[Disciple] Chapter 315

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Chapter 315: You Should Have a Heart Demon Inside You

A woman in black robes suddenly appeared in this barren space. She had a very bewitching appearance, and charm was exuding out from every single one of her movements. Raising her hand, she looked like she wanted to touch the rock that was floating in the air. However, her hand simply passed through it, and her entire body swayed a little right after.

“You did pretty well, rock spirit.”

That rock sparkled with golden light, a row of words appeared above it – At your service, mistress!

“These people will definitely die from the heart demon, and they sought it themselves as well. Though it’s a pity about those puppets of mine… However, this way, no one will know about my mistress… Ehhh!?” That woman’s expression gravely changed, as she looked at Zhu Yao who was crawling up, astonished. “Y-Y-You… Why are you fine?”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao patted off the dust from her clothes. “Should something have happened to me?”

“You… Why aren’t you in deep slumber, trapped within your heart demon?” Her eyes were wide open, and her face was filled with utter disbelief.

“How should I know?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “Most likely, your heart demon system has short-circuited?”

“Impossible… Everyone possesses obsessions, and through desires will one fall into a land of dreams.” She muttered. “Everyone has their own heart demon, so how you possibly not have one?”

“And you’re blaming me?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “If you can’t figure out this problem, then don’t think about it anymore. Let’s have a nice chat about what you’re plotting here, shall we?”

Zhu Yao immediately threw a lightning bolt over. With a loud bang, she instantly turned the soul and rock charred black on the outside, and tender on the inside.

Rock: — What happened to the promise of having a nice chat?

Woman: Same question!

Zhu Yao immediately summoned a set of soul imprisoning chains, trapping that woman’s soul. With a flash of lightning light, like a screen with bad reception, the woman’s figure distorted a few times, before slowly turning white and falling onto the ground.

Seeing this, the rock spirit shone with a brilliant golden light and charged right at Zhu Yao.

Not even bothering to glance at it, she sent a slap right towards it, instantly slamming the rock into the ground. With the pressure of a Demigod released, that rock instantly lost the strength to retaliate. Three words appeared above it.

— Ah. It hurts~

Zhu Yao did not pull any punches this time, as she directly sat right on the rock. Her eyes swept towards the white soul on the ground.

“Speak. Were you the one who launched a surprise raid on Ness Cesary Sect, and created those Nascent Soul puppets?”

Than woman was unable to resist, yet she still pulled the corner of her lips and laughed out ominously. “So what if I am?”

“Why did you do all those things? What’s your goal?” Zhu Yao continued to ask.

The woman did not reply immediately, and her eyes were filled with contempt. “Heheh, you think you have what it takes to know of my masterplan?”

Zhu Yao flipped her hand, and lightning sparks once again filled her entire body. “With what I’m capable of, you don’t even have the strength to retaliate at all.”

“Speak. Just what are you trying to do? Who is this mistress you speak of?”

The woman’s expression stiffened for a moment before immediately returning to normal. She did not reply, but the rock which Zhu Yao was sitting on could not hold it in any longer. Golden light shone brightly. As though it was afraid Zhu Yao wouldn’t see it, the light even tilted towards the side, revealing a string of words.

  • Mistress will never forgive you!

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, and right after, she thought of an idea. “I really wish to see how is your mistress going to take me on?”

– Hmph, my mistress is incredible. Everything in this world should listen to her commands.

“Yo, who doesn’t know how to make up a lie? Where is your mistress? Call her over here and let me have a look!”

The rock seemed to have grown anxious, as golden light shone even more brightly than before. Just as a string of words were about to appear…

Suddenly, the trapped soul emitted out a bright red light, instantly breaking through Zhu Yao restraints and then flew in her direction.

Zhu Yao’s figure moved, taking a few consecutive steps back.

That woman however stopped next to the rock. With her five fingers hooked, she suddenly struck at the rock. Her fingertips passed directly through the rock.

“Hmph, useless!”

The rock that was still shining with brilliant golden light earlier, flashed a few times, revealing a final string of words.

— You’re, not mistress’s envoy…

Then, it completely dimmed. It no longer had any signs of life, turning into a regular shattered rock.

The hell, what’s this situation? Internal conflict?

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Just as she thought about restraining the female soul again, the red light from her body shone even brighter. This simply looked just like – self-destruction!

The hell, why self-destruction again?

Zhu Yao cast an art, wanting to stop her. However, strong winds suddenly blew around her, instantly blocking her entire line of sight. That ominous and slightly complacent laughter sounded from within.

“This dimensional space will soon be mine. The Three Realms will all be mine!”

Three Realms? This person’s goal is to unify the Three Realms? Isn’t this something the Devil race always desire for? Does a soul like you have to really act like an avant-garde?

“I suggest that instead of stopping me, why don’t you keep watch over those two who had fallen into their heart demons? They are destined to die here!”

When her words fell, a powerful push force assaulted her. Zhu Yao immediately retreated towards the area next to little tyrant and Ye Qingcang, and then brought up a barrier.

An enormously loud explosion resounded. The woman was all blown apart, and her pieces scattered in all directions. Red light filled her front line of sight, and only dense smoke could be seen from all around her.

Zhu Yao cast a wind-type art, slowly dispersing the dust and smoke. The place where that woman was standing on earlier was now replaced by an enormous hole.


What happened to the promise of unifying the Three Realms?

Was it all talk?

“Master?” Come and resolve my doubts.

“That woman earlier was most likely a strand of divine sense away from her original body.” Yu Yan said in a deep voice.

“Divine sense?” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. “And I thought she was a ghost.” She clearly had yin energy circulating around her body.

“That was just a disguise.”

“In other words, her original body isn’t here.”

“Mn. She most likely knew that she isn’t able to defeat you with just a strand of divine sense, and thus decided to self-destruct.”

Being capable of separating her divine sense proved that she was most likely a Demigod. The number of Demigods in the cultivation world could be counted by hand, yet she had never seen one that looked like that woman.

Furthermore, who was this mistress the rock spirit spoke of?

Why was she getting the feeling that this instance was becoming even more difficult?


A thousand kilometers away.

A person in white robe wobbled, and a scent of blood suffused from her body, as if she was about to puke out blood. Clenching her fists, she suppressed the urge down.

In front of her, a kind-looking middle-aged man walked over. He bowed, and then said. “Sovereign, we were still a step too late. Office Shell Sect is already… Haah, we did not discover any remnants of those heretic practitioners. What should we do now? Do we still head back to Ness Cesary Sect to continue the tournament?”

“Mn, let us go!”


It had already been four hours, yet little tyrant and Ye Qingcang was still asleep. Zhu Yao had used several methods, yet no matter what she did, she could not wake up the two from their deep slumber. She had even tried to enter the two’s divine senses, but no matter how she called out to them, they did not have the slightest of reactions.

It felt as though the two of them had already entered a deep state of hypnosis, and were unable to wake up no matter what.

Furthermore, as time went past, their expressions worsened. It looked as though they had encountered a difficult question that they could not solve.

Earlier, that woman mentioned that the two of them had fallen to their heart demons. Heart demons originated from the desires found in the deepest parts of the humans’ hearts. How could she possibly know what their desires were!? If they wanted to escape, they had no choice but to rely on their own realizations. Zhu Yao instantly felt a sense of powerlessness.

What to do? At the very least, it would be good to see what kind of heart demons they had!


Just as she pondered about it, a familiar sound suddenly rang. The notification bell that was silent since the start of this version finally rang once more, even Zhu Yao was startled a little.

A conversation window instantly appeared before her, and a string of damnable words were on it.

“Heart Demon Mirror” Artifact. A good partner for souls. Do you want to know the secrets of others? Do you want to know the other face of the person you love? The Heart Demon Mirror can satisfy all of your requests. Let all secrets be exposed, and let all lies be forced upon ghosts! Heart Demon Mirror, an item that you deserve to have. The rights to interpretation of this product lies with the user. If it is used to break the law, then it’s all done by the user!

Why did she feel as though she had become a paparazzi.


Please choose:

  1. Go alone (That’s a little lonely)
  2. Go with a partner (With a man and woman paired, work will never be tiring)
  3. Go with a group of three (Dear, you have very unique tastes)
  4. Go with a group of many people (Cover your eyes, those below eighteen years of age please exercise caution)

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. What’s with this immoral set of options? Was this truly not a selection panel for certain unhealthy videos?

Though she had long known that Realmspirit had terrible morals, she did not expect it to be this incredibly horrendous.

With a darkened expression, she tapped on B.

The conversation window flashed, instantly disappearing before her eyes. What replaced it was a pair of screens, which looked as though had come from a television set. They appeared above little tyrant and Ye Qingcang, who were still lying on the ground. Furthermore, they were even fifty-one inches in length, and had high definition.

She was beginning to feel even more like a paparazzi who was peeking at others’ secrets, what to do?

“Sound Storing Stone?” Her master’s cold voice suddenly rang in her ears.

Zhu Yao was startled, as she directly pulled Peapea out. “Master?”

Peapea flashed with a white glow, and her master’s figure appeared next to her right after. “This floating object is very similar to the ‘Sound Storing Stone’ (television) of your world!”

“You can see it!?” Zhu Yao was completely dumbfounded. Why did she feel as though her master’s functionalities had leveled up after that trip to her world?

“Mn!” He nodded. He stepped forward, and then actually tapped on the “On” button, something he had taught himself to do.

Zhu Yao: “…”

The screens flashed, and then slowly showcased the videos. Zhu Yao was able to recognize little tyrant in the middle at first glance. Was that his heart demon?

The content of the videos was rather similar to that precognitive dream she had back then, but the scenario was very hectic, and that it was starting from when little tyrant was young. Similar to what Zhu Yao knew, he was first an astounding disciple in the Inner Sect. However, after he failed to establish his Foundation and exposed his penta spirit veins, he was chased out of the sect. What’s different from reality was, she did not appear. Little tyrant became a wandering practitioner, but because of his cultivation level which had dropped to incredibly severely, he was bullied everywhere he went, and had gone through a very difficult life.

The final scene was little tyrant curling himself up in the corner of a wall, trembling. Then, an ominous voice resounded. “No one cares about you, no one is worried about you. It’s fake. Everything is fake…”

Even little tyrant’s actual face was beginning to turn green, as a strand of deathly aura rose from his body.

“Little tyrant!” Zhu Yao could not help but call out.

The person in the screen seemed to have paused for a moment. The person who curled up into a ball, slowly raised his head. His pair of eyes slowly regained clarity, as he shouted out. “Grandma?”

In an instant, the entire scene began to collapse and shatter…

Zhu Yao was stunned as well. Her voice was effective? Joy filled the depths of her heart, only to see that scene change right after, as a new scenery replaced the former.

The hell, there’s a series of heart demons?

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