[Disciple] Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: Heart Demon Immunity Skill

The scenes shown on the screen continued to change. Every single time, the two of them would experience different lives, yet they were all different from their lives in reality. Various incredible developments would surface halfway through, and they would routinely have their hearts questioned, with every question deepening their despair. It was basically a documentary on “just how many possibilities are there in my life”. There was even a faint feeling that whenever it was time to choose the path of their lives, they would powerlessly be guided into despair.

Ye Qingcang at the side was the same as well. Though the contents were different, the methods were completely the same.

So this is a heart demon. It was simply an all-rounded psychological harassment, and the type which used negative examples. Should she celebrate the fact that the two of them had sufficient immunization, preventing the heart demons from breaking through their final line of defense?

However, if they were going to be tested like this over and over again, their minds would crumble eventually. They would be influenced by the scenarios within, and then, they would submerged within their own minds, unable to escape ever again.

“Master… What should we do?” This was simply an endless cycle of nightmares. Though they should be aware that they were all fake, they would still be influenced by them after staying inside for a long time. She could see that as the number of times they experienced the heart demons increase, the more they were unable to discern an illusion from reality.

Yu Yan sighed. “These are their own knots in their hearts. If they are able to see through them, their state of mind and resolve will naturally improve, and their cultivation will rise. If they are unable to see through them…”

Then they will die! The little radish that she raised through great difficulties had yet to ripen, how could she possibly watch on as he continued to drown? She could do nothing but watch…

Eh, wait a minute!

Why didn’t she get caught up by her heart demon? If her master was not affected because he was just a strand of divine sense, then why was she standing here alive and well? This was illogical!


A conversation window suddenly popped up.

Congratulations on discovering a hidden skill – Heart Demon Immunity, a passive skill. You receive the title: Pui! You shameless bystander!

The hell is this Heart Demon Immunity? Clearly, it was added later on, right? Also, the point of this message was the retort at the back, right? Also, what are you trying to say by bolding that?

Before she could even retort, the screens hanging above little tyrant and Ye Qingcang suddenly vibrated, and then, they actually began to close in on each other. The two fifty-one inches high definition screens turned into a single screen of a hundred and two inches!


Was this to cut costs?

The scenes being shown synchronized as well. Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang appeared inside at the same time, and the contents were uniform too. However, probably because they had passed the trials before this, the scenario this time was different from the miserable lives from before. It was a scenario where they had paved their way through the Great Dao, and the time was set several hundred years later. The two of them had both nourished their Nascent Souls, though Ye Qingcang had become the Sect Master of Ness Cesary Sect, while little tyrant had become the leader of wandering practitioners. The both of them had immense fame behind their names, and were both high-leveled individuals.

While Zhu Yao was wondering what the trial was this time, Ness Cesary Sect and Wandering City were suddenly attacked. When she saw the leader behind the assault on both locations, Zhu Yao simply felt like cussing out – motherf**king b*tch!

Wasn’t that extremely familiar face… hers? How did she become the boss of the villains!?

Behind the screen, little tyrant and Ye Qingcang both had shocked expressions as well. Fortunately, she had merely flashed her face before leaving the scene right after. Otherwise, she would have truly wanted to look for the person who came up with the scenario for this heart demon, and give him some counselling.

However, the moment she flashed her face, the scenario within the screen instantly changed. She was cussed by the people inside as a b*tch, and the Great Dao paved by little tyrant and Ye Qingcang was in complete turmoil. Filled with killing intent, the various clans and sects, along with wandering practitioners, all surrounded and attacked Tranquil Valley. On one end was the crowd who wanted to take revenge and seek justice, while the other were two people who had been nurtured to how they were now because of the guidance of that person.

The two youths fell into a dilemma.

That strange voice suddenly resounded once more. DIfferent from the temptive nature that clearly wanted to pull them into the abyssal depths like before, this voice was dull and merely asked a single question: Which side should I stand on?

The hell! She could not help but cuss out at the person who came up with this question. This was too hard to choose, wasn’t it?

This was basically a dead question! If they choose to stand on her side, they, who stood at such a high position but decided to cover for their enemy, would betray the trust of the masses. If they were to choose the greater good and exterminate her, then they would turn ungrateful, people that repay good deeds with blood. No matter which side they choose, they would be wrong. It was basically asking them: Are you going to forgive her and become an unjust bastard? Or are you going to kill her, and become an ungrateful bastard?

Either choices would lead them down the path of depravation!

Zhu Yao could not help but hold her breath. This should be their final heart demon. This question is even harder than the ones in university entrance exams, hey.

She could do nothing else other than watching their two faces and their final decisions. Little tyrant was already covered in sweat, and his face looked like it was in pain. Ye Qingcang was the same as well, and even the word ‘bug’ on his face was fading and darkening over and over again, making its presence known.

For some reason, Zhu Yao had a feeling that the answer to this question could possibly remove this bug once and for all. Ye Qingcang became a bug because his sins were too heavy, as he killed to stop killing. However, because she forcefully intervened, he had still yet to walk on the path of slaughter, and neither was his hands stained in blood yet. However, no matter which answer he were to choose, he would most likely be destined to walk on the same old path.

She could not help but keep her eyes on the screen and hold her breath, as she awaited his choice.

He suddenly raised his sword and closed his eyes. As if he had made some sort of decision, he loudly said. “Granny is my benefactor, and thus this Ye cannot lay his hands on her. My fellow daoists trust in me, and I cannot betray their trust either. This Ye doesn’t have a way to appease both sides, nor will I make a decision to stand on either side. I hope that with my life alone, it will be sufficient to pay for all her past sins.” After he said that, with a twist of his sword, he instantly stabbed into his own body.

Zhu Yao was completely dumbfounded. He actually gave up on choosing and did not stand on either side. Instead, he firmly held onto his own heart. In a certain sense, he had indeed managed to find a win-win solution. After that stab, the erratic spiritual energy around his body instantly calmed down, and even the word ‘bug’ on his face had faded quite a bit. Only a faint and shallow mark remained.

Zhu Yao grew excited. Could this be considered as a blessing in disguise?

Little tyrant was left!

She hurriedly turned her head back to the screen. Behind the screen, Ye Qingcang had already committed suicide, and his body began to turn transparent. He was leaving the heart demon, and little tyrant was standing right next to him. Strangely, the crowd did not pay much attention towards Ye Qingcang who was lying on the ground, and was instead looking intensely at the standing little tyrant. In the first place, they were illusions born from their hearts, so naturally they would not possess much emotions.

That voice once again sounded: What is your choice?

The crowd behind the screen shouted out in unison as well: What is your choice?

Little tyrant’s expression was clouded. He could not help but glance at the “dead” Ye QIngcang on the ground, and was stunned for a moment. Then, he raised his head and swept his eyes across the approaching crowd. His eyes, however, began to clear up little by little, and he suddenly laughed out loud.

As though he had thought of something funny, his laughter ripple across the air, spreading towards every corner.

“What’s my choice? I don’t choose anything.” He suddenly spoke, giving an answer that was out of everyone’s expectations. “Why do I have to answer such a nonsensical question? I have known grandma since I was ten. Though he has a sharp and bad tongue, she is the first person to ever truly care about me, even when that child was not even the slightest bit related to her. In this world, she is the only person left who kept a piece of pure and unadulterated kindness, kindness that not a single other person in the cultivation world ever possesses. In her eyes, it felt as if the world looked completely different from ours. Not only did she teach me how to cultivate, she is more importantly someone who has taught me how to be a person. During the time when everyone gave up on me, she was the only one who said it didn’t matter. With someone like that, you’re saying she’s the one who attacked Ness Cesary Sect and Wandering City? Don’t make me laugh. You people are asking me what my choice is? I choose, to believe her! I believe that she wouldn’t do something like that. I believe that these choices do not exist in the first place. I believe that everything, everything here, is but a mere illusion.”

Zhu Yao was instantly moved. As expected, she did not pamper him for nothing. He actually saw through the heart demon’s nature.

With every “believe” he said, his body would shine with a white light, and it was growing brighter and brighter. Then, the screen cracked, shattering resoundingly!

Ye Qingcang who was lying at the side sat up at this moment as well, panting out loud. He finally woke up from his heart demon.

“You woke up!”


Zhu Yao was joyous, and she hurriedly turned to look at little tyrant at the side.

The hell, what was going on? Clearly, little tyrant was the one who broke through the heart demon, so why was his present state even worse than before? Sweat was not the only thing coming out of his body, as even blood was leaking out now, hey!

“Little tyrant!” Don’t scare me, hey!

“Grand… Grandma…” He tried his best to open his eyes. Though he was awake, his expression showed that he was in worsening pain, and the spiritual energy surrounding his body was incredibly chaotic!

“He’s about to form his Azoth Core.” Yu Yan said in sullen voice. He had received an enlightenment from the heart demon.

Eh? So soon?

Yu Yan sliced his hand in the air, breaking open a passage of flowing light. “There is no spiritual energy here, bring him out to form his Azoth Core.”

Only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses. She hurriedly carried little tyrant up and walked into the passage. “Little Cang, follow after me!”

“Ou!” Ye Qingcang was stunned for a second, before hurrying after the three people into the void space that was suddenly sliced open. The moment he entered it, flowing light flashed across his eyes. In the next moment, they had already returned to Tranquil Valley.

“Take the opportunity while the barrier has yet to restore completely, and head out!” Zhu Yao pointed to the remaining small hole in the barrier in the sky, and then flew out on her flying sword while carrying little tyrant.

The moment they got out of the barrier, the surrounding spiritual energy began to rapidly pour into little tyrant’s body.

Zhu Yao brought him to stable ground and sat him down. “Little tyrant, focus and calm yourself down. Don’t think of anything else and concentrate on forming your Azoth Core. Understand?”

“Mn.” Little tyrant nodded, a streak of blood leaked out from the corner of his lips again. Sitting in a lotus position, he then began to guide spiritual energy into his body and break into the Azoth Core Realm. The chaotic five types of spiritual energy slowly calmed down, and they began to orderly gather in little tyrant’s body.

Zhu Yao placed down a few formations in his surroundings. Then, with Ye Qingcang, they took a few steps back and kept watch over him.

Probably because his state of mind and resolve had risen by a huge amount this time, little tyrant was very successful in forming his Azoth Core. Other than the rampage of spiritual energy in the beginning that caused his meridians to receive some injuries, the process had been really smooth and steady.

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