[Disciple] Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: Protect the Dandelions

“Grandma, do you know the goal of these heretic practitioners?” Little tyrant frowned as he asked. “I’m getting the feeling that Skybond Peak isn’t simply their goal.”

Ye Qingcang nodded as well. “Furthermore, these people seem to be extremely familiar with formations and barriers. They appeared within the sect without making the slightest sound.”

“Barrier!” Zhu Yao felt a light bulb flashing in her mind. She instantly recalled the matter that she couldn’t think of earlier, and immediately after, her heart skipped a beat. Gritting her teeth, she cussed out. “The hell!”

She turned around, and with her feet on her flying sword, she flew quickly in a certain direction.



Before the two could even react, they could no longer see Zhu Yao’s figure. They exchanged glances, and then, pulling out their flying swords one after another, they chased after her.

Zhu Yao flew extremely quickly, panic filled the depths of her heart. She wished that she could teleport right in this instant. She finally recalled of a nearby place where there was dense and rich spiritual energy. Tranquil Valley! The demons’ gathering site she appeared in. Though the amount of spiritual energy within the valley itself was extremely scarce, the barrier outside the valley was constructed with condensed spiritual energy. Back then, with just a slight touch of her hand, the spiritual energy that seeped into her body directly pushed her towards the Foundation level. It could be seen just how dense the spiritual energy within it was.

Most likely, the spiritual energy of the entire Tranquil Valley was being used by that barrier, in order to protect the demons within.

According to her master, such a large-scale teleportation formation would not be able to send something too far away, while Tranquil Valley was the closest to Ness Cesary Sect. The more Zhu Yao thought about it, the more panicked she became. If those heretic practitioners truly did transfer Skybond Peak over there, then the demons at the valley would…

She was not naive to think that heretic practitioners would have such good hearts to let off the residents that were living there.

Zhu Yao flew quickly, and the span of a few breaths, she arrived at Tranquil Valley. However, from afar, she could see an enormous mountain floating in the sky, and it was slowly sinking into Tranquil Valley.

Her heart instantly beat faster, feeling enraged to point of wanting to cuss out at their moms. Sizzling flames of fury seeped out. These heretic practitioners sure are motherf**king imbeciles. At first, she thought that they would have merely transported Skybond Peak over. Looking at things now, they were actually thinking of sinking Skybond Peak into Tranquil Valley itself, wanting to use the advantageous barrier of Tranquil Valley to conceal it!

If Skybond Peak were to fall, it would be strange if those demons did not turn into flattened pancakes.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. While she charged into the barrier, she began to chant an art. Several dozens of lightning streams flew towards the few Nascent Soul practitioners. The formation between them instantly scattered, and they flew off in several different directions. With the lack of the formation supporting it, Skybond Peak began to descend even faster.

Zhu Yao did not even have the time left to cuss out at their moms as she directly flew to the depths of the valley. Like a construction jack, she then desperately pushed against the entire mountain, slowing down its descent.

“Grandma…” Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang came rushing over at this moment as well, as they looked at Zhu Yao whose face was flustered red from supporting the mountain.

“Head down, scatter the demons. Have them flee to the edges.” Zhu Yao gritted her teeth as she held on.

“But, you…”

“Hurry and go! Just say it’s ‘Grand Qian’s’ order. They will follow you two.” At the brink of life and death, she had no choice but to become Grand Qian once more.

Ye Qingcang and little tyrant exchanged glances for a moment. Then, as they gritted teeth, they obediently turned around and went to scatter the indigenous people.

Zhu Yao took in a deep breath, and then circulated her spiritual energy to meticulously cover Skybond Peak. She wanted to use her spiritual energy to move it out of Tranquil Valley, however, she saw those few Nascent Soul practitioners coming back. They did not initiate their attacks at the very first moment, instead, they simply looked in her direction with cold and expressionless faces.

“Just who are you people? And what’s your goal?” Zhu Yao asked in a sunken voice.

However, they did not have any reaction!

A few moments later, one of them suddenly flew towards her, the spiritual energy around his body began to tremble intensely.

The hell! Self-destruction again!

These people must have entered a cult, right? Why did they like killing themselves so much?

Like hell I will allow you to self-destruct here!

“Little Eighth!” Zhu Yao shouted out loudly.

A ray of red light suddenly charged into the skies, the cry of a Phoenix resounded through the clouds as boundless fiery light shone across the horizon. A fiery sea of purple flames instantly formed in the air, and any object in contact with the flames was instantly turned into ash. Even the heretic practitioner that came charging over disappeared into the flames.

The entire Skybond Peak was surrounded by purple flames. An enormous purple Phoenix occupied the sky, dancing and spiralling. With every flap of its wings, a large sea of flames would emerge. The Skybond Peak that was still incomparably large earlier, like an ice-cream which was placed in an oven, began to slowly melt, decreasing in size at a speed visible to the naked eyes. In a few moments, Skybond Peak was reduced to one-fifth of its original size.

“Great, good job, Little Eighth!” Zhu Yao silently gave his little brother a praise.

The moment those words fell, the Phoenix in the sky suddenly seemed to have its flames extinguished. With a sizzling sound, it returned to the size of a pigeon and fell down. All of the flames earlier disappeared without a trace.

The hell, do you have to be that weak to praise!?

Zhu Yao caught him. “Little Eighth…” How can you run out of battery at the key moment?

“So tired!” Little Eighth pattered towards her shoulder, and then, like a dead bird, he laid on it, motionless. “So tired. I want to sleep! Seventh elder sister, you’re abusing a young Phoenix.”

“…” The hell, you didn’t even finish your work, yet you have the face to say I abused you!?

Zhu Yao had no choice but to cast the Nine Heavenly Lightning Art and summon a lightning bolt with the thickness of a bucket from the skies, instantly striking onto Skybond Peak which had long been burnt beyond recognition. The entire mountain began to turn into countless pieces of shattered rocks, exploding in all directions. She then immediately cast a wind-type art to blow all of the shattered rocks out of the barrier of Tranquil Valley.

“Yu Yao!” Her master’s voice once again resounded.

In the next moment, several air tearing noises came from her side. Zhu Yao dodged to the side as several icicles brushed past her body. In the next moment, a woman wielding a crescent wheel knife came attacking her.

Zhu Yao immediately summoned a spiritual sword and parried, the crescent wheel knife instantly shattered into two.

Not the slightest bit of shock could be seen from the female heretic practitioner’s face, as she summoned yet another spiritual sword to attack Zhu Yao. The remaining few Nascent Soul heretic practitioners surrounded her at this moment as well. Most of them summoned spiritual swords and icicles, and the attacks rained down in a dense manner.

Zhu Yao placed down a defensive barrier to block against the rain of attacks. Though the attacks were concentrated, she was not afraid at all. At the very most, dealing with them was but an inconvenience. Furthermore, she had to be careful and prevent the attacks from falling onto Tranquil Valley, so it was inevitable for her to be a little tied up.

Just as she was busy dealing with the attacks, the spiritual energy surrounding the female practitioner closest to her, suddenly began to tremble once more.

The hell, just how dedicated are they to self-destruction? They will self-destruct whenever they get the chance. Are you all paparazzis?

Zhu Yao grew anxious. Turning a lightning stream into a whip, she attached it onto a spiritual sword and strongly swung it. The female practitioner’s Dantian was struck head-on, stopping her spiritual energy from gathering. Under this strike, her spiritual energy scattered completely, so her self-destruction naturally stopped. Furthermore, she received a grave injury and she began to puke out a large amount of blood. However, she merely paused for a moment before continuing throwing other mystic arts to attack her. Not a single change could be seen on her face.

This wasn’t right! Something was very wrong. The longer Zhu Yao fought, the stronger the strange feeling she had in the depths of her heart. Something was very amiss… with these few people. The way they were attacking was akin to throwing away their lives. However, every single one of them was strangely calm, as if they were not afraid of pain.

Are they really villains? Aren’t villains supposed to be talkative? Before every single fight, they will always say a couple of lines to threaten, instill fear or gloat at our demise, right? Looking at their behaviour, they had clearly picked up the wrong cold and mighty characters’ scripts!

It was if… they were puppets that only knew how to attack.

Zhu Yao whipped broken another heretic practitioner’s Dantian when he was prepared to self-destruct, as the suspicion in the depths of her heart grew even heavier. Just what in the world are these heretic practitioners?

Those few heretic practitioners suddenly stopped, and then scattered quickly in all directions. Zhu Yao thought that they wanted to flee, but they then stopped not far away, and the distance between them was coincidentally out of the range of the lightning streams in her hand.

In the next moment, the remaining eight people began to self-destruct their Nascent Souls.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat! The hell! The hell! The hell! Do you guys have to be so persistent in dying!?

If eight of them were to self-destruct together, it would be akin to a nuclear bomb!

And from the looks of things, she would be unable to stop every single one of them in time. As long as one of them were to succeed, Tranquil Valley below would be completely doomed.

I definitely musn’t let them self-destruct. However, even if she were to expand her barrier like before, it was impossible to protect the entirety of Tranquil Valley.

What to do? What to do?

Realmspirit, you ass, hurry and lend me a hand! Earth is about to be destroyed by nuclear weapons!

The red glow from their bodies grew even denser, and just as they were about to explode…


“Pea…” A green light flashed from her chest. An enormous pea appeared in the sky and with an ‘aahh’ sound, it opened its mouth wide. The eight people who were still in the process of self-destructing earlier, instantly turned into eight rays of light and entered Peapea’s mouth.

“Ahmmuu!” Peapea closed its mouth and then returned to the size of a basketball, before flying back to her hand.

Zhu Yao: … What happened just now?

“Peapea, why did you eat something strange again?” Zhu Yao could not help but want to pull open its mouth. “Putting aside the demonic beast you teleported back then, they’re living human beings this time! Even if you’re hungry, you can’t just eat anything! It doesn’t matter if you get gastric pain, but what about my master who’s stuck in there as well!?”

“Pea…” Peapea rolled about, and then suddenly opened its mouth. “Burp~” It let out a resounding burp.

A light white wisp of air floated out from its mouth, and Zhu Yao trembled from the sight of it.

Was it her imagination? Why did she feel that the wisp of air had the figure of a human, and that it had a head, face, and body? Furthermore, the word “soul” seemed to be written on its clothes.


Zhu Yao instantly went crazy. This wasn’t teleportation! Peapea had truly just eaten humans! And it had even spat out a soul! “Don’t turn into a zombie, hey! This is a cultivation novel, not post-apocalyptic world novel, hey!!”

“Yu Yao…” Her master’s voice suddenly sounded from within Peapea. “Those few heretic practitioners are not humans.”

“Eh?” What did he mean?

“Their bodies are entirely covered in deathly aura. They had been dead for a long while, but their souls were forcefully trapped within their bodies, turning into puppets.”

“Puppets?” Zhu Yao was startled. “But they are capable of using mystic arts, and they were casting them with ease.” If they were puppets, they could not have possibly retained the cultivation levels of their former lives.

Yu Yan sank into silence for a moment. “Using mystic arts naturally require costs. Earlier, I mentioned before that the formation they used require an unique spiritual energy to perform the teleportation.”

“Unique spiritual energy…” Zhu Yao opened her eyes wide.

“They used the souls that were sealed within their physical bodies!”


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