[Disciple] Chapter 319

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Chapter 319: Truth Behind the Sect Massacre

With Hua Lin as a witness, the suspicions of the crowd instantly disappeared.

Wu Fu’s expression however sank. Gathering his earlier smile, he stepped forward and looked at the mystic artifact in Hua Lin’s hand. Then, he said. “What can one mystic artifact prove? Is there a mark on it that can possibly prove her words?”

This time, even Hua Lin could not help but frown. “When I say this mystic artifact is something she refined, naturally, it is refined by her.”

Wu Fu still did believe it. “I simply feel that it doesn’t look too realistic for a tenth rank extreme grade mystic artifact to appear. Furthermore, since she’s a tenth rank artificer, she can’t possibly have only made a single mystic artifact, right?”

“You wish to look at my other products?” Zhu Yao glanced at him.

“I hope that junior-martial sister can give me some pointers.”

“Are you certain?” Zhu Yao asked once more.

Wu Fu frowned, and still nodded his head.

“Fine then!” Zhu Yao sighed. “Actually, back then when I was still in Skybond Peak, I had refined several mystic artifacts, but I did not bring them along with me.”

Wu Fu’s expression turned joyous, evidently not believing her words as he said in a mocking manner. “Now that sure is unfortunate.”

“But…” Zhu Yao’s tone changed. “That doesn’t mean they’re not being held onto by someone else!”

“What do you mean?” Wu Fu’s expression changed. At that moment, he had a bad feeling.

“I’m saying, I did not bring out even a single one of the items that I have refined, and left them all in Skybond Peak.” Zhu Yao looked at the crowd. “After so many years, I believe there should be one or two disciples in the sect who have fancied my mystic artifacts, and have tried to keep and use them.”

“Hmph, you’re saying that some of the mystic artifacts in Skybond Peak are refined by you?”

“You don’t believe me?” Zhu Yao chuckled. “It’s fine if you don’t believe me, but back then, I learnt of an interesting formation, and had thus inscribed it into the mystic artifacts. If one wish to use one of these artifacts, he or she needs to first chant an incantation. We will be certain one I chant out this incantation.”

After saying that, Zhu Yao did not care about his changing expression, and immediately shouted out loud within the hall. “Cheng Qingdiao, you sick-ass pervert!”

When her words fell, flashes of light appeared one after another. Dozens of mystic artifacts instantly flew up and floated in the air, emitting a white radiance that looked as if they were responding to her call. Even a bell-like eighth rank defensive mystic artifact had flown out of Wu Fu’s storage pouch.

Zhu Yao turned to glance at him, and chuckled. “It seems senior-martial brother Wu Fu likes the mystic artifacts I refined as well. Oh right, do you want me to repeat the basic functionalities of these mystic artifacts, and their respective construction methods? After all, you even carried one with you for so long, but this is the first time you have heard of it’s activation incantation, so it being inconvenient at times is inevitable.”

Wu Fu’s expression was instantly dyed in green, looking especially fascinating. He no longer let out a single croak.

The various clans and sects were now looking at the people of Ness Cesary Sect differently. They were clearly using the artifacts that she had refined, yet they were instead biting her back and accusing her of theft. This course of action by Ness Cesary Sect was truly shameless.

Zhu Yao did not intend to shame Ness Cesary Sect at first either, after all, this sect was once her former home. However, Wu Fu continued to bite on her without letting go, which infuriated her a little. Furthermore, that Skybond Peak had almost killed the demons in Tranquil Valley. Little Eighth had even expended all of the godly energy he managed to gathered so far because of this matter, and had yet to wake up even now.

As for those mystic artifacts, they were indeed refined by her. Back then, when she came out of the dimensional space, though Little Eighth had resurrected, at the bottom of her heart, she still hated that pervert Cheng Qingdiao. Thus, out of boredom, she secretly learnt from Wang Shang and refined a bunch of mystic artifacts, while inscribing this incantation, which taught by her master, within them. However, who would have expected that the mystic artifacts she refined would actually be more popular that the original products in Skybond Peak. These Nascent Soul and Demigod practitioners of Ness Cesary Sect actually hauled them in.

As someone who was so cooperative in digging his own grave, Wu Fu could be considered the best in this aspect in the cultivation world.


“Sovereign, how do you think we should deal with this matter concerning the heretic practitioners?” The crowd finally circled back to the matter at hand. Probably because they found out that she was tenth rank artificer, there were now faint hints of them seeing her as a leader figure, as they began to ask for her opinion.

Zhu Yao had thought about this. “I feel that no matter the decision to fight or rest, there is a need to first find out who are the culprits behind the destruction of Office Shell Sect.”

The crowd nodded. Indeed, finding the true culprits were indeed the most important task.

“However… Countless Office Shell Sect disciples have already lost their lives, and those who were fortunate to survive had all turned insane… With our chain of clues broken, I’m afraid that no one else had seen the looks of the culprits…”

“That might not be the case!” Office Shell Sect Master Gu suddenly stood up, as though he had just thought of something. With an excited look, he said. “I recall that there’s a piece of Visual Recording Stone at the core of the Great Mountain Barrier Formation. It’s usually above the formation core, and because it’s required to supply the formation with spiritual energy, it has never been activated. However, the assault of the heretic practitioners had coincidentally destroyed the Great Mountain Barrier Formation. With the destruction of the formation, the spiritual energy from the Visual Recording Stone which could no longer supply the formation…”

“You’re meaning to say that this Visual Recording Stone might have recorded everything that happened back then?” The crowd instantly revealed excited faces.

“If the Visual Recording Stone isn’t destroyed!” Sect Master Gu nodded.

“Bring us to the formation core!” Zhu Yao immediately pulled onto Sect Master Gu and left. The crowd exchanged glances and then immediately followed after them. Even the Demigod practitioners at the back were keeping up as well. Wu Fu’s eyes sank, and had no choice but to go along with the crowd.

As Zhu Yao flew over, she could already see the so-called Visual Recording Stone mentioned by Sect Master Gu, from afar. How could that possibly be a stone? It was clearly a stone wall! It was no wonder Office Shell Sect would use such a common material as a formation core. It was a shattered mountaintop, and the rock on the broken wall of the mountain was a piece of Visual Recording Stone. Furthermore, it was pointing right at Office Shell Sect.

Sect Master Gu inspected it carefully for a moment. Other than a few traces of blood on it, it did not sustain much damage. Thus, he quickly cast an art and inserted it into the stone wall. A bright light flashed, and there was a blurry image appearing faintly behind it. The image grew clearer with each second. It was the exact recording on the day of the sect massacre.

The crowd could not help but watch carefully with widened eyes, afraid that they would miss some sort of detail.

When they managed to clearly see the situation behind the screen, the crowd was dumbfounded. They were simply unable to believe their own eyes. Some were even beginning to rub their own eyes, wondering if they had been mistaken.

Behind the screen, corpses filled the land and blood flowed like rivers, just like what they had seen when they arrived before. The only strange thing about this was… there wasn’t a single heretic practitioner!

Forget about heretic practitioners, not a single villain-like figure could be seen. The place was filled with just Office Shell Sect disciples. They were actually… killing one another!

Furthermore, there were even occasional glows of self-destruction, and every single one of them had crazed looks on their faces, shouting something at the top of their lungs. Unfortunately, the Visual Recording Stone was unable to record sounds.

The person who was the most shocked was no doubt Sect Master Gu. He had turned numb from astonishment!

“What is this? An internal conflict?” Someone expressed his doubts.

“Absolutely impossible!” Sect Master Gu quickly shook his head. “My sect has always been harmonious, how could an internal conflict possibly occur? Furthermore, look at these two over there. One of them is Elder Yu, and his opponent is his son who had just formed his Azoth Core…” It was indeed strange that an old man and his son was locked in a battle to the death.

Zhu Yao watched carefully. These people looked a little like…

She could not help but look at the sky within the displayed image, and her eyes sank. “What is that?”

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