spirit stones Sovereign Hua Lin gave us back then hasn’t been spent yet!”

“Who ever complains having too much money? You must know how to save for rainy weather, young one. Do you understand the feeling of not being able to eat a single fruit? Do you understand…” Zhu Yao paused. “Heretic practitioners!”

“What?” Little tyrant was startled.

“Not good, Ness Cesary Sect is in trouble!” He sensed the presences of heretic practitioners, and then turned to rush back in the direction they came from.

Not far away from where she was, a blinding white light flashed. The mountain that was still floating in the sky earlier suddenly exploded like extravagant fireworks, the explosion resounded through the clouds. The place was filled with scattered pieces of rocks and thick smoke. The Great Mountain Barrier Formation instantly activated, enveloping Ness Cesary Sect along with the exploded parts.

Little tyrant’s and Zhu Yao’s expression changed, as they increased their speed and raced back.

However, they were instantly stopped outside by the Great Mountain Barrier Formation, while dust clouds had already filled the place within. This entire situation happened too quickly, and the start of this incident occurred right in the direction of the Main Peak of Ness Cesary Sect. Many disciples from the various clans and sects who had yet to leave were gathered there, and almost eighty percent of Ness Cesary Sect disciples were all there as well.

If they were fortunate, they would have been able to raise their barriers in time. For those who are unlucky, however, they had most likely died on the spot.

The entire place was in chaos. Screams of injured disciples could be heard everywhere.

Above the shattered Main Peak, an enormous teleportation formation suddenly appeared. Dozens of Nascent Soul practitioners appeared from within it. They were dressed in various ways and they comprised of both genders. Furthermore, every single one of them was shrouded with a trace of ominous aura.

Heretic practitioners!

Inverted Elbow (胳膊肘儿往外拐): Elbows are usually bent inwards, which signifies “being selfish”. While “turning outside”, or simply the elbows being inverted, in a derogatory sense, signifies the type of selflessness where you do not recognize what’s right or wrong. Basically, this is a metaphor to describe someone who did something harmful to a close friend or colleague.

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